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"This Faded Astral WindFaded Astral Wind is the most mysterious in our Divine Land. It doesn’t have any impact on warriors’ bodies, but once it blows our soul consciousness away, our Sea of Consciousness would be obliterated. After the soul consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness has been blown away, the host soul will be directly exposed, torn apart and crushed by this Faded Astral Wind entirely." CaiYi attentively looked at the Faded Astral Wind in front of ShiYan and slowly flew over there. Her face kept changing in fear.

AiYa, LaoLi, and LaoLun helplessly watched the Faded Astral Wind coming closer, and they didn’t seem to be able to have any reaction.

"Guys, do you have any soul defensive secret treasures?" CaiYi looked at AiYa and ShiYan, asked hurriedly. "Only Soul Defensive Power Secret Treasures can prevent the Faded Astral Wind’s impact. Otherwise, once our soul consciousness is blown away, our host soul will be torn down."

If the host soul was gone meant the spirit was eradicated and it was impossible to use any means to survive in this world.

AiYa, LaoLi, and LaoLun frowned. They all shook their heads after CaiYi’s inquiry was made.

CaiYi looked at ShiYan. Her beautiful eyes expressed a trace of expectation.

The tree people of CaiYi were all stunned, looking at ShiYan as they expected that ShiYan could have some mysterious trick to stop this Faded Astral Wind.

"Why are you guys looking at me?" ShiYan was astonished and revealed a wry smile. "Do you think that I can help you? I am from the Endless Sea. Endless Sea’s warriors are not as good as those of Divine Land. Even you guys cannot do anything, so what can I do?"

"You and other ordinary Endless Sea’s warriors are not the same." LaoLi reluctantly smiled. "Although you only have Nirvana Realm cultivation, not only could you break the Golden Silks of the Empyrean but you also took in the golden silkworm. Even if it was in our Divine Land, not many young warriors could reach this level of yours."

CaiYi and AiYa also shook their head at the same time as they both seemed to agree with LaoLi’s point of view.

Previously, in the most difficult time, ShiYan had defeated Golden Silks and the golden silkworm of the Heavenly Palace and saved the girls from NingZe’s hands.

ShiYan revealed some traces of mystery which made the four of them secretly frightened. Hence, they could not treat him like an ordinary warrior of the Endless Sea.

The way that the four of them looked at him had changed subconsciously. They felt that he was not as simple as a common Endless Sea warrior.

"I don’t have any soul defensive secret treasure either," ShiYan shook his head, looked at the Faded Astral Wind which was slowly approaching and said reluctantly, "You better find another solution."

"What else can we do?" LaoLun sighed, watching the Faded Astral Wind coming closer and closer, as he said disappointedly, "Would this fierce Faded Astral Wind destroy our host souls even before we have reached the deep area inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist? Sigh, this trip is miserable. If I knew about this sooner, I wouldn’t have come to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist."

"What is the point of these words now?" LaoLi snorted and suddenly sat down. "I hope that we can resist for a while and think of a way to get out of here. Otherwise, this Faded Astral Wind will tear our host souls apart."

AiYa and CaiYi wore reluctant faces. It was useless to be hasty at this moment. They helplessly watched the oncoming Faded Astral Wind but could do nothing.

The Faded Astral Wind was gradually approaching. No matter whether people wanted to face it or not, they all had to bear it.

The Faded Astral Wind shrouded all of them from every direction. This fierce Faded Astral Wind seemed to have consciousness. As soon as it realized that some living creatures had come in, it immediately stormed out from every corner, wanting to kill all those creatures, and not allowing this Fearful Land to have any living creatures.

It was not that ShiYan had thought about avoiding it, however, as he saw that the entire area was filled with this devilish powerful Faded Astral Wind, which was continuously surging, they simply didn’t have a chance to escape.

After all, the Faded Astral Wind came and covered all five of them at once.

It turned out as CaiYi had said. When this devilish Faded Astral Wind had just arrived, ShiYan’s body didn’t have the slightest change. He felt that the wind was not violent as if there was nothing special about this creature.

However, after a moment, he realized that the volatility of his Sea of Consciousness suddenly became stronger. After his host soul that had condensed in the Sea of Consciousness fluctuated for a while, the soul consciousness wrapped around the Sea of Consciousness like gossamers slowly flying out of his Sea of Consciousness following that Faded Astral Wind.

The peripheral soul consciousness of the Sea of Consciousness had already lost more than ten strands after such a short moment.

As time was ticking by, his soul consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness was gradually affected by the Faded Astral Wind and thus fluctuated even more violently as if his soul consciousness gathered in the Sea of Consciousness wouldn’t be able to resist for much longer.

Soul consciousness was fundamental to form Sea of Consciousness. The composition of the Sea of Consciousness was made by the condensation of countless of strands of soul consciousness.

The host soul existed in the Sea of Consciousness under the protection of the Sea of Consciousness. Once the soul consciousness dissipated entirely, the host soul would be exposed without any protection.

This Faded Astral Wind would disperse the soul consciousness first and then tear the opponent’s host soul apart. Its purpose was to let the warrior’s spirit perish. Once the soul consciousness in the Sea of Consciousness was all blown away, death would find the warriors.

