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On a lonely island.

ShiYan was sitting indifferently, looking toward the east with empty eyes and a dark face.

After a while, he stretched his hand caressing the Blood Vein Ring, triggered his mind to send a message to the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame, "I will try to communicate with the Ring Spirit later, asking it to free you. From now on, our fate is over."

The Ice Cold Flame kept silent, didn't respond to him.

The Earth Flame seemed to have just woken up from some peculiar world. After having received ShiYan's message, it was puzzled and hurriedly sent him a message to inquire for more details.

As ShiYan knew he didn't have too much time, he briefly explained the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame the current desperate situation.

The Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame didn't have any reactions as if it was digesting his explanation.

Shi Yan's Blood Vein Ring was sparkling as the two living forms inside it seemed to be calculating something.

Right at this time, ShiYan realized the originally diluted Sky and Earth aura on the island was slowly gathering all of a sudden, getting heavily denser. He was astonished, didn't know what was happening; he couldn't help but look up at the sky.

It was unknown when a crystal chunk, as big as a human head, quietly floating in the sky. This crystal chunk slowly descended, and it soon appeared above his head.

"Holy Spirit G.o.d!" ShiYan couldn't help but exclaim, raising his head looking at that crystal with astonished eyes.

"Why are you here?"

"That island is over. I have dived under the ground to escape, following you living aura to come here." The Holy Spirit G.o.d sent out a message from the Dragon Crystal, "You have promised to refine a body for me. I'm coming here to find you with the hope that you can fulfill what you have promised. Evil creatures have occupied the island that I had been staying. They could even detect my aura, and thus I had to escape."

ShiYan was stunned.

After being bewildered for a moment, He spoke up helplessly, "I cannot help you because, in a little while, my soul and spirit will both perish. You should get out of here soon, as far as possible."

After having finished talking, without waiting for the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Ice Cold Flame, and the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame inside the Blood Vein ring to respond, ShiYan touched the ring, sending his consciousness inside.

"Ring Spirit, I know that you can receive my consciousness. I am going to die. You should eliminate the confinement for the Ice Cold Flame and the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame so that they can be free. How should I arrange this? I only have half of an hour left, so you'd better tell me quickly. If you are too slow, when I am destroyed, I will not be able to do whatever you've asked."

The Blood Vein Ring had no reactions.

ShiYan was astonished, doubtfully thinking that might be his previous feelings were all illusions. There was no Ring Spirit inside the Blood Vein Ring?! Otherwise, why didn't the Blood Vein Ring have any reactions at this critical moment?

With that thought, ShiYan's heart sank to the bottom of the gla.s.s. Perhaps G.o.d didn't support his intention of freeing the Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame out of the ring. This made him even more helpless and desperate.

A long while later, the Blood Vein Ring suddenly darted a vague stream of light which was abnormally brilliant and covered the area within ten meters around him.

"What happened?"

The Ice Cold Flame's and the Holy Spirit G.o.d's thoughts were transmitted at the same time. These two strange living forms with high intelligence displayed their extreme fear as if they were bound by a certain strength.

Even the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring was irritably impatient, wanting to get out of the Blood Vein Ring.

Three flows of wonderful power instantly spread out from the Blood Vein Ring's splendid stream of light, forcefully pulled the Ice Cold Flame, the Earth Flame out of the ring. Under ShiYan's disbelieving look, the Holy Spirit G.o.d was pulled down from the sky directly to the Profound Qi swirl on his abdomen.

The Ice Cold Flame and the Earth Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring turned into two marvelous flames, which were also pulled into that swirl at the same time.

The original exhausted Profound Qi swirl crazily span all of a sudden as it had received the three peculiar living forms, the Holy Spirit G.o.d, the Earth Flame, and the Ice Cold Flame.

ShiYan used his soul consciousness to check the interior of his body. His eyes instantly flashed up a trace of horror.

While the Profound Qi swirl on his abdomen was spinning with the breakneck speed, it gradually turned into a strange formation looked like a Yin Yang Fish Diagram. That Yin Yang pattern had the Ice Cold Flame on one side and the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame on the opposite side, while the connection between the two of them was the Holy Spirit G.o.d - the G.o.d that the Holy Spirit Sect had worshiped.

Under the constraints of some mysterious power, the three peculiar living forms had temporarily been fused together to create a strange formation that looked like a Yin Yang pattern.

The infinite, tremendous power suddenly burst out in the middle of the originally depleted Profound Qi swirl.

This powerful energy was beyond his imagination. ShiYan's body bones produced the 'crack crack' sound, and the unbearable pain instantly spread all over his body.

At this time, he looked like he was suffering from the torture of the purgatory. It was as if bones and tendons of his entire body were broken by a powerful strength.

That swirl crazily revolved at seven hundred twenty acupuncture points of his body.

The aura of Xia ShenChuan was insanely filtered. The negative strength flowing out from his acupuncture points made ShiYan's entire body trembling to the point that he was almost unconscious.

Suddenly, blood inside ShiYan's body seemed to burn up. The strength of his blood ma.s.sively rolled all over his body, gathering in his tendons, like an endless surging river.

"Second Sky of Rampage!"

In an instant, the swirl and the strange transformation that had been happening inside his body had led to the Second Sky of Rampage, which had drained his body instantly.

