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That year, at burial plot number 93, ShiYan printed the Life Seal on these two Sky Corpses, causing them to mutate. It was like opening their spiritual consciousness, which created a miraculous contact between him and the two corpses.

After that, he had to think for a long time to understand the magical effect of the Life Seal as well as the reason why he could have such relationships with the two Sky Corpses. The reason was due to the Life Seal.

Seeing these two Sky Corpses again after many years, he used the Life Seal once again. However, this time was much different from before because now the Life Seal had been fused from the power of the three great living forms and his Profound Qi, making the connection between him and the two Sky Corpses stronger.

The two Sky Corpses were standing in front of him. Their bleary eyes gradually displayed intimacy, looking at him with astonishment like they were waiting for something.

The feeling was fantastic.

As ShiYan had a feeling that he could freely command these two Sky Corpses, he tried to release a flow of spiritual consciousness and stretched his hand, pointing to the herd of Yin Yang Wonderland’s disciples who were standing opposite him.

Expectedly, the two Sky Corpses were like two ferocious beasts immediately flying up, rushing straight to the Yin Yang Wonderland’s disciples. The dead aura ma.s.sively rolled out with amazing momentum.

ShiYan was overjoyed. When he flew into the Gravitational Field, the strangling force of this field pulled him into a quiet place where YinHai’s body was still floating around. He then absorbed YinHai’s aura entirely, but because of the Gravitational Field’s existence, YinHai’s body remained floating around behind him.

Although the Gravitational Field existed, it was invisible to the naked eye. Thus, in the eyes of Yin Yang Wonderland’s disciples, YinHai’s floating body looked extremely strange, giving those who were watching it a bone-chilling feeling.

Still staying in the Gravitational Field, ShiYan flew to the opposite mountain. He took advantage of the swirl in his body once again. As he could feel the surging power pouring into his body, he calmed his mind and pa.s.sed his consciousness into the Blood Vein Ring.

"Come out!"

The strength of ShiYan’s body burst out with monstrous momentum. He suddenly roared.

He wanted to use the insight he had gathered during that time to summon the mysterious giant sword. To do that, he needed to have enough powerful forces.

Sure indeed.

When his strength had reached a certain level, and his body tendons began to feel pain, the mysterious giant sword finally flew out of the Blood Vein Ring.

With one hand clutching the sword, a violent sucking force instantly absorbed the power of his body as strange eyes opened on the sword.

Whenever there was an eye opened, more evil aura was added to the sword. It was like an ancient troll who had been dormant for one billion years climbing out of that crazily sucking Gravitational Field.

While ShiYan was holding the mysterious giant sword, his host soul trembled, and his Sea of Consciousness was as bright as a mirror, irradiating even the smallest commotions of the energy fluctuations around his body.

Each ray of soul consciousness inside the Sea of Consciousness was like a mirror. Without releasing the soul consciousness, he could still feel the energy fluctuations of the warriors standing around him.

The moving trajectory of the energy inside the surrounding warriors became very clear. No matter what kind of martial technique it was, as long as they released their forces, he could recognize them immediately.

ShiYan’s eyes were as bright as a shooting star, splendid and lively.

In his eyes, the world now was different from before. The gossamer of the Sky and Earth corpse aura from underneath the surrounding mountains, including the aura of vegetation and a variety of energy in the world, seemed to be revived. Even naked eyes could see it.

It was marvelous!

Holding the giant sword and seeing through the sword’s opened eyes, he could view the true nature of things, which was like the moonlight exposing itself again after the fog had dissipated.

At the same time, a stream of evil aura, along with the sword, infiltrated his Sea of Consciousness and fused with his host soul. A desire to destroy all creatures arose from deep inside his consciousness; it was uncontrollable and irremovable. If all the people here were not dead, ShiYan would never be able to stop this desire.

His red eyes were full of bloodthirsty craziness. Under the urge of the evil desire, ShiYan couldn’t help but hold his face up roaring like a demon from h.e.l.l who liked to show off its ruthlessness.

Qingming’s face suddenly changed.

Fan Xiang Yun was stunned; she then hastily cast all kinds of spiritual illusions to agitate ShiYan’s mind, pushing him into a fantasy.

However, hallucinating Secret Technique of Yin Yang Wonderland instantly lost their effects as soon as they met ShiYan’s eyes. His eyes smashed down any kind of fantasy.

Fan Xiang Yun was aghast. She was born with the Soul Martial Spirit, which not only helped her easily grasp all sorts of Charm Martial Techniques of Yin Yan Wonderland but also enhanced her power several times.

Over many years, the combination of the strange Mind Martial Spirit and the Enchanting Secret Technique of Yin Yang Wonderland had affected numerous warriors, who then had to kneel down in front of her.

