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The lake was calm without any ripples, but ShiYan had disappeared without a trace.

Borg, LaoLi, and Laolun had seen the horror flash on his face when he had fallen into the water.

ShiYan had disappeared, but the lake remained so clear that the bottom of the lake could still be seen as before. The three of them looked at the bottom of the lake but didn’t find even the slightest abnormality.

It was like there was some force that existed in the lake, and the water that they saw was just a deception. Only after entering it, would one know how dangerous it was?!

Borg, LaoLi, and LaoLun were frightened, watching the lake in silence, not daring to act recklessly.

The fact that ShiYan had been suddenly pulled into the lake made the three of them imagine the scene where AiYa and CaiYi had disappeared.

Both AiYa and CaiYi had Sky Spirit Realm cultivation base, but even so, they could not return after having fallen into this lake. Therefore, the three of them guessed that the two girls were highly likely to encounter dangers.

The three of them exchanged looks and saw fear in each other’s eyes. They stood motionlessly next to the lake without doing anything.

Borg hesitated for a long while and then made up his mind.

He decided to plunge into the lake to check what was there under the water.

"Wait a little more," LaoLi suddenly shouted in fear. "Half a day later, if they don’t return, we should… we should leave."

Borg’s face changed. Under the scrutinizing look of the two brothers LaoLi and LaoLun, he nodded slightly.

… … …

In the lake.

Many tentacles as big as human arms wrapped around ShiYan, pulling him into the bottom of the lake with an incredibly powerful force.

From the sh.o.r.e, the bottom of the lake was so clear that he could see it very clearly. However, the depth was beyond his imagination. He was terrified feeling himself being pulled to the bottom of this endless deep lake.

Inky-black tentacles which looked like hundred-meter-long pythons tightly entangled him and dragged him straight down to the bottom.

These tentacles were covered with strange patterns twisting and dancing around in the lake, tightly wrapping ShiYan’s body.

Under the gloomy water, a pitch-black monster was moving, stretching its thousand-meter-long tentacles.

Two snow-white bodies were also wrapped around those tentacles; they were struggling violently, trying to break the bounds of these ruthless tentacles to float to the surface of the lake.

They were AiYa and CaiYi.

These two were mesmerizingly beautiful girls. Right now, they were totally naked, vaguely exposing their white skin, towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and slender limbs.

Black tentacles wrapped around their snow-white bodies, pressed their ample bosom and round b.u.t.tocks, exaggerating their appealing curves. That made a strange and spectacular scene under the water.

ShiYan opened his eyes widely, staring at the two girls.

These two girls had apparently been taking a bath in the lake and then had encountered a sudden attack from this monster, being pulled down into the bottom of the lake.

At this moment, their entire bodies were revealed. The two red points on their firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s quivered, ‘fragrant gra.s.s’ on their abdomens fluttered, making ShiYan’s eyes pop out.

Those two white bodies were covered with many black tentacles of that monster. Black and white mixed disorderly, which dazzled ShiYan’s eyes.

This kind of strange beauty was very attractive. Even when being in danger like this, ShiYan still felt excited. The two girls’ bosoms were gorgeous when they were tightly bound, giving ShiYan a feeling of resentment as he couldn’t storm forward to ravage them.

Both AiYa and CaiYi were in the Sky Realm, but they couldn’t move their bodies or hands as the tentacles were entangling them tightly.

ShiYan looked at them mesmerizingly while flames violently burned up in his eyes. He felt evil fires emerge on his belly and hardly stopped.

Especially CaiYi, her beautiful legs were forcefully separated under the tentacles’ entanglement. ‘Fresh gra.s.s and fragrant flowers’ were completely revealed, which could turn any man into a wild beast.

Too stimulated!

ShiYan’s eyes stared at her, not seeming to know that death was near. Negative feelings overflowed from his acupuncture points while his veins bulged prominently.

CaiYi was struggling with the tentacles wrapping around her body using the knives that emerged from the rings on her arms and legs. She suddenly raised her head and saw ShiYan sinking.

She saw ShiYan’s burning eyes like those of a wild beast.

CaiYi was extremely embarra.s.sed to the point that she almost fainted in shame while her beautiful eyes turned white.

She had never expected that ShiYan would suddenly appear out of nowhere in this situation and see her entire naked body. Even her most secret, forbidden privates could not escape his eyes.

