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Mysterious power moved toward and penetrated the ancient Profound Qi tree, which contained vigorous forces, making it sparkling and crystal clear.

ShiYan closed his eyes, feeling the changes of the ancient Profound Qi tree. He was joyful as he knew that with his vigorous Profound Qi, together with the comprehension of his state of mind, he could break through the Third Sky of Nirvana Realm, making him one step further.

Entering the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist this time, his main purpose was to temper himself with the fastest speed to enhance his cultivation base. When he returned to the Endless Sea later, he would take revenge on the Demon tribes and those forces which had wanted to obliterate him.

LinDa’s and Xia ShenChuan’s deaths had made him quickly realize that only having a mighty strength could facilitate him in doing whatever he wanted in this world instead of being someone else’s stepping stone.

The transformation of the Profound halo made him very happy as he was one step closer to his goal.

At this time, the chaotic power in CaiYi’s body gradually calmed down and regained its normal state; her eyelashes flickered slightly. She then woke up from being unconscious.

As soon as CaiYi’s eyes opened, she saw ShiYan’s cold face with his eyes closed. CaiYi subconsciously wanted to shout, but she immediately remembered the incident earlier and thus quickly suppressed her emotions. Instead, she stayed calm and considered the situation.

She was lying naked on ShiYan’s muscular thighs. ShiYan’s big hands were still caressing back and forth over her sensitive back and b.u.t.tocks.

While ShiYan’s hands were moving, CaiYi could feel an electric current zooming over her back, making her feel shameful, like she had never been so humiliated in her life.

Seeing ShiYan meditating with his eyes closed and feeling his hands caressing her body, CaiYi wanted to breathe out fire and could hardly restrain her anger. Thus, she secretly gathered her power. Then suddenly her jade-like pair of arms went straight for ShiYan’s chest.

"Disintegration Variation!" CaiYi let out a shout.

The halos with yellow and red colors flowed out from the center of her palms. The two strange lights burst out, forming a robust power that darted straight to ShiYan’s chest.

His powerful strength burst out from his chest. Hundreds of different red and yellow lights instantly penetrated ShiYan’s chest as if they wanted to tear his lungs and heart apart.


An explosive sound came up. ShiYan’s back hit the hard stone wall with a thud, making rubble fall everywhere. This incident caused the stone cave to burst open; a block of stone from above his head fell hard.

CaiYi took this chance to take action like a female beast with resentful eyes. Many rings from her snow-white arm flew out instantly; she looked like she wanted to annihilate him for good.

While experiencing and observing the mutation of the ancient Profound Qi tree, ShiYan was suddenly CaiYi ambushed by CaiYi, which caused pain on his chest. The strange power inside the muscle fibers on his chest thus burst out, and his Petrifaction Martial Spirit reached its supreme. At the moment when CaiYi launched her violent attack, ShiYan’s skin became purple, and his extremely strong defensive force had blocked her strike.

Hundreds of yellow and red powers flowed into ShiYan’s chest and were instantly entangled by the mysterious power in his muscle fibers. Those yellow and red powers could not penetrate the strong muscles on his chest to crush his heart and lungs.

ShiYan’s body shook violently. He suddenly woke up and threw a cold glance at CaiYi. He suddenly sneered and didn’t care about CaiYi’s next attack. Instead, he urged the Electric Shift and fiercely jumped on CaiYi’s body.


CaiYi stood up and swung her snow-white arm, and the rings on her arm strongly clinked together. Before she could launch her next attack, ShiYan had already knocked her out to the lake.

ShiYan sneered with a cold face as he rushed out and moved next to CaiYi who had just fallen into the water. He stretched his left hand, grabbing her snow-white neck while the other hand held her body and then brought her back into the stone cave.

ShiYan’s counterattack was exceptionally ferocious. His violent force burst out from his muscle fibers.

After the Petrifaction Martial Spirit had reached its supreme state, his body became the most horrible of weapons. He didn’t even need to transport his Profound Qi; he just relied on the bursting force of his st.u.r.dy body to deal with CaiYi’s attacks.

When CaiYi had been under the water, she had been severely injured by the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus, and her Profound Qi had been consumed. Thus, together with being unconscious earlier, her strength had been reduced significantly. Moreover, she was not good at hand-to-hand combat, and thus, launching a sneak attack on ShiYan in that small stone cave was not a smart move.

With her white neck being buckled in ShiYan’s left hand, CaiYi’s eyes were full of fear. She wanted to scream out loud but realized that her throat was being blocked, and she couldn’t let out a single sound.

Just like that, with ShiYan’s hand strangling her neck, CaiYi’s heart quickly sank. A terrible burst of power transmitted from his left arm which frightened her mind. She knew that if she made another move, ShiYan would clench his fingers tightly, crushing her neck.

Therefore, CaiYi was in shock as she watched ShiYan in silence. She didn’t dare to make the slightest move while the rings on her arm continued to tremble and finally subsided without acting recklessly.

