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Chapter 33 Martial Spirit of Music
Di Yalan and Shi Yan went into the hollow tree again.
“What’s happening?” Mu Yu Die, who was staying in the hollow tree in fear, got a little surprised, “I heard some explosions just now. Did some demon beasts pa.s.s by?”
Shi Yan sat down and began to feel the Profound Qi which had filled his meridians, without replying to Mu Yu Die.
Most of the Profound Qi, on those five warriors, had vanished into the air, and Shi Yan was able to absorb only a small part of it.
But since there was a Human-Level warrior among them, even if he just got a small part, it was a lot.
However, Shi Yan was still a little worried. He was cautious, for he didn’t know when the negative emotions would break out.

Seeing Shi Yan keep silence, Di Yalan told Mu Yu Die what had just happened outside.
Hearing the story, Mu Yu Die’s face turned serious and she seemed to be more worried. They were chased by so many bad guys, and now there were demon beasts in their way, she found their future was getting more and more hopeless.
The sun rose slowly and began to light up the sky. After one night’s rest, the three started to discuss in the hollow tree.
Shi Yan didn’t got too many chances to communicate with the girls when Luo Hao and his people were with them, so he didn’t know much about them. But now those males, including Luo Hao, had been killed, so he guessed he should know more about them, or he would land himself in a pa.s.sive position.
“Why is the Dark World chasing you?” Shi Yan asked in a steady voice while frowning, “You are from the Fire Empire?”
Mu Yu Die nodded and sighed, “It’s all because of me...”
“What’s the matter?” Shi Yan knew Mu Yu Die was a very special person. Now that she was to explain, he wanted the whole story.
“Sister Lan, you tell him.” Mu Yu Die glanced at Di Yalan and sighed again.
“You don’t know who Die is?” Di Yalan was surprised as she looked at Shi Yan with curious eyes, “Though you are from the Merchant Union, you must have heard of General Muku from the Fire Empire?!”
“Muku? The General of the Eagle Army of the Fire Empire? The Iron Eagle King?”
Shi Yan was so astonished that he nodded after a long thought, “So she is the granddaughter of The Iron Eagle King ? I got it.”
Shi Yan went through the fragmental memories about the Iron Eagle King - King Muku, and . got the complete story after recalling it.
In the memories of the other Shi Yan, Muku was the General of the Eagle Army of the Fire Empire, who was a Nirvana-Level warrior and held the real power of the Fire Empire!
The Iron Eagle King was not only famous in the Fire Empire, but also well known in the Merchant Union and the G.o.d-blessed Empire.
Muku was a legendary military leader who was seen in every battle between the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire. He was famous for his cruelty on the battlefield, and uncountable people had perished in his hands!
Muku was merciless to his foes, and was also obstinate to his own people, thus offending many powerful people.
Three years ago, in a battle between the Fire Empire and the G.o.d-blessed Empire, Muku was killed by five Nirvana-Level warriors.
For Muku had offended a lot of people when he was alive, his family got into trouble as soon as he died. Just in a few days, many of his direct relatives were slaughtered, thus the big family sank at once.
“I have heard of the Iron Eagle King.” After thinking for a while, Shi Yan nodded.
“Die is the Eagle King’s granddaughter, the only survivor of her family. The Dark World is an organization of a.s.sa.s.sins in the Empire, and it was the one who slaughtered her family. Die could survive only because of her Martial Spirit. On that day, her zither killed a lot of people in an invisible way, for her Martial Spirit has something to do with music...”
“You mean, Miss Mu’s Martial Spirit could kill with her zither?”
“Yes. Die’s zither can not only prevent onefrom becoming mad, but also can shatter one’s organs. The Dark World wants Die because their lord trains in a vicious Martial Skill and loses his mind now and then. He wants to calm himself with the help of Die’s music.”
“I got it.” Shi Yan nodded.
“As the Dark World was involved in the slaughter of her family, Die would rather die than help them. How could she help their lord train his vicious Martial Skill!”
But the Dark World was too powerful in the Fire Empire, so she had to seek for shelter in foreign countries.
Knowing Mu Yu Die’s ident.i.ty and story, Shi Yan asked again, “Then why can’t Miss Mu operate her Martial Spirit now?”
“Her Martial Spirit is quite special. Everytime she operates her Martial Spirit and kills people, several of her veins break like the zither strings. Before the veins reconnect, the Profound Qi can’t move fluently. She would get injured heavily if she operated the Profound Qi, and it would take more time for the Martial Spirit to recover.”
Di Yalan looked gloomy, “Two months ago, just as we were about to enter the Dark Forest at the border of the Fire Empire, the Dark World found us and we lost several people. Since Uncle Luo couldn’t prevent them anymore, Die operated her Profound Qi. Though she killed a lot, her own veins broke too. And they have not recovered yet.”
“So you need your veins to help operate the Profound Qi?” Shi Yan was quite confused, “Are you playing your zither, or playing your veins?”
“I can’t explain either.” Mu Yu Die replied lazily. She looked dim.
“Damage to the Martial Spirit...” Shi Yan deliberated over it for a moment, then he uttered, “Maybe I could help.”
Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan’s eyes lit at once, they stared at Shi Yan together!
“Well...” Shi Yan just popped up with that thought and he got embarra.s.sed, “Well, sister Lan, your Martial Spirit had come to life? The medicine in my body may be helpful for her too. I think...”
“Don’t you ever think about that!”
Mu Yu Die replied with anger and she stared at him, “Stop your dirty idea about me!”
She knew too well how Di Yalan regained her Martial Spirit...How would she sell her virginity for it?!
“I was joking. Don’t take it seriously.” Shi Yan looked indifferent, and he looked up at the entrance of the hollow tree, “It’s about noon, and I don’thear demon beasts, let’s resume our journey.”
“Ok.” Di Yalan giggled.

