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ShiYan woke up worried.

The quiet night hadn't completely disappeared yet. The first ray of the morning sunlight slowly sprinkled on his bare upper body.

The daylight was like water bringing along a feeble flow of power that seeped into his body, moving toward his heart.

Peacefully raising his head to look at the sunrise, ShiYan felt quite calm and natural.

The auras of the group of ChenDuo and Dong FangHe had been transformed into a strange, mysterious power. They then fused

with the Profound Qi of his body, pouring into his two arms, helping the right arm complete the mutation, letting his left arm turn into red-purple hue and be heavier than one thousand kilograms.

A part of the strange power infiltrated into the Martial Spirit, making it even more mysterious, being able to absorb solar energy.

Looking at the morning sunlight, ShiYan remembered what had happened in the Chasm Battlefield.

In the peculiar desert there, he had gotten the Sun Refined Spirit. Even the mysterious giant sword in the Blood Vein Ring also came from there.

The mutation that time had made his Martial Spirit was different from before. After having returned to the Endless Sea from the Chasm Battlefield, whenever the sun shined at noon, he felt that his body was absorbing its energy.

However, that feeling hadn't been quite clear, which made him think that it might be just an illusion. Right now, he was not the same anymore.

The sunlight shone on his upper body, bringing along the solar energy which penetrated his body and went into his heart, making him heat up. This feeling was real, not just an illusion.

Just like that, he held his head up looking at the sky, quieted down his mind, and meditated.

After a long while, he was certain that under the strange power, in addition to his ability to absorb the star power, he could also begin to absorb sun power.

It was obvious that his ability to absorb the Sun power was still far less than Tang YuanNan's; it couldn't even be compared with a majority of the Three G.o.ds Sect's disciples.

He understood that point well, but he still felt extremely magical and incredible. In the Three G.o.ds Sect, no one had ever absorbed both the star power and the Sun power in the Three G.o.ds Sect. No one had ever heard of it.

ShiYan silently stood up and tried to swing his left arm, feeling a tremendous power hidden inside. His eyes brightened.

The mutation had spread to his arms. As long as he continued killing, he believed that his whole body mutation would be completed very soon. At that time, every part of his body would be full of horrendous power, and he would be much stronger than he is now.

The Profound Qi ancient tree in the swirl in his abdomen still continued to disappear. However, when he stood up, the swirl, which had been created by the fusion of the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame, began to spin again. A large amount of the Sky and Earth aura spread out from that swirl and was transformed into the new Profound Qi, pouring into the strange s.p.a.ce.

That strange s.p.a.ce was the source of fundamental weapons.

ShiYan knew that the proliferation of the Sky and Earth aura was related to the Holy Spirit G.o.d.

This strange living formation had the ability to gather the nearby Sky and Earth aura. It in itself could be considered the condensed pure energy body. With its existence, ShiYan no longer had to worry about not being able to gather the Sky and Earth aura.

The sun was getting sultry.

ShiYan stood in a daze for a while, indifferently glancing at the two beautiful bodies. After that, he started the Star Wings and flew up to the sky.

Underneath Star Island, in a white stone chamber, laid a Star Ocean Diagram The Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan slightly bent down while talking to the Moon G.o.d Ouyang Lou Shuang. The moonlight fully covered the entire body of the Moon G.o.d. Fluttering mist brought other people a fantasy of the unreal creature like a fairy in a dream.

She silently looked at each life-like star in the Star Ocean Diagram, listening to Tang YuanNan's narration without stating her own opinions. She seemed to be thinking of something.

The Star Island had long been barren. There was no one on the island; many formation techniques had mostly vanished. No one had been allowed to enter this place in the past; even the Three G.o.ds Sect's disciples didn't dare to step on the island. However, to Demon Dwellers, this constraint was invalid.

The Divine Craft Demon G.o.d suspended in the sky above the Moon Island and Star Island. Plenty of Demon Dwellers riding demon beasts were flying around. Many of them had come to Star Island but found nothing, and thus, they had left the island.

No one knew that under Star Island was a Hidden Star Palace. It stayed hidden deep inside Star Island and was protected by twelve formation techniques, which could prevent souls from exploring and blockading. Even Demon King ChiYan didn't know the existence of the Hidden Star Palace, and thus, he couldn't know that the Sun G.o.d and the Moon G.o.d were right beside him.

As the Three G.o.ds Sect has survived and stood firm for thousands

of years without collapse, they had become the strongest force in the Endless Sea, which meant their background was not ordinary.

"Temporarily, let the core disciples hide in the secret land on the seabed. Do not go out for a while. Keep contacts with the leaders of other forces in the Endless Sea, and discuss the plan to deal with the Demon Dwellers together."

