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Above the deserted island, ShiYan was crazily laughing. The mysterious G.o.d sword in his hand swung up and the sharp blood light quickly hacked down on the opposite mountain. The blood light minced the mountain as if it smashed a piece of tofu, splitting it into two halves. The mountain collapsed shortly after.

Holding the mysterious giant sword in his hand, ShiYan felt a wonderful pleasure as if he was grasping the whole world. His forces spread out, and the scene appeared clearly in his soul consciousness. He couldn’t suppress the desire of destroying all creatures, regretting not being able to kill everything with just one slash.

It was an indescribable joy.

From a distance, two Sky Realm warriors had been lucky enough not to be killed under ShiYan’s sword. They were wearing panicked looks on their faces and didn’t have the courage to take actions anymore, not daring to come closer as they felt extremely insecure.

In these Sky Realm warriors’ eyes, ShiYan now was like an undefeatable Demon G.o.d. Only avoiding him could save their lives. Even the three G.o.d Realm warriors QingMing, the King of Earth, and the Queen of Sky felt frightened, silently watching ShiYan laughing out loud, not knowing what they should do.

Only the ten-thousand-year King Corpse of the Corpses G.o.d Sect was not scared of ShiYan’s impetuous momentum, quickly rushing toward him. In the dazzling Five Elements halo, condensed by the Five Elements forces of the world with blazing light and surging power, the King Corpse instantly appeared in front of ShiYan.

"Hahaha." ShiYan grinned while raising the mysterious giant sword. The thick blood light spread out in all directions, which was not different from the fresh blood that flowed out from the sword. The eyes on the sword were glowing scarlet, shooting out ferocious looks while the pupils were rolling as if they were waiting for him to launch an attack.

The sword aura tore the sky apart, creating a big hole. Numerous strange lights shot out from that hole like shooting stars, zoomed straight for the corpse insects, drew them in and then they soon disappeared into the huge s.p.a.ce hole, no longer existing in this world.

"Aowww wailing."

The King corpse raised its head up roaring. Following the roar, the Five Elements force ma.s.sively gathered, then fused with layers upon layers of dead aura, and poured into the Five Elements halo. After having received more power, the Five Elements halo, which looked like a huge multicolored cloud, became vigorous and suddenly stormed toward ShiYan. The King Corpse turned around, pa.s.sed into the Five Elements halo, and then strangely disappeared.

ShiYan sneered; his face was as cold as ice. When the sword swung up, evil blood lights burst out from the eyes on the sword and hacked straight to the Five Elements halo. Wherever the blood lights pa.s.sed through, the Five Element halo was swiftly split into pieces, which was as simple as tearing a rag apart.

The faces of the Queen of Sky and the King of Earth changed dramatically. A trace of panic flashed across their eyes. QingMing’s eyes glinted with a green light, and green flames shot out from his pupils. Looking at the Five Elements halo, he raised his hands with gloves forming a cross sign and then launched a strange hand seal.

Strands of consciousness suddenly flowed out from QingMing’s mind like streams and instantly infiltrated the Five Elements halo. After having received QingMing’s consciousness, the Five Elements halo, which had originally been split into pieces earlier, slowly condensed with the speed that was visible to the naked eye.

On that Five Elements halo, the King Corpse’s ferocious body suddenly flashed up like an electric light. As soon as it appeared, the pair of eyes, which didn’t have human emotions, glimmered with a flickering green flame. At this moment, through the corpse flame, the King Corpse formed a delicate connection with QingMing as if QingMing’s spirit had been consigned to it.

The King Corpse’s pupils turned green, his eyes suddenly became strange. The hair on its three-meter-tall body, which looked like an ape, began to quiver even without the wind. Each strand of hair contained tremendous aura. The King Corpse’s body suddenly trembled as its hair fell, as hard as steel needles, shooting straight at ShiYan like a shower. The attacking range covered the entire s.p.a.ce around him.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

Innumerable hairs from the King Corpse blanketed the sky and then crashed into ShiYan’s body before ShiYan could react.

"Bang bang bang."

Hair that hit on his upper body was like hitting steel, producing sonorous sounds. None of them could injure him.

However, as his lower body hadn’t been mutated yet, the King Corpse’s hair could quickly pierce through it. ShiYan’s two legs, which already looked ugly as they had been pecked by the flock of birds of the King of Earth earlier, now had been drilled by those strands of hair, and thus looked terrible. Although the bones had not been damaged yet, blood and flesh had already been blended up.

Following the King Corpse’s hairs, millions of flows of corpse aura spread out and destroyed ShiYan’s legs. After the corpse aura had penetrated his body, it quickly ran along the tendons and rushed into his waist. ShiYan slightly shuddered, hastily urging the swirl on his abdomen along with gathering the fire power of the Earth Flame at the same time. After that, he pushed that power toward his legs and struggled with the corpse aura, preventing it from invading hisbody.

"Ow ow ow."

After the first blow had been launched successfully, The King Corpse continued roaring and dashing forward. When he used his innate Secret Art of Cadaver, countless corpse aura was condensed inside its claws, making them ten meters longer. Its claws flashed up and s.n.a.t.c.hed at ShiYan.

