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On the Thousand Swords Peak, the four people, GaoShu, Yuqin, Cao ZhiLan, and ManGu blankly looked at the crystal in front of them with dull faces. They kept silent for a very long time.

Through the crystal, they had seen clearly the scene where ShiYan's huge sword had suddenly appeared. After only one blow, it had seriously injured Ma QiDun and made his right arm burst out terribly to the point that scattering pieces of flesh could have been seen.

This scene engraved in the hearts of four people so deeply that they could never forget it.

Ma QiDun, the Superpower Demon Master from the Fourth Demon Area, together with his terrifying Demon Saber, was extremely arrogant and horrendously powerful. Even those who were watching the scene through the crystal could sense the tremendous strength that the Demon Saber in Ma QiDun's hand had spurted out.

GuShao and Yuqin placed their hand on their chests, asking to themselves that if they had faced Ma QiDun, under his mighty power of his Demon Saber, they could have only sheltered on the edge of the road to avoid him, didn't dare to dawdle under his cruel slaughter.

Meanwhile, ShiYan was different.

Not only had he directly resisted Ma QiDun but he had also used that mysterious sword to injure Demon Master Ma QiDun severely, cut off one hand of the First Sky of the Spirit Realm warrior.

What was this concept? What was this situation?

The four of them were dumbstruck like wooden chickens, even stopped breathing, didn't believe in their own eyes as they didn't believe that the scene happening on the crystal was true.

What was ShiYan's realm? What was Ma QiDun's realm?

The gap was not only one Realm; however, not only had ShiYan been alive under that Demon Dweller but he had also wounded Ma QiDun seriously. That incident was basically out of the imagination of the four of them, ruined their entire great plans.

After having realized ShiYan's power, the four of them felt distasteful as if they had knocked over the flavored bottle. Chaotic emotions surged in their hearts, which was hard to use any words to describe.

"It seems like the plan of borrowing Ma QiDun's hand to kill him is impossible." GaoShu was silent for a very long while, bewilderedly looking at the crystal mirror with empty eyes. His face became odd. "I am afraid that the Endless Sea will be ShiYan's world in the future..."

GaoShu sighed deeply; his heart was full of sorrow and grief. He subconsciously thought of the young generation of the Gu family, trying to search through his memories but he couldn't find anyone who could be compared to ShiYan.

Gu JianGe? Gu LingLung?

GuShao shook his head, beamed out a miserable smile from the corner of his mouth, secretly envy Yang Tian Emperor for being so lucky. From an unknown remote place, Yang Tian Emperor had casually found a descendant who was truly an innate talent with unlimited potential and infinite room to develop.

"Incredible, incredible…" Yuqin mumbled to herself with a low voice while wrinkles on her face shivered slightly. It seemed her decrepit body couldn't stand this shock; she was somehow disheartened, wondering if she was already old and was no longer suitable to solve the Endless Sea's matters?!

"This guy is really crazy. Not only is his body extremely st.u.r.dy but his power can also achieve such violent intensity. Previously, at the hot spring, it was lucky that he had only used his physical strength to fight with me. If he had used the mysterious sword, I think…" ManGu displayed a look of lingering fear and said, "I think I don't even have the guts to stand in front of him."

Cao ZhiLan's beautiful face was gloomy and pale while her heart was full of bitterness. She had never felt dispirited like today.

All along, she was very confident in her ability to evaluate things. The way she considered everything was very accurate. Because of that, after having discovered that ShiYan couldn't gather Profound Qi anymore, she had decisively left ShiYan, cut off the trace of subtle affair that had just budded inside her heart.

As the successor of the Cao family in the future, she had grown up in the struggle of gaining benefits, deeply understood how important it was for a woman like her to have a grasp of a strong dependence.

Initially, she had felt her decision was right. As she had a.s.sumed that ShiYan couldn't bring her a better future, she had rationally let go of him.

Regretfully, ShiYan's performance today had completely smashed her usual self-confidence, torn off her mindset that she had been preserving for many years.

She knew in this life that it would be difficult for her to forget what ShiYan had brought her.

"ChiYan will certainly kill him!" GaoShu coldly shouted all of a sudden as if he was comforting or motivating himself, "The better his performance is, the more chance that Demon Dwellers will not let him go easily. I think either ChiYan or BoXun doesn't want to see the Yang family to have a descendant who is even more dangerous than Yang Tian Emperor."

"Right. He will definitely not have any room to continue developing. Such a regret for a future hero who is going to be destroyed." Yuqin also agreed with a nod.

She also knew that once Ma QiDun told ChiYan about the fight between him and ShiYan, no matter how busy ChiYan was, he would desperately find ShiYan and directly kill him at all cost.

With ShiYan's ability, Demon Dwellers surely would not stand idle, but they would quickly eliminate the future most intimidating threat in the shortest possible time.

The island no longer existed; on the blue sea, there were only surging waves, huge tornados, or frightening tsunami.

ShiYan was slowly floating up to the surface of the sea. His entire body fatigued.

