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Late at night, the moon appeared like a silver tray hanging over the Thousand Sword Peak.

GuShao, YuQin, Dong FangJue, QingMing, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth, were closing their eyes, sitting with solemn faces on the Thousand Sword Peal; they appeared to be waiting for someone.

Not long after, dazzling fires came from the west as the Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan rode alone on the Flame Unicorn, stopping among the six G.o.d Realm warriors. He looked at them coldly and then spoke up, "I don’t know why have you called me here." When Tang YuanNan was talking, the sun power of his body condensed a scorching aura slowly spreading out from his body, covering everyone.

The six people of GuShao’s group suddenly opened their eyes and looked toward Tang YuanNan simultaneously.

"Bring ShiYan out!" GuShao took a deep breath. His pupils looked like two sharp swords, dashing toward Tang YuanNan.

Tang YuanNan’s face slightly changed. He looked at GuShao, shifting his eyes to the others, and said coldly, "Is this the decision of all six of you?"

The group of them nodded altogether with unfriendly manners.

"I don’t have him," Tang YuanNan snorted, revealing a cold smile. He shook his head, "If you couldn’t find him, why would you rely on asking me? Is the Three G.o.ds Sect that easy to bully?"

"Hierarchy Tang!"

QingMing shouted solemnly. Cl.u.s.ters of green fires flickered in his eyes, which were glinting with a vicious trace.

"After the battle between that little rascal and Ma QiDun, you were the one who took him away. Although he has come out later, you certainly have a connection with him somehow."

The Queen of Sky Fan XiangYun also sneered, "During this time, we have been searching the entire Hengluo Sea. We have even checked around in the Kyara Sea, but we couldn’t find that little rascal’s whereabouts. The Endless Sea is very big, and many of us have exerted our G.o.d Realm cultivation base to search for him. However, we couldn’t find anything, not even a trace. If you didn’t hide him, who else did? Was it the remnant of the Yang family?"

"As I have said, he is not in my hand," Tang YuanNan beamed a cold smile and continued, "The three of you have united to deal with him but still let him escape. And now, you a.s.sumed that you could use your soul consciousness to find him? Although I don’t know how mysterious he is, I think if he could escape your siege, he would absolutely be able to avoid the search of your soul consciousness. You come to me after you couldn't track him down yourselves. How rational is that?"

"Hierarchy Tang!" YuQin revealed a faint smile and said, "We have not only united, but we have also borrowed secret techniques, using the G.o.d Realm’s soul consciousness together with secret treasures of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland to carry the search to the entire Hengluo Sea and the Kyara Sea. However, we still couldn’t find his trace. Not to mention that little rascal has only the Nirvana Realm, so even if he had the G.o.d Realm cultivation base, he shouldn’t be able to escape from us when we join forces. Only the G.o.d Palace on the seabed of the Three G.o.ds Sect with strange formations can prevent our soul consciousness. If he is not at your place, where else can he be?"

"Don’t waste time talking with him," QingMing was livid with rage, standing up while the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame was burning up in his eyes. "If we unite together, destroying the Three G.o.ds Sect is not a difficult matter. After Demon Dwellers had invaded the Endless Sea, the Three G.o.ds Sect hasn’t joined forces with us nor partic.i.p.ated in our actions. Apparently, they have wicked intentions. That little rascal progresses every day, and thus his intimidation is growing larger every day. When he really grows up, none of us can survive."

"That’s right," Fan Xiang Yun also stood up and said. "Instead of being wary of him day and night, we’d better solve it completely once and for all."

The faces of GuShao’s and YuQin’s group looked unfriendly; they seemed to have the intention of joining forces to kill Tang YuanNan.

But at this moment

The moon in the sky suddenly brightened up. A pretty figure quietly appeared under the moonlight.

A beautiful silhouette flew out from that full-moon-shaped circle of light.

That circle of light absorbed the moonlight in the air and then fell to a five-thousand-meter-high mountain beside the Thousand Sword Peak.

"Boom boom boom."

That circle of light hit that five-thousand-meter-high mountain, and thus instantly split and was broken down into countless stones.

Interwoven with the moonlight, a full-moon-shaped circle of light like the Moon G.o.d' Sharp Blade quickly flew to the mountain, crushed it into innumerable broken stone pieces, and thus made it collapse instantly.

A horrible oppressing pressure pressed down from that beautiful silhouette, enveloping everyone.

The moonlight in the sky hastily condensed and congregated at that shadow, making her momentum soar crazily and endlessly.

The faces of the group of GuShao and YuQin were suddenly discolored. They looked at that beautiful silhouette with fear.

"Want to destroy my Three G.o.ds Sect? Are you ready to receive your own sect’s consequences?" the pretty silhouette was vaguely floating in the moonlight. The voice was clear but cold, containing a cruel and frightening tone, clearly showing a threat.

Six G.o.d Realm warriors all quieted down.

"ShiYan is not in the Three G.o.ds Sect. If you really want a war, then we are willing to serve you," being surrounded with the moonlight that beautiful silhouette coldly said. "Demon Dwellers’ threats have not been solved yet, but you still want to destroy our Three G.o.ds Sect. And then you a.s.sume that you are those who can save the Endless Sea? It is ridiculous."

After having finished talking, that appealing silhouette turned into a streak of moonlight and left.

The Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan sneered coldly and said to the people of GuShaos’ group, "It is my honor to introduce to you, the Moon G.o.d, Ouyang LouShuang. She has just entered the G.o.d Realm not long ago. Before that, she had absorbed the one-thousand-year moonlight and had been able to integrate the moon power of the ether. In this vast Endless Sea, except for Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian, I am afraid that no one can match her strength. If you don’t believe it, you can try."

After having finished his words, without concerning with the horrified look on the faces of GuShao’s group, Tang YuanNan rode the Flame Unicorn, turning into streaks of sunlight and quickly left.

The six people, including GuShao, YuQin, QingMing, the Queen of Sky, the King of Earth, and Dong FangJue looked at each other, and then shifted their eyes to the high mountain that had just collapsed, all quieted down with grimaces on their faces.

… … …

The dark Demon Area.

Fierce, towering white bone columns blockaded the Yang Tian Emperor, making his skin all disappear.

Standing on the bone stage inside the formation technique, Yang Tian Emperor had become a blood-dripping skeleton, which had only tendons attaching it to the skeleton. He looked terrible while his face was a mix of blood and flesh. It looked like he had been tortured to death.

There was a White Bones Dharma Body standing next to the bone stage. At this moment, that White bones Dharma Body spoke up, "Yang Tian Emperor, do you want to feel more comfortable?"

On the bone stage, Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes, which were now only bare sockets without skin or flesh, were still just as bright and sparkling as before. He calmly looked at that White bones Dharma Body and then said, "You are just wasting your time."

BoXun revealed a cold smile, "This is your last chance. The Corpse Soul Bridge will be completed in several days. In three days, ChiYan’s and my real body will officially step into the Endless Sea. In a maximum of fifteen days, the three great Dark Kings of the Underworld will also enter the Endless Sea. By that time, the Endless Sea’s people will be in misery, and it will become the paradise of Demon and Dark Dwellers."

Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes finally revealed a glint of terrified light. His b.l.o.o.d.y face slightly shivered, but he still didn’t say anything.

"Yang Tian Emperor, you are very good at playing tricks. I don’t know what kind of tricks you used to help the Yang family stay hidden in the Demon Area. I have been searching around but couldn’t find anything. If it weren’t because you had this arrangement, there wouldn’t be a way for them to prevent my soul consciousness from finding them just by relying on their own ability," BaXun snorted.

"For a thousand years, the Yang family has always gone in and out of the Fourth Demon Area. The time I have stayed here is even longer than our time in the Endless Sea. My understanding of this Demon Area is not less than yours. Even you, BoXun, still don’t know there are some strange areas in this land." Yang Tian Emperor proudly smiled and said, "Even if I die, as long as they follow my orders, you will never find them. The area that you explored last time is just a fake one that I set up. After going there, perhaps you suffered quite of a loss."

A flame rose up in the sockets of the White bones Dharma Body. "That’s right. We thought that we found the Yang family’s hiding place but then realized that it was a trap. Many of my men were killed, but thanks to their death, the progress of building the Corpse Soul Bridge has been accelerated. As you know, I cannot kill my own family members for the Copse Soul Bridge; because of your arrangement, the completion of the bridge is getting much closer. I actually should thank you."

Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes changed afterward.

"You have a good grandson. That little rascal ShiYan has caused us many troubles in the Endless Sea. He has even cut off one of Ma QiDun’s arms. I don’t know what you have done to that brat so that he, with his Earth Realm cultivation base, could injure Ma QiDun who had the Boundless Demon Saber in his hand." BoXun beamed a cold smile and continued, "However, it is in the past. Once my real body enters the Endless Sea, the only p.a.w.n you have left will easily be killed. Your successor will have his soul scattered."

"Cut off Ma QiDun’s arm?" Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes brightened, and he suddenly burst into laughter, "So after all, it is not a waste to spend the immortal blood for him. He is really the lucky star of the Yang family. I had known that there were some mysterious things in his body, but I never thought that he could be exceptionally outstanding like this. Ha ha ha, brilliant kid. It seems that I still underestimate him."

"That little rascal is the same as you, making enemies everywhere. Currently, not only are we searching for him but forces in the Endless Sea are also hunting him down. I have heard that he has escaped the siege of QingMing, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth; moreover, he has injured the Queen of Sky severely. This brat is too much like you. He doesn’t care about life and death or letting someone in his eyes." BoXun looked excited, "Unfortunately, as for human beings, that characteristic is nothing different from bringing the perdition. We can obviously imagine his outcome. Human beings don’t respect strong top-cla.s.s warriors or potential youths. It is your greatest sorrow."

A sign of sadness gleamed in Yang Tian Emperor’s eyes. He nodded, "Yes, I know how those people are. I hope he can have my luck this year and overcome all the bad things. If he doesn’t die this time, his achievement in the future will surely be much more than mine. Ha ha ha, those kinds of people like QingMing, Fan XiangYun, and the King of Earth used to conceal when seeing me before. I really want to see them being pursued everywhere they go and killed by ShiYan. Ha ha ha, I do believe that day will come."

"Arrogant!" BoXun snorted coldly, "You just wait and see. In a maximum of one and a half year, I am sure I will bring that kid’s head to you."

As soon as he finished his words, flames inside the White Bones Dharma’s pupils disappeared. BoXun’s host soul had left.

Yang Tian Emperor kept silent for a long while before revealing a faint smile and muttering, "Good kid. Wait a little bit more. We will see each other very soon. In this world, who can really confine me?"

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