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"I have read a little bit about the mutant Martial Spirit. Your situation is quite special. Let me take a look; perhaps I can find a solution for you." The Hierarchy of the Corpses G.o.d Sect gently said and slightly laughed. His laughter sounded gloomy and freaky as many green flames flickered in his dark green eyes and seemed very excited.

After finishing his words, Qingming immediately took actions without waiting for ShiYan's agreement.

With the G.o.d Realm cultivation base, after slightly swaying his body, Qingming looked like a floating cloud, instantly appeared in front of ShiYan.

Qingming's grim mask, gloomy voice, and green eyes could give people an imagination of a fen-fire flame in a night.

He stretched out his gloved hand, his fingers bent, forming a claw or a hook and then slowly aimed for ShiYan's abdomen.

A strand of strange green silk, like a small worm, appeared on his fingertips. Bringing along the corpse aura of the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame, it was like a living creature penetrating Shi Yan's abdomen.

"Thank you. Don't bother." ShiYan sneered while his left hand wearing the Blood Vein Ring blocked Qingming's hand. The icy light flared up in ShiYan;s eyes as the aura from his body became cold.

In a blink, the mountain peak looked as if it had been replaced by ice and snow.

However, this freezing temperature was nothing to Qingming.


When ShiYan's left palm touched the five fingers of Qingming's hand, a strand of strange green silk suddenly darted out, crazily barging in ShiYan's palm.

Right after ShiYan's hand had twinged, its bones instantly fragmented.

As soon as the strand of green silk went through his palm, it smashed all the power that hindered its way, running along the wrist straight up to the arm.

"I only have good intentions." Qingming said while the flame in Qingming's eyes was getting more radiant. "The power that I have launched might be a little too harsh to you, but I hope you understand that your hand's broken bones can easily be healed under the effect of your Immortal Martial Spirit. As long as you don't resist it, that power of mine will not harm you further."

ShiYan's face remained calm as if he didn't feel his left hand had been crumbled. There was even no sign of grimace or pain on his face.

He could clearly feel that that strand of green silk was running along the vessels in his arm, going straight up, aiming for the Profound Qi's beam of light in his abdomen.

ShiYan's sense had alerted him during the whole process.

"That's good though."

Out of Qingming's expectation, ShiYan suddenly relaxed, stopped using his icy power to resist. Instead, he comfortably stood still, watching Qingming's strand of silk, letting it freely penetrate into the Profound Qi's beam of light in his abdomen.

Qingming's eyes suddenly brightened as he felt a little astonished at heart, didn't know why ShiYan willingly cooperated like that.

Qingming stopped thinking, concentrated all of his power into the whirling flow of air at the Profound Qi's beam of light in Shi Yan's abdomen. Afterward, the greenish power suddenly spread out everywhere from inside ShiYan's abdomen, running along his vessels, creeping into every corner in his body.

ShiYan's face changed. Qingming revealed a wicked smile.

In just a few seconds, Qingming's power had already occupied more than half of ShiYan's body, running to most of the areas in his body, except for two places. One was his head, and the other was his wrist.

Qingming's strand of silk emitted thousands of beams of power but couldn't penetrate into ShiYan's head by any means, as well as his wrist, impossibly took even one step further.

The green light burst out in Qingming's eyes.

Suddenly, thousands of Qingming's beams of power inside ShiYan's body condensed and gathered at his wrist to make a sudden breakthrough with the terrifying devilish aura, which was dozen times stronger than before.

"It seems that the problem is on your wrist. Just relax. I will use my full power to penetrate in there to see." As soon as the five fingers of Qingming let go of ShiYan's left hand, the light in his eyes concentrated and instantly launched out.

ShiYan sneered, revealing a smile that was as sharp as a saber.

Right at this moment, the Blood Vein Ring on his left hand darted many rays of red light like a shower, covering ShiYan's palm.

The Blood Vein Ring contained a crystal chunk that confined the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame. Presently, this crystal chunk had been cracked open a small slit that freed the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame after a long time of confinement. It then turned into a powerful flow of silver light that destroyed layers upon layers of the Blood Vein Ring's bondage.

