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Reef area.

Looking at the mummies lying on the broken boat of the Spirit TreasureWonderland, the faces of the five Spirit Treasure Wonderland's warriors were grave and darkened.

The leader, who was the elder XuHao of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland, took off the the rings on ChenDuo's fingers one by one

and then murmured, "Elder ChenDuo, what kind of demon dwellers did you encounter that you couldn't even escape?"

As being also one of the elders of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland, XuHao knew ChenDuo's tricks as well as his secret treasures. Some of them could help the user instantly get out a thousand miles away from the battlefield. ChenDuo was a cautious person. If he didn't see that he could win, he would use his secret treasure to flee right away.

Besides, he also had Dong FangHe of the DongFang family, who was famous for his ruthlessness and also had some life-saving secret treasures. The death of these two guys frightened XuHao very much. After having examined the situation carefully, he took out a Yin Stone and reported the situation.

But, he was dead…

Even though it was one sea away, the news of ChenDuo's death was quickly transmitted to the Spirit Treasure Wonderland in the Black Water Sea. After having received the news, the Palace Master of the

Spirit Treasure Wonderland, QiuXun, immediately contacted GuShao.

"It's ShiYan." On the Thousand Swords Peak of the Gu family, when GuShao carefully listened to QiuXun explaining the situation, Cao ZhiLan instantly reacted and said with astonishment, "How can you know it was him?"

GuShao stroked the three-bu-long sword (1 bu is equivalent to 1.66 meters) and looked at a cl.u.s.ter of white clouds in the sky. His two fingers slightly moved and the blue sword instantly shot out, piercing

another G.o.d Sword.

The G.o.d Swords on the Thousand Swords Peak were like a living resonance, bursting out into strange sounds.

The Sword lights flashed up under the moonlight. The sword lights in the sky above the Thousand Swords Peak were interwoven with each other, creating a brilliant sword curtain. The sword aura was sharp and it could make the auras of Heaven and Earth shake.

Song of the Divine Sword!

"When we entered the Chasm Battlefield, we had fought with ShiYan.

The warriors who died under his hands all had this same appearance. The auras of their bodies disappeared, and they became dry corpses."

Cao ZhiLan gently released a light sigh. Her beautiful eyes flashed a trace of stress, but she finally spoke up, "This is probably a kind of evil secret technique, or it might be caused by some secret treasure. ChenDuo and Dong FangHe used to have conflicts with him when they

were on Sun Island. Tang YuanNan had covered for him. This ShiYan will not have mercy if he is strong enough to kill his opponents."

Looking at the formation technique on the Thousand Swords Peak, GuShao slightly nodded, "Alright, I will inform this news of ShiYan's appearance in the Endless Sea to other forces and tell them to be aware of his whereabouts. Even if he has the G.o.d Realm cultivation base, as long as his trail is revealed, he cannot escape from the pursuits from all directions, not to mention the fact that Demon Dwellers were also searching for him."

Cao ZhiLan was helpless and wanted to say something but finally decided to keep silent; only her eyelids slightly shivered.

Looking at the twinkling stars of the night, she had a surging feeling of bitterness within her heart. Following her family's orders, she had to realize the reality in the struggle of reason and emotion. And, her

reason had won.

On a crumbled rock heap.

There were dark-red rocks with odd shapes scattered everywhere. Under the moonlight and the starlight, these rocks were like phantoms lurking in the warrior's hearts.

Two graceful female bodies were lying down on a flat rock. Their clothes had been torn apart; they were lying on their side on the rock; their faces reddened. They were powerlessly gasping for breath while gazing at the mesmerizing sky with dazed eyes.

Ten meters away from there, ShiYan was sitting on a square stone with his bare upper body. He slowly closed his eyes while some red lights were moving on his body.

Between him and the two female disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland was a pile of torn clothes.

Under the starlight, ShiYan looked solemn while he was cultivating in the Selfless Realm, not paying attention to the situation around him. n.o.body knew what he was condensing with all of his strength.

Vague white mist floated around him without dispersing, moving along with the sea breeze like drifting clouds.

A long while later.

The two female disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland had recovered a little bit of their strength, leaning their back against the rock, exchanging looks. They saw traces of teeth and scratches on each other's b.r.e.a.s.t.s. However, they didn't feel embarra.s.sed as it was a normal thing, and wasn't worthy for them to be angry.

The wild scene earlier flashed across their minds. ShiYan had been like a violent beast violating them; his glowing red eyes had extremely frightened them.

The two of them quietly looked at ShiYan who was meditating from a distance. Although they didn't say anything, they were using their eyes to communicate.

Gradually, a trace of ruthlessness appeared in their eyes as they felt that this was their only chance. One of them attentively observed ShiYan's commotions, while the other one sneakily gathered her Profound Qi, restored the strength of her numb limbs and then quietly stood up.

Suddenly, these two girls leaped up to the sky. A jade dagger and bronze brooch simultaneously shot out icy lights toward ShiYan.

When their attacks almost hit ShiYan, the starlight abruptly appeared, instantly condensing into the Star Shield. Countless star points moved accordingly to the mysterious trajectory of the Star Shield, shortly converging to form a fist-sized star point.

The two girls' attack sharply hit right at that point of light.

The star point burst out. Plenty of broken smaller star points

followed the dagger and the brooch to penetrate their bodies.


The soft bodies of the two girls from the Spirit Treasure Wonderland suddenly trembled as their bones burst out like firecrackers. Everything was crushed; even their internal organs were fragmented.

