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On a boat of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland sailing in the sea, the group of ChenDuo and Dong FangHe was fighting with around ten Demon Dwellers of the Black Scales Tribe.

The ten Demon Dwellers of the Black Scales Tribe were covered with black scales, and their cultivation base was not low. All of them were holding sharp weapons of the Demon Area, constantly attacking ChenDuo and Dong FangHe.

Among these Demon Dwellers, there was a guy with a cultivation base similar to ChenDuo's, the Sky Realm. He was holding a big curved horn.

This curved horn was obviously from a demon beast. It was three meters long and could produce many ear-piercing sounds, hurting many disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland so much that they

had to cover their ears and screamed out in agony.

ChenDuo's fingers were filled with many rings. He stood on the boat motionlessly while his rings flashed up with plenty of colorful lights.

People could see a small silver sword, three blue square stones, one red fireball respectively hanging in front of his chest, behind his back, and on the top of his head. These three strange secret treasures seemed to have some spiritual relation with ChenDuo. Following his

mind, these secret treasures transformed, rotated, and sometimes flew toward the Demon Dwellers who were besieging and bombarding his group with their attacks.

The three beautiful square blue stones were only moving around the top of his head, scattering out blue lights that were wrapping

around him.

The red fireball and the small silver sword took turns to besiege and attack the Demon Dweller who was holding the curved horn.

Holding the curved horn in his hand and waving it violently in the air, the Demon Dweller of the Black Scales Tribe furiously roared and didn't seem to be intimidated by ChenDuo's attacks. His curved horn looked to be quite heavy and didn't seem to be easily broken by anything. ChenDuo had to scream out every time his small silver sword collided with the curved horn.

ChenDuo focused his power mainly on the Demon Dweller with the curved horn. The secret treasures on his body flashed up from time to time to help the Spirit Treasure Wonderland's disciples around him. When he saw them encountering danger, he immediately used his secret treasures to help them.

As Dong FangHe's cultivation base was lower than that of ChenDuo, his opponents were usually the Nirvana Realm Demon Dwellers.

The other five or six disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland, who were probably ChenDuo's servants, only had the Disaster Realm cultivation base. Hence, they looked extremely panicked as they seemed to lack brutal combat experience. Currently, there were three

corpses of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland's disciples on the boat. Their flesh and blood mixed, which looked like they had been crushed and torn apart by the Demon Dwellers; and thus, their bodies were not intact.

There were two Demon Dwellers' dead bodies of the Black Scales Tribe floating on the sea. They had probably died not long ago. Blood was still gushing out.

Two females of the Yin Yang Wonderland, who were wearing beautiful clothes and exposing their appealing bodies through their thin blouses had blushing faces, and their eyes were flooded with panic. They were covering their mouths but couldn't stop themselves from screaming.

ShiYan released his Star Wings and quietly hovered above the heads of the people who were fighting below. He beamed a faint smile while his face remained cold.

ChenDuo suddenly felt something was wrong and couldn't help but raise his head to look up at the sky, and frighteningly cry out loud, "ShiYan!"

Dong FangHe's face changed in fear. He suddenly grinned, looked at the Demon Dwellers in front of him and said, "That guy is ShiYan of the Yang family. I am sure that you have also received the order to kill him at all cost." Dong FangHe pointed to ShiYan who was hovering in the sky, disclosing his ident.i.ty.

After hearing so, the two Demon Dweller leaders who were fighting with ChenDuo and Dong FangHe subconsciously held their heads up looking at ShiYan and then quickly talked to the rest of the Black

Scales Tribe's Demon Dwellers. After that, all of the ferocious Sky Realm Demon Dwellers brutally roared, ignoring ChenDuo and storming toward ShiYan.

ChenDuo's fat face shook while he kept sneering. He didn't hesitate either, quickly pulling out his small silver sword and the red fireball. They flew up to the sky together and were aimed at ShiYan.

The other two Sky Realm warriors, who were fighting with the Demon Dwellers, also changed their targets after hearing what Dong FangHe had said.

ShiYan had initially intended to play the role of a fisherman. However, as he saw both sides were taking actions at the same time, he suddenly laughed with a cold look on his face, "That is very good."


As soon as he triggered his mind, his body changed anomalously, and

instantly descended on the boat.

The surging power from the swirl in his abdomen, which had been created by the fusion of the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Earth Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame, burst out. The tremendous power quickly ran along

his left arm.

After a short moment, the skin and flesh of his left arm cracked open, which was extremely painful.

The power from the fusion of those three living forms was incredibly mighty and far surpa.s.sed his limit. These energies flowed to his left arm, which caused him to encounter the backfire. Even his bones popped a brittle sound and apparently broke afterward.

The Life Seal!

This violent force finally fell into his palm, and each huge handprint appeared one by one.

