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The Sun went down and then came up again.

ShiYan was sitting on the wooden boat. He closed his eyes meditating during the day and watched the starry sky at night with fascination.

In the desolate G.o.d Palace of the Three G.o.ds Sect, he had soaked himself in the Star Pond, opening the Star Martial Spirit, through which he learned how to use the power of Star Light, Star Shield, and Star Manipulation.

Star Light was a martial technique that followed the magical trajectory of the stars in the sky. Star Shield used the star power to release Star Wings to escape. Star Manipulation could be obtained after having comprehended the stars, using the star power as an attacking method.

He a.s.sumed that he had thoroughly comprehended the meaning of Star Light and Star Shield, as he could combine these two types to exert power in a battle and increase his combat effectiveness.

As for the Star Manipulation, the most profound one to master thoroughly, one was required to understand the operation rules of the stars in the sky and also know their true meaning in the Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, ShiYan put more effort to study Star Manipulation as he felt that it was very mysteriously unpredictable and seemed to contain endless possibilities.

It was as if the true mystery of the Star Martial Spirit stayed hidden on the Star Manipulation. Thus, it was only until he had a profound understanding of the Star Manipulation that he would then truly comprehend the Star Martial Spirit and be able to perform it everywhere to reach a new realm.

Late at night, stars were like gems shining and twinkling in the dark velvet sky.

In the primitive age, when the Grace Mainland had just been established, the stars in the sky had existed as early as anyone could remember; maybe since the beginning of time. The history of those stars was far older than that of the Grace Mainland.

Endless mysteries and many truths about Heaven and Earth stayed hidden in the vast sea of stars.

The more he watched the stars, the smaller he felt in this world.

He had a premonition that once he understood the mystery of the stars in the sky, he could escape the confinement of the Grace Mainland and enter the galaxy to explore the infinite mysteries there.

His restful mind submerged in the ethereal realm. He looked at the stars, which looked like gems filling the entire sky while feeling a marvelous connection with them through the Star Martial Spirit.

The connection was very delicate. He tried to release a small trickle of his soul consciousness toward the sky, slowly penetrating the immense sea of stars.

However, every time his soul consciousness drifted above the clouds in the sky and was about to escape the constraint of the Grace Mainland, his mind became sluggish and distracted. The strand of soul consciousness, which had been released, would instantly return to his body.

There always existed a wall in the dark. This wall seemed to exist at the horizon of the Grace Mainland and shackled his martial spirit. Every time he wanted to pa.s.s through this wall, he was affected by its power, which led to his martial spirit’s failure and destroyed all his efforts.

He didn’t give up but kept trying again and again. He launched his soul consciousness to the sky every night, trying to get rid of the wall’s barricade.

However, all of his attempts failed. As soon as he as close to touching the wall, he instantly failed.

After countless unsuccessful attempts and innumerable failures, he finally came to a conclusion, which was that it must be due to his unqualified realm.

Without reaching a certain realm, his soul consciousness would be affected by the wall’s power. Once his soul consciousness came close to the wall, a force would immediately push it back to his body, and thus he would no longer be able to feel the existence of the wall.

He gradually affirmed that only when he had increased his consciousness and upgraded his realm, he could touch that wall, drilling through it to enter the vast sky and understand the true meaning of the stars’ operation.

Although he had encountered many failures, it didn’t mean he gained nothing. Numerous trials of releasing the soul consciousness to the sky were also a process of condensing the soul consciousness, making it grow stronger.

Thus, the covering range of his soul consciousness expanded a little, and the method of using the soul consciousness became more profound than before.

Previously, when he had released his soul consciousness, he could only sense some volatilities of life within a radius of a few hundred miles. After many attempts, his soul consciousness could now cover a range of thousands of miles.

Except for warriors with a profound cultivation base who could retrieve their soul fluctuations, nothing could escape his induction, whether it were human fluctuations or beasts’ activities.

Although Shiyan temporarily left the soul consciousness’ penetration in the vast sea of stars aside, he still kept concentrating, watching, and studying the stars. During the day, he rested his mind and meditated, experiencing any changes of the Star Martial Art. At night, he continued gazing at the stars.

While watching the stars, he engulfed his spirit into them, checking the changes of the Star Martial Spirit in correspondence with the stars in the sky; feeling their connections, studying the related mysteries, and trying to discover a higher level of Star Manipulation.

