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The seventh level beast Green Scaly Dragon was struggling around, as it was continually roaring outside the Sun Island, and rushing into the Sun Island anxiously.

There was a figure sitting on the Green Scaly Dragon, who was also shouting and screaming, as though to urge the people of the Sun Island to remove the formation technique.

There was a strange formation technique surrounded the Sun Island. The outsiders would have no way to enter the island without the Three G.o.ds Sect's permission.

Even if he was Zhong LiDun of the Martial Spirit Palace, he could not violate this rule. The man could only fly around outside of the island. Seeing the current situation of Zhong LiDun and Green Scale Dragon, the people on the Sun Island were terrified.

Even the group of Cao ZhiLan, Qingming, and other people on the Sacred Light Mountain were also startled. They all looked up to the sky, didn't know what the Green Scale Dragon was avoiding.

An ear-piercing screech bringing along a ferocious aura reverberated from very far away. As soon as the sound had echoed, the sea around the island boiled up instantly, creating a lot of huge waves. That sound could tear eardrums and crush fragile people's souls.

LiFu's face changed as he seemed to have figured out something, he then suddenly leaped up to the sky.

LiFu was one of those receptionists who welcomed guests to the island. At this moment, he hurriedly flew to the Green Scaly Dragon and split the formation technique open quickly.

Having been awaited for a chance to enter, the Green Scaly Dragon immediately glided through as soon as it saw the crack appear.

The seventh level Green Scaly Dragon turned into a green current of light, disappearing into the sky.

Fifteen minutes later, the Green Scaly Dragon reappeared in the sky of the Sun Island. The rider seemed to be standing on its back, slightly patting its body.

The Green Scaly Dragon roared and dashed toward the Sacred Light Mountain with the fastest speed, going straight up to the mountain peak.

Although the Sacred Light Mountain was surrounded with another formation technique, the Green Scaly Dragon was still moving freely as if this area didn't have any obstacles.

The first rank in the Power Ranking List, Zhong LiDun, was in an extreme urgency, as he was ignoring the rules of the Three G.o.ds Sect. He dashed straight to the mountain peak and kept screaming, seemingly wanting to tell Tang YuanNan something.

The group of Tang YuanNan and others, who were still on the mountain peak, were extremely frightened after having heard Zhong LiDun's explanation.

The crowd at the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain didn't know what was happening. Some of them were looking up to the sky; some were looking toward Zhong LiDun while the others cast their eyes toward the Sacred Light Mountain's peak. But, they all had a vague feeling of insecurities.

Another loud, earth-shaking noise came up from afar followed by plenty of other noises near the island. Huge waves surged, ma.s.sively lapping on the coast as if they wanted to destroy everything.

ShiYan and the three people of Yi TianMo's group, who were on the way back to their manor, suddenly halted their steps as they also realized that something was wrong.

In particular, after ShiYan had heard the ear-splitting sound, his eyes were instantly flooded with suspicions.

"Master, what happened?"

Yi TianMo noticed ShiYan's change, couldn't help but gently ask after being a little hesitant, "Did you realize something?"

ShiYan's face looked peculiar while he nodded slightly, "I don't know why I have recognized a familiar aura in that scream."

Yi TianMo was dazedly astonished, unknowingly looked up to the sky. At this time, the sun had already mounted high in the sky. Sunlight was shining over the entire island, and the Sacred Light Mountain looked as if it was gold-plated.

All of the warriors on the island were immersed in the glowing yellow sunlight. ShiYan was not an exception.

However, the difference between him and others was that while drowning in the sunlight, he could feel the heart of the Star Martial Spirit producing a suction force, gathering plenty of sunlight, and absorbing them into his heart.

His tender beating heart transmitted a warm flow of air which was not too strong and was quickly getting hotter.

A trace of surprise glimmered on ShiYan's face. He could feel his heartbeat as well as the light penetrating into his heart. He had decided to wait until the summit on the mountain peak was over, he would then find Tang YuanNan to ask more about this Star Martial Spirit's mystery and why it was that magical.

While he was still musing deeply, he suddenly detected the suction force of the Star Martial Spirit stopped unknowingly.

ShiYan couldn't help but look up to the sky with suspicions, wanted to know what was happening.

Frightening screams resounded from everywhere. Many people looked at the sky terrifyingly as their eyes kept changing nonstop.

Watching the sky, ShiYan felt aghast inside his heart.

It was unknown from where a group of inky black clouds was drifting over and quickly covering the entire sky of the Sun Island.

