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As soon as Yi Tian Mo had retrieved his soul, the five Devils stopped chasing after it. They didn't get out of the Sea of Consciousness and restfully stayed inside.

Shi Yan still maintained his strange motionless posture as if he was in some sort of a trance. Although his Sea of Consciousness was still vibrating, his breath was normal. Except for the fact that all of his Profound Qi had been entirely lost even though his body didn't have any abnormalities.

Yi Tian Mo's face displayed a little surprise and became heavier after having retrieved his soul.

"How was it?" Ka Ba and Ya Meng asked at the same time with suspicious faces.

"There are some problems." Yi Tian Mo stretched his hand placing it on Shi Yan's hand, transmitting the Profound Qi into his body.

The Profound Qi like sensitive, subtle fibers slowly flew around inside Shi Yan's vessels within his chest and gradually spread out all over his body.

However, when Yi Tian Mo's Profound Qi circulated to Shi Yan's right arm, it encountered layer upon layers of obstacles. The Profound Qi that he had released was somehow being blocked by numerous walls, making it impossible to penetrate inside.

Yi Tian Mo's Profound Qi continued being transmitted, groping along the vessels to spread out all over Shi Yan's body. Except for his right arm, other places inside his body was ventilated and uncluttered.

As he had figured this out, Yi Tian Mo thought for a while before continuing transmitting several more of the Profound Qi fibers toward Shi Yan's right arm.

Seven flows of the Profound Qi scattered and busted in the invisible walls at the same time.


A deep explosive sound reverberated from inside Shi Yan's arm.

The dark purple lights were moving on his arm. In that strange vibration, Yi Tian Mo's Profound Qi that had just stormed in exploded and was completely swallowed up, leaving no trace.

Shi Yan's arm shot out a flow of peculiar aura toward Yi Tian Mo's hand.

Yi Tian Mo's face changed in fear. He quickly retracted his hand and slightly shouted, "It's strange."

Ya Meng and Ka Ba was astounded and urgently asked, "Old Yi, what happened?"

"Nothing." Yi Tian Mo released a sigh and helplessly said, "It appears that I couldn't wake Master up. I don't know why his current symptom is similar to 'possessed by the Devil'. However, after thinking more carefully, it doesn't seem right. Perhaps due to some secret technique cultivation, he has turned to be like this."

After listening to Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng and Ka Ba didn't say anything further.

Ya Meng's and Ka Ba's knowledge of the different kinds of forces were not as profound as Yi Tian Mo's. Thus, they knew that they couldn't really help or give any input.

The three of them were contemplating, looking at Shi Yan with their knitted eyebrows. They felt helpless right now as they had no solution for this situation.

Xia XinYan, Ye ZhangFeng, and Lin Ya Qi had been waiting for Shi Yan for a long time but still didn't see Shi Yan show up yet; thus, they couldn't help but go and look for him.

As soon as they entered the room, seeing Shi Yan's stiff body on the ground, they all screamed out terrifyingly.

The three people of Yi Tian Mo stood around Shi Yan, preventing anyone from coming closer.

Even Xia XinYan was stopped as well.

Xia ShenChuan also arrived right after he had been informed about this. He strangely looked at Shi Yan before looking at the three people who were standing around him while asking suspiciously, "What happened?"

Ye ZhangFeng, Lin Ya Qi, and Cao Zhi Lan were also full of doubts. Shi Yan had been still fine the previous day, how could he have become like this just after one night?

No one could explain.

"We came here this morning and had found him in this unconscious state. It was like… like 'possessed by Devil' state." After coldly harrumphing, Yi Tian Mo told them the truth about what had happened. "I have searched Master's soul and detected nothing abnormal except that the Profound Qi of his entire body seems to have been completely drained. It is like he has consumed all of his strength after fighting with someone."

"How is it possible?" Xia ShenChuan was surprised, "This place was very quiet last night. There was no fight for sure. Is it true that he was possessed by the Devil?"

Although everyone was worried, they were not very anxious as they saw that Shi Yan was still breathing, and his heartbeat was still normal.

However, it was certainly not a good thing if he couldn't wake up.

As Yi Tian Mo had admitted his helplessness, everyone else also kept their mouths shut.

"Let me try." After contemplating for a while, Ye ZhangFeng suddenly spoke up. "Although I don't know what happened to him, with my knowledge of the 'possessed by the Devil' state, perhaps I can figure out something."

Yi Tian Mo tightly knitted his eyebrows.

Xia ShengChuan's eyebrows were also slamming together.

Everyone knew that Shi Yan and Ye ZhangFeng met each other not that long ago, and thus they couldn't be considered as having a close relationship. If Ye ZhangFeng had some wicked intentions and wanted to take this chance to kill Shi Yan, Shi Yan would have no other ways except for death.

No one had nodded yet as everyone was carefully considering it.

"Let him try. As we have many people, even if he has bad intentions, he will not be able to do it." At the critical point of time, Xia XinYan spoke up, "It is still better than wasting time. If Shi Yan is really in the 'possessed by the Devil' state, we have to come up with a solution quickly."

"Is this guy really from the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" Yi Tian Mo asked Xia ShenChuan after considering for a while.

The previous night, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group had had some talks with Xia ShenChuan and gotten some information related to Ye ZhangFeng.

