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"Let’s go!"

ShiYan suddenly stood up and stuck his head into the channel. As soon as his entire body was in the channel, the dispersing strands of soul consciousness unexpectedly flew over and fell into his Sea of Consciousness without any known reason.

Those strands of soul consciousness, which had left his Sea of Consciousness, didn’t seem to fly away too far, just circling the Faded Astral Wind. When he got into the channel, those strands seemed to no longer be affected by the Faded Astral Wind. The soul consciousness now returned and went into his Sea of Consciousness once again.

ShiYan was extremely overjoyed.

The group of AiYa and CaiYi was stunned and surprisingly cheered up. They daringly flew up to the sky and entered the silver channel altogether.

Following the silver channel, the four of them stayed behind ShiYan as they went through this Fearful Land.

On the mountain cliff above the Fearful Land, NingZe and the other two Sky Realm warriors smiled coldly, looking at the area full of gray smoke below.

"Those people already went into the bottom of that Fearful Land. I don’t think it will take them long to die in this Fearful Land." NingZe sneered coldly with a dark look. "If those people die, although the golden silkworm has disconnected with my mind, I still have a way to sense it. The Golden silkworm compared with us, are different since the Fearful Land down there can’t confine joy. As soon as that kid dies, I can immediately recall my golden silkworm."

"Young Master is wise!" The two Sky Realm warriors both flattered.

Suddenly, a silver channel shot out from the gray smoke below them, aiming for this mountain cliff.

ShiYan’s figure in the silver channel appeared and soared to the sky from the vague gray smoke below.

"How can it be?" NingZe couldn’t help but scream out loud, shaking his head in disbelief with his horrified look on his face. "That kid already got through the Fearful Land. How could it be?"

"Young master, AiYa and CaiYi are also out." One of the two Sky Realm warriors suddenly shouted. "The situation is not good!"

NingZe’s face became emotionally troubled. He looked at ShiYan who was slowly flying out while his countenance kept changing abnormally. He then gritted his teeth and said, "Let’s go. We will find this kid to take revenge later."

After talking, NingZe hastily flew away, out of this mountain cliff, with his fastest speed without waiting for ShiYan to get out completely.

Not long after NingZe had left, ShiYan was the first one who landed on this mountain from the channel created by the Sky-breaking Shuttle.

AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers LaoLin and LaoLun also quickly flew out, exposing their shocked faces after the accident.

Strands of soul consciousness that had left now re-entered ShiYan’s Sea of Consciousness. ShiYan’s face was agitated as he suddenly realized that his state of mind seemed to have some miraculous transformations.

Previously in that Fearful Land, his soul consciousness had flown out of his Sea of Consciousness one by one. His Sea of Consciousness had vibrated violently. As the soul consciousness had intensely been affected, his host soul had almost been exposed.

Dead and reborn! He was indeed dead and reborn!

When his soul consciousness returned to his Sea of Consciousness this time, he suddenly noticed that his soul consciousness was fluctuating strangely, seemed to have some mysterious mood. Through this experience of escaping the precarious near-death situation, which coincided with his Nirvana Realm, he was faintly enlightened regarding something in particular.

He was now in the Second Realm of Nirvana Realm with mighty condensed Profound Qi. He only needed a little bit of insight to be able to enter the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm soon.

Escaping from death this time was somehow like one kind of miraculous Nirvana Realm that coincided with his state of mind.

Escaping from the Mortal Realm required great wisdom and great perseverance. Ordinary Nirvana Realm warriors often couldn’t break this bottleneck. Thus, although the Profound Qi was mighty enough, it was not easy or very slow to break through, as they hardly entered a new realm.

The situation that he had experienced was very rare. He seemed to have perceived something, which helped him realize the true ‘Nirvana'.

AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun all revealed an expression of joy after getting out of the channel. They then looked at ShiYan with admiration.

ShiYan frowned while standing on that mountain cliff. He stopped for a short moment before suddenly retrieving the Sky-breaking Shuttle and nodding toward the four people of AiYa’s group. "I need to cultivate for a while. You guys find your own places."

After talking, ShiYan flew away to another place on the mountain, dug a cave and went inside.

He communicated with the Earth Flame, telling it to take guard for him. He sat in the cave, didn’t bother with AiYa’s group, and started to close his eyes to understand the previous state of consciousness.

The implication of the Nirvana referred to its rebirth from death and its regaining of a new life in burning fires.

Through this experience, ShiYan was really aware of the state of consciousness of the Nirvana Realm. After his soul consciousness had flown out, his host soul would have been torn apart by Faded Astral Wind, making his spirit perish.

In this kind of situation, he hadn’t given up but instead, had gathered all of his faculties, searched for solutions, and had finally found a way to get out of the Fearful Land, escaping death.

That was precisely in line with Nirvana Realm’s state of consciousness.

Many Nirvana Realm warriors often did not have great wisdom and great perseverance. They didn’t possess gifted enlightening light and finally came to a dead end.