Their paralyzed bodies fell on the ground. The ruthlessness in their eyes had all gone. Fear from their souls spread out all over their bodies while their auras were instantly emptied out, becoming two shriveled bodies.

ShiYan, who was sitting upright, cultivating devotedly on the square rock, suddenly opened his eyes. He threw a glance at the two girls' corpses and beamed a sneer from the corner of his mouth. He then slowly closed his eyes again and continued his devoted cultivation.

Many rays of red-purple light on his left arm were moving inside his muscles, making the left arm much heavier as if it had been tied up with one thousand kilograms of rocks.

The red-purple light on his left arm was becoming more and more beautiful. ShiYan's body slightly trembled; even his Sea of Consciousness was also compulsive.

His left arm became purple red. The strange, mysterious force and Profound Qi in his entire body had fused with each other, slowly transforming his two arms.

Mutant Martial Spirit.

Once the mutation started, it couldn't stop. Unless it had absorbed all the peculiar force and his Profound Qi, it would not end.

The mysterious force at seven hundred twenty acupuncture points and the Profound Qi crazily spewed out and then turned into many flows of light which moved like lightning, quickly condensing the fusion at his two arms and carrying on with a marvelous transformation.

The Profound Qi ancient tree in the middle of the swirl now became vague. With the loss of Profound Qi, it turned to be

transparent, gradually shrank, and completely disappeared in the end.

ShiYan was still silent, indulging in the mutation of the Martial Spirit.

Under the moonlight, the Moon G.o.d Ouyang Lou Shuang was like a moon fairy. The moonlight covered her entire body while she was silently meditating in the middle of the bright lights.

On the Moon Island, numerous Demon Dwellers from the Fourth Demon Area with brutal and bloodthirsty eyes all raised their heads looking up at the sky.

Two Demon Masters SinDa and Arig were standing on the bone boat; 'Divine Craft Demon G.o.d'. They came here from the Sun Island.

Under the moonlight, the Moon G.o.d seemed to be immersed in a miraculous scene and didn't know that the enemy was coming close. With the moonlight enclosing her body, she was indulging in an immortal perception.

The white bone Divine Craft Demon G.o.d shook violently.

On the bottom of the boat, Jiao HanYi's body, which was lying in the ice crystal coffin, was suddenly wrapped by rolling demon aura. The host soul of Demon King ChiYan descended and borrowed Jiao HanYi's body to enter the Endless Sea.

A stream of demon light flashed up as the coffin stopped in front of the Moon G.o.d Ouyang Lou Shuang

ChiYan indifferently looked at the Moon G.o.d who was submerged in the moonlight, and didn't say anything while his ten fingers pressed down from the void.

"Heavenly Demon Binding Net"

Along with ChiYan's shout, his ten fingers spread out infinitely. His ten fingers were like ten big nets, each of which seemed to be woven from Demonic Dragon's tendons and shining black lights, that covered the sky. These nets, which were like ten huge Heaven nets shielding the moonlight, approached from all directions enclosing Ouyang Lou Shuang.

The moon was bright, but its brilliant lights were totally blocked by those ten nets.

On the Divine Craft Demon G.o.d, when the two Demon Masters SinDa and Arig saw ChiYan display "Heavenly Demon Binding Net", their faces instantly loosened and they felt that this new Moon G.o.d would soon be exterminated.

The moonlight was like silver water, with Ouyang Lou Shuang as the center, diffused around, striking ChiYan's nets.

Silver lights and demonic lights collided. Beautiful dazzling lights sparked in the dark. It was like fireworks were set off in the sky above the Moon Island as many colorful lights burst out.

In the strange lights all over the sky, ten of ChiYan's nets combined in an attempt to tie up the opponent tightly.

After the ten nets completely locked the sky, ChiYan concentrated his mind to have a careful look, and then his eyelids slightly shivered.

The Moon G.o.d Ouyang Lou Shuang had escaped from the s.p.a.ce blockade and had left from the Heavenly Demon Binding Net.

"Master ChiYan, that woman…" SinDa flew over from the Divine Craft Demon G.o.d, stood behind ChiYan and couldn't help but ask.

"She's fled."

ChiYan knitted his eyebrows, turned around throwing a glance at Sinda, and then said, "From now on, in the Endless Sea, except for the three people including Yang Yi Tian, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Tian Emperor, there is another one who can be a threat to our great plan. Remember, if you see her next time, as long as you feel the situation is not good, you will have to escape immediately. Do not hesitate." SinDa looked aghast.

"The Corpse Soul Bridge has only one step left to be completed. You have to pull forth all of your effort to overcome the obstacles and search for ShiYan's trail at the same time. Kill at first sight." ChiYan said.

"Master, is ShiYan important?" SinDa was puzzled and asked, "He has relied on the external force to injure Ma QiDun. So, once that external force is gone, he will not have anything left and become an ordinary kid. Is he worthy of your attention?"

"The Boundless Demon Saber that BoXun has gotten from another s.p.a.ce is one of the three great Demon Sabers from the Remote Antiquity, yet it has still been destroyed by that kid's sword. If he enters the G.o.d Realm one day, with that G.o.d sword, no one in the Endless Sea can stop him." ChiYan coldly snorted and said.

After a short pause, ChiYan continued, "Even I cannot."

SinDa was startled, kneeled down on the ground, and said in fear, "I understand."

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