ShiYan carried her and sat down again in the stone cave. His eyes burned, staring at her mesmerizing, beautiful naked body; the corner of his mouth moved slightly, a trace of l.u.s.t glimmering in his eyes.

CaiYi was panicked. Her beautiful eyes looked at ShiYan sharply as she didn’t know what he wanted to do.

ShiYan didn’t say a word. His hand held her neck, carrying her up into the air. He coldly looked at her and considered thoughtfully.

He originally wanted to use a ruthless whack on CaiYi, killing her to steal the Demon Crystal in her Storage Ring. After that, he would leave this lake and meet the other people of AiYa, Borg and the two brothers LaoLi. However, he thought over it again. Right now, as his Profound Qi had already recovered and reached its supreme, if he killed CaiYi, he could have some mysterious power to add to his martial arts but not much, and thus killing her was somehow a waste.

In addition, if CaiYi died in the lake while he was able to get out of the lake alive, the other people would guess his true ability and thus would consider him an enemy and be aware of him much more than before.

A seventh level Demon Crystal was exceptionally precious in their eyes. If CaiYi died, he would become their target. If AiYa, Borg, LaoLi, and LaoLun united, he was not sure if he could win.

The most important thing was that he was not familiar with the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. He still wanted to borrow these people’s abilities to discover more of its mysteries. Thus, before he understood everything about this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, he didn’t want these four people turning their backs on him.

If CaiYi didn’t die or was under his control, he could still hide his true strength. By putting Thiên Thủ Mặc Chương Ngư’s death on CaiYi’s hands, he could have CaiYi restrain AiYa and know more about the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist’s mysteries and the Devine Land’s situation through CaiYi.

With that thought, ShiYan finally had his calculation.

His cold eyes and CaiYi’s horrified eyes met. ShiYan let out a low shout, and the third eye inside the Sea of Consciousness of his host soul opened. A beam of light flashed up. He then poured his soul consciousness into this beam of light and carefully instructed it to infiltrate CaiYi’s head.

"Let go of your Sea of Consciousness, or else I will kill you!" ShiYan coldly looked at CaiYi and intimidated her.

CaiYi was terrified at heart; her beautiful eyes filled with fear. She kept shaking her head as she wanted to refuse.

"If you refuse, I will kill you. But if you accept, I will only leave a mark on your host soul. As long as you obey me from now until my business in this Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist ends, I will remove this soul barrier for you." ShiYan was like a devil using both intimidation and enticement at the same time.

At this moment, CaiYi looked at ShiYan with deep fear inside her heart. She finally understood that ShiYan, whom she hadn’t even laid her eyes on before, was the most thoughtful one in the group. He had hidden his true strength and had evil ambition without any human emotions from the beginning.

Right now, she could only see ShiYan’s brutal face but didn’t think that she had been involved in his calculation from the beginning. She could only remember that she was resentful the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus hadn’t killed him when they were under the water, and she had also tried to take his life earlier.

Just remembering someone else’s fierceness but finding it impossible to see one’s own wickedness was common in the human world, and CaiYi was not an exception.

"I’ll count to three. One, two,…" ShiYan’s face looked cold and cruel, showing a trace of impatience. He started to count without waiting for CaiYi to respond.

CaiYi kept looking at ShiYan, and now she was certain that ShiYan was a ruthless person, not a soft-hearted one. Hence, CaiYi instantly nodded her head before ShiYan finished counting. She finally let go of her Sea of Consciousness to let ShiYan’s soul consciousness in.

In the soul consciousness, although ShiYan was only in the Nirvana Realm, his soul cultivation was much more than that of an ordinary Sky Realm.

Different kinds of spirit Upanishads of Demonic Sound Clan were all profound. In that abandoned land, he had used the group of PanZhe to carry out his soul experiments. This time, his host soul and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame now gathered in one place, and thus doing this was somehow like ‘once a thief, always a thief’.

After his soul consciousness had entered CaiYi’s head, he made use of the Demonic Sound Clan’s Upanishads. After leaving a spirit seed in CaiYi’s host soul, ShiYan quietly explored a little bit more and saw that everything was normal. He then retrieved his soul consciousness that had penetrated her head. Under CaiYi’s frightened look, ShiYan suddenly grinned, dashed forward with his evil eyes, and fiercely kissed her ruddy lips.


CaiYi’s beautiful eyes glinted with a trace of shame. She wanted to struggle but couldn’t make any move as her body was under ShiYan’s control.

Mercilessly kissing her, ShiYan moved his tongue on CaiYi’s full lips and then bit them. Blood spread from her lips.

Finally, the hand, which was buckling CaiYi’s neck, loosened its grip, and ShiYan detached from her. Looking at the beautiful girl bleeding, he was suddenly overwhelmed with resentment inside his heart. He sneered, "You should have died in that lake, but I have saved you. But earlier, you just requited good with evil, and of course, I had to teach you a lesson. So, it was punishment."

"You are even more despicable than AiYa." CaiYi’s face was full of resentment, cruelly staring at ShiYan and cursing him.

ShiYan burst out laughing, "the same, the same."

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