There were countless star domains in the sky. Plenty of stars created the Star Manipulation. With mindful observation, a star domain looked like a natural, mysterious star formation, which had its typical trajectory and its own marvelousness.

When he could understand that the stars in the sky were divided into different star domains, and each of which had its own unique magic, he would not waste more time paying attention to the entire star sky. Instead, he would focus only on just one star domain.

He then put all of his mind and effort to study the closest star domain, where he could easily perceive the Big Dipper. He concentrated his eyes and mind only on the Big Dipper’s star domain, watching seven twinkling stars.

It was unknown how many nights had pa.s.sed.

One day, when the night fell, the Big Dipper appeared in the star domain that he had been gazing at. The Big Dipper, formerly as small as a piece of grain, now seemed to gradually enlarge.

The distance between him and the Big Dipper seemed to be shorter.

The Big Dipper’s twinkling dots started to appear in his eyes. The Star Martial Spirit in his heart also had seven stars, which somehow corresponded with the Big Dipper and made a connection with the stars in his eyes.

The Big Dipper used to be as small as a piece of grain, but now it was getting bigger in his eyes.

It was unknown how much time had pa.s.sed, under his attentive look, the Big Dipper’s light in his eyes had suppressed all the other stars in the sky.

The Big Dipper had been very small, just like a grain of rice, but it now suddenly became as big and dazzling as seven mountains.

In his eyes, the Big Dipper in the sky had become seven enormous Star Mountains, and the distance between him and them was now extremely close.

Abruptly, the Star Martial Spirit in his body flashed up at the same time as the seven stars in his eyes.

In the dark, the Big Dipper also seemed to transmit seven streams of light, creating a connection with him.

Something in his head convulsed. When he was in a daze, a light suddenly flashed up.

At this moment, his soul consciousness suddenly flew out and attached to the seven stars. He felt like his soul consciousness was wandering around the Big Dipper, leaving the Grace Mainland and entering the vast star domain of the Big Dipper.

He silently perceived all of these during an unknown amount of time, through an unknown number of s.p.a.ces, pa.s.sionate and tipsy as if he was possessed by the Devil.

Fading at night and reappearing in daylight, however, in his mind, the Big Dipper was always bright and immortal regardless of day or night. It seemed to be a long-term phenomenon that had existed for countless years.

His host soul flew out from his head, quietly suspended in the Sea of Consciousness. He raised his head looking at the sky, feeling like the Big Dipper was at his fingertips.

With such a state of mind, his body didn’t move, his eyes didn’t even blink, as he stared at the sky. He was in a stupor for more than half a month.

Within half a month, it seemed like he had entered a secret scene where he then realized the truth of Heaven and Earth. Profound Qi in his body continued flowing down to the wooden boat, which was quietly sailing on the desolate sea, moving toward the east.

Time flew by.

Late at night.

ShiYan was still looking at the sky. The brighter the seven stars in his eyes were, the more frantically his heart was pounding.

Seven streams of starlight, which naked eyes could see, looked like seven springs pouring down from the sky, crossing the s.p.a.ce barriers, and appearing above ShiYan’s head.

Seven transparent streams of starlight like springs flooded down. Although ShiYan couldn’t directly absorb them, he could still feel the mysterious intimidation.

Seven springs condensed into seven meteorites, forming and maintaining the Big Dippers’s formation while moving continually.

His eyes and the Star Martial Spirit suddenly were ablaze. ShiYan sat straight on the wooden boat as if he could control the seven meteorites. Wherever his eyes moved, the meteorites flew accordingly.

Standing in front of his eyes was a reef that looked like an imposing mountain emerging from the sea. When his eyes moved over them, the seven meteorites were still revolving, emitting starlight to all directions, and then suddenly rushed toward him.

"Boom Boom."

An earth-shaking impact occurred when all seven of the meteorites collided on the jutted reef.

Countless beams of starlight sparked on the reef, turning a mountain-like rock into ashes, and thus the reef no longer existed in this world.

In the huge explosion, Shiyan's eyes restored their consciousness. The seven stars gradually disappeared, but his eyes were full of stars glowing in the dark.

"Since the borrowed power of the Big Dipper displayed the profound meaning of the Star Manipulation, I will call it Northern Dipper Net," ShiYan murmured with a low voice and bowed his head, revealing a smile.

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