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Right after Borg had died, that Empyrean warrior looked more relaxed.

The Empyrean’s side had a total of three Sky Realm warriors including NingZe. The remaining warriors were at the Second or Third Sky of Nirvana Realm. All of them had cultivated this evil secret technique of the Empyrean.

When they united, it didn’t matter who they were fighting.

Borg was dead, and LaoLi and LaoLun immediately fell into danger.

Although these two brothers were only in the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, they were very good at joining forces. They stood back to back; two different forces pa.s.sed each other through their backs, making their momentums soar. Their bodies were covered with a mixed green and blue halo.

That halo covered the two brothers entirely. When the golden silk threads in the sky came close to them, they hurriedly took actions, wearing their gloves from where strong momentum flowed out.

Their momentum was like martial art conception that had been tempered on their gloves.

These gloves were naturally not just ordinary things. Under their martial art conception, these gloves released a terrible and fierce power.

Under this violent power, those golden silk threads were punched aside before they could come close to the two brothers. Those threads, which occasionally showed up next to the halo, couldn’t destroy the blue-green halo that was covering the two brothers.

However, after Borg’s death, the warrior who had dealt with Borg now retrieved his power, looked at the two brothers, and cast it again toward them.

Hundreds of golden silk threads intertwined and dashed forward. The golden threads like lightning split open, releasing numerous sharp sprays, making the two brothers a little confused.

While their gloves were releasing the martial art conception, they also had to unite to deal with this stealth at the same time. Thus, they didn’t seem to be able to resist anymore. More and more golden silk threads were approaching and getting closer to them.

ShiYan’s eyes were cold and cruel. He relied on the Star Light to avoid the winding golden threads. He was both absorbing the aura of dead Borg, while quietly observing the situation in the field.

Not only did AiYa and CaiYi have many secret treasures on their bodies, but they were also extremely good at martial arts cultivation. Therefore, in the encirclement of the golden silk threads, they were still safe and sound.

Although they couldn’t get out of those golden threads, they didn’t seem to be defeated, and they were still able to persist for a long time.

Carefully watching the situation, ShiYan coldly sneered. He quietly released his Profound Qi, the star power, the negative forces, and the yin power from inside his body and sneakily manipulated them toward the Empyrean’s warriors who were besieging LaoLi and LaoLun.

The Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame had been integrated into his body muscles before the completion of his martial spirit’s mutation. Although his body’s muscles contained a surge of violent power, it could not be separated or taken out of his body.

Therefore, a Gravitational Field was formed this time only relying on the Profound Qi, the Star power, the negative forces, and yin force.

These four forces created the Gravitational Field. As soon as it appeared, it suddenly condensed into an ent.i.ty, forming an enormous gray tornado, inside of which the four sharp forces spanned aggressively.

The Gravitational Field used to hide without revealing any trace, but it was unknown why it turned into a real ent.i.ty here.

In that gray tornado, the four forces flew around and mutually entangled, resulting in a strange, fierce power. Even ShiYan felt that it was very dangerous for him if he were inside it.

His power increased.

In this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, although the Gravitational Field had turned into a real ent.i.ty and couldn’t be concealed anymore, its power had increased more than double. It seemed to coincide with a sort of Heaven and Earth principle in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. It kept spinning, which made it seem like there was an existence of strange fluctuations inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, forming a link with the Gravitational Field.

The gray tornado released a whirlwind up to the sky with tremendous momentum. As soon as it appeared, it instantly drew all the creatures around.

Fierce long thin golden threads like lightning in the sky were pursuing ShiYan, LaoLi, and LaoLun. When that Gravitational Field emerged, the whole s.p.a.ce seemed to be affected by the impact of the suction. The golden threads were no exception.

The fierce golden silk threads were all sucked into the Gravitational Field. Even the Heavenly Palace warriors couldn’t prevent their golden threads from being pulled in.

When the golden silk threads went into the Gravitational Field, each of the Heavenly Palace warriors who held the Golden Silk screamed in panic while their faces suddenly changed.

The body of a Heavenly Palace warrior with the weakest cultivation base, which was the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, was also pulled into the Gravitational Field. Because the Golden Silk was connected with the warrior’s body, he was also being drawn into the Gravitational Field, and he couldn’t withstand the suction of the Gravitational Field anymore as he was finally pulled inside.

Inside the giant gray tornado, four different strange powers flew around and pulled the Gold Silk that was circling inside as well. Right after that warrior had been drawn into the field, he was instantly killed by the Gold Silk and then cut into mixed flesh and blood.

When these Empyrean warriors cultivated the Gold Silk, they connected their palms to it. The lines on their palms and the Gold Silk had formed a delicate, subtle connection, and they could use their minds to control it. Unless they had reached the G.o.d Realm, they couldn’t detach the Gold Silk from their palms to freely chase and kill their enemies.