A staggering evil force from his body soared straight to the sky, forming a huge, white pillar of air.


In the severe pain, ShiYan roared madly like a wild beast. He was too painful that he tossed himself on the ground while the uncontrollable strength of his entire body was bursting out.

"Boom boom boom."

When he was rolling on the ground, some one hundred meter high, barren hills were struck down. The imposing mountains, which were hundreds of meters high, were like papers, couldn't even bear even one blow of his.

"Sizzle sizzle."

Seven hundred twenty acupuncture points exuded the white fog impetuously.

The white fog was filled with negative power that could make other people tremble in fear. Suddenly, this negative power gathered, poured into his body altogether and then fused with his blood veins, increasing his evil momentum all the way up, like never-ending.

ShiYan's eyes became bloodshot with a maze of blood veins, looked like the eyes of a wild prehistoric beast. His monstrous, evil aura gave other people a feeling that he was bloodthirsty and ruthless.


A bunch of black light pierced through the clouds then suddenly stopped above the island.

In just a blink, a huge Demon Dweller with the body of three and a half meters tall appeared in the sky. There was a curved horn on his head; his face was full of scars; his dark blue muscles were as firm as steel; his eyes were burning up with a murderous look, coldly looking at the deserted island beneath.

Demon Master Me QiDun of the Fourth Demon Area.

From above, with his cold eyes, Ma QiDun was bluntly watching ShiYan roaring like a wild beast on the island.


Ma QiDun suddenly descended. His feet stomped on a three-hundred-meter high mountain on the island, crushing it into rubble scattered everywhere.

ShiYan roared and growled while his body directly rolled toward that mountain.

"Little rascal, finally we meet again." When Ma QiDun raised his head, the curved horn on his head shot out demonic light straight up to the sky.

After two roars, his hands flashed up in the air then they discharged thousands of blood dripping skulls. The small skulls had the size similar to that of a human head; meanwhile, the big ones were as big as a small hill.

Thousands of b.l.o.o.d.y skulls released a dense, undispersed, black demonic aura from their sockets and mouths.

The skulls flew out from his palms with the breakneck speed dashing toward ShiYan, producing a demon sound.

"Roar roar roar."

ShiYan's eyes were bloodshot; his body shriveled while his clothes were all torn apart.

When thousands of skulls were rushing toward him, ShiYan slightly bent his knees as if his body couldn't straighten up, raised his head up to the sky, crazily howling as if he wanted to fight against fate.

The white air pillar reached the sky above his head then suddenly expanded, turning into five horrifying, ferocious Devils.

The five Negative Devils, who had always been sleeping in his Sea of Consciousness, now had been transformed into physical ent.i.ties thanks to the condensation of the negative powers. Each of them was more than ten zhang (1 zhang is equivalent to 3.33 meters), hovering in the sky like the Demon G.o.ds in the high antiquity, seizing those b.l.o.o.d.y skulls viciously.

"Crack crack crack."

The five ten-meter-tall Negative Devils s.n.a.t.c.hed the skulls that Ma QiDun had released and squeezed them, crushing them into powders that scattered everywhere on the island.

The five ten-zhang-tall Negative Devils had transformed into the physical ent.i.ties, which were even more like the Demon G.o.ds of the Demon Area than Ma QiDun.

The five Negative Devils looked up at the sky, fiercely roaring and howling and then swallowed the heavy demon aura that burst out from Demon Master Ma QiDun just like whales sucking up water.

Rich demon aura, which had formerly covered the entire sky, disappeared instantly. It had turned into an energy source for the five Devils to enhance their strength.

Having taken the demon aura, the bodies of the five Negative Devils turned into black and white and were more abnormally horrifying. Their original ten-zhang-tall bodies quickly extended and became fifteen-zhang-tall great Demon G.o.ds who looked like small mountains floating in the air, slowly surrounding ShiYan.

ShiYan held his head up roaring as he felt different kinds of powers crazily running in his body, turning into a wisp of some invisible power, ma.s.sively pouring into the huge bodies of the five Negative Devils.

"Ancient Demon G.o.d Clones! Impossible."

Ma QiDun's dark blue eyes were overwhelmed with fear. He blankly looked at the five Negative Devils that were besieging ShiYan, releasing a scream as he didn't even believe in his own eyes.

"Ah!" ShiYan bent his knees, releasing a sound like a roar which didn't sound like that of a human.

The flesh on his shriveled, naked body split open, seven hundred twenty acupuncture points in his body emitted a large amount of white smoke.

His abdomen seemed to hide a huge ball of light where the dazzling white light was shot out. Every time the white light burst out, bald mountains collapsed one by one.

"You can possess such tremendous power when you are only at the Earth Realm. Kid, you have to die today."

Ma QiDun was horrified for a while and then suddenly reacted. Earth-shaking demon aura spurted out from his eyes. "Even if you can mediate the Ancient Demon G.o.d Clones, you still can't escape death today."

Ma QiDun laughed viciously, throwing his hand up to the sky, forming a tight fist. A ten-meter-long giant Demon Saber appeared, tearing the void, falling into his hand.

While Ma QiDun was holding the ten-meter-long giant Demon Saber, his horrendous momentum soared quickly. He then dashed toward ShiYan with a cruel smile.

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