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ShiYan bent his knees, looked at Ma QiDun's one-hundred-meter-tall body and the huge Boundless Demon Saber with his glowing red eyes. His face twisted, displayed a terribly ferocious look. His body's aura seemed to lead to the anomaly of the Sky and Earth. Enormous tornados appeared from the sea around the island.

He stood there motionlessly while the Blood Vein Ring emitted a dazzling rainbow. The giant mysterious sword from the Chasm Battlefield hovered around ten meters above his head as if it was gathering all powers.

"Shriek shriek shriek."

The huge glowing red dome, which was enclosing ShiYan, was constantly being pounded by the Demon Saber.

The gigantic dome was as thin as the wings of a cicada, as it seemed to be vulnerable, couldn't bear even one strike; however, it was still resilient in blocking continuous slashes of the Demon Saber without breaking until now.

Ma QiDun roared and howled bluntly. Many beams of demon light shot out from his body then condensed and hovered around his body without dispersing.

The Boundless Demon Saber, which weighed more than tens of thousands of kilograms, kept releasing terrifying Nine Serenities demon aura. The ground on the deserted island ripped off; thick, inky black demon aura torrentially spew out and then crazily poured into the Demon Saber, making one of the three great Demon Sabers of the Demon Area in the Remote Antiquity even more horribly violent.

The mutation in ShiYan's Sea of Consciousness had gradually subsided. His host soul and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had blended into one. The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, which ranked the third among the Heaven Flames, became the third eye of his host soul. That eye scattered faint bright silver light dissolving into his Sea of Consciousness, continuously enhancing his Sea of Consciousness' soul strength.

At the convergence of Profound Qi on his abdomen, the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d had fused with each other, forming the Yin Yang fish diagram. The ancient Profound Qi tree rooted in the strange s.p.a.ce amid the swirl, sucking the amazing Profound Qi. Even the naked eyes could see the degree of growth. That ancient Profound Qi finally became imposing and mighty, obscuring the entire Sky and Earth.

Due to the stimulation of the torrential surging strength, the mysterious sword flew out of the Blood Vein Ring, strangely hanging around above his head. The closed eyes on the sword opened slowly.

Every time one of those eyes opened, the evil strength of the mysterious sword seemed to double.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

The mysterious sword hovering above his head seemed to have the power to twist the void. Strange lights suddenly burst out from the s.p.a.ce where that sword was drifting around, and then, s.p.a.ce rifts appeared. Inside those s.p.a.ce rifts, people could vaguely see many visible colorful streams of light which were like shooting stars flashing and fleeting over the deep universe.

A flow of earth-shaking evil aura slowly bred from the sword.

ShiYan was standing under the dome, feeling the tremendous energy of the Ice Cold Flame, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, and the Earth Flame on his abdomen as he could sense that the soul power inside his Sea of Consciousness was crazily spurting out and rolling into that mysterious sword.

While his body's energy was wildly flowing away, more eyes on the mysterious sword had been opening.

Ma QiDun bluntly released howls, also seemed to feel ShiYan's mutation, and thus, a feeling of insecurities suddenly sprang in his heart.

As he didn't dare to hesitate, in the middle of growls and howls, Ma QiDun condensed his body's strength, poured the endless demon power into the Boundless Demon Saber, giving it a power which could tear the sky apart.

Because Ma QiDun was trying his best to control the Boundless Demon Saber, it seemed his huge body couldn't bear it any longer. As demon light shot out more and more, cracks started to appear on his body.


The Demon Saber finally hacked down.

The glowing red dome, created by the condensation of the lights from the Blood Vein Ring, also got the extra support of the Demon crystals, eventually could not stand it anymore, cracked once again, creating a terrifying rift.

Dense demon aura had found the entrance, so they crazily flowed in and filled the whole dome.

"Boom boom boom."

The demon aura that had flooded into the dome produced an explosive shaking sound all of a sudden.

In that appalling noise, the enormous dome was finally fragmented, turning into ten thousand blazing red dots of light, and returning to the Blood Vein Ring on ShiYan's finger.

Ma QiDun laughed cruelly. As soon as he saw the enormous dome had broken, he didn't hesitate any longer, violently swung the Demon Saber like a black band of galaxy sweeping across the two worlds, viciously slashing toward ShiYan. He tried to crush ShiYan into powder, destroyed his body and spirit without leaving any slightest trace of existence.

ShiYan grimaced while his blazing red eyes suddenly glinted with a trace of craziness.

"Ahhhh!" Making a sharp roar, he didn't overthink anymore; instead, he poured all the energy of his body into the mysterious sword.

On the gigantic sword, malicious eyes suddenly shot numerous intertwining evil lights aiming for the s.p.a.ce rifts.

Many flows of magical power from other worlds abruptly infiltrated into the mysterious sword.

