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QingMing had never been this panicked before.

King Corpse was the fundamental foundation of the Corpse G.o.d Sect, and thus, the King Corpse’s mightiness was related to the Corpses G.o.d Sect. Thanks to its existence, QingMing could be one of the dominators in the Endless Sea.

It could be said that without King Corpse, QingMing would not have had his status today. Regardless of whether it was now or in the future, King Corpse was the a.s.surance of his strength.

Without King Corpse, he would lose his current status and his position in the Corpses G.o.d Sect might be under siege as well. The cultivation of the Corpses G.o.d Sect’s secret techniques had some relations with King Corpse as well. Once King Corpse was out of his control, it would be difficult for him to break through the next realms and he could never make any further step for the rest of his life.

The King Corpse’s abnormal change was tens of thousands of times harder to accept than ShiYan killing him by a sword.

Having seen King Corpse gradually restore his consciousness, QingMing was totally panicked. He was truly terrified.

He had lost everything.

"You are free." In the middle of the void, ShiYan held the mysterious giant sword and transmitted his consciousness continuously, waking up The King Corpse's spiritual mind that had been bound for tens of thousands of years.

His efforts soon received an effect.

King Corpse no longer took actions toward ShiYan, and the murderous intent in the King Corpse’s soul also disappeared. It was blankly standing in the void while its soul seemed to gradually regain vague memories as if it just remembered something extremely important.

QingMing was roaring nonstop beneath, but he had no way to influence the King Corpse anymore. The King Corpse's originally empty eyes slowly regained human emotions, looking like it was sinking deep in thought and searching for something…

ShiYan didn’t say a word nor took the opportunity to take action. He was vigilant while continuing to send his friendly intents to it.

That year, he had used his consciousness to contact the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame. Right now, he was using the same way to build a good relationship with the King Corpse.

It was unknown whether it was ShiYan’s persistence or his friendly consciousness that had an effect on the King Corpse, who had formerly been stunned and was suddenly ignited with killing intent.

However, its target now was not ShiYan, but QingMing.

The Five Elements halo under ShiYan’s feet churned up, looking like a big light net dashing to cover QingMing.

The Queen of Sky and the King of Earth were aghast and subconsciously ran far away, but were still afraid of becoming the King Corpse’s target.

As they were warriors of the Tuta Sea, they clearly knew how terrifying the King Corpse was. In recent years, QingMing had taken advantage of the King Corpse to kill many high-cla.s.s warriors.

Being able to use the Five Elements Force as well as being invulnerable to sabers or spears, King Corpse could be immune to any kinds of attack; it could control the corpse aura and turn it into a steady stream of power.

On this island, once King Corpse started the slaughter, even Fan Xiang Yun was frightened.

A trace of despair flashed in QingMing’s eyes.

The King Corpse relentlessly attacked him like a sword smashing down his last hope, making him realize that from now on, King Corpse would no longer be under his control.

He understood the King Corpse’s mightiness better than anyone else.

As soon as the King Corpse took action, QingMing desperately stared at ShiYan with pernicious eyes and roared angrily, "ShiYan, I will kill you sooner or later. I want you to taste the fiercest torture in the world."

While releasing an ear-splitting scream, a green flame burned up in QingMing’s eyes, forming a strange fire. Inside that flame, numerous creeping corpse shadows launched strong evil forces.

QingMing’s inky black tunic gathered the corpse aura around him, forming a bunch of sharpened streams of light that quickly zoomed toward the west and instantly disappeared into the horizon.

When the King Corpse descended from the sky, bringing along the Five Elements halo, QingMing had already vanished, leaving no trace.

The Queen of Sky and the King of Earth exchanged looks and they both chose to retreat. Their bodies simultaneously emitted dazzling lights that distorted the s.p.a.ce around and then disappeared into thin air.

G.o.d Realm warriors had the ability to transport tens of thousands of miles in just a blink. By either using secret treasures or bursting their body strength, they could not only move thousands of miles but also hide their auras and souls.

Except for someone who had the ability to detect the souls or cast their supernatural powers to catch up, it was challenging to find them again. To pull up the roots, one should have supernatural strength as well as a higher cultivation base than that of the opponents to identify their souls.

ShiYan obviously didn’t have that kind of ability.

That was why he could only helplessly watch the Queen of Sky and the King of Earth disappear.