They got out from the tree hole and advanced in the forest, while Di Yalan still carried Mu Yu Die on her back.
After a whole night’s hunting, the demon beasts all seemed to be resting. They didn’t see a single high-level demon beast on the way. Yet, those human remains reminded them how nasty the demon beasts were last night.
At dusk.
The Profound Qi in Shi yan’s body was purified, and thus the negative power filled Shi Yan’s mind again. He got a strong urge to kill.
He knew Mu Yu Die’s zither could comfort him and diminish the negative emotions, but it would attract those demon beasts and their chasers in the serenity of the forest.
Since he had the experience with Di Yalan, Shi Yan hesitated for a second, wandered his l.u.s.tful eyes on Di Yalan’s delicious body for a while as he developed a plan.
Night came.
In a secret valley, Mu Yu Die cuddled in the branches of a dense ancient tree. She was gazing at the bushes ten meters away with a blushed face, while grinding her teeth.
The bushes were shaking continuously, combined with waves of suppressed moans...
“Wh.o.r.es!” Biting her lips, Mu Yu Die cursed.
After a long yell, that bush calmed down.
Minutes later, Shi Yan and Di Yalan stood up from it and walked back with messy clothes.

Shi yan walked in steady steps and looked calm, as if nothing had happened.
While Di Yalan looked fresh in her skin and smiled with satisfied eyes, though she had some gra.s.s in her long hair.
“Miss Mu, why didn’t you go to sleep?” As he got close, Shi Yan saw Mu Yu Die was watching him in despise, so he asked casually with a careless smile.
“Humph!” Mu Yu Die was angry as she cursed, “Shameless!”
“Oh?” Shi Yan returned her a smile, and said casually, “Maybe we can’t even see the sun tomorrow, who would care about this? Do whatever you want.”
“Yeah, we could be three dead bodies at this time of tomorrow. I don’t care.” Di Yalan walked up and showed just a slight of shame.
Hearing their excuse, Mu Yu Die was stunned. As she realized their situation, she didn’t know what to say at all.
“Sister Lan, train by heart. Maybe you can improve a lot.” Shi Yan smiled meaningfully.
“Ok, I understand.” Di Yalan got his undertone and laughed, “You are really something, aren’t you! Haha!”
Thus, Di Yalan climbed up the ancient tree and sat down on a strong branch. Under Mu Yu Die’s confused eyes, she started to train wholeheartedly.
Shi Yan didn’t climb up the tree. Instead, he sat down beside the tree cross-legged.
Due to the intercourse with Di Yalan, those negative emotions in his meridians were cleansed. And the miraculous power from the meridians gushed into his body and nourished his Martial Spirit.
Only a small part of it went into Di Yalan’s body,but this benefited Di Yalan too.
Closing his eyes, Shi Yan could feel that power was changinghis blood and flesh. He operated his Profound Qi in the Big Circulation.
One hour later, Shi Yan found that that miraculous power had all gone into his body, thus he began to practise his Petrification Martial Spirit.
As he thought about it, his bare arms hardened, and gradually they turned into dark brown.
Dark brown?
Shi Yan opened his eyes abruptly, which were as bright as stars. He looked in wonder and carefully examined his arms.
Dark brown! It was exactly Dark brown!
Shi Yan was so excited that he wanted to laugh wildly. At that moment, he finally realized how that power benefited his Martial Spirit magically.

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