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Chapter 38 Spirit Level Martial Skills
Inside the cave, the bodies were piled up with all of their Profound Qi wiped clean.
Under the influence of Shi Yan’s mysterious Martial Spirit, the bodies were not only drained of all their Profound Qi, but even the blood inside the corpses had solidified within a very short time.
With all their blood solidified, the b.l.o.o.d.y smell that once filled the entire cave was not as strong as before.
However, Shi Yan was still not satisfied with this.
After thinking it over, he quickly took out a packet of medicinal powder from his backpack and sprayed it all around the cave without hesitation.
This medicinal powder was called “Cleansing Powder”, which had an extraordinary absorbing power, capable of capturing all the little impurities floating in the air, including toxins, smell and poisonous smoke.
After using one packet of “Cleansing Powder”, the remaining b.l.o.o.d.y smell in the cave was instantly wiped clean like magic.
After capturing the b.l.o.o.d.y smell floating in the air, the “Cleansing Powder” had become dozens of little red particles which looked just like drops of blood, micronized into little atoms falling onto the ground.
“I need to find something to hide the cave entrance.”
Although that b.l.o.o.d.y smell in the cave was now under control, Shi Yan was still a little bit worried. He started to cover the cave entrance with the nearby bushes and twigs.
Although the battle between the two groups was for the cave, both knew of the importance of the nearby foliage. As such, none of the nearby vegetation was moved or destroyed when approaching the cave.
However, with the eruption of the “Star Bomb”, the bushes at the cave entrance were damaged and cut into pieces. Fortunately, the bushes near the cave entrance were still intact.
Now what Shi Yan needed to do was to move the bushes on each side to the middle of the cave entrance to perfectly cover the entire opening.
Shi Yan was breathing smoothly and paying great attention to his movements. He was acting with great caution and moving the bushes and leaves towards the entrance of the cave slowly, inch by inch, for fear that the demon beasts outside would discover something strange in this place.
With the roaring of the demon beasts getting more and more frequent, they sensed that G.o.d knows how many demon beasts had gathered in the valley outside the cave.
Shi Yan had a serious look on his face and was acting extremely nervous. Sweat was secretly coming out of his forehead. Even his back started to become wet with sweat.
When he finally dragged the last large bush into the cave entrance, even his arms were slightly trembling, as if he had made huge efforts to finish this job.
“Are you OK?” Di Yalan asked with care.
“It’s nothing, I’m just a little tired.”
Shi Yan shook his head. His face had turned extraordinarily pale. He stopped to think for a moment and then said, “You two be careful later. If we are ever found by those demon beasts, you must make every effort to guard the cave entrance!”
Di Yalan nodded and added with care, “Yeah, I get it. But what on earth has happened to you? I just saw you kicking the a.s.s of that Warrior of the Human Level with my own eyes, but how come you’ve become so weak right now?”
“It’s exactly because I made such great efforts to fight with him, that I've become so weak right now.” Shi Yan sat down with his legs crossed and refused to give any more explanation.
At this critical time, surprisingly, he closed his eyes to rest!
This was actually the side effect of “Rampage” kicking off inside his body.
Every time he performed “Rampage”, his body would suffer great pressure.
The Rampage Martial Skill required the excitation of all kinds of negative energy within one’s meridians. The power of “Rampage” served as a double-edged sword, giving you power far beyond your own Level for a very short amount time, but on the other hand, also making you more exhausted afterwards.
After all, those negative energies were way too evil and creepy.
When these negative energies spilt over from his meridians, they were hurting his body as well. Every time when he finished “Rampage”, he would be wrapped in waves of exhaustion, weakening his body very quickly.
Sitting right there in the cave, Shi Yan felt that both his arms and legs were weak and powerless. The meridians all over his body were also hurting like h.e.l.l.
The Profound Qi he absorbed from those six fresh corpses had also rushed into his meridians, filling his body with wave after wave of strong power. While his meridians were processing and purifying this Profound Qi with high speed, the negative energies would take advantage of this to sneak out and slowly rot his mind and sanity.
At this moment, he couldn’t do anything that required effort. His meridians were still busy processing and purifying all this new Profound Qi. If he couldn’t relax his body, he wouldn’t be able to achieve a quality recovery at all.
Therefore, he made a sensible decision to leave everything else alone. He just sat still, keeping a peaceful mind for the recovery.
Seeing him sitting and resting with both eyes closed, the other two women, Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die, also looked pretty serious. They concentrated on observing the movements outside the cave.
The demon beasts were still moving inside the valley. There were even some demon beasts around their cave and they seemed to be searching for something.
Both Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan were guarding the entrance of the cave very nervously. They didn’t dare to take any chance to relax.
Di Yalan was holding her dagger firmly in her hand, looking outside warily through the gaps between the bushes covering the cave entrance, fearing that some demon beast would suddenly jump in.
They were both aware that demon beasts had an extremely sensitive sense of smell. They were worried that those beasts might find them through the b.l.o.o.d.y smell in the air. They knew that once their cave was discovered by any of those demon beasts, they had to guard this cave no matter what the price was.
“Deng! Deng!”
A three-headed hound was coming towards them with its three giant heads shaking in the air. It seemed to have found something. Its six eyes on its three heads were scanning around as if it had discovered something unusual.
Oh, c.r.a.p!