Right after QingMing, Fan Xiang Yun, and the King of Earth left, ShiYan was about to take action against the other warriors around but then realized that they had left or hidden themselves a long time ago. Some of them used secret treasures, some used secret techniques, and others burst their body strength to flee away.

ShiYan’s face darkened. He only had Nirvana Realm cultivation base and thus couldn’t detect the opponents’ souls. If he had Sky Realm cultivation base and used the advantage of his host soul, it would allow him to find one or two Sky Realm warriors; and if he had G.o.d Realm cultivation base, he could surely pursue and find the souls of QingMing, Fan Xiang Yun, and the King of Earth.

Unfortunately, his Realm now was just the Second Sky of Nirvana Realm.

After all the warriors had completely disappeared, there was only a flock of corpse slaves, two Sky Corpses, and himself.

After destroying the Gravitational Field, ShiYan stood in silence, surrounded by dead mountains while continually absorbing the Sky and Earth aura around him.

He had killed around ten warriors at the Nirvana Realm or lower using the mysterious giant sword. Their auras all rolled into his body. These auras were very precious to him as they could help him complete his mutation process. Thus, he would not let them slip away.

When the King Corpse had contact with him, it transmitted an amount of corpse aura which wrapped around ShiYan’s legs. Now, it started retrieving that aura, revealing ShiYan’s stickily b.l.o.o.d.y legs. However, under the Immortal Martial Spirit’s effect, his wounds began to recover.

During the process of developing and reconnecting muscles and tendons, he had to endure a great pain. However, thanks to the Immortal Martial Spirit’s effect, the wounds healed very quickly.

The Immortal Martial Spirit was really worthy of the Sacred Martial Spirit. The more severe the wound was, the faster the healing speed would be. If one got a minor wound in battle, it could be healed immediately.

Standing in the void and sensing the healing process of the Immortal Martial Spirit, ShiYan sneered, feeling relaxed.

Right at this moment, the mysterious giant sword suddenly slipped away from his hand, turned into a flow of blood light, and then drilled into the Blood Vein Ring, staying there silently motionless. When the giant sword was gone, ShiYan felt extremely fatigued; even lifting his arms or legs was very hard and heavy to him.

That was the aftereffect of the Second Sky of Rampage.

As he could feel an impetuous aura pouring into his body as well as the great pain when his meridians were being torn apart, his face immediately became discolored. The number of warriors who had died in his hands was quite big; moreover, their realms were quite profound. Thus, the auras exuded after they died were far beyond ShiYan’s endurance. They penetrated into his meridians, bringing along numerous negative emotions of fear, despair, and resentment that gradually affected his mind.

Using his experiences, as soon as ShiYan felt he was about to be unable to bear it anymore, he immediately left and found a way to give vent.

From below, the King Corpse was standing together with the two Sky Corpses, one male and one female, staring at ShiYan, seeming to say something.

ShiYan frowned. Even though he had the ability to connect with them, he still had a feeling of insecurity. He wasn’t sure when he would lose his consciousness or burst out while those three Sky Corpses were not truly obedient yet. He also wasn’t certain whether they would do anything to him when he lost his mind.

These three Sky Corpses were intimidating as they already had their own intelligence. With the pa.s.sage of time, the wisdom of the King Corpse would increase. ShiYan understood that once the King Corpse recovered its spiritual wisdom, very few people in the Endless Sea could control it. Even QingMing who had been studying Corpse Controlling Technique for many years had run away. So, who else dared to confront it?

Perhaps only he could. However, his situation was very special as he could lose his mind or give vent at any time. He needed time to release the harshness inside his body.

In the meantime, if the three corpses were on his side, he didn’t know what would happen.

He didn’t dare to take risks.

Therefore, after weighing his odds, he immediately made a decision.

"You are free. From now on, you can choose your own path of evolution. I liberate you and don’t want to bind you as your former master did. Thus, you don’t need to follow me. It is the best for your evolution. Take care. I hope you will become the worlds’ top new species. I hope we will see each other again. If you can speak by that time, we can be partners and friends." After having sent out his consciousness to the three Sky Corpses, ShiYan didn’t wait for them to reply but instantly started the Star Light, turning into a beam of light flying away.

The three corpses looked at the sky, a trace of reluctance flashing up in their eyes. They seemed to want to catch up, but they didn’t move.

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