He had been dead and reborn again, making him more aware of the impact of the state of consciousness to a realm. Sitting in the cave, he quietly realized the magical effect of the state of consciousness and merged his body into his mind to perceive the most dangerous moment of his previous encounter.

Gradually, his Sea of Consciousness churned up with strong waves. His lost soul consciousness reappeared, slowly floating around in the Sea of Consciousness.

He was in the perception of the state of consciousness. His soul consciousness seemed to be washed clean. Each strand of soul consciousness became pure and flawless without any excess emotional impurities.

When in the state of consciousness, his self and his host soul were alike. He was sitting cross-legged, slowly closing his eyes, bringing each strand of soul consciousness into the host soul. The soul consciousness inside his host soul had washed and expelled all the impurities, making his mind clear, clean, and accessible.

Countless strands of soul consciousness were purified and purged from all the subjective emotions and thus, became transparent in the state of consciousness.

It was as if his whole soul consciousness was washed by clear water. His state of mind brightened, and his soul consciousness became purified.

Even his Sea of Consciousness also seemed to have become a mirror that reflected everything and reacted to all kinds of changes around.

AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun came to this mountain later; after taking a quick look at him, they started to scatter, and seemed to find their own hidden location to restore their Profound Qi.

At the entrance of ShiYan’s cave.

A graceful figure suddenly appeared. It was CaiYi.

Standing ten meters away, CaiYi looked at ShiYan’s cave while her beautiful eyes kept changing as if she was hesitant about something.

Should I take a risk?

CaiYi’s face was confused. Bright beams of light puffed from her ten fingers, containing a violent active energy.

ShiYan had planted the barrier inside her host soul; so, as long as ShiYan was killed, that barrier would naturally disappear.

CaiYi obviously didn’t want to be controlled all the time nor become ShiYan’s puppet. She wanted to control her own destiny.

If ShiYan was killed, she could immediately regain her freedom.

If it were in the past, while ShiYan was meditating to restore his strength, she would have never hesitated to take action and would have released a ruthless blow like a thunderbolt to kill ShiYan.

However, ShiYan continually performed his powerful strength; not only had he broken all of the Golden Silks but he also gained the golden silkworm, and even saved them from that Fearful Land.

The power ShiYan demonstrated was not something that an ordinary Nirvana Realm warrior could do. Although ShiYan was in a state of retreat, she didn’t dare to act recklessly.

If she couldn’t kill ShiYan in one strike and gave him an opportunity to breathe, he would trigger the barrier in her host soul, and thus, she believed that she would be killed instantly.

CaiYi was hesitant, considering if she should take the risk or not, but she couldn’t make a decision yet.

However, at this time, a figure quietly appeared next to CaiYi.

"AiYa!" CaiYi covered her mouth, letting out a slight sigh. Her face changed while she quickly glanced at ShiYan. After realizing that ShiYan had no sign of changes, she was then relieved, quietly moved back closer to AiYa and said with a low voice, "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing." AiYa spoke up with an emotionless face, threw a glance at CaiYi and said, "Why do you come here?"

CaiYi gritted her teeth while her eyes flashed up with some dots of light. She didn’t say a word.

"It seems our aims are consistent." AiYa stared at CaiYi intensely and suddenly asked, "You also want him to die?"

A beam of hatred flashed up in CaiYi’s beautiful eyes. She slightly nodded.

AiYa didn't say anything further, looked at ShiYan from a distance, contemplated a little bit and then said, "He is not easy to deal with…"

"I know." CaiYi smiled miserably. "I was not sure about taking action by myself, but with you, we should be able to kill him at once. This guy is really terrible; he has even seen us…"

AiYa’s face changed. She grunted coldly.

CaiYi immediately shut her mouth, hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Should we do it?"

"While he’s in his retreat situation, if we join forces, killing him should not be too difficult. But…"AiYa extended her voice and tightly knitted her eyebrows. "NingZe is still alive, and the Heavenly Palace’s people will not easily let this thing go. Entering further into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, we might see NingZe again. With our current strengths, it will be the same, impossible to defeat them."

"What do you mean?" asked CaiYi with astonishment.

"He has to die, but I don’t think it should be now. Even if we do not take any actions, the people of Heavenly Palace will not spare him." AiYa thought a little bit and continued, "The ten-thousand-year golden silkworm is extremely precious. ShiYan has taken NingZe’s golden silkworm, so how can the Heavenly Palace spare him? I know that entering the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time is not simply NingZe’s group alone. Wait until we go deeper inside of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, if NingZe joins forces with another team, their strength will definitely increase significantly. By that time, we will take advantage of this kid’s power, and then we will find an opportunity to…"

"I understand," CaiYi nodded, "You are indeed very wicked and shameless."

"Hm." AiYa coldly looked at CaiYi, and then quickly retreated without saying another word.

CaiYi didn’t linger too long either. She looked at ShiYan with a complicated face for a while and followed after Aiya.

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