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"Master, we are sorry."

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group kneeled down, bowing their heads in front of ShiYan with full of grief.

ShiYan's face was gloomy. He nodded and said insensitively, "I understand."

The three of them bowed their heads, didn't dare to look at ShiYan. Their eyes were downcast with a complicated look.

"Master?" Demon King ChiYan sneered ruthlessly as his body suddenly appeared above the manor.

The face, which had originally belonged to Jiao HanYi, was now overwhelmed with treacherousness, "Is this lowly human worthy of humbling yourselves to call him Master? Have you lost your self-esteem because living in the abandoned land for too long?"

Yi TianMo's shoulders suddenly trembled while his eyes were full of resentment, but he didn't dare to have any reactions.

"You can call Abi Death King, Yellow Spring Death King, The Dark Sky Death King 'Master'. This human brat is not worthy. I will help you eradicate him."

ChiYan was stomping forward in the air, producing the cold, indifferent sound.

As soon as he launched a blow, a huge palm suddenly appeared amid the void looked like a mountain slowly pressing down, covering the whole manor.

"Don't!" The three people of Yi TianMo's group couldn't help but cry out loud, wanted to stop the oppression from this huge palm.

"Go!" Ye ZhangFeng suddenly shouted. Numerous gold lights shot out from his body.

In the middle of the glowing gold light, plenty gold leaves flew out from his sleeves, gathered and formed a gold crystal chunk above his head. This crystal chunk then shot out countless sparkling lights covering the three of them and ShiYan.

ShiYan was about to say something but immediately felt a burst of dizziness as the pain was spreading all over his body; even his Sea of Consciousness also seemed to become gold.

s.p.a.ce was twisted strangely. A flow of power shortly burst out, breaking through layers of constraints.

As soon as the glowing gold light flashed up, the four people of ShiYan, Ye ZhangFeng, Lin YaQi, and Xia XinYan miraculously disappeared out of the manor without leaving any trace.

"Teleportation Treasure."

A strange beam of light flared up in Demon King ChiYan's eyes. A few seconds later, the black light in his eyes brightened, his eyes seemed to turn into a miraculous projection which started to show the scene within the range of a thousand miles around the Sun Island.

With ChiYan as the center, a significant flow of soul consciousness quickly spread out at the same time.

Just in a few seconds, the huge soul consciousness of Demon King ChiYan had covered the radius of a thousand miles and was still expanding. In ChiYan's eyes, the scenes of the islands kept changing.

Just standing here, he could see the scenes from a thousand miles away, observing every commotion in front of his eyes.

"Found them." Demon King ChiYan suddenly revealed a silent smile while his left eyes glinted with a gold beam of light, in which a deserted island appeared.

Demon King ChiYan beamed a sneer, stretched his hand out in the air.

The void in front of him suddenly rippled like a stone falling into the water, creating many rippling waves.

While those ripples were spreading, the void in front of his eyes slowly projected an image of a small island.

On that island, four people of Ye ZhangFeng's group and ShiYan were still in shock, gasping for breath.

Demon King ChiYan's left hand suddenly reached out, touching the image of the island in front of him.

On the island, when ShiYan, Ye ZhangFeng, Lin YaQi, and Xia XinYan had just stabilized their bodies, they saw many groups of clouds gathering, forming a huge cloud above their heads. A giant hand, which could cover the entire sky, abruptly emerged and s.n.a.t.c.hed the island below.

The island was not very big, probably not as big as one-fifth of the Sun Island. However, it was still larger than the G.o.d Stone Square where ShiYan had stayed previously.

However, the island looked very tiny under that giant hand. ShiYan and his fellows felt that there was no slight chance for them to escape.

"Let me handle it this time." Lin YaQi screamed out loud, jumped up as fast as electricity, grabbed Ya ZhangFeng's sleeve and forcefully pull forward.

Torrential energy fluctuations spread out from Lin YaQi's body. Under those waves of energy, Ye ZhangFeng's sleeves glittered with gold lights, and flying gold leaves appeared again above the four heads before condensing into a crystal chunk as he continued to use the Teleportation Treasure.

In the middle of the glowing gold light, the four people of ShiYan's group disappeared again.

"Boom, boom, boom."

The giant hand jutted out from the groups of clouds, forcefully pressing down. The entire island was razed to the ground; thousand-meter-high mountains were also flattened by that giant hand.

On the Sun Island, the three people of Yi TianMo's group frighteningly looked at Demon King ChiYan, also blankly watched the scene which was resized countless times and appeared in the middle of ripples in front of ChiYan.

