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The King Corpse.

This hairy monster was around three meters tall and was the fundamental foundation of the Corpses G.o.d Sect and the King Corpse.

King Corpses were the highest level corpse slave. They had the innate ability to use the power of the Five Elements as well as an iron body which was immune to most swords, sabers, and other secret attacking techniques.

Each King Corpse had spent tens of thousands of years underground refining the Corpse Technique and absorbing plenty of corpse aura. Thus, they were one of the most terrible creatures in the world.

As soon as the King Corpse appeared, the cold corpse aura, which was as dense as thick litter, spewed out from the underground and gathered by the King Corpse.

The Cold Wind Island had another name called Burying Island, which was the ancient burial place of the Gu family.

All Gu family’s dead warriors were buried in Funeral Island, and thus, numerous warriors’ corpses had been buried in this place. With the typical circ.u.mstances that the sunlight didn’t reach this place, the corpse aura always stayed hidden in the ground instead of dispersing.

QingMing had chosen the Cold Wind Island to be his temporary shelter as he had seen this island’s special feature.

The King Corpse had sneaked into the ground, absorbing the corpse aura here and quietly cultivating. Just after a few days, it had already had significant improvement.

Standing in front of QingMing, the Kind Corpse showed a very sharp and long fang jutting out from the King Corpse’s mouth, while its fingers were like ten sharpened swords of one-meter- long nails. A plump corpse aura was like a long earthworm that flew out from those nails and moved constantly, which was inexplicably strange.

The King Corpse had white-gray eyes, looked at ShiYan in a daze as it seemed to be waiting for QingMing’s order.

Two Palace Masters of Yin Yang Wonderland also quietly appeared; one in front, one behind, surrounding ShiYan.

The Queen of Sky Fan Xiang Yun was wearing purple clothes. Her pants tightly attached to her legs and only covered to just above her knees, exposing her two white, jade-like feet. The tight pants revealed her fully round b.u.t.ts and her slim waist. Her firm big b.r.e.a.s.t.s were protruding as if they wanted to split out of her clothes, which gave people a fulfilling feeling.

With her full red lips, her beautiful watery eyes, and her appealing body, she was laughing out loud, looking at ShiYan, who was like a nasty woman indulging in her erotic dreams.

The King of Earth was standing behind ShiYan, but he didn’t say anything. He suddenly sat down, flapping a white fan in his hand, sometimes spreading the fan and sometimes folding it. The fan had a painting of ‘a hundred birds surrounding the Phoenix on it. He looked like an old scholar with a profound study.

QingMing still wore the green mask with yellow fangs. While his body stayed hidden in a loose black tunic, his green eyes were like poisonous snakes that were looking for opportunities to bite other people.

Some warriors of the Corpses G.o.d Sect and the Yin Yang Wonderland quietly came out, besieging ShiYan and coldly watching him.

YinHai was one of them.

He was holding a silver mourning stick; his face was white- gray like death while his mouth revealed a cruel smile. It seemed that he wanted to see how ShiYan would die.

There were a total of three G.o.d Realm warriors and more than ten Nirvana Realm and Sky Realm warriors.

As ShiYan saw everyone surrounding him, he shuddered while his face became dull and darkened.

It was a trap, a trap that was reserved for him.

He had somehow understood after seeing QingMing’s appearance. When the King Corpse, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth appeared, his heart felt like it was sinking to the bottom of a gla.s.s. He knew that it would be pretty hard to leave this place in one piece.

"Little brother, as you have killed many men

of our two forces, you seem to be in good shape." Fan Xiang Yun smiled indifferently as her soft body swayed with the wind while her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were heaving like an earthquake, and her eyes were glistening.

Invisible mesmerizing consciousness spread out, which was like a magnetic field covering the entire area.

The Corpses G.o.d Sect’s followers and male Yin Yang Wonderland’s disciples surrounding her were like inadequate s.e.xual people being granted stimulating drugs. Their faces and ears were all red, their eyes ignited with a flame of l.u.s.t, staring at her without a blink, feeling regretful that they couldn’t storm forward and give her prominent b.r.e.a.s.t.s a bite.

Even the King of Earth was also affected. A flame of l.u.s.t burned up in his eyes while he gasped for breath.

ShiYan’s eyes became dazed.

Standing in front of Fan Xiang Yun, he suddenly felt the scene around was changing.

The surrounding mountains turned into a gorgeous palace, and the ground under his feet became a luxurious carpet.