Surging corpse aura filled the entire sky and ma.s.sively rolled toward ShiYan. This blow of the King Corpse was extremely sharp and contained the resentment of millions of creatures in the world. This evil blow also influenced ShiYan's soul.

ShiYan tried to press down the pain on his legs. The Star Shield was launched, countless starlight flashed up and wrapped around his body, giving it full protection. He then glided over and attempted to release one slash.

"Cling cling."

The King Corpse’s devil sharp claw was cut off. Although its nails were also broken, they were still very stinging, looking like ten sharp swords full of horrendous momentum dashing towards ShiYan.

"Puff puff puff."

The sharp, long nails pierced the Star Shield, shaking numerous star dots causing them to burst out altogether. The King Corpse’s nails exploded together with the Star Shield and gradually dissipated.

However, there were still ten half-a-meter-long fragmented nails left stabbing ShiYan’s chest with undiminished speed.


Ten pointed sharp nails like ten small swords struck his mutant body, piercing three centimeters into his body.

It was only three centimeters.

Ten sharped nails strangely shook all of a sudden. The strength of those nails constantly penetrated ShiYan’s chest but was intercepted by a mysterious barrier.

The King Corpse’s claws could raise the mountain and destroy the Earth. It could be described as one of the strongest attacks of the King Corpse or could be compared to the full-power Spirit Leveled Sharp Sword. It was even difficult for a G.o.d Realm warrior with a full defense to resist it. If the warriors were not cautious, this blow could pierce them to death.

QingMing also believed that ShiYan would certainly be dead under this blow. He had witnessed many powerful warriors being pierced through just by one claw of the King Corpse. There was no exception.

However, the result this time gave him an inexplicable horror.

It was only three centimeters.

No matter how hard those ten nails had tried or had gathered plenty of corpse aura around, they couldn’t move forward any further, not even one centimeter.

QingMing was aghast.

ShiYan’s face also changed. He suddenly felt a strange power in his countless muscle fibers releasing a violent counterattack that not only prevented the attack of those ten nails but also defiantly resisted the opponents.

Billions of muscle fibers interweaved into numerous hands and slowly pushed the King Corpse’s claws out of ShiYan’s body.

"Aowwww wailing."

The King Corpse roared and howled crazily. It barged forward one more time. The broken nails grew again and reached ten meters in just a blink. It was bizarre.

ShiYan’s eyes slightly changed, and he suddenly revealed a strange smile. One of his hands pushed forward, and the crazy power of his body instantly churned up, fusing with the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Earth Flame, and the Profound Qi of his body, which condensed into a huge hand print like an enormous mountain crashing toward the King Corpse.

When the King Corpse rushed toward ShiYan and was only about five meters away from him, the King Corpse was suddenly grasped by a Life Seal as big as a mountain. The King Corpse's three-meter-tall body was tied up tightly, and a vibrant living aura infiltrated his body.

The King Corpse was originally ferocious but now became stagnant and motionless. Its pupils turned bleary and blankly stared at ShiYan.

At the same time, a subtle connection between ShiYan and the King Corpse appeared.

"Kill, kill, kill."

An evil intent came up from the King Corpse’s mind and instantly went into ShiYan’s Sea of Consciousness. ShiYan’s eyes flashed up as he quickly moved that ferocious aura to his host soul. Without waiting for the King Corpse’s response, ShiYan connected the King Corpse with the host soul in the Sea of Consciousness to open the third eye at his glabella.

A bunch of silver light shot out from the third eye, zoomed across the s.p.a.ce, and directly fell into the King Corpse’s brain. That silver light instantly found the Soul Controlling Technique’s seed which QingMing had placed inside the King Corpse’s brain.

The silver force, which belonged to the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, shone exactly on the Soul Controlling Seed. It was not different from the method that ShiYan had applied on Fan XiangYun’s consciousness, which was shining the dazzling light at it and burning it to ashes.

The force that had imprisoned the King Corpse disappeared into thin air. The murderous intent inside the King Corpse’ head, which was formerly inflamed, now gradually calmed down.

After having been under the Soul Controlling Technique’s confinement over tens of thousands of years, the King Corpse finally took back its initiatives and restored its spiritual knowledge.

"Who, who are you?" A strand of consciousness followed the King Corpse’s soul coming into ShiYan’s Sea of Consciousness.

"Don’t ask who I am. I am not your enemy." ShiYan was overjoyed as he hurriedly forged iron when it was still hot. "I have removed the Soul Controlling Technique which had existed tens of thousands of years inside your brain. I give you freedom. From now on, you can choose your own life; no one will enslave you anymore."

"Freedom, freedom…" The King Corpse’s spirit churned up. Some kind of force burned up in its bleary eyes and wiped the green fire out of its body.

"Ptui!" Hierarchy of the Corpses G.o.d Sect QingMing suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood while his eyes showed his fear.

He blankly looked at ShiYan and then shifted his eyes to the King Corpse that was gradually coming to his senses. He hysterically screamed out, "No, it’s impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

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