Nevertheless, a Nirvana Realm warrior like ShiYan had unexpectedly broken her enchantment. When he held the mysterious giant sword in his hand, his soul seemed to be thoroughly immune and was no longer affected by the attacks of others.

This major change frightened Fan Xiang Yun very much. Her innate Martial Spirit had lost its efficacy. It was no different from a blow that seriously injured her, so it took all of her courage to rush forward and start a fight with ShiYan.

The King of Earth was aghast as he quickly stood up. When the hand holding the white fan flipped, a whirlwind instantly appeared, birds flew around, and a splendid golden sword emerged in his palm.

The one-hundred-meter-long golden sword’s light burst out and turned into a long Dragon King. Many birds flew out from there, penetrating the Dragon King’s body. The energy of those birds gathered all in one place.

The Dragon King twisted and turned, with scales on its body discharging many colorful lights. The Dragon King flew toward ShiYan with an imposing, arrogant appearance.

At the same time, Qingming screamed out, giving a command to the King Corpse.

The three-meter-tall King Corpse held its face up releasing earth-shaking roars. Even the originally dead mountains trembled from its roars.

Among the howls, the King Corpse leaped up while his mouth spurted out groups of Five Elements Twilight. Five huge light columns condensed in the void, turning into the Five Elements Twilight, which could bind all creatures. This Five Elements Twilight started to wrap around ShiYan’s legs.

As soon as the Dragon King and the Five Elements Twilight appeared, the deserted island instantly had a big change. Dark clouds, which had existed there all the time, were pressed down, making it look like the sky was about to collapse.

ShiYan held the giant sword in his hand, raised his head up to glance at dark clouds above his head, and realized there were countless insects’ corpses, which often appeared on dead bodies, which were wiggling and absorbing the corpse aura rising from underneath. Those insects’ corpses were controlled by the King Corpse, tearing and swallowing each other to become even bigger. Each new insect's corpse had a volume ten times bigger than before, and their power also skyrocketed.

Millions of insects’ corpses wriggled, devoured each other, and then formed into tens of thousands of fat insects’ corpses like snow-white maggots. There was still sticky snow-white liquid on their bodies, which looked extremely nauseating.

Staying inside the Gravitational Field, ShiYan stood still, sensing all kinds of energy which were bursting out and impetuously pouring into the giant sword.

When one-third of the eyes on the sword had opened, it stopped absorbing the power from his body.

Right at this time, ShiYan swung the sword slashing that one-hundred-meter-long Dragon King’s head.

"Crack crack crack."

When the giant sword was swung up, the void began to break apart. It was like an extremely evil eye that brought along exotic, wicked forces that were infiltrating the sword.

The mysterious secret giant sword suddenly emitted b.l.o.o.d.y red light, turning the sky above the deserted island into a sea of blood. One-third of the number of the opened eyes had also turned a pink hue.

With the giant sword as the center, a flow of evil, destructive aura turned into a bunch of sticky blood light splashing and spreading out all directions.

That flow of blood light was as if it had its own life, flying to the exact caves that have the disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect and the Yin Yang Wonderland inside.

When the blood light entered the body, the disciples of the two sects screamed out miserably as their bodies quickly dissolved and turned into a puddle of blood.

Nirvana Realm warriors could resist for a short while but had to bear the extreme pain. They helplessly looked at the blood light that was gradually eroding their bodies and then turned them into a puddle of blood in the end.

Sky Realm warriors had faster reactions than the others. As soon as they saw the blood light coming, they hurriedly turned around and ran away, escaping from the fatal blow.

If a warrior got hit by the blood light, he would definitely become a puddle of blood sooner or later. Their aura didn’t dissolve but was absorbed by ShiYan’s Mystery Martial Spirit.

"Hahaha! Hahaha!" ShiYan suddenly held his face up to the sky and laughed out loud. His laughter was extremely wild and fierce. He felt the spiritual aura infiltrating his body. He slightly swung the mysterious giant sword as a flow of sharp blood light shot out and instantly slashed the Dragon King into half.

Dozens of birds flew out from the Dragon King, but the evil forces of the blood light spread and quickly cut them into pieces. Thus, the strand of G.o.d consciousness from the King of Earth was erased.

The birds finally disappeared like a puff of smoke.

ShiYan swung his sword once again. The brutal sword pierced through the sky as if it wanted to cut a deep bottomless abyss.

The insects’ corpse hiding in the dark clouds were swallowed by the abyss in the sky even before they could use their forces. They then permanently disappeared into that chaotic s.p.a.ce.

"This is my power. I’m so comfortable and so happy!" Crazily laughing out loud, ShiYan was holding the mysterious sword in his hand, slightly swaying his head with satisfaction. He was getting crazier and crazier.

The three G.o.d Realm Qingming, the King of Earth, and the Queen of Sky were bewilderedly watching ShiYan while they had a bone-chilling feeling in their hearts.

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