Seven handprints, each of which was as big as a mountain with beautiful crystal radiance, instantly stacked over each other, while the tremendous power soared up many times.

Seven seals merged into one. The crystal lights of the huge handprint shot out everywhere. An earth-shaking power appeared.

The Life Seal with its overwhelming, destructive power rushed toward ChenDuo which made him extremely frightened. His ten fingers moved crazily. Different kinds of the best secret treasures flew out, forming more than ten formation techniques to resist one strike of the Life Seal strenuously.

However, the Life Seal, which had been formed by the three living forms, was unbreakable. It instantly smashed down all formation techniques. The Seal's impetuous power dashed straight to ChenDuo's fat body.


ChenDuo's obese body suddenly flew up and broke the boat's terrace, which was like sh.e.l.ls shooting straight up to the sky. Blood splashed everywhere.

Some disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland that were standing next to ChenDuo also couldn't escape from the same consequence. They were crushed into meat pies by the Life Seal and died on the spot.

The two female disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland, who were as beautiful as flowers, were scared to death, screaming loudly while quickly avoiding that blow. As these two girls were quite far away

from ChenDuo, they were lucky enough to escape from this fatal strike.

As Don FangHe was opposite to ChenDuo, he didn't get affected by that strike, but his face was ashen, and his heart was frozen like ice.

Having launched only one blow, ShiYan had brutally killed ChenDuo. Without waiting for ChenDuo's fat body to fall into the sea, ShiYan suddenly flashed up and instantly appeared behind Dong FangHe.

"You dare to touch me? I will make you regret this." Dong FangHe screamed in fear.

ShiYan remained as calm as if he didn't hear this threat. He lifted his right arm, launching a blow on the opponent's nape.


Dong FangHe's head burst like a watermelon, splattering everywhere. Blood splashed all over ShiYan's body.

After Dong FangHe had died, ShiYan kept displaying the Starlight, following the moving trajectory of the stars to continue the slaughter.

Horrendous power on his right arm was quickly activated. The strange thing was that his arm was safe and sound, not having a backfire, which was different from what happened to his left arm. The Life Seal appeared again and instantly covered ChenDuo.

ChenDuo's body had been crushed into pieces of flesh meat, scattering


In an instant, ChenDuo and Dong FangHe were easily

killed. ShiYan slightly laughed, turned around looking at the flock of Demon Dwellers. However, after turning around, he realized that more than ten Demon Dwellers were all long gone. They must have run a few miles away already.

The Sky Realm Demon Dweller, who had formerly fought with ChenDuo, threw the curved horn out while his body was still in the air. That curved horn turned into a bunch of demon lights bringing along an unprecedented momentum. With a quick glance, its power seemed to be pretty strong.

Raising his eyebrows, ShiYan was ready to take action but then realized that the curved horn which was approaching him had mysteriously disappeared.

At the same time, that Sky Realm warrior had also vanished.

Releasing his soul consciousness, ShiYan detected that the flock of Demon Dwellers appeared to be ten miles away, using all of their effort to escape.

He coldly harrumphed within his heart. He wasn't in a hurry to chase after them. Instead, he collected the dead bodies of ChenDuo and the others, throwing them to a corner of the boat. After that, he stood motionlessly, looking at two beautiful female disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland with strange eyes.

"Don't, don't kill us. We will serve you." One of them licked her red lips, uttered with a soft voice, but she couldn't hide the fear in

her eyes.

The body of the other one trembled, slightly gritting her teeth while her face was pale.

ShiYan's fiery cruelty frightened these two girls out of their wits. They didn't have any idea of how to escape. They could only use their 'G.o.dsend properties' to beg for their lives.

ShiYan didn't say a word; his eyes were cold without any emotion. He quietly absorbed the auras of the group of ChenDuo

and Dong FangHe.

After one had died, the aura would disappear shortly, returning to

Heaven and Earth. Therefore, he had to absorb the aura before it disappeared. Otherwise, if he missed this best time, he would get nothing.

Because of this reason, he hadn't hurriedly chased after the Demon Dwellers when he saw that they had run away.

ChenDuo had the Sky Realm cultivation base. Dong FangHe was in the Second Sky of the Nirvana Realm. Together, with the other Disaster Realm disciples of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland, their auras satisfied ShiYan very much.

The aura from ChenDuo's body was several times much more than that of the others. ShiYan could feel pain when ChenDuo's aura seeped into his meridians, and thus, he knew how powerful it was.

The auras of Dong FangHe and the other disciples had been entirely absorbed while only one-third of ChenDuo's aura had gone into ShiYan's body. That made ShiYan extremely pleased.

After a while, when the group of ChenDuo and Dong FangHe became dry mummies, ShiYan satisfyingly released a sigh.

He then suddenly moved to the two female disciples of the Yin Yang Wonderland. With each of them in hand, he activated the Star Wings and flew away, disappearing in a blink.

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