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After AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun realized that ShiYan had the Star Martial Spirit and noticed the relationship between ShiYan and the Divine Radiant Cult, it was unknown why they were cautious when looking at ShiYan and no longer underestimated him.

Even in the Divine Land, the reputation of the Divine Radiant Cult was like thunder, as it was not inferior to the Merchant Union or Empyrean.

No matter how mighty a warrior was, if he did not have a good background, those guys who were born with n.o.ble status would look down on him. As ShiYan had proved his relationship with the Divine Radiant Cult, his status rose.

Even now when AiYa faced ShiYan once again, she also had to treat him with caution.

After having determined ShiYan to be their leader, the four of them no longer disputed. Since then, although ShiYan was still the one who pioneered the road as before, whenever encountering any abnormal situations, they would seek ShiYan’s advice and take actions according to his a.s.signments.

Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist was foggy all year-round. Neither the sun nor the moon nor stars could be seen. There was no separated day and night nor any way to measure time.

Only AiYa’s compa.s.s in her hand could vaguely calculate the relative pa.s.sage of time.

Half a month had pa.s.sed in a blink.

During this period of half a month, ShiYan had led in front to pioneer the road. AiYa’s compa.s.s identified if there were any dangers ahead. If there was any abnormal problem, ShiYan would be the one who moved forward to explore.

On the one hand, ShiYan’s ability was powerful. On the other hand, as he had the Sky-breaking Shuttle, regardless of encountering beasts or fearful lands, ShiYan could always solve the problem, either by escaping from those beasts or using the Sky-breaking Shuttle to fly out of the fearful land.

Although there were a lot of beasts in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, the competence of ShiYan’s group was not weak. They would immediately retreat if facing powerful flocks of beasts, and would unite to kill those beasts if they were not strong.

The fearful land was not easy to deal with. However, with the Sky-breaking Shuttle, the fearful land was no longer a threat to ShiYan.

During half a month, the five people of ShiYan’s group had still been moving forward deep into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, meeting a lot of beasts and encountering many other teams of warriors.

The five of them had joined forces, beheaded some beasts, exterminated three teams, and got a lot of Demon Crystals.

Regarding the distribution of these Demon Crystals, ShiYan was very fair. He was not dependent on Demon Crystals too much, so he only took a small part. The majority was divided between the four people of AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers so that they could use those Demon Crystals to restore their strength.

What ShiYan did actually puzzled the four of them. They didn’t know how he could be that generous, giving them most of the Demon Crystals in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, which was the only thing that could restore Profound Qi.

Obviously, not knowing the reason was not very important as the four of them still could benefit a lot from this.

Gradually, although they formerly hadn’t been willing to make ShiYan their leader, their att.i.tude now changed. They honestly supported ShiYan, considered him their true leader, especially the two brothers LaoLi and LaoLun. When AiYa had still been the leader, after the hunt for Demon Crystals, most Demon Crystals were distributed to AiYa and CaiYi, and they could only harvest a small part thus they didn’t benefit a lot from it.

However, since ShiYan had become the leader, everything was different. ShiYan was fair, giving up most of Demon Crystals which helped significantly enhance the two brothers’ harvest. Hence, they were even more pleased to see ShiYan be their leader as they felt that following ShiYan had many more benefits than following AiYa and CaiYi.

As a leader, ShiYan had set clear guidelines from the beginning.

Before getting out of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they must put down the selfishness, were not allowed to have fatal and wicked tricks toward the team members, and they must work together. If anyone made a bad decision for the team, the other people had the right to kill that person.

After this guideline had been set, although AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers still had suspicion toward each other, they no longer had intentions to kill their companions. Gradually, this small team somehow had a sincere cooperation; they didn’t have as many cunning calculations as before.

During half a month, when there was no danger, ShiYan always calmed down to comprehend the Star Martial Spirit in his body as well as conceptions of the Life and Death Seal.

From AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers, ShiYan now knew martial spirits’ drawbacks. He then soon considered the comprehension of conception his long-term goal, hoping to have fewer troubles when entering the Sky Realm, thoroughly understanding the martial arts Upanishads.

He carefully kept hidden away thirty-seven Golden Silks which he had taken from NingZe’s people. These thirty-seven Golden Silks became a secret weapon in his hand. Once the Golden Silks and Gravitational Field were cast out, the Gravitational Field’s power would be enhanced significantly. Any warrior falling into the Gravitational Field would first be cut into pieces by the Gold Silks, and then ground into powder by the Gravitational Field. As for the golden silkworm, it was also refined by the Earth Flame in the Blood Vein Ring. Because the Earth Flame had such a great loss last time, its power had seriously reduced. After half a month, it couldn’t refine all forbids and barriers on the ten-thousand-year golden silkworm.

This made ShiYan somehow depressed. He thought that he would look for a place where the ten-thousand-year Earth Flame could recover.

