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The ten-meter-long, curved moon-shaped Demon Saber with ink black blade appeared and burst out tens of thousands of demon lights.

Ma QiDun was holding the giant Demon Saber, raising his head, releasing a roar like the Demon G.o.d descending to this word. After that, he turned into a bunch of demon lights and instantly dashed toward ShiYan.

As soon as the Demon Saber hacked down, tens of thousands of mighty demon lights had led to strange phenomena in the sky and earth, making the cloud and the wind on this island fade away. Earth tremble, bottomless gully reveal.

Thick, ink-like demon aura rolled out from those gullies absorbed by the Demon Saber was like the black sea water of the Endless Sea madly flowing toward Ma QiDun.

The five ten-zhang-tall Negative Devils were roaring around ShiYan.

The Five Devils opened their mouths, which were like black holes, swallowed the endless demon aura deep from underground recklessly. However, the demon aura was too much that it was not easy for the five Devils to gulp all in a short time.

"Boundless Demon Saber! Lead Demon into Body!"

Ma QiDun roared, and a large amount of demon aura wildly flocked toward the Demon Saber and Ma QiDun.

Dense demon aura torrentially stormed forward and poured into Ma QiDun, making his body swollen instantly. In just a short moment, he became a hundred-meter-tall Demon Dweller. The Demon Saber was also three times bigger, turning to a horrifying three-hundred-meter long Demon Saber.

It was unknown why Boundless Demon Saber, one of the three great Demon Sabers of the Demon Area in the Remote Antiquity, had fallen into Ma QiDun's hand.

In legends, it had been said that this Demon Saber could cross the interface between different worlds. The Demon Dweller holding Demon Saber could attract limitless demon aura from the Demon Area, turning them into a physical ent.i.ty covering the entire body of the user.

With the Boundless Demon Saber on his hand, Ma QiDun's body was covered with one hundred thousand tons of demon aura and became a giant Demon Dweller who was one hundred meters tall.

In the earth-shaking howls and growls, the Demon Saber was like a mountain sharply slashing ShiYan's head.

ShiYan was standing on the deserted island, holding his head up, looking at the Demon Saber covering the entire sky while his blazing red eyes glowed with many beams of cruelty.

As soon as ShiYan triggered his mind, the five Negative Devils, which were more than ten zhangs tall, instantly showed their fangs and claws then soared up into the sky, joining forces to resist the Boundless Demon Saber.

The negative energy from seven hundred twenty acupuncture points torrentially poured into the five Negative Devils.

At the same time, at the swirl on ShiYan's abdomen, an earth-shattering cold aura instantly spewed out and quickly overwhelmed his body.

A flow of mysterious strength suddenly spread out from his body, seemed to stir the Endless Sea up.

One-hundred-meter-long water columns suddenly flew out from the sea around the island and darted forward. Seven water columns gathered and condensed right on top of ShiYan's head.

"Splatter splatter splatter."

The boundless icy power infiltrated into the condensed water columns and then turned into a huge lozenge snowflake enclosing ShiYan.

The rhombus-shaped snowflake looked like an imposing, spectacular ice mountain, which was tens of thousands of meters tall, pressing down on the top of ShiYan's head. Cold lights burst out from inside the snowflake, and the eerie, icy aura was spreading out everywhere.

"Creak creak creak."

With that snowflake as the center, the entire deserted island was frozen quickly. Wherever the cold lights pa.s.sed through, everything was covered with hard blocks of ice. In just a blink, the whole island became a frozen island where no rocks or stones could be seen, except for plenty blocks of ice.

"Bop bop bop."

Five Negative Devils together still couldn't stop the Boundless Demon Saber from hacking down. Under the horrendous pressure of the Boundless Demon Saber, they had to keep retreating.

The Five Negative Devils then divided into five directions, showing their claws, which looked like an anchor, s.n.a.t.c.hing the hilt of the Boundless Demon Saber, wanting to lift the saber up to the sky, preventing it from striking down.

"Regretfully, it is just a clone of the Ancient Demon G.o.d. If it were the true Ancient Demon G.o.d, honestly, I could not kill you."

Ma QiDun grinned ruthlessly. His giant body suddenly formed a defensive stance with one hand while the other one was holding the Demon Saber, striking down once again.

The Five Negative Devils couldn't stand this destructive demonic power and finally were struck down to the side.

The Demon Saber had no more hindrance and thus released a slash violently.

"Boom boom boom."

Terrifying explosions resounded on the island. The ice mountain on the top of ShiYan's head broke down into pieces, even the solid layer of ice covering the entire island also burst open impetuously.

The aftershock of the tremendous power spread out toward the sea around the island, causing the horrifying tsunami. The seawater torrentially rolled in, engulfing the entire island, and under the chill of the island, it was frozen once again.

ShiYan was staying hidden under the ice mountain; seeing the demonic power penetrating ma.s.sively, crazily destroying the ice mountain, and crushing the ice mountain into pieces, he was overwhelmed with fear at heart.

One slash of the Boundless Demon Saber on Ma QiDun's hand had a great intimidating power that went beyond his imagination. He had never thought that a G.o.d Realm warrior could launch such an earth-shaking power.

The three mysterious living forms of the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Holy Spirit G.o.d temporarily merged into one, which helped increase the icy power the Ice Cold Flame and the Holy Spirit G.o.d significantly. They instantly formed a mighty, one-thousand-meter-high ice mountain blocking one strike of Ma QiDun's saber. If it weren't because of that, he believed his soul and body would have been destroyed.

