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Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi came back to the manor at dusk. Both of them were startled seeing the big crater.

The crater was seven or eight meters deep with rubble heaping up together. Everything had clearly been smashed into ashes by some force.

Ye ZhangFeng squinted, a.s.suming and considering the possibility.

"It seems that a fight has just occurred in this place. According to the current scene, it is certainly the masterpiece which has been caused by a Nirvana Realm warrior with his secret treasure." After having a quick glance, Lin Ya Qi was a little disappointed, "If I have known about this, I would have stayed here instead of having gone to that boring auction of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland. Nothing there could attract me."

Ye ZhangFeng dragged a smile out of the corner of his mouth, shaking his head, "I don't think a Nirvana Realm warrior has caused this crater. According to my guess, this crater should be created by that guy ShiYan. Unexpectedly, things already became like this just after one day."

"What?" Lin YaQi kicked the gravel on the ground, frowned, and said with disbelieving tone, "Not sure. Can't he gather the Profound Qi? You have said that his right arm has strength, but given the situation where he cannot use his Profound Qi and just relies on his right arm's strength, how can he make such a terrible destruction like this?"

"You have underestimated him…" Ye ZhangFeng said with a serious face. "He was much more dangerous than you think. This guy is bizarre. The aura on his body is also a little peculiar. Even though he temporarily cannot gather the Profound Qi, it is still not easy for ordinary people to deal with him."

Lin YaQi was still doubtful.

Ye ZhangFeng walked to Shi Yan's chamber without saying anything further.

There were only Shi Yan and the three people of Yi TianMo's group in the room, discussing something with each other in a low voice.

After Ye ZhangFeng and Lin YaQi had entered, ShiYan immediately stopped the discussion with the other three people, raised his head looking at Ye ZhangFeng then spoke up, "How was the auction?"

"Don't mention it." Ye ZhangFeng released a disappointed sigh. "At first, I have had some respect toward this Spirit Treasure Wonderland, thinking that they could have displayed some real precious treasures. However, nothing was valuable there. It is such a waste of my mind to have been worried and prepared money for this."

"It was boring." Lin YaQi pouted her mesmerized red lips.

"Maybe because your demands are too high, everything then becomes ordinary in your eyes. Something which is valuable in others' eyes may have no value in your eyes."

Ye ZhangFeng had the Heaven Flame, and Lin YaQi possessed the Sacred Level Treasure. As both of them came from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they were obviously richer than most of the young successors in the Endless Sea. Their Master should be even wealthier than them, and thus, the eyes of his disciples were apparently different from other people's, and their demands were extremely high.

Therefore, they hadn't found the treasures that the Spirit Treasure Wonderland had displayed interesting and valuable.

Ye ZhangFeng seemed to understand the reason, he slightly grinned, nodded and said, "It should probably be that reason."

"This manor has many vacancies; you can freely choose one among them. I can't help you with this." Shi Yan contemplated for a while before speaking to Ye ZhangFeng, "As to our cooperation, you should think about it more carefully. With my current situation, I am not much of help."

Ye ZhangFeng was a little bit surprised then comfortably laughed, "Are you saying that your Heaven Flame is currently not the same as before because of your inability to gather the Profound Qi?"

ShiYan nodded.

"It's alright," Ye ZhangFeng looked very easy-going without any hesitation. "I don't think so, anyway. If an ordinary person cannot gather the Profound Qi, they might have a lot of difficulties in controlling the Heaven Flame. You are different though. Even if you cannot gather the Profound Qi forever, I think you still can control the Heaven Flame easily."

Lin YaQi's eyes suddenly brightened up.

The three people of Yi TianMo's group were a little puzzled.

ShiYan knitted his eyebrows but didn't say anything.

"Because the relationship between you and the Heaven Flame is not normal," Ye ZhangFeng continued with a stern face, "The way I control my Heaven Flame is that I temporarily remove its consciousness and forcefully occupy it. When I control it, I always have to be cautious with the possibility of its counterattack. Once my force cannot tyrannize over it, it will regain its consciousness and incinerate me into ashes. The saying 'Fire is a good servant but a bad master' can be applied in my case."

ShiYan quietly nodded as he knew the method of controlling the Heaven Flame of the Corpses G.o.d Sect is the same with the one of Ye ZhangFeng.

