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Even if AiYa and CaiYi were idiots, both of them were sure that the octopus’s abnormality had something to do with ShiYan.

They just didn’t know why ShiYan hadn’t been killed yet, but on the contrary, he still had the strength to make the octopus resist strenuously while he was only in the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm. Moreover, he was kept inside the octopus’s toxic mouth.

AiYa and CaiYi couldn’t figure it out.

In these two girls’eyes, ShiYan was only an ordinary Nirvana Realm warrior and came from the Endless Sea, a barbarian land. What ability did this kind of warrior have to be able to make the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus not able to fight back?

CaiYi and AiYa both knew that this Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was a seventh level beast, living in the water with tremendous strength. The corrosive power of venom from its fangs was terrifying. Moreover, Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles all connected to its monstrous original power, and thus, once someone got entangled by those tentacles, one’s defensive force was hardly performed.

The Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s killing method was to use its tentacles to wrap the opponent’s body first, then pull the victim toward its huge mouth. Once the venom from its mouth touched the warrior, he would immediately weaken, and his skin and flesh would quickly be corroded.

When the warrior’s body was rotten and exhausted, the octopus just needed to use its fangs to tear it apart. None of the warriors in this situation could withstand it, and they soon became a blood clot and were swallowed down into its abdomen.

CaiYi and AiYa also wondered about their cultivation base level; once falling into that octopus’s mouth, if they weren’t able to activate their defense light shield either, and thus, they would be rotted by the stinky venom and torn down into pieces.

That was why they had to struggle harder and emit their full power to resist the pulling force of the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus. They didn’t dare to let themselves fall into that huge mouth.

Therefore, when ShiYan had fallen into the toxic mouth of the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus, they had been certain that he would have died and that there was no chance for him to escape death.

However, at this moment, the octopus was dancing crazily, which was obviously a masterpiece by ShiYan. ShiYan apparently wasn’t dead, but instead, he was continuously taking action inside the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s mouth, making it endure pain.

AiYa and CaiYi, on one hand, were struggling to get rid of the tentacles wrapping them. On the other hand, they looked down with surprise while their hearts were full of doubt, as they suddenly felt that this guy ShiYan seemed to be a little bit unusual.

However, at this time, horrifying demonic power abruptly flowed out from the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles. It was aggressively moving its body as if its countless crazy counterattacks were finally coming.

AiYa and CaiYi understood this Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s habits as well as its attacking method. They knew that when Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was about to die, its demonic power would burst out through its tentacles, ruthlessly entangling creatures to death.

After having used a big amount of demonic power, Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was greatly exhausted. If it weren’t this critical, dangerous time, Thousand-hand Ink Octopuswould not have done so.

CaiYi and AiYa wore a frightened look, feeling the force of the tentacles around them. Their countenance finally changed. They forcefully struggled, using all of their techniques and secret treasures to cut off those tentacles that were wrapping around their soft, snow-white bodies.

AiYa was even better. Besides her exquisite cultivation base, her Storage Ring suddenly flashed up with a strange beam of light. Countless ice-like white light bloomed out densely.

At the same time, she immediately cast out Broken Blades. Each pointed blade appeared sparklingly then cut off more than half of the black tentacles and also condensed her body strength to prepare in case of this octopus’s sneaky attacks.

CaiYi also knew that the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s attack this time would be extremely sharp. She knew that it was impossible to cut off a majority of the tentacles in such a short time.

"Boom Boom Boom."

The tremendous power like a mountain avalanche broke out from the two girls’ bodies. The tentacles that were wrapping around them burst out all of a sudden. Torrential demonic power crazily stormed toward their graceful bodies, seemingly wanting to destroy their defensive forces.


AiYa and CaiYi spurted out a mouthful of blood simultaneously. The light in their eyes dimmed. Their snow-white bodies were stained blood that burst out from the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles.

AiYa spewed out a mouthful of blood and instantly saw other tentacles spreading over from the bottom, twisting, and once again wrapping her up.

This Thousand-hand Ink Octopusapparently hadn’t given up yet. It was about to destroy all the creatures in the water.

Her face changed again and again. She fearfully looked at the crazy octopus and without overthinking, put forth all of her strength to fly up to the surface of the lake like a beam of light piercing through layer upon layer of the lake illusion, quickly getting out of this peculiar lake.

CaiYi also spurted out a mouthful of blood while her power, as well as her Profound Qi, seemed to be reacting a little chaotically.

Before she could organize her forces, the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles had already spread toward her body again. It didn’t let her flee, and once again bound her snow-white body.

