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Above the desolate group of palaces, the curtain of light burst out, producing an explosive sound. In that echoing sound, the moon disappeared.

The Sun and the Stars were still there, but the Moon had vanished into thin air. The disappearance of the Moon led to disharmony of the scene.

Tang YuanNan raised his head looking at the scene before him with a pale face and exclaimed, "This is not good!"

ShiYan didn't understand either as he held his face up looking at the halo and asked, "What is happening?"

"The Moon Island has been destroyed." Tang YuanNan gritted his teeth and angrily said, "At least, the formation on the Moon Island has been smashed down. Otherwise, the halo would not change like that. The Moon G.o.d is still on the island. I don't know what her current situation is. I have to go there to see. The situation in the Endless Sea is now extremely chaotic. Perhaps I have been staying here for too long."

After he spoke, Tang YuanNan was about turn and leap up.

ShiYan immediately spoke up right before Tang YuanNan left, "Bring me with you. I don't want to stay here either."

The more chaotic the Endless Sea was, the greater the chance he could have. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce his Realm and borrow the dead's energy to strengthen


After waking up from his marvelous state, he realized that the beam of Profound Qi light had stopped absorbing the energy from the swirl in his abdomen. Although the power which had been created by the fusion of the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame

was huge, it still faded away with time.

He understood that the reason he was able to compete with Ma

QiDun and freeze the elder of the Three G.o.ds Sect was for the mysterious effect of the swirl created by the integration of the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame.

The icy power of the Ice Cold Flame could transform an island into an icy river while the Earth Flame was like ten-thousand-year

burning fires (Hỏa viêm chi Linh) which had acc.u.mulated the power of the Sky and Earth. Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit G.o.d had been created by fusing with the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon and had gathered a large amount of force of faith from many believers of the Holy Spirit Sect simultaneously.

However, this force didn't really belong to him.

He vaguely felt that the fusion of the three great living forms would soon end and that their energy would quickly fade away. Once

their energy separated from the swirl, his true ability would be exposed.

Taking advantage of the time when these three great living forms were still in that swirl and when he still had the strength, he had to take part in the chaotic war happening in the Endless Sea. He needed

to kill some people to get their aura through the mysterious martial spirit so that the mutation of the martial spirit in his body could be completed.

Looking at his red-purple right arm, ShiYan felt excited, thinking that the Petrifaction Martial Spirit could be completed this time.

"You want to go up there?" Tang YuanNan asked as he was going to the Transfer Formation in the middle of the desolate palaces but suddenly turned around and frowned. "Seven days ago, when you and Ma QiDun fought, the group of GuShao, Yuqin, Cao ZhiLan, and ManGu were on the mountain peak of the Gu family and watched your entire battle through the Huyễn Tinh. Your strong potential agitated them. I could feel their fear. Seven days after I brought

you away, the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land all knew that the pagans who had formerly followed you were now under

the Demon Dweller's command. They immediately united with other forces in the Endless Sea to hunt you down."

ShiYan's face suddenly darkened.

"Presently, in the Kyara Sea, the Demon Dwellers are engaged in many fights with all of the forces from all over. If you come out this time, I think that both sides will be very excited to target you. As long as they find your trail, they will send their masters to kill you. Even though you now look powerful, I know that it is not your true strength. I believe that you cannot maintain that power forever. Once this force disappears, you will soon be killed."

Tang YuanNan looked solemn and sincerely advised, "Stay here for now and wait until the situation is stable, then you can leave. Furthermore, after going out, it's best for you to leave the Endless Sea

quickly. Momentarily, the Endless Sea cannot cover for you."

"I need to go out to the battlefields." ShiYan didn't want to explain

and also explain the mystery of the martial spirit in his body. He stepped inside the Transfer Formation.

Tang YuanNan was astonished.

"I have my reasons." After having contemplated for a while, ShiYan looked at Tang YuanNan and said, "Don't be worried. I will not die that easily. On the contrary, those who want to kill me have to pay a high price."

Tang YuanNan seemed to be puzzled and carefully looked at ShiYan. After a long while, he nodded and said, "It seems that you already have a plan of your own. If so, I will not be reluctant anymore."

Without saying anything further, eighty-one sun beams suddenly burst out from Tang YuanNan's body. Every ray of light accurately hit the Transfer Formation.

A group of dazzling lights flashed up.

Tang YuanNan and ShiYan left the seabed and appeared on a deserted island.

The deep sky was filled with countless glittering stars. When each star flashed, it seemed that some kind of energy was descending from the sky and was infiltrating ShiYan's body.