The three of them especially paid attention to the center land of the Grace Mainland behind the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. From the talk with Xia ShenChuan, Yi Tian Mo had known that Xia ShenChuan was the Master of the Xia family, and he had also had a feeling that Xia ShenChuan could have provided him with some useful information.

During the conversation with the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group, Xia ShenChuan had been surprised as well. As he had remembered the fact that Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, he had told Yi Tian Mo what he knew.

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group clearly paid close attention to this. They had asked many questions about Ye ZhangFeng and even had had the intention that they would have had to question Ye ZhangFeng more in person later.

"That's right. He has said it himself." Xia ShengChuan nodded.

The eyes of the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan - Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba brightened up, simultaneously looking at Ye ZhangFeng.

"Does the center of the Grace Mainland have a place whose name is the Heaven Yin Ancient Mound?" Yi Tian Mo took a deep breath before asking.

Ye ZhangFeng's and Lin Ya Qi's faces changed dramatically. "You know about the Heaven Yin Ancient Mound?"

A Heaven Light seemed to flare up in Ye ZhangFeng's eyes. "The Heaven Yin Ancient Mound is one of the three dead territories. It is very famous as well as mystical. It has been said that the Heaven Yin Ancient Mound has always been sealed and that no one could enter. How could you know of that place?"

After the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group threw him a quick look, they quietly nodded, indicating that they had confirmed Ye ZhangFeng's ident.i.ty.

"You can try now. Don't do anything stupid." Yi Tian Mo didn't reply Zhe ZhangFeng's question. Instead, he just gave a narrow access and told Ye ZhangFeng, "Be careful. Don't use the soul to approach his Sea of Consciousness. Otherwise, the soul that you release will not be able to come back. Moreover, the abnormal thing in his body was on his right arm. If you want to search, aim for that target."

Ye ZhangFeng gazed at him and asked again, "How can you know about the Heaven Yin Ancient Mound?"

"From the ancestors' scripture." Yi Tian Mo replied after contemplating for a while.

Ye ZhangFeng's eyes brightened, carefully looking at the three of them. He seemed to have figured out something, but he didn't say anything further. He walked over and stayed next to Shi Yan. After that, he stretched out his hand holding Shi Yan's arm.

A fireball suddenly shot out from Ye ZhangFeng's palm.

The flames were like many scales covering his palm and the back of his hand. In just a blink, Ye ZhangFeng's hand now looked like it was wearing a yellow glove. The flames kept dancing nonstop as if there was a life joyfully cheering on his hand.

The faces of the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group turned chalky white. They couldn't help but take a few steps backward and hoa.r.s.ely screamed out loud with astonishment, "Heaven Flame!"

The three people Cao Zhi Lan, Xia XinYan, and Xia ShenChuan also quickly moved backwards in shock as they were scared that the Heaven Flame would touch them.

"No worries, I can perfectly control this Heaven Flame. I won't let its heat affect anyone."

The faces of the three leaders of the Demonic Sound Clan were not quite good. They urgently used their powers to check and realized that there was no heating aura of the Heaven Flame in the room.

They were secretly surprised and were strangely looking at Ye ZhangFeng.

The Heaven Flame's heat was incredibly terrifying. Being able to release the Heaven Flame and oppress all of its aura at the same time, Ye ZhangFeng had clearly reached the exceptionally marvelous Realm in using the Heaven Flame.

They understood that Ye ZhangFeng was much better than Shi Yan in terms of using and controlling the Heaven Flame.

Cao Zhi Lan was frightened. Her beautiful eyes were full of astonishment while she secretly guessed Ye ZhangFeng's status.

On the contrary, as Xia ShenChuan and Xia XinYan had already known Ye ZhangFeng's ident.i.ty as well as the mystery of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, they were not too surprised.

Under everyone's attentive looks, Ye ZhangFeng closed his eyes, and several sparkling drops of water appeared on his white face that was even more beautiful than a girl's. His hand which was holding Shi Yan's arm was also slightly trembling as if he was consuming a big amount of power.

Lin Ya Qi was also surprised and a little bit puzzled when seeing Ye ZhangFeng being this exhausted.

She clearly knew Ye ZhangFeng's ability more than anyone else. She thought that Ye ZhangFeng shouldn't have wasted too much strength with Shi Yan's strange 'possessed by the Devil' state; instead, he only needed to sense a little to just to roughly know the current situation.

However, she was a little bit shocked when seeing Ye ZhangFeng's reaction,; she also looked at Shi Yan out of curiosity.

More sweat had appeared on Ye ZhangFeng's face as he became more somber. He was still closing his eyes without saying anything. No one knew whether he had figured something out or not.

In the room, everyone was silent, looking at Ye ZhangFeng and Shi Yan's abnormal state.

Yi Tian Mo's face changed all of a sudden. He lifted his face looking up and said with a cold face, "That guy is here again."

Ya Meng's and Ka Ba's eyes became chillingly cold. They quickly sat down, releasing their souls to form a soul defensive formation which prevented that guy from penetrating.

"You guys shouldn't use the soul consciousness nor get out of this circle."

Yi Tian Mo's face was severely serious. His five fingers shot out many peculiar beams of light, creating a dome of light on the ground covering everyone inside of it.

After finishing the arrangement, Yi Tian Mo also sat down, closed his eyes, preparing to fight against the enemy.

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