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Deep in the mountains.

ShiYan wandered erratically like a ghost toward the forest.

He flew incredibly fast through the woods, not following a straight line but an arc instead.

Recently, he had tried both the Electric Shift and Star Light, and luckily he had discovered that these two techniques could be combined, which helped enhance his flying speed one step further and made his flying trajectory more unpredictable.

The Electric Shift moved in a straight line, taking the instantaneous burst of Profound Qi as a motive. Star Light was synchronized with the stars’ moving tracks in the sky. The directions and timing both had marvelous changes.

In a fight, Star Light had a miraculous effect which made people unable to distinguish between an attack and his whereabouts. However, it was such a waste if it was just being used as an ordinary means of transportation.

After having combined Electric Shift and Star Light, he used Profound Qi as a motive as well as relying on the flying rule of Star Light to follow an arc-shaped track. By doing that, not only did he consume less of his strength but the flying speed was also faster. Moreover, he could change the trajectory instantly and shift to Star Light at once.

Therefore, if he encountered enemies on the way, he could confidently move forward, relying on the unpredictable Star Light to sabotage all of the enemies’ attacks.

The news of many forces in the Hengluo Sea uniting to exterminate him had been spread throughout the Endless Sea. All warriors had heard about this.

During this time, ShiYan had searched for the whereabouts of the Xia family’s people and received the news along the way.

After the three strange living forms had separated, he had no power to confront G.o.d Realm warriors.

In this situation, he had to make wise choices. Moreover, the mutation of his body had completed, so he didn’t need to continue taking risks anymore, and thus, he chose to leave the Hengluo Sea to find Xia XinYan.

On the way, he was always vigilant. Once he detected warriors with a higher realm, he would proactively avoid them, preventing his whereabouts from being revealed.

In the forest, he effortlessly flew like a misty smoke, appearing and disappearing like a ghost. Gradually, he entered deep inside the forest.

Lush, verdant, immeasurably high ancient trees were everywhere. Although the Sky and Earth auras inside the forest were not rich, plants and trees still grew very well; some beasts also appeared from time to time. However, most of them were low-grade beasts, and thus, he didn’t really care about them.

Not long after that, a figure slowly appeared, vigilantly looking around. That person's eyes suddenly brightened up when looking toward where he was hiding.

"Friend, where do you come from?" ZhouYu took a deep breath and was secretly alert while he concentrated Profound Qi in his two hands.

"Rustling rustling."

ShiYan pushed the dense leaves and stepped outside. He looked at the Sky Realm consecrator of the Xia family and asked, "Are you a Xia family member?"

"Why you need to ask when you already know?"

ZhouYu snorted while his hands emitted a flow of dazzling purple light suspending like misty, miasmatic smoke in a swamp, dashing toward ShiYan.

In that smoky light, numerous broken green points collided with each other, bursting out a tremendous power, enlarging the covering range of the smoke further. A powerful binding force came out from the purple smoke and enclosed ShiYan in a scope of fifty meters.

ShiYan looked worried. His eyes flashed up with a strange light, and his skin instantly turned purple.

ZhouYu’s eyes lit up while he felt astonished. He couldn’t help but be about to take actions again.

This person clearly only had the Nirvana Realm but still was able to break down his Binding Net that he had cast out. Moreover, not many Nirvana Realm warriors had that kind of strength.

The fact that a Nirvana Realm warrior could give such pressure to a Sky Realm warrior like ZhouYu made him immediately change his contemptuous look toward ShiYan. He was about to put forth all of his powers to kill that unidentified little rascal.

"I am ShiYan."

Just as ZhouYou was ready to release a brutal blow, the young man on the tree suddenly spoke up with a low voice and solemn face.

ZhoyYu, who was gathering his strength, instantly ceased the attack as he his words. His eyes brightened up, and his face changed to be cheerful, "You are young master Yan?"

ShiYan slightly nodded, carefully observing the expression changes on ZhouYu’s face. He waited until he was certain that ZhouYu was honest and sincere. When he felt a.s.sured he then jumped down from the tree, stood in front of ZhouYu and said, "I want to know where your Lady is."

"I don’t know." ZhouYu shook his head, forced a faint smile, and said, "Several days ago, while we were on the way to the Snow Dragon Island, we received news from our Lady saying that we had to stop going to the Snow Dragon Island and return to the Hengluo Sea. After having received that news, we immediately went back, and since then, we haven’t had any other news from her. We don’t know where she is now."

ShiYan’s face suddenly darkened.

"Young master Yan, there is a rumor about you… I don’t know if it is true or not.

A trace of grief glimmered in ZhouYu’s eyes.

The rumor that ChiYan had killed Xia ShengChuan had spread out through the Hengluo Sea. However, ZhouYu didn’t want to believe it was true; he just a.s.sumed that it was just some trick of the Gu family and the Dong Fang family used to split up the Xia family.

Seeing ShiYan right now, ZhouYu could no longer bear the doubt and thus finally asked.