In the night, ShiYan raised his head to look up at the sky, feeling the absorption of the Star Martial Spirit toward the starlight in the sky. He slightly triggered his mind and realized that many dots of light were moving inside his heart, coincidently following the principle of the Sky and Earth.

"Ah!" ShiYan's face changed as he looked at the moon which was like a silver plate in the sky. He couldn't help but scream, "That is…"

In the night, the silver moonlight appeared and quickly gathered, creating a big flow of light, projecting a beautiful figure that was floating around in the air.

That pretty figure was drifting around in the moonlight. The small charming body was enveloped in a curtain of light, looking like a legendary fairy in a dream that gave people an unreal feeling.

She seemed to be able to absorb the essence of the moonlight and gather it.

Although he was standing tens of thousands of miles away, ShiYan still felt the vastness of the misty fantasy and felt that the moon's reflection was not real.

"The new Moon G.o.d is indeed an outstanding talent." Tang YuanNan was convulsive. His eyes were flooded with joy and excitement, "She has entered the Spirit Realm. With the anomaly of the Moon Martial Spirit which absorbed a thousand years of the moonlight, once she enters the Spirit Realm, she can be compared with the innate heroes like Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian of the Endless Sea. This is really the best time of our G.o.ds Sect."

"The Spirit Realm…" ShiYan dazedly looked at that vague beautiful figure under the moonlight and then mumbled to himself with a lower voice before looking at Tang YuanNan again and saying, "I think your worry is redundant. If she has reached the Spirit Realm, she will surely be safe."

"It is obvious. Unless Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian take action, no one in the Endless Sea can harm her." Tang YuanNan laughed joyfully and then turned around to look at ShiYan, "You have met her before, haven't you? I am sure you two have met. When you arrived at the Sun Island, she wanted to see you, but after that…"

"Forget it. I have something to do." ShiYan interrupted Tang YuanNan, turned his head around to identify the direction and then said, "I am going to the Snow Dragon Island to see the current situation over there."

"You don't know how to aerial travel, do you?" Tang YuanNan was astonished.

ShiYan beamed a faint smile, activating the Star Martial Spirit. People could only see many dots of starlight gathered around his body, forming into a thin circle of light.

As soon as this circle of light had been created, ShiYan controlled it and divided it into two, forming into two wings which were as thin as that of a locust. In just a split second, he had leaped up to the sky and turned into a beautiful starlight, flying away.

Star Wings!

This is the derivation of the Star Shield. It took advantage of the division of the Star Shield to form a pair of starlight wings and borrowed the star power to help Nirvana Realm warriors pierce the sky and fly freely. It was indeed wonderful.

Under innumerable stars, when displaying the Star Wing, ShiYan could feel many star powers that he hadn't recognized before pouring into the Star Wings.

To use the Star Wings, it required the Star Martial Spirit. Once the Star Wings were condensed and refined, they would keep absorbing the star power from the sky which helped ShiYan fly.

Therefore, he didn't consume any of the Profound Qi when using the Star Wings to fly.

The speed of the Star Wings depended on the magnitude of the starlight contained within. The stronger the star power was, the faster the speed of the Star Wings could be.

When all the starlight in the Star Wings were stimulated, it would form the Star Fleeting, which could move one thousand miles in

just a blink.

In the night sky, ShiYan urged the Star Wings to head to the Snow

Dragon Island. He looked at the sky from time to time, feeling the star power's infusion, quietly activating the Star Manipulation, trying a method of controlling the Starlight.

Beautiful combinations of the Star Formations continually emerged from within his palm. While flying, he also used his mind to perceive the star's principles.

A violent life fluctuation suddenly came in from the reef area which was eight hundred miles ahead.

Indulging in the comprehension, ShiYan suddenly woke up, his Sea of

Consciousness slightly moved as his host soul spread out the soul consciousness.

A marvelous feeling appeared within his heart all of a sudden.

He found himself being as though he had countless eyes which allowed him to see the entire scene clearly with the spread of his soul consciousness.

In all directions, the sky was clear, and the sea was blue. Wherever the soul consciousness pa.s.sed through, the scene of those places openly emerged in his mind.

It was an amazing kind of comprehension.

Previously, when he had released his soul consciousness, he could still have perceived something, but it was like the blind groping for things, as he could only feel the object and perceive the existence of it.

It was different now. Wherever this soul consciousness was, it was like he himself was present there as he could clearly see every single commotion.

Each flow of soul consciousness was like one Heaven Eye of his. As soon as his soul consciousness spread through the area with familiar life fluctuation, he suddenly recognized a few acquaintances.

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