Although ShiYan was dozens of meters away from CaiYi, he could still see her face glowing red and her arrogant eyes staring at ShiYan fiercely. She seemed to be resenting the fact that she could not kill him.

Under her furious gaze, ShiYan seemed to wake from the influence of the negative feelings while his eyes slowly calmed down. He then put the concentration on the monster below.

It was a strange octopus as big as a mountain.

This octopus was as black as ink, had countless tentacles, and a big, blood pool mouth full of fangs. Its green-gray eyes flashed up with horrifying lights.

ShiYan had never seen this kind of monster before, so he didn’t know which level it was. However, if it could entangle AiYa and CaiYi like this, it was not just a sixth level beast.

As this giant monster had numerous tentacles and was also familiar with the environment at the bottom of the lake, it could comfortably cast out all its strength.

This monster was not easy to deal with!

After throwing a quick glance, ShiYan was chilled, and his face suddenly changed. He started to struggle, wanting to get rid of these ruthless tentacles.

This octopus seemed to want to devour all three of them. As long as it opened its mouth, ShiYan believed that no one could stand it once falling into that blood pool mouth full of fangs like sharp daggers.

Perhaps, with his st.u.r.dy body, he could fight against it a little bit. However, CaiYi and AiYa would surely die, no doubt.

They were both beautiful girls, apparently not the kind of warrior who had gone through arduous body cultivation. If those sharp fangs speared into their soft, white bodies, they would be utterly divided.

Strange and bright lights suddenly shot out from AiYa’s ten fingers, broke and destroyed those tentacles that were wrapping around her. One of the tentacles was cut off into three parts.

However, this octopus had countless tentacles. The number of the ones that were swathing her body was more than ten already.

Although she had cut off one of them, it didn’t change anything. On the contrary, more tentacles were reaching out and tightly coiling her arms, constraining her arm movements and stretching them at the same time.

Next to her were more than ten tentacles that had been cut off. However, not a single drop of blood dripped out from them. Instead, they slowly crawled and connected, and finally restored themselves like new.

AiYa struggled. Her appealing body shook while her big bosoms prominently protruded under the tentacles’ entanglement. The two pinky red points on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were even more mesmerizing.

The tentacles wrapped her two beautiful legs together. ShiYan could see not only her belly but also the gully within the wonderful place of hers.

AiYa apparently saw ShiYan coming as well. When she saw ShiYan’s burning eyes looking at her, her body suddenly emitted bone-chilling power like an Ice Cold Sharp Sword darting into his eyes.

Trying to twist her body, AiYa tried her best to turn her body to hide her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and her privates, showing her back to ShiYan. However, she then revealed her b.u.t.tocks which swelled visibly under the tentacles’ bind.

ShiYan’s eyes brightened blazingly, greedily looking at the round rear end which now looked like two mountains. He sneered and felt overjoyed.

Neither CaiYi or AiYa considered him a partner. They just treated him like a cannon-fodder, never putting his life in their eyes.

In their hearts, he might be just a fool for them to play around with who would be their sacrifice at any time.

ShiYan understood it very well.

Therefore, he kept looking at the two girls’ bodies without fear or embarra.s.sment. As long as there was a chance, he would follow his instinct regardless of the fact that they could find him to take revenge later.

AiYa and CaiYi kept struggling against those tentacles. After all, these two girls had Sky Realm cultivation base, and hence, that octopus could not drag both of them into its furious mouth even though it was mighty.

ShiYan was different. Because he didn’t use his real force and just showed the strength of a Second Sky of Nirvana Realm, he was pulled closer and closer to the octopus’s mouth.

While struggling against the octopus’s entanglement, AiYa and CaiYi still realized that ShiYan couldn’t resist the monster’s strength.

However, these two girls didn’t reveal even the slightest mercy. They seemed to be glad when seeing the octopus be about to devour ShiYan.

ShiYan had seen their privates, which made both of them extremely embarra.s.sed. They resented not killing ShiYan earlier as only his death could help them forget this shame and consider that it had never happened before.

Although his body was being dragged along, ShiYan still raised his head, sharply looking at the two girls, realizing the evil feeling in their eyes.

He sneered inside his heart. When he was about ten meters away from the octopus, his eyes chilled up while he started to trigger his hidden strength.

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