This day, the five people of ShiYan’s group continued moving forward in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

Violent energy fluctuations suddenly came up from the dense, foggy area ahead. ShiYan and Aiya explored the way side by side. Her graceful body suddenly trembled, her soft hand holding the compa.s.s stiffened and her full red lips slightly shivered. She couldn’t help but pleasantly scream, "I think… We are going to arrive soon."

ShiYan, who was next to her, was also agitated after having heard what she had said. He cried out loud, "You have discovered it?"

He had heard AiYa and CaiYi say that there were two magical sites in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist.

One of them might have Sacred level or even G.o.d level secret treasures. The other one might have Pure G.o.d Soul. The people of AiYa’s group had entered the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist because of these two places.

Since they were going to see the miasma places after a long time in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they couldn't restrain their joys while their eyes were lit up.

Sacred level Secret Treasures were extremely precious in the Endless Sea. Only the leaders of forces could possess Sacred level Secret Treasures. Ordinary people couldn’t even see them.

As for the G.o.d level Secret Treasures, it was legendary. He had only heard but had never seen them.

In the center of the Grace Mainland on the Divine Land, there were only a few G.o.d level Secret Treasures. Each of them had intimidating and Earth-shaking power. Kinh mạo was the sect guarding treasure that was in the hand of masters at the peak of the Pyramid.

Because of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist’s special features, surrounding these two miasma places was a kind of protective group of clouds, inside of which, there was the Soul Perishing Thunderbolt that could destroy the G.o.d Realm warriors’ host souls. Hence, even if three G.o.d Realm warriors went into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, it would still be difficult for them to enter these two great miasma places, so every time warriors penetrated the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they were all Sky realm warriors or below.

If there weren’t the Soul Perishing Thunderbolt outside the two miasma places, top-cla.s.s warriors of the Three G.o.ds Sect in the Divine Land would come here in person for those G.o.d level Secret Treasures. They would compete to obtain Secret Treasures and Pure G.o.d Soul in these miasma places with the purpose of enhancing their own sects’ power.

Only if this was true, the warriors in the Nirvana or Sky Realm like ShiYan then could have a chance to enter these two great miasma places and harvest secret treasures and G.o.d Soul.

After AiYa had slightly screamed, her slender fingers quickly dialed the needle of the compa.s.s. The needle of the compa.s.s in her white hand kept spinning. Flickering blue lights splashed from the compa.s.s like fireflies flying around the compa.s.s, making the compa.s.s very brilliant.

Not long after that, those blue lights splashing everywhere suddenly gathered outside the compa.s.s and faintly formed a phantom. That phantom was ambiguous and surrounded by thick gray clouds. Purple snakes meandered out of the gray clouds, blooming amazing electric lights.

"Soul Perishing Thunderbolt!" AiYa screamed out again, forced a faint smile, and then said to ShiYan, "Seeing the Soul Perishing Thunderbolt means that we have found miasma places. We have finally arrived."

Since ShiYan had met her until now, he had never seen her smile. But now, the corner of her mouth had already revealed a faint smile. Her cold momentum suddenly disappeared and instead, gave people a fresh and moving feeling.

She was like a group of frozen flowers that exposed their true beauty after the ice had melted away.

Looking at AiYa’s faint smile from the corner of her mouth, ShiYan was stunned. He was startled a little bit before speaking up. "In fact, you look better with your smile than your previous indifferent look. Hmm, you should smile more often."

AiYa instantly stopped smiling. Her beautiful eyes showed a weird trace. She coldly looked at ShiYan, grunted, and then lowered her voice. "Who needs you to care?"

ShiYan didn’t get angry, shook his head, and coldly said, "Less pretending to be n.o.ble in front of me. It’s not like I have never seen your body without clothes."

"ShiYan!" AiYa’s face changed. She screamed an ear-splitting sound, showing her icy look, and said, "I will deal with you sooner or later."

"I am so afraid." ShiYan sneered and apparently was not scared at all.

At this moment, the three people of CaiYi and the other two brothers all were wearing joy on their faces after having heard AiYa’s screams. They moved forward, looking ahead with brightened eyes.

AiYa was about to open her mouth continuing to say something, but seeing the other three people coming, she then just grunted, and aggressively stared at ShiYan, quickly turning the compa.s.s toward the three people of CaiYi. She restored her coldness and then said, "We arrived. The moving gray, foggy area ahead should be one of the miasma places. I have seen the Soul Perishing Thunderbolt there."

CaiYi and the two brothers were overjoyed and burst into laughter altogether.

"We are certainly not the first ones here. In that miasma place, there must be other teams who have come here sooner. Are you well-prepared? Once entering that miasma place, we will have to face many powerful forces from every direction. No one can be sure if we can get out of there alive or not. Are you ready?" AiYa coldly asked.

The smiles of CaiYi and the two brothers suddenly faded away, and their face darkened. They silently nodded.

"I think we should first recover, wait for our power to restore completely, and then we can go into that miasma place," ShiYan suggested.

The other four people nodded, found secluded corners for themselves, and then used Demon Crystals to restore their Profound Qi, enhancing their body to its peak state.

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