"You are different though," Ye ZhangFeng revealed a faint smile. "Although I don't understand how you can live with the Heaven Flame peacefully, the coadjutant relation between you and the Heaven Flame is something that I have desired. You might not be able to exert the Heaven Flame's power at most, but you will never have to worry that it will backfire on you. Even though you have no more Profound Qi, you still can use the Heaven Flame." After a short pause, Ye ZhangFeng continued, "The most important thing is the communication means between you and the Heaven Flame. The Heaven Flame can still maintain its consciousness and its ability to evolve naturally, which I have desired. If it is possible, I hope that the Jail Refined True Flame and I can form the same relationship."

Ye ZhangFeng was very straightforward, didn't hide anything nor hesitated.

ShiYan was astonished for a while before gently nodding his head. "That's right. The relationship between the Heaven Flame and me is exactly like what you have just said."

"The matter of your Profound Qi doesn't seem to affect you badly. That's good." Ye ZhangFeng hesitated a little bit before continuing, "It's not sure that your Martial Spirit has a bad mutation. I believe that you will overcome the inability to gather the Profound Qi. This kind of matter always exists during the mutation, and it will automatically disappear when the mutation is over."

ShiYan was moved.

The people of Yi TianMo's group got excited.

"Why didn't you say it before?" ShiYan grunted and unhappily asked.

"I forgot." Ye ZhangFeng burst into laughter, and then shifted his eyes toward Lin YaQi, winking at her. He walked straight out of the room without waiting for ShiYan to utter any more word. His voice echoed, "Alright, you should prepare for the meeting tomorrow. With your current situation, climbing the Sacred Light Mountain is not easy."

ShiYan was astonished.

"Master, you should rest." He said while a smiling sign appeared in Yi TianMo's eyes. "We know that you will definitely recover. With your current state, you will enter a whole new world once your Profound Qi is restored."

YaMeng and KaBa nodded together.

ShiYan laughed out loud, "I hope so."

Previously, ShiYan and the three people of Yi TianMo's group had been discussing the matter of the Snow Dragon Island. Given the situation of losing all the Profound Qi, he was a little down; hence, he had instructed Yi TianMo's group that they should not engender a feud with other people, and they should immediately leave after seizing the resources on the islands that were in their hands right now.

However, the three people of Yi TianMo's group hadn't agreed with him; instead, they had insisted on staying with him, which had been out of his expectation. He hadn't expected that the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan could have such respect for him.

ShiYan's faith had been not too strong before. However, after having listened to Ye ZhangFeng's explanation, he had gradually been enlightened.

At this time, he had already regained his belief and no longer had any intention of asking Yi TianMo's group to leave him.

When the sun descended behind the mountain, ShiYan discussed a little bit more with the three people of Yi TianMo's group before asking them to go back to rest. He then sat cross-legged alone in the room.

His mind gradually blended with his body, and his soul started spreading out, slowly entering his right arm, and concentrating all his consciousness into this arm.

ShiYan's muscle fibers seemed to be magnified. His consciousness was moving between those st.u.r.dy muscle fibers, realizing as if it was entering a sea of energy.

That was a new energy, formed by the fusion of the Profound Qi and the mysterious energy. This kind of energy stayed inside his arm, replenishing it with vitality and vigorousness.

Would the fourth phase of the Petrification Martial Spirit transform the entire body?

ShiYan raised up his hope.

Inside a human body, there were total six hundred thirty-nine muscles which were const.i.tuted by sixty millions of muscle fibers, among of which, the longest muscle fiber was sixty centimeters and the shortest one was about one millimeter only. The heaviest muscle fiber was two hundred grams, and the lightest one was only a few grams.

For ordinary people, the muscles occupied around thirty-five to forty percent, and the length of the total blood veins was around one hundred thousand kilometers.

A lot of memories outflowed from his mind. These memories belonged to the body const.i.tution subject of the other world.

In that other world, he was very fond of intense movements, and thus, his body was much stronger than that of an ordinary one. He had also carried on a profound study of human body's muscles and attended several courses related to this subject.

These memories had been deep-rooted but now ma.s.sively flowed out all of a sudden.

With only one hand that was going through the transformation, he had almost consumed all of his Profound Qi and the mysterious fused energy. So, if the entire body had to undergo the transformation, how terrifying that unknown power would be.

Just one normal fist of his right hand had already made a thirty-meter crater. So, if his entire body had the transformation, and that transformation was perfectly successful, what level would the power in his body possibly reach?

ShiYan squinted; his eyes were full of vitality.

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