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His mind was slightly triggered as seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points in his body suddenly became tense while raging negative force abruptly flowed out from his acupuncture points.

The First Sky of Rampage!

Feeling the horrendous negative power overflowing, ShiYan’s body muscles suddenly became taut. A tremendous strength spewed out from his shaking muscle fibers.

In just a blink, ShiYan’s force had soared several times.

The inky-black tentacles daringly rushed toward him, entangled him, and pulled him straight to that weird octopus’s huge, dark mouth with skyrocketing force.

However, his sinking body suddenly stopped at the bottom of the lake. No matter how much strength that octopus was using, ShiYan was like a ten-thousand-year stagnant rock under the water, impossible to move.

In ShiYan’s cold eyes, a ferocious beam of light zoomed over right on the octopus’ enormous mouth. He slowly concentrated his mighty power inside his body, not taking actions hastily, only staring at the octopus’s huge mouth. It looked like he was hesitating.

Ten zhang (1 zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters) above his head, a trace of surprise appeared in AiYa’s and CaiYi’s eyes. They looked at ShiYan full of suspicion, not knowing why his sinking body had suddenly stopped.

They both had the Sky Realm cultivation base, and their full powers were considered to be equivalent to that of the octopus. Meanwhile, ShiYan only had the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, how could he have such tremendous strength?

Ngải Nhã and CaiYi blankly looked at ShiYan who was now motionless near the octopus’s mouth. Their faces were filled with shock and doubt. The two of them would never believe that ShiYan, who was only in the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, could have the strength that was comparable to theirs.

While the two girls were still puzzled, his body slowly sank again. Fear in their eyes seemed to fade away. They secretly let out a sigh of relief and felt that ShiYan’s earlier abnormality might be just because of the octopus’s adjustment. After it had adjusted, everything returned to normal.

The octopus was indeed adjusting itself.

This monster was surprisingly wise. Every one of its tentacles was very abnormally sensitive. As soon as ShiYan’s hidden strength had burst out, it immediately felt the aggressive power from ShiYan’s body.

This vigorous strength of his clearly surpa.s.sed those of AiYa and CaiYi. Hence, as the octopus could feel something wrong, it then concentrated more of its power on ShiYan’s body to reinforce the power of its tentacles and bind ShiYan more tightly in order to strangle him to death first.

Originally, the octopus had wanted to increase its power on AiYa and CaiYi, but it then retrieved that part of its power back and transferred it along those black tentacles all the way to ShiYan.

ShiYan was immediately aware of the entanglement of those tentacles all over his body.

With his unchanged face, ShiYan sneered coldly and calculated a plan. Not only did he not struggle tenaciously but he also suspended a burst of his strength. Under the pull of those tentacles, his body slowly sank to the octopus’s mouth.

At this time, he couldn’t help but look at AiYa and CaiYi above his head, seeing them let out a sigh of relief.

They want me to die…?

The resentment in his heart got deeper as he was calculating discreetly.

The distance from the octopus’ huge, gloomy mouth was getting closer and closer. The two girls AiYa and CaiYi seemed to relax a little bit when seeing the octopus about to swallow him into its belly.

The beauty of their privates couldn’t escape ShiYan’s sharp eyes. There were not any secret places on their bodies that ShiYan didn’t know. Everything had been revealed in front of his eyes.

As for AiYa and CaiYi, the fact that a stranger had seen their graceful bodies was unacceptable. Even if the octopus couldn’t kill ShiYan, they would keep the idea of killing him and destroy him afterward.

Otherwise, ShiYan’s existence would be a knot that never dissolved in their hearts that could probably affect their state of mind in the future as well as their Realm breakthroughs.

The two girls happily watched ShiYan’s imminent death and secretly planned that when the octopus was busy devouring ShiYan, they would take this chance to escape the lake.

With that thought, AiYa and CaiYi paid more attention to ShiYan’s every move. Their beautiful eyes were glued to ShiYan’s body without a blink, watching him moving closer to the octopus’s huge mouth and quietly waiting for their opportunity.

ShiYan’s eyes were as cold as ice; the corner of his mouth curved up, displaying his ruthlessness. He stopped looking at AiYa and CaiYi above his head but stared at the octopus’s enormous mouth which was coming closer and closer. He could even smell the stink from its mouth.

Fierce sword-like fangs flashed up with terrifying, chilling lights. Those fangs contained poison and the stench from the octopus’s mouth, which also had powerful toxins, violently struck his nostrils.

Ordinary people once they fell into that mouth, would be paralyzed by the toxins and become flabby. Then, the octopus would take the opportunity to crush and devour them.