As the three of them saw the entire island being razed right after ChiYan's giant hand had pressed down, they felt terrified at heart.

The three people of Yi TianMo's group knew that the scene projected amid the ripples in front of them was absolutely not an illusion, but it was really happening now.

After Demon King ChiYan had flattened the island, he suddenly knitted his eyebrows as the scene in his eyes changed again. His tremendous soul consciousness continued expanding in all directions and had covered the range of more than one thousand miles already.

A long time later, Demon King ChiYan retrieved his soul consciousness, the strange scene in his eyes gradually disappeared. He knitted his brows, contemplated for a while before speaking with a cold voice, "Is that little rascal one of the Yang family?"

The three people of Yi TianMo's group kept silent, didn't utter a word.

"Even if you don't tell me, I can still figure it out."

ChiYan coldly snorted and said. As soon as he had finished, he launched a blow in the void, and a silhouette suddenly emerged.

It was LiFu.

ChiYan didn't question him either. His eyes like two black holes, coldly looked at LiFu, and he then opened his mouth, spat out a black ray of light.

That black ray instantly hit LiFu, piercing through his brain like a worm gnawing his Sea of Consciousness. Not long after that, his facial seven holes were all bleeding, the vitality of his body was gradually gone. He finally flabbily fell to the ground and died.


A wisp of light flew out from LiFu's brain. ChiYan then quickly opened his mouth to catch and swallow it. His lips slightly curled as his eyes sparked with black dots of light. He had known everything about ShiYan like the back of his hand.

"The remnant of the Yang family." ChiYan ridiculed, shook his head, and then said faintly, "BoXun will probably take actions soon. The Yang family will completely disappear."

After having finished his words, ChiYan suddenly turned toward the Sacred Light Mountain and let out a scream. A ma.s.sive flow of consciousness dashed straight to everyone's brain on the Sacred Light Mountain Peak.

"Ma Qi Dun, the little rascal who has almost destroyed your soul is running away to the east. He is now a thousand far away. If you start now, you still can catch him."

On the mountain peak, the horrified body of Ma QiDun of the Dragon Horn Clan suddenly trembled while his eyes were flooded with blunt, murderous craziness. He let go the Queen of Sky and the King of Earth and then looked toward ChiYan from a distance.

"Leave this place to me," ChiYan smiled and said, "As long as Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian don't come here, this entire area will be under our control. That little rascal had returned from the Chasm Battlefield, bringing some strange secret treasure that can break the seal. If we let him give that secret treasure to Yang Tian Emperor, I am afraid that there will be a lot of troubles later. You should go now."

Ma QiDun cruelly sneered and instantly turned into a devil beam of light, piercing straight into layers of devil clouds, crazily stormed toward the east.

ChiYan turned his head, looking at the three people of YI TianMo's group and then coldly said, "You don't need to join this battle. I'll give you guys a few days to pull yourselves together. Wait until this battle ends, I will bring you to meet the three Dark Kings. They have something to tell you."

After having finished his words, ChiYan didn't say anything further, walking step by step toward the Sacred Light Mountain Peak.

His footsteps were slow, but every of his steps crossed layers of s.p.a.ce. Thus, after only five steps, he was already at the mountain peak.

After ChiYan had appeared on the Sacred Light Mountain peak, he casually swung his two fists in the air. After one punch had been released, countless lightning flashed up in the sky. Millions of long, black lightning shot out from the endless darkness.

In the middle of the black lightning, ten big black lightning pythons, more than a thousand meters long, slowly emerged.

Each of the big black lightning pythons contained the earth-shaking waves of energy.

As soon as those ten big black lightning pythons appeared, they immediately wrapped around the Sacred Light Mountain of the Three G.o.ds Sect. The majestic formation technique outside the Sacred Light Mountain kept cracking. The ten-of-thousand-meter-high mountain, which was entangled by ten big black lightning pythons, started shaking and crumbling.

Numerous small, black streaks of lightning were flying around the mountain, splitting into millions of tiny pythons eroded everything on the mountain, except for rocks and stones.

Only after a few seconds, tens of thousands of ancient trees, countless plants and flowers, insects, and beasts on the mountain had completely been eaten by those little pythons. The lush and verdant Sacred Light Mountain now turned into a deserted mountain without vitality.

A few disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect on the mountain flank had failed to survive as well. Those little pythons had gnawed them clean without leaving even one single bone.

