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Two great G.o.d Realm warriors, QingMing and the King of Earth, who were still waiting for Fan XiangYun to absorb all of ShiYan’s power, suddenly heard her miserable screams. Instantly, they saw her body fly straight up to the sky while blood splashed everywhere.

After that, they saw ShiYan grinning like a mighty, bloodthirsty beast and then pierce through the sky like a sharp, pointed sword. He was very ferocious, looking like he had to exterminate Fan Xiang Yun at all costs.

"Do you want to die?!" The King of Earth shouted ear-piercingly. The white fan in his hand suddenly flew out. The painting of a ‘hundred birds surrounding a Phoenix’ seemed to be revived. Different kinds of colorful birds leaped out of the fan, singing out loud altogether, and crazily speeding to attack ShiYan.

These birds were not big, but their feathers were beautiful, and their flying speed was as fast as lightning. In just a blink, they had already scratched the void, striking ShiYan.

Numerous attacking ways like Frost, Flame, Venom, Sharp Drift abruptly sprayed out from those birds’ mouths. Although it was individually not a strong attack, they intertwined together like a spider net, and that was where the extremely powerful attraction force came from.

Horrendous power inside ShiYan’s body from the three fierce living forms flowed out, while the Second Sky of Rampage and negative forces all churned up in his body.

At this moment, he burst out his full power to attack. He was determined to kill or seriously injure that partly frozen body at all cost.

The Life Seal was on one of his hands, while the Death Seal was on the other hand. Two seals integrated into one, creating the Life and Death Seal that contained vigorous attacking power.

However, he suddenly realized that a sky-piercing sucking force was starting up. The power was interwoven together like a quagmire that could entangle all kinds of creatures without the slightest struggle.

Blood streamed down the chest of the Queen of Sky Fan XiangYun. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s had burst open where her sticky flesh and tendons there could now be seen. Her face was dreary, and half of her body was frozen. She was condensing her forces to thaw the frozen part of her body.

ShiYan rushed toward her from below. Even though he was very close to her, he suddenly stopped and began to sink slowly.

The craziness appeared in Fan Xiang Yun’s beautiful eyes. Her full red lips let out an earth-shaking scream. Her hands on her chest cl.u.s.tered and formed into two light b.a.l.l.s; one was purple one, and one was green one, both emitting a vast light.

Fan Xiang Yun had refined the G.o.d soul to create two small figures inside the two light b.a.l.l.s. Those small people had the same appearance as her, but their temperament was completely different.

It seemed that the person inside the green light ball had an upright and dignified appearance. The two hands came together, forming a cross as if one was worshipping some illusory G.o.d. The figure in the purple light ball had no clothes, always wore a l.u.s.tful smile, and continually performed provocative dances.

Radiant beams from the two light b.a.l.l.s burst out. The two people in the b.a.l.l.s gradually grew; their eyes were simultaneously looking toward ShiYan.

Suddenly, the eyes of the two people inside the light b.a.l.l.s changed. They exchanged looks before flying out of the light b.a.l.l.s like the illusion of ghosts. Their bodies were like smoke, floating out and drifting toward ShiYan.

Among those two people, one was arrogant righteousness, and the other was l.u.s.tful evil, which instantly dashed into ShiYan’s eyes.

ShiYan’s head began violently convulsing. He felt like his body was split into two illusions, each of which had its own consciousness; one was upright and the other one was ruthless. Even ShiYan’s soul seemed to be divided into two and constantly fighting with each other.

Everything happened in a split second. As soon as he felt something wrong he fell onto the quagmire, which had been created by the flock of birds earlier.

All kinds of exotic power instantly penetrated his body. The flock of birds continued to glow; their pointy beaks continually pecked at ShiYan.

ShiYan’s thigh appeared with several holes of blood. His body couldn’t bear the pecks of those birds’ pointy beaks. Blood and flesh mixed and bones could be seen.

However, a sharp sound resounded when the birds pecked at his upper body and his two arms. Those parts of his body were not affected at all.

The King of Earth was motionlessly sitting on the ground, revealing a cold smile while watching the flock of birds peck at ShiYan.

QingMing had originally been about to take action, however, when he saw ShiYan being constrained by the Soul Division Technique of Fan XiangYun and the King of Earth, he wasn’t in a hurry to a.s.sist. He just observed crazy Fan XiangYun.

Fan XiangYun’s body was suspended in the air. Her blood had been frozen into blood crystals. There was no trace of charm left on her face, leaving only cruelty and bitterness.