The young heart-stirring woman suddenly appeared beside him. She started opening up the b.u.t.tons of her clothes. Her belt fell on the ground. Her breath was as fragrant as orchids while her full red lips slightly shivered. Her round b.r.e.a.s.t.s protruded, and her eyes were full of deep affection as she wrapped him up tightly.

This fascinating scene could stir everyone’s l.u.s.t. It could turn a person into a wild beast as the evil mind churned and swallowed all of his wisdom.

Fan XiangYun smiled tenderly. Her body swayed while she was performing the Sacred Martial Technique of the Yin Yang Wonderland, Ecstasies Dream Land to its extreme. Her laughter and mesmerizing eyes brought ShiYan into a dream from which he would never wake up.

For those who were nearby, as long as they were men, all of them would be affected.

Regardless of whether they were the Corpses G.o.d Sect’s followers who made friends with corpses or male disciples of Yin Yang Wonderland, even if they were in the Sky Realm, they would be mesmerized, not knowing who they were, just blankly staring at Fan XiangYun.

Even the King of Earth was slightly affected as his mental state was one level lower than Fan XiangYun. No wonder he always had to ask for her opinion on important decisions in Yin Yang Wonderland.

QingMing was the only person who wasn’t being affected QingMing. His green eyes were still ruthless without any abnormal change.

"Queen of Sky, don’t tell me that you like him?" QingMing looked at her for a while and then spoke up with a hoa.r.s.e voice, "Don’t waste everyone’s time. I will now command the King Corpse to exterminate him so that we can avoid unexpected things."

"Don’t." Fan XiangYun revealed a faint smile as she excitedly winked at ShiYan, covered her mouth and said, "As I have said, I want to drain off this little rascal’s Yang Qi until he is dead. Right now, he is in a dream without any sense of autonomy. No matter how I move or touch him, he will not resist, and will only obey me."

After having finished talking, she laughed out loud, walked over to ShiYan, and started taking off his belt.

A trace of disgust flashed across QingMing’s eyes. He coldly snorted and said, "This little kid is only in the Nirvana Realm, so how much benefit will you get even if you can take all of his Yang Qi?"

"He cut off one of Ma QiDun’s arms. There isn’t merely just the power of the Nirvana Realm in his body." Fan XiangYun slightly chuckled. Her beautiful eyes became cold, displeasingly glancing at QingMing, "If I can completely absorb the Qi of this kind of warrior, I will certainly reap great benefits. QingMing, you have to accept this. Don’t you want me to live happily?"

"Alright, his body is yours, but his other things belong to me." The Hierarchy of the Corpses G.o.d Sect frowned and said.

"As for the pa.s.sion of secret treasures, we will talk about it later." Fan XiangYun revealed a broad smile, but her eyes were even colder than earlier. "You can take the Heaven Flame but don’t dream about that G.o.d Sword."

After saying those words, Fan XiangYun moved to the side of ShiYan, kissed him on his cheek and then pushed him down on the ground.

A dark red circle of light suddenly spread out from her Storage Ring, covering her and ShiYan. It prevented other people from seeing the activities inside.

The dream was really magical. No one in this fantasy could differentiate between good and bad; they could just let go of all trauma and show their lingering primitive affections.

In this circle of light, Fan XiangYun laughed out loud, looking at ShiYan. She quietly observed the transformation in his eyes as she gently took off his clothes. When his towering privates were exposed, Fan XiangYun’s smile was even more brilliant.

Slowly taking off her clothes, Fan XiangYun revealed a smile, swayed, and lowered her round b.u.t.t.

"Ah!" Fan XiangYun suddenly screamed out loud; her charming face full of panic. She quickly wanted to stand up.

The coldness spread out all over her entire body from her lower body, freezing her internal systems. The mysterious chill burst out to every corner and every bone in her body.

ShiYan’s dazed eyes abruptly glinted with a feeling of emotionless and ruthlessness.

Without hesitation, he raised his hands seizing her prominent white b.r.e.a.s.t.s as his handprints launched at the same time. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were deformed and then burst out.


Fan XiangYun’s naked body pierced through the circle of light, flying straight out.

Her straight legs had been frozen, and her lower body had become ice crystal. Her appealing b.r.e.a.s.t.s had bloodily burst open.

There was no trace of charm in her beautiful eyes; only fear remained. Crazily screaming, she covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s as if she wanted to stop them from exploding. However, blood kept flowing out

through the slits between her fingers. Trickles of blood dripped on her white body and then ran down her abdomen and instantly formed into ice, which was very peculiar.

In the circle of light, ShiYan displayed a cold face, grinned, and put all of his strength in storming straight to Fan XiangYun who was still floating in the sky.

He wanted to carry on his annihilation.

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