After that, countless cl.u.s.ters of pitch-black clouds also overwhelmed the sky hastily, shrouding the sunlight.

The Sacred Light Mountain, which had formerly been bathing in the light, now became gloomy and darkened.

This anomalous change didn't have any warning signs or indications. Until people realized something wrong, the sun had already disappeared, leaving only cl.u.s.ters of black clouds in the sky.

The clear sky darkened instantly. Daytime became night-time in just a blink.

In the darkness, horrifying roars sometimes resounded from the surrounding of the island giving people a hair-raising feeling as if numerous creatures were gathering and besieging this island.

Many warriors on the island felt terrified at heart, shouting out loud in fear, wanting to go up the mountain urgently.

Masters of different forces were gathering on the Sacred Light Mountain's peak, and thus, it should be the safest place in case the Sun Island had a major change.

"Without the golden invitation cards, no one is allowed to mount the Sacred Light Mountain." It was unknown since when LiFu had stood at the entrance, shouting, "Everyone should return to your accommodations. We will have the answer for the anomaly in the sky soon. Everyone should calm down."

However, the crowd didn't seem to care about it anymore. With the great panic in everyone's hearts, they ignored LiFu and rushed to the top of the mountain crazily.

LiFu and some warriors of the Three G.o.ds Sect screamed out loud for a while but got no others' attention. Thus, they wanted to take actions but then realized they had been submerged in the crowd, so they could only use the Yin Stone to ask for Tang YuanNan's instruction.

ShiYan knitted his eyebrows as a vague feeling came up within his heart. He looked up to the sky coldly, contemplated for a while, and then made a quick decision, "Return with the fastest speed."

Yi TianMo didn't say a word, just reached out to grab ShiYan's arm and leaped up.

YaMeng and KaBa were also aware of the strange situation and thus quickly returned to the manor.

Xia ShenChuan and Xia XinYan were in the manor. As they had also realized the unusual changes in the sky, Xia ShenChuan had used the Yin Stone to communicate with other people of Xia family, rea.s.suring them.

With huge doubts, Xia ShenChuan and Xia XinYan went to the outer room, looking toward the sky.

Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi were also astonished, blankly watching the changes in the sky.

"What happened?" Xia ShenChuan walked over, stole a glance at Ye ZhangFeng, and asked calmly.

"We don't know yet," Ye ZhangFeng shook his head with a face that had never been this serious before, "Many beasts are gathering here. Besides, the sky is overwhelmed with devil clouds, perhaps the Demon Dwellers of the Demon Area are already here. Currently, the Sun Island is blockaded. We don't know how many beasts and Demon Dwellers there are. It is truly unbelievable."

Along with their fast heartbeats, deafening and prolonged sounds continued to reverberate outside the Sun Island.

While Xia ShenChuan was in shock, Yi TianMo, together with ShiYan, suddenly came back.

"Ah!" Ye ZhangFeng was startled, "Didn't you go to the summit? Why do you come back so soon? Did you have news from the mountain?"

ShiYan shook his head, waiting for Yi TianMo to put him down, and then replied with his knitted eyebrows, "No one knows what is happening for now. From the current circ.u.mstance, perhaps someone wants to devastate the Sun Island. Even though that person knows that many warriors are gathering for the summit on the Sacred Light Mountain this time, he still dares to besiege the island. It means he has prepared well before coming here. Perhaps he truly has the ability to slaughter all the G.o.d Realm warriors here."

Ye ZhangFeng nodded in agreement with ShiYan, "It is highly possible."

"You guys should not separate. Wait and see the change. Once the situation gets worse, we will immediately withdraw from the island." Shi Yan calmly said after having considered for a while.

Xia ShenChuan and Xia XinYan quietly nodded and released a sigh.

The three people of Yi TianMo were the G.o.d Realm warriors; thus, having them by their side, everyone else felt a little bit less worried. If something bad happens, their opportunity to survive was still higher than others'.

As soon as that thought had come across in their mind, anomalous change happened in the sky.

ShiYan suddenly sat down, gritted his teeth quietly, and placed his right hand on the ground while his eyes kept changing.

Everyone couldn't help but look at him attentively.

No one knows why ShiYan's right arm was now covered with green silk fibers. With a closer look, those fine silk fibers were attaching onto his flesh and slowly moving as well.

With the scrutinizing gaze at his arm, everyone imagined that his right arm was like being wrapped with plenty of worms, which scared them out of their wits.

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