Strands of soul consciousness dissipated one by one, which made ShiYan unable to concentrate and made his mind become dazed as if it was occupied.

He was sort of half-conscious, and his mind was in a bad state. He couldn’t even conduct the simplest things.

He looked at the other people of AiYa’s and CaiYi’s group and realized that these four were in the same state as him. Their eyes were soulless while their dissipated soul consciousness was a little bit chaotic and was gradually leaving the Sea of Consciousness.

That was not a solution.

ShiYan gritted his teeth, made every effort to gather his attention and carefully considered.

He needed to have a soul defensive secret treasure to get rid of the Faded Astral Wind. However, he didn’t have that kind of treasure. Other soul skills performance required soul consciousness to be the core source, but he couldn’t display any soul skills while his Sea of Consciousness was vibrating violently like this.

Without soul consciousness, the soul skills were useless.

In accordance with the current situation, he would gradually lose his consciousness which would make it impossible for him to think of something by himself.

Must think of a solution as soon as possible.

Firmly believing in his own belief, ShiYan was even calmer when facing adversity. He temporarily forgot the fluctuations of his Sea of Consciousness, gathered all of his power and considered a way to reverse the situation.

Sky-breaking Shuttle!

ShiYan’s original soulless eyes suddenly flashed up with a trace of consciousness; an idea emerged in his mind. He remembered the secret treasure from the Chasm Battlefield.

When he had entered the Chasm Battlefield before, his purpose at that time was to catch the Sky-breaking Shuttle.

In legends, this Sky-breaking Shuttle could break all kinds of formation techniques and barriers. He had spent a lot of effort to get this Sky-breaking Shuttle.

After having had the Sky-breaking Shuttle, he had communicated with it and received a message from the Sky-breaking Shuttle saying that as he hadn’t reached the Nirvana Realm, he could hardly use it.

In the Hengluo Sea, he and his forces had expanded everywhere. By hunting and killing many warriors and Demon Dwellers, he had progressed in reaching the Nirvana Realm. He had made every effort to enhance his own strength as well as have the insight of the powerful ChiYan. Thus, although he knew that he could use the Sky-breaking Shuttle already, he hadn’t used it yet.

He knew that with his Nirvana Realm cultivation base, even if he went to the Fourth Demon Area to find the secret place where Yang Tian Emperor was confined, it was still difficult for him to use it to save the Yang Tian Emperor from that place.

ChiYan and BoXun were too powerful. Even if the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame fused together, he was not sure that he could rescue and run away from BoXun’s White Bones Dharma Body, let alone that he had completely consumed the power formed by these three great living forms.

Therefore, although he knew that he could use the Sky-breaking Shuttle, he hadn’t used it just yet. It was because he understood that with his cultivation base, recklessly entering the Fourth Demon Area was a dead end.

It was not the same now.

A series of thoughts flashed up in his mind. He finally had a solution. He tried to take out the Sky-breaking Shuttle, immersed his mind in it, and communicated with the consciousness of the Sky-breaking Shuttle.

"It seems that you have entered the Nirvana Realm. Excellent. Nirvana Realm’s power is enough for you to use me. Are you ready for it?" A feeble message suddenly came out from the Sky-breaking Shuttle. "What do you want me to help you with?"

"Get out of here." ShiYan hurriedly sent out his message.

"Possible!" The Sky-breaking Shuttle transmitted a very brief message. "If you pour enough power into me, you can urge me. If you want to leave this area, you better do it quickly."

"Pour the power in?"


"How much do you need?"

"You are now in the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, so pour two-third of your Profound Qi, I can immediately tear down all the barriers and obstacles here. The stronger the formation techniques, the more power I need. The defense here is not very strong, so you only need to pour two-third of your Profound Qi, and it will be enough."

ShiYan’ face changed slightly.

Feeling the soul consciousness pa.s.sing gradually, he didn’t have time to think too much; he immediately concentrated his strength and poured a ma.s.sive amount of his Profound Qi into the Sky-breaking Shuttle in his hand.

When two-thirds of his Profound Qi was poured into the Sky-breaking Shuttle in the flying shuttle shape, it suddenly became extremely powerful as if it could tear everything down. It strongly flew out from his palm.

Silver fish scale-like waves were shot out from the Sky-breaking Shuttle, piercing through the layer of gray clouds in the sky.

This Sky-breaking Shuttle was indeed all-conquering as if it could cut off all kinds of blockades and barriers tearing the formation technique, which was like mire above their head, apart.

A silver beam of light drilled down from above, which looked like a silver galaxy plunging toward ShiYan’s head.

AiYa, CaiYi, LaoLi, and LaoLun, who were in a daze, suddenly realized a silver channel had appeared in the sky and had pierced through the Fearful Land which was like a swamp covering above their heads. They both showed a frightened look on their faces and couldn’t help but scream out loud.

"This is, this is…?"

"Did ShiYan make it? He is not simple indeed."

AiYa, CaiYi, and the two brothers couldn’t help but shout in shock because of ShiYan’s performance. They didn’t know what ShiYan had done to tear the Fearful Land open.

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