Di Yalan suddenly changed the look on her face, grabbing her dagger even more firmly in her hand. With sweat pouring out of her palm, she focused on the three-headed hound with all of her attention and didn’t dare to move her eyes away for a second.
Di Yalan was already extremely tense and was ready to start a fight at any time.
The three-headed hound was a Level Three demon beast, equaling a human Warrior of the Human Level, which was pretty tough to deal with.
Moreover, this demon beast possessed an extraordinarily sharp sense of smell. The b.l.o.o.d.y smell inside the cave might be able to fool other demon beasts, but it could not necessarily hide from this three-headed hound.
Due to her anxiety, Di Yalan’s entire body became stiff and tense. Her hand which held the dagger was also shaking slightly, which meant that her Profound Qi was moving very fast through her veins and vessels.
Right at that moment, a howl from the Silver Thunder Wolf came from the distance which alerted the whole valley and outmatched all the roaring and shouting of the other demon beasts.
“I am Gan Xiao from the Medicine Valley. I came to the Dark Forest simply to collect medicine for myself. I have never stepped into your cave! Silver Thunder Wolf, I know you are good, but I am not afraid of you. If you continue to hara.s.s and kill my people, I will not let you go easy!” A low dark voice came from the distance.
The Silver Thunder Wolf started howling again in the distance.
Hearing this howling sound, the three-headed hound, which was about to approach the cave where the three of them were hiding, suddenly stopped right there.
It paused a little and quickly turned around, and started running towards the howling of the Silver Thunder Wolf in high speed.
Upon the howling of the Silver Thunder Wolf, the demon beasts gathered in the valley were also starting to take off, leaving the valley for the Silver Thunder Wolf.
The Silver Thunder Wolf and Gan Xiao seemed about to have a huge fight.
Di Yalan suddenly relaxed. She felt so weak that she sat right down on the ground with her body covered with sweat.
If only that three-headed hound had moved a little further forward, maybe even a couple of meters, then their cave would have definitely be compromised. And once that three-headed hound had discovered the cave, the other demon beasts in the valley would most definitely have followed it over here as well.
If that really happened, there was no way that the three of them could have ever escaped those demon beasts!
“Sister Lan, are you OK?” Mu Yu Die was wiping the sweat off her forehead with a handkerchief stained with blood. She also sat down on the ground with the stone wall behind her.
“It’s OK.” Di Yalan smiled softly, but still sighed. “We were very lucky back then. If the Silver Thunder Wolf didn’t have its eyes on Gan Xiao from the Medicine Valley and didn’t suddenly call for all the demon beasts to gather around it, I am afraid that we wouldn’t have been able to make it through this.”
“Yeah, I was also pretty scared just now.” Mu Yu Die’s pretty face also looked quite pale. She added in a low voice, “I was even prepared to commit suicide back then.”
“Don’t ever have that thought unless we have no other options.”
Shi Yan sniffed. He suddenly opened his eyes, and ordered with a frown, “If you have no better things to do, how about searching through the bags and pockets of those six warriors? Just to see what kind of treasure they had stolen from the cave of that Silver Thunder Wolf.”
Hearing him saying this, Di Yalan's eyes suddenly lit up. She agreed with excitement, “That’s right! The Silver Thunder Wolf is a Level Seven demon beast, a top level creature within the Dark Forest! It is said that the Silver Thunder Wolf is a highly intelligent creature, and that it has killed dozens of high level warriors in the Dark Forest. It must have collected many treasures from those dead warriors and stored them inside its cave. The treasures those warriors have stolen must be extraordinary!”
“I heard that there is a practice method for a Spirit Level Martial Skill…” Shi Yan said with a cool voice.
“He!” Di Yalan replied with her face filled with joy and her beautiful eyes lit up with excitement, “Spirit Level Martial Skills are very rare. Even for the royal families from our Fire Empire, there are only five kinds of Spirit Level Martial Skills. Any practice method for a Spirit Level Martial Skill would be worth millions, and countless big families would even be willing to kill for it.”
“Then you should really search through them very carefully.” Shi Yan nodded and closed his eyes again, seemingly having something on his mind.
Of course he knew how precious so-called Spirit Level Martial Skills were.
Across the Fire Empire, the G.o.d-blessed Empire, and the Merchant Union, there were around 100 warriors who had reached the Earth Level and the Nirvana Level for a warrior. However, among all these 100 warriors, those with Spirit Level Martial Skills only counted for a quarter of those warriors!
And among that quarter, some were even studying and practicing the same kind of Spirit Level Martial Skills.
According to the rumor, across the entire the Fire Empire, the G.o.d-blessed Empire, and the Merchant Union, there were only 18 kinds of Spirit Level Martial Skills that were already known to the humankind.
And each and every kind of those Spirit Level Martial Skills were all possessed by various powerful families or warriors that ruled their own little kingdoms.
Such as the Shi Family.
The Shi Family had possessed various kinds of Martial Skills, such as for the Mortal Level and the Sacred Level. However, it only had one kind of Martial Skill of the Spirit Level, which the Master of the Family, Shi Jian, believed to be the most precious family treasure. Even the his own descendants had no idea where he had kept that Spirit Level Martial Skill.
“It seems we are in huge luck!”
Di Yalan’s eyes were filled with joy. She dug out the backpack of the warrior leader with excitement and didn’t waste any time opening it.
A strong wave of silver light started to shine out from his backpack. The stone cave that was once buried in darkness was suddenly lit up and became as bright as the outside!

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