Therefore, after the Gold Silk had been sucked into the Gravitational Field, as the palms of their hands were connected to the Gold Silk, the warriors were also affected by the strong suction force from the Gravitational Field. Moreover, the Gold Silk inside the Gravitational Field also created a huge pulling force. The warriors looked very miserable as they struggled hard to escape from the gray tornado formed by the Gravitational Field.

"It’s you!" CaiYi’s eyes suddenly brightened up. When she had been at the bottom of the lake, she had known that ShiYan was not easy to mess with. At this critical time, the gray tornado appeared in front of ShiYan.

ShiYan had a mocking sneer on his cold face as he watched the Empyrean warriors being pulled into the Gravitational Field and minced into b.l.o.o.d.y pieces of flesh. CaiYi now realized that ShiYan was the one who was changing the situation here.

CaiYi exclaimed in shock, which drew the attention of the others to ShiYan.

A strange light flashed up in AiYa’s eyes. She didn’t seem to expect in this critical time, ShiYan, who was only in the Nirvana Realm, would be the most effective one. With a cruel look and a cold sneer, he used some kind of secret technique to strangle those warriors, which made her extremely shocked.

LaoLi and LaoLun had been in danger and would have probably been killed by the Empyrean’s warriors.

At the most dangerous time, ShiYan suddenly took action, creating the Gravitational Field and forcing those warriors to divide their strength in an attempt to resist. Thus, the strength they had been focusing on the two brothers LaoLun and LaoLi was reduced, which made the two brothers surprised and frightened at the same time. They kept thanking ShiYan.

ShiYan’s eyes were furious. He coldly sneered while continuing to maintain the Gravitational Field, bringing it toward the rest of the Heavenly Palace warriors who were gathering at the same place.

Under the irresistible pulling force, another two of the Heavenly Palace’s Third Sky of Nirvana Realm warriors were drawn into the Gravitational Field.

The Gravitational Field was full of Gold Silks which were all fatal. Once those warriors were sucked into the Gravitational Field, the forces inside completely controlled them, and thus, they could hardly form a fully defensive halo for their entire bodies. As a result, their bodies were exposed.

In this situation, being strangled and cut off by the four strange forces of the Gravitational Field, those warriors couldn’t escape from death.

Just after a moment, the two Heavenly Palace warriors who had fallen into the Gravitational Field were all dead.

As soon as these two warriors were ripped into pieces, the remaining warriors were all filled with panic. Seeing the Gravitational Field approaching, even the two Sky Realm warriors, who were dealing with AiYa and CaiYi, were frightened, and thus loosened their force toward AiYa and CaiYi to hurriedly move aside to avoid the Gravitational Field.

However, although these two warriors dodged very fast, the Gold Silks that they had released failed to escape the great suction of the Gravitational Field.

As the ferocious Golden Silks were forcefully pulled into the Gravitational Field, the two Sky Ream warriors who were deviating from the Gravitational Field were also being pulled.

Because these two warriors were connected with the Gold Silks, they were also gradually pulled into the Gravitational Field.

"Young Master, save me," a Sky Realm warrior screamed out loud. His fierce eyes looked at ShiYan and shouted, "It’s that kid who has troubled us."

NingZe didn’t take any action, but just coldly watched the changes in the field. When the two Empyrean warriors had been crushed into powder, he hadn’t revealed any trace of fear. It seemed that the death of those Nirvana Realm warriors was nothing to him.

However, when the two Sky Realm warriors who had released the Gold Silks had also been pulled into the Gravitational Field and screamed out loud together, NingZhe finally showed a grave look.

"Be careful!"

AiYa and CaiYi didn’t bother with their hatred for ShiYan, simultaneously letting out a scream and flying toward the front of ShiYan. One on the left and the other on the right, they were both protecting ShiYan, coldly looking at NingZe who was storming at them very fast.

Although AiYa and CaiYi were ruthless and wanted to see ShiYan die sooner, they still understood their current situation. If they wanted to defeat the Heavenly Palace warriors, they had to rely on the gray tornado that ShiYan had created.

Therefore, when NingZe was about to make a move, both of them immediately rushed to ShiYan’s side, wanting to join forces to protect him.

ShiYan was about to take action and then became panicked seeing the two girls suddenly fly over. After realizing the girls just wanted to offer him protection, he shook his head and smiled and was not in a hurry to release his power.

He stood behind AiYa and CaiYi and continued manipulating the Gravitational Field.

The Gold Silks that were released by the Heavenly Palace warriors were extremely sharp and evil, able to cut everything. Those Golden Silks had fallen into the Gravitational Field, stirred up by the forces of the Gravitational Field, and thus, their power was skyrocketed instantly. Anyone who fell into this Gravitational Field would be crushed into powder by the Gold Silk.

Seeing the Gold Silk fly into the Gravitational Field aggressively, ShiYan’s heart dissipated. He then had an idea that he would try to collect as much of the Gold Silks from this Myriad devouring golden silkworm as possible.

This stuff and the Gravitational Field together was indeed a killing machine.

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