"The rumor is true." ShiYan nodded with cold eyes. "That ChiYan destroyed his soul right in front of me."

ZhouYu’s eyes immediately turned red. He gritted his teeth, stiffened his face, not saying a word.

"And you guys, how are you now?" ShiYan kept silent for a while and asked again.

"The Xia family has been divided into two sides. One side is led by Xia RuiXing. After having heard about Master’s death, they have chosen to submit to the Holy Spirit Sect and the Spirit Treasure Wonderland of the Black Water Sea. Our side continues to stay in some peaceful sea areas and wait for our Lady. However, she is still not here yet, so we are very worried, not knowing if something has happened to her…" ZhouYu said.

"Nothing will happen to your Lady. Perhaps she will come back to find you soon." ShiYan spoke to ZhouYu after having contemplated a little bit. "Don’t tell anyone that I have come here. Currently, all forces in the Endless Sea want to kill me. You guys need to be careful. If your Lady sends out some news here, please let her know that I am still alive."

"Young master Yan…" ZhouYu was astonished, wanted to say something but then stopped.

"Alright. That’s it. Take care. The Xia family will not have to hide for so long anymore. I believe the Xia family will rise again soon."

ShiYan didn’t mention Xia JingHou as he was afraid that he might have given ZhouYu too much hope; if Xia JingHou didn’t get any better after using the Vain Spirit Pellet, ZhouYu would feel extremely disappointed.

After having finished his words, ShiYan waved his hand and left determined without lingering or waiting for ZhouYu to ask anything further.

ZhouYu dazedly watched ShiYan’s figure gradually disappearing with a complicated face. This was the first time he met ShiYan, and he felt that ShiYan was indeed worthy of being Yang Tian Emperor’s descendant; he had something to be proud of.

"ZhouYu, who has just come?" A figure appeared. Xia ShenMou flew over from the rear of the mountain and then asked with a cautious face. "Was it the people of Xia RuiXing coming here to persuade us again? I don’t care if they leave, but convincing us to yield to the Holy Spirit Sect and the Spirit Treasure Wonderland is too much. They don’t feel ashamed. That year, when the Xia family was still strong, the Holy Spirit Sect and Spirit Treasure Wonderland were always under our oppression. But right now, Xia RuiXing and his men even surrender to those two forces. They are shameless. If eldest brother knew this, he would certainly be mad."

"Master is dead." ZhouYu’s eyes were reddened. He muttered, "He has just confirmed it. It is true that ChiYan has killed Master. His soul has been scattered and perished."

Xia ShenMou’s body shook violently as if he was. .h.i.t by a fatal blow. He staggered backward a few steps and then gla.s.sily said, "Impossible, impossible. This is not true, not true…"

"The person who has just come here is ShiYan." ZhouYu released a sigh, "He is worthy of being the strongest one of the Yang family. He has reached the Nirvana Realm, and his power now is terrifying. He will not just stop at his current realm."

"It seems the rumor is true."

Another consecrator of the Xia family came out, holding a letter in his hand and said in fear, "Our informant has just sent more news, saying that ShiYan has killed hundreds of warriors even though he has been alone in the Hengluo Sea. Those warriors were from different forces in the Endless Sea, including Demon Dwellers. The most unbelievable thing in the letter is that he has cut off one arm of Demon Master Ma QiDun and has also injured the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect and the Queen of Sky Fan XiangYun of Yin Yang Wonderland."

"What?" the bodies of Xia ShenMou and ZhouYu were shivering violently. They simultaneously screamed out loud while their eyes glinted with a trace of both joy and fear.

On a light boat.

ShiYan was sitting straight on a boat with an emotionless face, avoiding crowded seas, moving toward the east.

Glittering starlight shone down. He quietly perceived the marvelousness of the Star Martial Spirit, using it to absorb the star power of the Sky and Earth, indulging himself in the Star Martial Spirit, feeling the stars’ trajectory, and experiencing the moving principle of the stars in the world.

Flows of spiritual power that were invisible to ordinary people gradually penetrated his body, becoming nutrients for the Star Martial Spirit.

The painful lesson on the Sun Island had taught him that only superior strength that went beyond all others would allow him to dominate this world and do whatever he wanted. Only breaking through new realms would make things happen as he pleased.

He didn’t want to see his beloved ones become dead bodies. The death of Jiao HanYi, LinDa, and Xia ShenChuan had ignited an ambitious flame of becoming powerful inside his heart.

After leaving the Sun Island, everything he had done was to enhance his body strength.

Killing Demon Dwellers and warriors of the Endless Sea or ravaging others was the goal of becoming stronger as fast as possible.

Every day, every night, every hour, every moment, he was always sinking deep in thought. He thought about the marvelousness of different Martial Techniques, experienced the essence of various strengths, and tried to perceive and comprehend all of them.

He never relaxed.

Instead, it looked like he was possessed by the Devil.

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