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On the Wind Cloud Archipelago.

It was an island situated in the chaotic area between the Hengluo Sea and the Black Water Sea, which now became the gathering place for ordinary people of the Hengluo Sea. Under the arrangement of the Three G.o.ds Sect, Gu family, and Dong Fang family, they had been migrated here.

The Sky and Earth auras on this island were a little diluted, unsuitable for warriors to cultivate. Meanwhile, the Hengluo Sea was recently engaged in battles frequently. As the Demon Dwellers kept hunting and killing ordinary mortals, those three big forces united and gathered their people to move here.

This place was packed and boisterous, and obviously not lacking pleasuring places.

Although there were around one million people seeking refuge on this small island, they all lived in simple wooden houses or tents inside the barren mountains.

In order to survive, ordinary people naturally would not care about this. What they wished was that they could quickly leave the Demon Dwellers’ territory.

There was a small market on the island where various types of daily necessities like grains, rice, wheat, and fresh water could be found.

In the market, there was a brothel named Spring Breeze Pavilion. The business there was not going so well recently as the ordinary people’s interest in pleasure had decreased. The money that they earned was used to purchase food and other necessities for their daily life.

However, in the past two days, Spring Breeze Pavilionhad welcomed a special guest who spent very generously, paying for all the ladies there. It had already been one day of enjoying l.u.s.tful pleasure, but he still wasn’t exhausted.

The face of Spring Breeze Pavilion’s hostess was full of joy. She held a heavy bag of crystal coins and felt happy, thinking to herself that she had to meet all the requirements of that guest.

Many women with typical appearances kept going in and out from a standard room. The women leaving the room all displayed excitement and satisfaction on their faces. However, every one of them had to hobble out of the room although they all had walked in the room normally.

The hostess Yun-jie stood right in front of the room with the bag of coins in her hand and peeked inside the room from time to time.

Not long after that, a lady who was about twenty years old stepped out with her naked b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She staggered out of the room with a blushing face. Just after a few steps, she released a scream ‘ah’ and hurriedly stretched her hand holding onto a nearby column.

"Xiao TaoHua, how was it? Is he continuing?" Yun-jie rushed forward to support the girl whose limbs were all numb as she asked with surprise.

The girl shyly nodded with a blushing face and watery eyes. She prettily said, "That young master is not human…"

"His payment is very generous. He has spent so much already." Yun-jie slightly chuckled and supported the girl to another room to rest. At the same time, she threw a quick glance into the room, seeing five women sleeping deeply and mumbled with a low voice, "Not enough girls. I have to tell HongYing to send some more girls over. If things continue like this, in another day and night, all of these girls will be exhausted.

"Yun-jie, what is the master’s ident.i.ty?" Xiao TaoHua asked with her red face leaning against the window as she lightly yawned. "It has been two days, but he hasn’t taken any rest. Our sisters have taken turns to serve him but couldn’t knock him out. If it continues like this, I won’t be able to stand anymore. Yun-jie, please call someone else. I have to rest tomorrow. He has exhausted my body, and thus I have no strength to do it again."

While muttering, she secretly gritted her teeth and then suddenly giggled. No one knew what wonderful part she was thinking of.

Yun-jie cursed under her breath, but her face was full of kindness and gentleness, "If HongYing brings more people here on time tomorrow, I will not bother you. However, if her people are late, you will have to do it again. We absolutely cannot stop. Otherwise, he might destroy our Spring Breeze Pavilion."

Xiao TaoHua was astonished while her eyes were as bright as stars. She then said with a hazy face, "He is a guy that can make people love and hate him at the same time. If he lays his eyes on me, I will leave everything to follow him."

"Well," Yun-jie sneered and said, "I am sure that with his strength, you will not survive more than one month as he will kill you on the bed. You better not have that thought."

After having listened to these words, the girl was shocked, contemplated a moment before shaking her head, and then forced a miserable smile.

Yun-jie went out, helped another girl who was shaking and took her into the room to rest.

At night, she arranged seven charming ladies, who had been brought here from other brothels to serve that guest one by one.

Either day or night, there were always heart-stirring sounds coming from that room as if there was a tireless monster continually battling inside.

Another day had pa.s.sed, and that room had begun to quiet down.