Another intimidating demonic power burst out. The Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles on her body blasted. Raging demonic power rushed forward, destroying her defensive forces, instantly making her unconscious.

CaiYi’s soft, white body was drifting in the water, slowly sinking, no longer able to fight against the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s tentacles.

At this moment, Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was growling and screeching crazily in the lake. Sharp, weird sounds came up and spread in the water. The lake suddenly boiled up with huge bubbles.

That Thousand-hand Ink Octopuswiggled its body even more crazily but quickly weakened. Many blood holes suddenly appeared in its strange head. When those blood holes broke, the water instantly poured in and filled its brain.

The Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was gradually exhausted although it still wanted to gather its strength. Its black tentacles hovered around without any power.

ShiYan was in the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus's brain, continually releasing his violent body strength. Under the First Sky of Rampage and with the help of the hidden strange power inside his muscles, he transported his Profound Qi and launched powerful blows without using any of his techniques. The brain of this Thiên Thủ mặc chương Ngư was smashed down and splashed everywhere.

As the brain was destroyed, even if the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus was very dangerous, it hardly blocked ShiYan’s violent attacks. It gradually no longer resisted and slowly began to sink.

Inside the crushed brain, ShiYan continued destroying everything wantonly like a brutal beast. His hands and feet stirred up this brain with immense force.

A fist-sized Demon Crystal gradually emerged at a corner of that crumbled brain, flashing up with strange black lights.

ShiYan burst into laughter. One of his hands clenched the Demon Crystal tightly while he was activating the negative forces which were used for the Death Seal’s condensation to take out the Demon Crystal from the site.

A destructive power was launched, and the octopus’s life was completely ended by his strike. It no longer had taken a breath, and thus the sinking speed quickened.

Like a sharp sword, ShiYan flew out from a blood hole on the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus’s head and reappeared on the bottom of the lake, feeling very happy and satisfied as he had reaped a large harvest.

A seventh level Demon Crystal was extremely precious in the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. With this Demon Crystal, even if his Profound Qi had been consumed entirely, he could completely restore it.

After the Demon Crystal fell into the Storage Ring, ShiYan quietly suspended in the water, watching that Thousand-hand Ink Octopus slowly sink to the bottom of the lake with a cheerful face.

A slender, snow-white body suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. He raised his head up and realized that CaiYi was totally naked with a pale face and was gradually sinking to the bottom of the lake.

ShiYan stared at CaiYi with a cold face, revealed a chilling sneer at the corner of his mouth and quickly zoomed over to her like a fish.

Looking at her graceful body, her firm, big b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her small, boneless waist, her plump thighs and long limbs, ShiYan chuckled slightly. He then moved forward, stretched his arms out grabbing her, feeling the warmth from her body and the chaotic forces inside it.

After a quick check, he knew that CaiYi was just unconscious temporarily. A long while later, when her strength was restored, she would wake up again.

Holding her breathtaking body, ShiYan sneered while one of his hands bluntly moved around on her soft, white body.

After playing with CaiYi’s beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her waist, her long legs, and her round rear end for a while, ShiYan slowly swam toward the cliff in the lake. After having dug out a cave quite easily, he held CaiYi and went inside it.

He retrieved the Star Shield and released the Dark Shield. The defensive Dark Shield relied on Profound Qi instead of the star power. As soon as the Dark Shield was taken out, the water of the lake was stopped outside the shield, and he and CaiYi stayed together inside it.

Sitting inside the wet cave, ShiYan held CaiYi’s mesmerizing, snow-white body on his thighs, looking at her with dazed eyes.

His two hands bluntly moved on her body which drove countless males crazy, felt her smooth, white skin and her big, firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Although ShiYan had some evil intent in his mind, he was not that uncontrollable. On the contrary, he frowned and considered how to handle this beautiful girl.

ShiYan’s big hands moved around while his face became cold; his eyes became chilled. Not long after that, he sneered coldly and was ready to violate her.

However, at this moment, strange power ran all over his body. Meanwhile, the purification of the three dead warriors’ auras had finally finished in his acupuncture points.

The strange power suddenly overflowed like powerful snakes, converging into the Profound halo on his abdomen.

After an exhausting fight with the Thousand-hand Ink Octopus, ShiYan had consumed a large amount of his Profound Qi. However, during a short time of restoration, under that mysterious, strange power, his Profound Qi increased slightly.

ShiYan’s body was agitated. He immediately closed his eyes, felt the transformation of the Profound Qi halo, immersing his mind into that marvelous ancient Profound Qi tree.

At this time, CaiYi was still unconscious; however, her eyelashes shivered slightly. It seemed she was about to wake up.

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