The Moon G.o.d's voice was clear but cold. She turned her back toward Tang YuanNan and said, "As for ShiYan, just pay attention to his whereabouts and do not let him out of sight. Presently, all forces are searching for him to kill him. This is a danger but also an opportunity. If he can survive, he is then qualified to be crowned as the Star G.o.d. If he dies, you have to inform me immediately. I will have to take his heart back to preserve the Star Martial Spirit's heritage."

Tang YuanNan's face became solemn. He slowly nodded.

"Just by borrowing a Sky Realm warrior's body, ChiYan has such a powerful strength. If he comes here on his own, not many people in the Endless Sea can defeat him. I have just entered the Spirit Realm, and I need more time to reinforce it. Don't disturb me during this time." The Moon G.o.d continued.

Tang YuanNan silently nodded and didn't say anything more. He bent down to conduct a ceremony as his figure gradually disappeared.

On the seash.o.r.e of the deserted island, ten mummies were floating in the sea, including males, females, demon dwellers, and human beings.

A fleet of three twenty-meter- long ships quietly docked on the sh.o.r.e. The ships were all empty. The heads of two strange demon beasts had been smashed with blood splashing everywhere.

The air faintly smelled of blood that permeated the air. Blood was also spread all over the sea.

A majestic figure with two wings on its back was drifting around in the air for a while and then dashed away.

A long while later.

In a small city under DongFang family's command, a person appeared in the largest brothel name 'Drunk Dreams'. He ordered three plump girls to serve him and solve the savage aura on his body.

At night, he quietly left the brothel and reappeared in the sea that Demon Dwellers and warriors haunted. He would be merciless no matter which one it was. He would slaughter everyone he saw.

Among these people, if there were beautiful women, he would take them away to the brothel to enjoy them.

Time flew. Half a month had pa.s.sed.

In just half a month, the number of Endless Sea warriors and Demon Dwellers that had died in his hands was more than one hundred, including seven or eight Sky Realm warriors and more than ten Nirvana Realm warriors.

Warriors of the Endless Sea and Demon Dwellers that died in his hands would become mummies floating here and there; sometimes one or two, sometimes more than ten. The quant.i.ty was different every time.

As long as they saw those mummies, both the Endless Sea's forces and the cruel Demon Dwellers would all be terrified to the point that their bodies felt a chill. They subconsciously observed all directions to see if that person was in the vicinity or not.

That person was ruthless and cold. His fame had spread out among the entire Endless Sea.

Regardless of whether it was Demon Dwellers or warriors of the Endless Sea, they all considered him the most terrible opponent like a lurking cunning beast in the dark.

On the deserted island, in a dark stone cave.

A naked person with dark red eyes and a ferocious face was gasping for breath. Meanwhile, a female demon dweller of Dragon Horn Clan was bouncing on his body.

In the Dragon Horn Clan, males were ugly and ferocious, but females were very appealing and mesmerizing.

Although they all belonged to the Dragon Horn Clan, the appearance of males and females were totally different. If it weren't that all of them had horns on their heads, no one would think they were from the same tribe.

Beside him, two hot females of the Dragon Horn Clan were quietly lying on the ground, still displaying a look of satisfaction, but not breathing anymore.

Half an hour later, he roared like a wild beast while his majestic body trembled.

When his whole body vibrated, his upper body emitted red-purple light. Each of his st.u.r.dy muscles, which were as hard as steel, were full of tremendous power that mesmerized that female.

However, right at this moment, the female of the Dragon Horn Clan suddenly reacted. Her eyes were flooded with crazy hatred as her sharp nails quickly stabbed his neck.

"Bop bop bop."

That female's fingernails all burst out; her hand bones were also fragmented while her face was still overwhelmed with consternation. Her lower body struggled as her long limbs seemed to be about to explode.

At the moment when the energy was spreading, she suddenly screamed in human language, "Go to h.e.l.l, crazy brat!"

The male sitting on her revealed a ridiculing trace on his face. He then concentrated his power, forcefully pressing it into the female who was lying under him.

The female's body was instantly frozen, turning into a sculpture as her amorous face remained.

Suddenly, something bounced up from his heart. He immediately stood up, took a gown out of the Storage Ring which was bound around his waist, and then went out of the gloomy cave with his bare upper body.

There was a n.o.ble, beautiful woman in her snow-white clothes outside the cave. Her eyes were as beautiful as the autumn water, which flashed up with profound mysteries.

On her back was a pair of snowwhite wings, which were around five or six meters long, quietly dangling just above the ground.

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