ShiYan sneered coldly inside his heart while looking at that huge mouth and was secretly on alert and well-prepared.

When he was around five meters away, the octopus’s mouth opened, showing dense fangs that looked like two rows of wind blades, waiting for him to enter.

ShiYan was still resisting the tentacles with all of his strength. However, his body suddenly loosened.

ShiYan’s resistance abruptly disappeared. Thus, under the tentacles’ aggressive pull, his body darted out like an arrow and instantly went into its giant mouth.

The Octopus’s tentacles wrapping around ShiYan instantly let go right at the moment he fell into the stinky mouth. At the same time, the octopus immediately closed his mouth, ready to push the venom into ShiYan and chew him.

AiYa’s and CaiYi’s countenance enlightened when the giant mouth of the octopus closed. They started to put forth their strength and use all of their techniques as well as secret treasures to get out of the tentacles.

Many beams of lights bloomed out from the two girls’ graceful bodies and instantly cut off those tentacles, which were aggressively wrapping around them. However, more and more tentacles quickly flew over from below and bound the two of them again.

AiYa and CaiYi gritted their teeth urging all kinds of techniques and Upanishads to the most while strange lights continuously flashed up around them. A terrifying bunch of lights flew next to the two girls’ white bodies, continually resisting the octopus’s tentacles.

Their strength had been drained.

ShiYan was inside the huge mouth of the octopus, feeling the stench right up his nose. The viscid venom dripped down from the roof of the mouth, watering his entire body.

He released the Star Shield. Inside that giant mouth, Starlight dazzlingly sparked and was as thin as a mite’s wing. The Starlight kept flickering nonstop, giving people an unpredictable kind of a mystery as if Heaven and Earth were hidden in those flashing star points of light.

In the lake, when the octopus’s big, black tentacles had been wrapping around him, which were an aggressive mighty pulling force and filled with demonic power, it affected his ability to run his full strength.

It was precisely because of this, he, together with AiYa and CaiYi, could not display a defensive shield of light similar to this Star Shield.

When he fell into the octopus’s giant mouth, the tentacles were immediately retracted. At the same time, he instantly opened the Star Shield which he had prepared earlier, protecting his whole body before more of its venom covered his body.

As soon as the Star Shield had formed, ShiYan slightly relaxed a little bit as he watched the Star Light sizzle when the venom fell on it, releasing a thin mist of smoke. ShiYan’s face was solemn.

The venom inside the octopus’s mouth was unexpectedly toxic. Even the essential power of the Star Shield was dissolving slowly with each drop of venom that dripped down.

Before the tentacles let go of him, his body had inevitably been stained with some viscid venom. Inside the Star Shield, he saw the Star Shield fuming under the effect of the venom. He then watched the stained venom slowly making his skin decay. ShiYan couldn’t help but frown.

A mist of smoke also rose from the skin that had been exposed to the venom. The Octopus’s venom was amazingly corrosive and was fighting with his two great Martial Spirits.

The venom corroded his skin and flesh, making many wounds. The corrosion of the venom was blocked by a peculiar power inside his muscle fibers. After a short while, the venom disappeared without a trace. Actually, his muscle fibers had infiltrated the venom and dissolved all of it.

Inside the Star Shield, ShiYan chuckled while looking at the roof of the disgusting mouth dripping down venomous drops, feeling this enormous mouth filled with mighty powers, seeing sharp fangs like wind blades approaching quickly. His peculiar strength flowed out, and his body trembled slightly. ShiYan finally took action.

A fist with power that could ram mountains.

A punch struck the wall of the octopus’s mouth. His strike had caused a huge blood hole on the thick, dark-red wall of the monster’s mouth.

The octopus screamed out loud.

In pain, a bright red tongue-like foreign body suddenly flew out and stormed toward him.

ShiYan’s face remained unchanged. He put all of his power to take action; he didn’t perform any techniques, but just relied on the mighty power of his body bombarding all sides of its mouth.

Torrential energy like a mountain avalanche burst out from ShiYan’s muscle fibers, and he was extremely excited. His body had enough powers to kill everything. Inside the octopus’s mouth, he continually shot out horrendous strength from his body.

AiYa and CaiYi were fighting with the tentacles with their full powers and suddenly felt that the pressure was loosened. They didn’t know why those tentacles strangely twisted, shook off and stopped wrapping around them.

They were stunned as they subconsciously looked at the octopus, which was now crazily dancing and shaking on the bottom of the lake. Its tentacles were flying around while its giant body was moving wildly. It seemed to be getting torn apart from inside by some violent power.

The two girls' eyes and mouths were wide-open.

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