The peculiar swirl which had been created by the fusion of the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d seemed to subside gradually in the middle of the Profound Qi halo. Perhaps because the mysterious sword had almost consumed these three ma.s.sive energies, they needed to have a deep sleep for a short while.

His Sea of Consciousness was solid. His host soul quietly stopped above the Sea of Consciousness and fell into silence. Even the eye at his glabella was closed.

Although the fusion of the host soul and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame was temporarily stabilized, making them merge into one required a long journey.

After the fight, ShiYan's physical strength had been drained seventy or eighty percent. The backlash of the Second Sky of Rampage had spread out, making his body more and more tired. When he floated on the sea, he realized that he needed to recover immediately; otherwise, if he encountered another high-cla.s.s warrior, he would not be able to survive.

The Flame Unicorn was covered with a cl.u.s.ter of fires suspending above the sea. It was carrying Tang YuanNan who was solemnly sitting with his eyes flooded with fear.

After ShiYan had surfaced on the sea, without thinking, Tang YuanNan instantly jumped off from the Flame Unicorn, reached out to grab him and then pulled him up on the Flame Unicorn.

Without waiting for ShiYan to utter any words, Tang YuanNan slightly called the Flame Unicorn. It immediately retrieved all the flames surrounded its body.

As soon as the flames disappeared into its body, the Flame Unicorn turned into a dark red Beast. Although its body was still hot, the intense heat was no longer frightful.

Tang YuanNan held ShiYan and quickly mounted on the Flame Unicorn. His eyes raked around, quietly releasing his soul consciousness and then patted the Flame Unicorn.

The Flame Unicorn's four hoofs moved, turned into a bunch of red lights flying away as fast as lightning, and then disappeared in just a blink, leaving no trace.

Half an hour later.

On an island belonged to the power range of Three G.o.ds Sect, a red light flashed up, and the Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan on the Flame Unicorn, together with ShiYan, appeared altogether.

Tang YuanNan didn't say anything, swung his arm, releasing a beam of Great Sun Holy Lights. The Holy Lights were like fire snakes quickly drilling into the ground.

At the center of the uninhabited island, a marvelous ancient formation appeared. As soon as that formation emerged, it immediately launched a strong barrier blockading all kinds of external forces, didn't let any strength to penetrate.

The Sun G.o.d leaped up, bringing ShiYan along with him and then landed in the middle of the ancient formation. He then instantly triggered his mind to activate the ancient formation.

A group of dazzling sunlight flashed.

Tang YuanNan, ShiYan, and the Flame Unicorn disappeared again. When they reappeared, they had already been in a strange palace on the seabed.

This palace covered hundreds of acres, but it was devastated, quite old, no longer had its majesty and glory after having endured wind and frost for so long.

Countless strange waves rippled above the palace, blocking the blue sea water outside, not letting a trace of sea water infiltrate in.

Although the palace was quite dilapidated, many barriers still existed, helping the palace on the seabed waterproof.

After having arrived this palace, Tang YuanNan obviously relaxed a lot, waved his hand toward the Flame Unicorn, commanding it to leave. He put ShiYan down and looked at him blankly.

"What happened?" After a long while, Tang YuanNan broke the silence and asked with a solemn face.

ShiYan didn't have any strength left, leaned his body against a block of broken rock, squinted his eyes looking at this strange palace, and said with a frown, "Ma QiDun pursued me to kill me. I was almost dead."

"I have seen some scenes on the Thousand Swords Peak of the Gu family." Tang YuanNan interrupted, frowned, and said, "I just want to know why Ma QiDun had disappeared. How come the Demon Master of the Fourth Demon Area let you live? What did you use to fight off that Ma QiDun?"

A trace of vigilance flashed across in ShiYan's eyes. His mind, which had been relaxed, was now taut again.

Perhaps because of the inner vigilance or the strength in his body had not drained out yet, the swirl that had condensed by the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Earth Flame strongly span up all of a sudden.

A flow of energy fluctuations which made ShiYan tremble abruptly burst out from inside his body.

As ShiYan could feel the changes in his body, his mind was at ease a little bit. He subconsciously moved backward, quietly taking precautions. Right when he saw any of Tang YuanNan's unusual reactions, he would launch his possible full-power strike instantly at all cost.

Tang YuanNan's face looked bewildered, but then, he was keenly aware of ShiYan's cautions.

"You are too cautious." Tang YuanNan forced a smile, took the initiative to extend the distance with ShiYan. He moved ten meters backward, retracted his hands into his sleeves at the same time, and then slowly sat down under ShiYan's shining eyes.

ShiYan was also a wise man. From Tang YuanNan's gestures, he realized the other's friendliness and thus, he revealed a gentle smile, nodded, and spoke to Tang YuanNan, "Ma QiDun's right arm has been destroyed. Perhaps he might know that it is hard to kill me, so he has proactively retreated."

"What?" Tang YuanNan couldn't help but exclaim out loud in surprise.

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