When she waved her hands, the two light b.a.l.l.s suddenly burst out and turned into numerous dots of light, flowing into the frozen places on her body and dissolving the ice energy.

The illusory ‘Thực cốt mộng cảnh’ was broken by her miserable, crazy scream.

The surrounding disciples of the two sects woke up from the illusion. Everyone surprisingly looked at her and then at ShiYan’s blood-dripping body.

These people didn’t know what had happened. However, when they saw Fan XiangYun heart-stirring body miserably dilapidated without any trace of beauty left, they were terrified and shifted their eyes toward ShiYan with a look of fear on their faces.

"Don’t kill him right now. I want him to bear the extreme humankind tortures. I want to detain his soul and torture it to death." Fan XiangYun clamored crazily. Her two pupils shot out the perniciousness preventing the King of Earth from taking action.

Anyone who looked at her in the eyes at this moment would be in a panic. Even the face of the King of Earth was discolored, and he didn’t dare to go against her request.

The blue and purple dots of light flowed into Fan XiangYun, making her tremble and the cold air from the ice swirl. She used her power to force the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame out.

G.o.d Realm warriors were G.o.d Realm warriors after all. Although she had been neglectfully injured, once she reacted, even the power of the Ice Cold Flame couldn’t do anything.

Fan XiangYun with her disheveled hair and b.l.o.o.d.y b.r.e.a.s.t.s was like a banshee showing her fangs and claws as she stormed toward ShiYan.

At this moment, she was no longer the Queen of Sky who could mesmerize tens of thousands of men. She was now a woman who became crazy because of the humiliation she received.

A sign of horror flashed across ShiYan’s eyes.

Two strands of consciousness of the two people who had been created by Fan XiangYun appeared in ShiYan’s Sea of Consciousness and continuously attacked his host soul.

His Sea of Consciousness churned. Under the influence of those two phantoms, the Five Devils in the Sea of Consciousness crazily came out. However, they didn’t stop those two phantoms but stared at ShiYan’s host soul instead.

All of a sudden, the glabella of his host Soul, the place between his eyebrows, suddenly jerked as a white eye was cracking his flesh and skin and slowly emerged.

In that eye, a group of flames was jumping peculiarly. A flow of air that could kill all creatures and souls came up sharply.

At the same time, a bunch of bright silver lights instantly rushed to Fan Xiang Yun’s two strands of consciousness and covered them. Silently, those two phantoms’ souls perished and scattered leaving no sound or trace. .

ShiYan’s formerly surging Sea of Consciousness regained its normal state.

ShiYan awakened. The feeling of being divided in two had disappeared. His eyes also restored their consciousness.

Right at this moment, Fan Xiang Yun with her disheveled hair, who was showing fangs and claws, abruptly waved her ten fingertips. A bunch of blue-purple light bloomed, dashing toward ShiYan’s neck from a close distance.

ShiYan shuddered. Even before he could react, the Star Martial Spirit activated the Star Light. A beam of light flashed while his body was instantly shot one mile away and re-appeared in front of YinHai’s cave.


The ability of the Star, Profound Qi, Yin power, negative powers, and the swirl that gathered the power of the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d simultaneously flowed out altogether, forming a Gravitational Field, which was like an invisible prison confining YinHai.

YinHai’s face changed. When he was about to take action with his full power, he suddenly felt his body being controlled. Some unknown force had detained him.

His strength became turbid, and there was no way to calm it down.

Without the strength to protect himself, YinHai’s body was cut into pieces by the Gravitational Field. Each piece of flesh, one by one, quickly detached from his body.

The Gravitational Field was a typical secret technique. The more types of power poured in, the greater power it had. Right now, there were seven kinds of power inside ShiYan’s body. When they blended, even a Sky Realm warrior like YinHai wasn’t able to bear them, and his body’s strength was totally restrained.

ShiYan knew that if it continued like this, the Gravitational Field would cut off YinHai’s body until he was dead.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

ShiYan threw himself into the Gravitational Field and launched a blow striking YinHai’s head. After that, he flew in the cave where the two Yin Wooden Coffins were placed.

His two hands had soon condensed the Life Seals. Seven Life Seals flew out, merged into one, and then divided into two flows falling into the two respective coffins.

"Aoooo wailing."

The two Sky Corpses, which were confined inside the Yin Wooden Coffins by a secret technique, suddenly howled up. The Yin Wooden Coffins were broken. The two Sky Corpses got out and appeared in front of ShiYan.

ShiYan was overjoyed. In adversity, he burst into laughter, not able to hide his cheerfulness.

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