"No one is allowed to disturb me. Otherwise, bear your own consequence." A voice came out from the room.

The last girl staggered out of the room. She just screamed out ‘ah’ and suddenly fainted, completely exhausted.

Three days had pa.s.sed in just a blink.

During these three days, that guest didn’t have any requirements. He didn’t call any girls in to serve him nor did he have meals or drinks sent in. He just stayed in the room.

Yun-jie was secretly scared but didn’t dare to visit and check on him.

After three days of rest, the girls gradually restored their strength. They surprisingly realized that their skin became smoother and the wrinkles on some thirty-year-old girls had disappeared. Their faces were snow-white and glowingly healthy.

A few frail girls also recognized that their bodies were much better, no longer weak as before.

All the girls gathered, twittering on about their discoveries. They all felt several years younger as there were no more wrinkles on their faces; their skin renewed its vitality, and even their strength was much better.

These discoveries surprised them greatly. They were now grateful to the guest who had tortured them badly the past few days. They gathered in front of that guest’s room to see if he needed anything else.

After having learned that those girls had some physical changes, Yun-jie was secretly astonished. Waves of love surged up again after many years of restfulness.

She waited for another day but didn’t hear any commotion from the room. She couldn’t wait any longer nor cared about that guest’s rules; she pushed open the door of the room and entered.

The room was empty with only a heavy bag of crystal coins set on the table.

After having heard the news, the other girls all rushed to the room and then discussed boisterously together. As that mysterious guest had secretly left, they were embarra.s.sed and resentful at the same time, blaming him for being ruthless.

… … …

A small light boat.

A st.u.r.dy young man with a solemn face was sitting on a three-meter-long wooden boat. He was looking straight ahead with his cold eyes.

There was neither sail nor oar in the boat, but it was moving very fast on the sea like a fish swimming.

This man was ShiYan.

During the battle on Yin Wind Island, he had borrowed the strength of the three great living forms and used the mysterious sword to kill more than ten warriors with a high cultivation base while having been surrounded by the three G.o.d Realm warriors Qingming, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth. He had harvested vigorous aura from the dead warriors.

That significant amount of aura was unimaginable. During the Mystery Martial Spirit’s purification process, he had once again fallen into a backfire that was much crazier and fiercer than before.

Reluctantly, he had gone to Spring Breeze Pavilionto give vent to his s.e.xual desire in three days and nights, releasing all of the crazy l.u.s.t in his body. He had also balanced his mind and had completed the mutation process.

At this time, three hundred sixty-nine acupuncture points and more than six billions of his muscle fibers in his body had completed their mutation.

After the mutation had finished, he could feel the perfection and balance of his body.

Previously, when the mutation wasn’t complete, he had often felt dizzy like having a constant hangover. His two legs couldn’t bear the terrible weight of his upper body, and thus his bones had usually made cracking sounds as if they had been about to break at any time.

After the mutation was complete, he realized that the weight of his body could be compared to a mountain that was hundreds of meters high and weighed tens of thousands of tons.

However, he didn’t have any abnormal feelings. He just felt that the inside of each muscle fiber and acupuncture point contained some sort of violent, bursting power.

Although he didn’t use Profound Qi or Martial Spirit, he still believed that he could defeat a Second Sky of Nirvana Realm warrior in a battle.

The power inside his body surprised him a lot. The mutation of the Petrifaction Martial Spirit had reached its extreme.

Once he used his strength, his body would instantly show a purple hue while the surging power from three hundred sixty-nine acupuncture points and six billion muscle fibers irresistibly spewed out.

The power really belonged to him. It was not from the external force anymore.

The external force from the fusion of the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame would be consumed after each battle. After the completion of the mutation, they split off, which made him a little bit depressed.

At this time, the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame had come back to the Blood Vein Ring. As they had been exhausted, they had entered their long-term dormant state. He had no way to communicate with them.

That made him feel a little guilty, but he didn’t know what else to do. He thought to himself that when he reached a certain extent of the realm, he would make it up to them.

The boat was moving effortlessly on the sea. ShiYan was going to an island in the Black Water Sea today. He had asked around and knew that some people of the Xia family were residing there.

After contemplating for a while, he leaped up from the boat and then descended on the island. He stayed hidden in the mountains and searched for those he wanted to find.

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