The dark red halo seemed to cover ShiYan's entire body. As soon as the Blood Vein Ring flashed and the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame immediately got out of that crystal chunk.

The Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame condensed into a small face looked like a group of clouds converging at the top of Qingming's head.

That little face revealed an exotic smile and suddenly spouted a flow of filthy air that enclosed Qingming's head.

Qingming's eyes became dazed.

Countless rays of light in Qingming's left eyes condensed into a face.

That face was horrible, and it was putting its maximum power in condensing all of the green dots of light in both of his eyes.

Momentarily, when a green halo suddenly appeared atop Qingming's head, layers after layers of those green dots clung onto that halo like stars in the sky.

The disgusting air that the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had spat out turned into some kind of liquid attaching to Qing Ming's halo and quickly eroded it. However, the green dots of light that were sticking onto the halo also quickly gathered, forming a mysterious formation, emitting some kind of power that startled other people.

A terrifying transformation appeared in Qingming's eyes while ShiYan's eyes became sharp and icy cold.

Qingming suddenly felt something wrong.

ShiYan's eyes were cold; a trace of sarcasm beamed out of the corner of his mouth. He suddenly retracted his left hand and slowly lifted his right arm in front of his chest at the same time.

Anger inflamed in Qingming's eyes.

Many flows of spiritual consciousness, which were like a shower pouring down from the galaxy, dementedly shot out, attacking ShiYan.

"Swoosh." An exotic flow of light showed up between ShiYan and Qingming, bringing along an alarming energy fluctuation.

Qingming's soul consciousness, which had been released, were all blocked, impossibly dashed forward.

At the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain, the three people of Yi TianMo's group displayed a stern look on their faces with solemn eyes and also emitted the murderous aura.

Numerous warriors who were standing close to the three of them had realized their horrendous aura and thus instantly moved far away from them, extending the distance between them.

Qingming's soul consciousness was totally halted. Even before he could retract his hand, a soul swirl suddenly appeared and crazily attacked toward his Sea of Consciousness as if it wanted to smash it down completely.

"I have acted recklessly." Qingming hurriedly screamed out, looking at ShiYan in fear and said, "I actually didn't have any malicious intent. ShiYan, don't be too merciless, spare an exit for later."

"I don't spare anything," Shi Yan said with a cold face, "Because we will never see each other again."

Qingming's eyes tragically changed. He was about to put all of his power forth to fight back. Unexpectedly, a soul force suddenly penetrated his body, depriving his control of the body.

ShiYan was very calm, tried to lift his right arm grabbing Qingming's heart.

"Arrogant brat!" Two soul flows, as soft as cotton, interfered at the critical point of time all of a sudden. These two soul flows were as flexible as a rattan rope binding the soul consciousness of the three people of Yi TianMo's group.

Qingming's Sea of Consciousness immediately returned to its normal state, regained the control of the body in just a blink. A powerful force ma.s.sively swarmed over.

"Crack, crack."

The bones of ShiYan's left hand fragmented again. Qingming pushed his wrist forward with all of his strength.

ShiYan's face changed while he instantly used his right hand to launch a full-power attack.


Landslide-like power poured down into the ground, dragging ShiYan's power into the inside of the mountain.

Qingming's punch fell into the air, missed ShiYan.

Qingming was about to continue taking actions but realized that the green halo on the top of his head had lost some layers of light. The little face of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame had become clearer, slowly moving closer to his head.

The green light in Qingming's eyes burst out. He no longer paid attention to Shi Yan, but instead, he put all of his strength to deal with the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

A wind-piercing sound suddenly came up at Qingming's side, and a figure then slowly appeared. It turned out to be Tang YuanNan.

After having shown up and threw a quick glance at Qingming's current state, Tang YuanNan couldn't help but slightly utter in surprise, "Heaven Flame."

"It is Shi Yan's." Qingming gritted his teeth, snorted and said, "Hierarchy Tang, do you want to have this Heaven Flame?"

Right at this moment, the sound of footsteps came up. It seemed that some people were coming.

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