"Being able to block one saber slash of mine, kid, even you are going to die, you can still be proud of yourself."

Ma QiDun launched another slash but couldn't instantly smash down the ice mountain. He looked very astonished.

Revealing a cruel sneer, Ma QiDun brandished his saber and growled, "Little rascal, Yang Tian Emperor is finished. Unexpectedly, this more tricky brat of the Yang family has appeared out of nowhere. If I let you live, your achievement in the future will be probably bigger than that of Yang Tian Emperor. I have to kill you today."

While madly talking, Ma QiDun lifted his saber again. Million tons of demon aura crazily flocked into the Demon Saber, making the saber, which was originally three hundred meters long, now swelling up once again.

At this time, the Demon Saber was already four hundred meters long. The horror of this Demon Saber almost crushed ShiYan's spirit into pieces.

Seeing Ma QiDun continue launching another slash, ShiYan in the Second Sky of Rampage quickly moved away, used his boundless power running inside his body to urge the Electric Shift instantly.

"Boom Boom."

His legs could not bear such a violent force and thus suddenly burst out, flesh and blood scattered everywhere.

ShiYan disappeared into thin air.

At the moment that the Boundless Demon Saber had hacked down, ShiYan's body had gone. He had moved to another island.


A terrifying, piercing eardrum explosion reverberated. ShiYan was atop a mountain on another island, looking at the island where he had just left earlier with a horrified look.

Under the second strike of the Boundless Demon Slash, that island had been split into two halves.

A ten-thousand-meter-long creva.s.se suddenly appeared; seawater ma.s.sively rolled out from it. The splitting island was constantly exploding nonstop, and all ice blocks on the island had broken into pieces. In the earth-shattering explosive sounds, Ma QiDun angrily roared, searching for ShiYan's trace.

"Sizzle sizzle sizzle."

From seven hundred twenty acupuncture points inside his body, thick white smoke suddenly shrank. In the next second, he felt a mysterious, intense energy was flowing all over his body; a part of which poured into the Profound swirl, and the rest spilled over his bones and tendons, moving mysteriously.

An outburst of roar came out from his brain. ShiYan' body violently trembled all of a sudden. He felt his Sea of Consciousness churned up, caused by that mysterious energy's influx. Together with his soul's sublimation, the host soul in his Sea of Consciousness was getting bigger and clearer.

Along with the surging waves, his Sea of Consciousness expanded quickly. In a breath, his Sea of Consciousness had already three times bigger. The power of the soul was extremely vigorous. Every ray of the soul was connected so that he could have a more profound understanding of different kinds of energy.

At the same time, he had also detected an enormous wave of life energy like an unshakable mountain on Ma QiDun's body.

That life energy was truly impetuous.

ShiYan's face suddenly changed as he recognized the huge power gap between him and Ma QiDun. Ma QiDun's plentiful Holy Spiritual Qi was like a nuclear power plant in the other world which could provide him with endless power.

Ma QiDun stood there, angrily roaring and howling. That sounds like Soul Absorbing Demon Sound pierced through all obstacles, following ShiYan's soul to penetrate his unstable Sea of Consciousness.


The Five Negative Devils suddenly faced up to the sky, howling. They seemed to have realized that their nest was about to collapse and thus turned into five beams of demon light shooting toward ShiYan with the speed which was faster than the Soul Terrifying Demon Sound of Ma QiDun. The five Devils had returned to ShiYan's Sea of Consciousness before the demon sound flooded into it.

The five Negative Devils who had transformed into physical ent.i.ties now returned into mirages as if they could freely convert between virtual or illusory bodies.

As soon as the five Devils entered the Sea of Consciousness, they immediately divided into five directions, scattering out horrendous negative emotions, which then formed five layers of formation technique.

When the Soul Penetrating Demon Sound of Ma QiDun struck was over, five layers of formation technique had been activated altogether, condensed and blended with each other to impede the Soul Penetrating Demon Sound of Ma QiDun, protecting ShiYan's Sea of Consciousness from being damaged.

While his soul was trembling, ShiYan's eyes suddenly brightened like stars.

At the critical point of time, under the terrifying pressure of Ma QiDun, the aura of the Sky Realm warrior, Xia ShenChuan, finally broke through the bottleneck, helping ShiYan enter the Nirvana Realm.

When the barrier of this new state had been broken, as ShiYan's Sea of Consciousness had soon been built for a long time, he could instantly get familiar with the new realm.

When his Sea of Consciousness gradually regained its normal state, ShiYan felt the Holy Spiritual Qi had reached a completely new realm. His body seemed to connect with the Sky and Earth, could actually feel the mysterious power staying hidden in the world.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

In the Profound Qi swirl, the Yin-Yang pattern which had been formed by the combination of the Ice Cold Flame, Holy Spirit G.o.d, and Earth Flame crazily was revolving as if its elements really wanted to fuse with each other. The Sky and Earth discrete floating around everywhere, under a call of some power, suddenly gathered at this place and penetrated straight into ShiYan's body.

ShiYan's body sucked all the Sky and Earth aura around as if it had turned into a huge sponge.

The mysterious ability to gather the Sky and Earth aura of the Holy Spirit G.o.d abruptly appeared on ShiYan's body.

His Profound Qi swirl span, refining and condensing the Sky and Earth aura, forming extremely vigorous Profound Qi which then poured into the swirl.

In the middle of the swirl, the ancient Profound Qi tree, which had disappeared earlier, now suddenly emerged again, crazily sucking the Profound Qi.

ShiYan's momentum became intimidating.

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