The sword, which had clearly been much smaller than the Boundless Demon Saber, now suddenly became bigger, turning into a long G.o.d sword like a ten-thousand-zhang-high mountain instantly. The eyes on the sword, which were like eyes of a Demon G.o.d, filled with all kinds of violent, crazy, desperate, and bloodthirsty emotions.

The G.o.d Sword dashed toward the Boundless Demon Saber which was hacking down the top of ShiYan's head without being in need of ShiYan's control.

There was no sound.

There was no single earth-shaking sound.

When the Boundless Demon Saber and the mysterious sword collided, the Sky and Earth was abnormally quiet all of a sudden, so quiet that it terrified other people.

ShiYan raised his head looking up to the sky with his surprised eyes.

Strange dots of light from where the Boundless Demon Saber and the mysterious sword had collided slowly emerged, gradually got bigger and continually expanded.

Wherever those dots of light pa.s.sed through, the sky was strangely indented; the nearby islands just disappeared into thin air, and hundreds of millions of tons of sea water drowned everything down.

Even the island under his feet also abruptly sank deep into the earth.

Hundreds of millions of tons of sea water instantly flooded in, drowning ShiYan.

In the seabed, ShiYan still looked at the sky. The surroundings were still tranquil. After that, Ma QiDun's one-hundred-meter-tall body instantly turned into numerous demon lights, dissipating. After those demon lights had disappeared, Ma QiDun's real ferocious body finally emerged.

It was unknown why Ma QiDun's right hand which was holding the Boundless Demon Saber had burst open. His bones then turned into ashes. The right half of his body was a mess of flesh and blood, which looked like it had suffered a terrifying tremor that could crush his body completely.

On the dark blue water, it was the first time Ma QiDun exposed his fear. He crazily screamed out while his left hand grabbed the Boundless Demon Saber that had just slipped out of his right hand. His body turned into a bunch of black lights, flying toward the Sun Island with the fastest speed.

He was fleeing like a beast.

The giant sword like a ten-thousand-zhang-high mountain drifted around in the sky. A third of the number of the opened eyes on the sword was now closing successively. The sword gradually shrank and returned to its normal size.

At the same time, ShiYan's energy also stopped pouring into the mysterious sword.

After having looked at the sky and watched the mysterious sword becoming smaller and slowly descending, ShiYan hurriedly tried to use his mind to call the sword.

There was no response.

The mysterious sword seemed to be very arrogant, didn't put a little kid with the Nirvana Realm cultivation base into its attention, continued sinking all the way. At the moment it dropped into the water, the G.o.d sword turned into a rainbow which then suddenly disappeared into the Blood Vein Ring.

ShiYan used his mind to look at inside the Blood Vein Ring and realized that the mysterious sword was silently hanging around at a corner without any lights or evil aura. All the eyes on the sword had been closed again.

Everything had restored to its normal state as if nothing had ever happened before. ShiYan raised his head, looking at the sky and saw the sky was still distorted, and the s.p.a.ce rifts hadn't completely healed after just a short time.

What had happened could not instantly disappear. This whole scene reminded him of what the giant sword had done.

The sword and the Boundless Demon Saber had collided, creating a tremendous force that had broken Ma QiDun's demon body, crushed his right hand which held the Demon Saber, and splattered his half right body's flesh and blood, causing him severe injuries.

Ma QiDun had the First Sky of the Spirit Realm cultivation base, and his strength was reinforced holding the treasure of the Demon Area. In the Fourth Demon Area, he was ranked only after the terrifying top-cla.s.s warriors ChiYan and Ba Xun.

After having arrived the Endless Sea, he had fought with the Palace Master of the Evil Wonderland, forced them to surrender, and carried on the slaughter all the way from the Kyara Sea to the Hengluo Sea. The number of high-cla.s.s warriors who had died in his hand was countless.

Such fierce and powerful masters with the Boundless Demon Saber in his hand had suffered severe injuries on his body and a crushed right hand.

ShiYan felt aghast at heart. His soul consciousness quietly watched that mysterious sword with both delighted and frightened feelings at the same time.

He was scared because he could not control this mysterious sword completely. He didn't know how to rule it or whether he was capable of controlling it or not. Moreover, he wasn't sure if this sword would unexpectedly do something rash.

"ShiYan!" At this moment, a call of Tang YuanNan came up from the sea surface above ShiYan's head.

The Sun G.o.d was riding the Flame Unicorn, bewilderedly gazing at the devastated island for a while, watching the big surging waves on the sea and the s.p.a.ce rifts which were slowly healing, didn't know what kind of earth-shaking things had happened here.

He wasn't sure whether ShiYan still survived or not because he didn't detect Shiyan's aura even though his soul consciousness was covering the entire area.

Under the sea, ShiYan raised his head, looking at the Flame Unicorn and he could be certain that Tang YuanNan was here. After being stunned for a moment, he started floating to the surface and then instantly felt the powerlessness spreading out all over his body.

The Blood Vein Ring had stopped flashing and gradually quieted down.

Tang YuanNan immediately realized ShiYan's aura and hurriedly rushed toward him.

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