Ten big pythons continued entangling the Sacred Light Mountain, making horrifying howls, and putting their efforts together to crush down the mountain. Under the pulls and twists of those pythons, the Sacred Light Mountain was finally uprooted, flew out of the earth, then collapsed into the sea.

High-cla.s.s warriors, who came for the summit on the mountain peak, were all terrified witnessing the collapse of the mountain. They also felt freezing at heart seeing ChiYan clasping his hands behind his back, standing in the air.

The giant Demon King Ship was still hovering silently in the air as before.

The monster in human form with jagged thorns covering all over its body faced up the sky, growling and roaring as if it was calling for something.

Numerous huge demon beasts suddenly appeared from the sky and the sea, crazily stormed toward the Sun Island like a flock of locusts, wiped out all the creatures on the island, devoured and tore panic warriors apart, swallowing even their bones.

These demon beasts were chewing the bones of the human warriors and continued searching for other targets everywhere at the same time.

The ma.s.sive panic spread over the entire Sun Island.

Regardless of whether the disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect or other warriors who came for the summit, they were all scared to death.

In this crazy invasion of the Demon Dwellers, a lot of people couldn't perform even one-third of their strength. Under the besiege and slaughter of the demon beast, those warriors have been ravened into pieces.

On the Sun Island, blood flowed into rivers; corpses scattered everywhere. The island became a h.e.l.l on earth.

At this time, many exotic dazzling b.a.l.l.s of light constantly exploded. Those who had Teleportation Treasure desperately used them to escape from this place without caring if their body would be broken or not.

On the Sacred Light Mountain, Cao ZhiLan's face was ashen. She dragged ManGu along and disappeared into the silver light in the sky.

At the foot of the mountain, Gu LingLung was urging the G.o.d Sword which was blooming out blazing lights, but she then found a ferocious beast plunging down from the sky.

Riding that demon beast, a Third Sky of the Nirvana Realm Demon Dweller was sneering cruelly, holding a black lance. He was scratching the void, dashing toward her.


After the black lance stabbed through Gu LingLung's exquisite body, that demon beast immediately rushed over; its iron-like claws grasped Gu LingLung's head.


Gu LingLung's head burst. Blood and brain spurted out together.

In that blood splash, the light covering Gu LingLung's entire body gradually disappeared, and she spat a mouthful blood. In the twisted s.p.a.ce, her body then disappeared mysteriously.

And it was going on like that on the Sun Island.

The vast majority of the warriors who didn't have the Teleportation Treasure nor other secret treasures could only madly rushed outside the island with the hope that they could jump into the sea to escape.

Unfortunately, these warriors had become the demon beasts' food before they could jump into the water.

On the flank of the Sacred Light Mountain, sparkling, blinding b.a.l.l.s of light continually appeared.

In the middle of those lights, Tang YuanNan disappeared without a trace, as well as Qingming, the Queen of Sky, the King of Earth, GuShao, and Yuqin.

Total six G.o.d Realm warriors, who had come here for the summit, had to run away when facing the intimidation of Demon King ChiYan, Demon Master XieYan, Demon Emperor Sinda, Demon Master Arig, and several others Demon Dwellers who had just entered the G.o.d Realm.

With the G.o.d Realm warriors' escape, it meant the fight on the Sun Island had come to an end.

Other people, who were still on the Sun Island, didn't have any secret treasures or secret transport technique, and thus they had no way to escape nor any hope to survive.

It was unknown when ChiYan had been standing again on the prow of the Demon King Ship, looking down at the island. His eyes were like two black holes displaying no emotions.

The two Demon Masters, SinDa, and Arig, who were under the command of ChiYan, had also flown up together to the Demon King Ship after the Sacred Light Mountain had collapsed.

These two Demon Masters belonged to the Sharp tail tribe, dragging a five-meter-long tail behind. That tail was full of sharp thorns like fierce fangs, giving people an undefeatable feeling.

"Six G.o.d Realm warriors have finally fled out of the island." SinDa walked over and talked to ChiYan with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"Don't bother about them." ChiYan coldly looked at the island and said, "They will definitely go to find Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian, re-gather their strength for the next fight. Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian will show up on the next time. That is when we have the real battle."

SinDa and Arig slightly bent down and nodded, indicating that they had understood.

"Clear all the human beings in this sea. Use their corpses to build the Corpse Soul Bridge. Millions of human corpses here are enough to finish the Corpse Soul Bridge. At that time, BoXun's and my real bodies can really come to the Endless Sea. Then, even Cao QiuDao and Yang YiTian cannot stop us." ChiYan looked down at the miserable creatures beneath, said ruthlessly.

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