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Chapter 32 The Silver Thunder Wolf
The howls of the demon beasts came from the woods far away.
“Tata! Tata!”
Heavy running steps sounded across the silent night. Judging from the sound of those steps, one could tell that it must have been human beings running in the woods.
However, Shi Yan couldn’t tell if it was a warrior chasing the demon beast, or a demon beast hunting a human. He didn’t want to be involved, and thus said to Di Yalan, “Hide well. Let’s not ask for trouble. Remember the lesson from the Tush Mercenary Union.”
Di Yalan nodded, and mumbled to Mu Yu Die on the hollow tree, “Don’t make a sound. Stay inside the tree leaves.”
“Let’s go and hide inside another dense tree.” After a little thought, Shi Yan moved swiftly, found another luxuriant ancient tree and crouched in the leaves immediately.
As soon as he did that, Di Yalan came up and hid herself with him.
They were still on alert as they hid themselves in the dense leaves. Meanwhile they also removed their scent from the surroundings, to completely hide their presence.
Before long, five fl.u.s.tered mercenaries appeared at a distance with terrified looks on their faces.
They were all heavily wounded. Amongst them, the leader was a Human Level warrior, and the rest were at the Nascent Level.
The mercenaries were running through the woods with fl.u.s.tered expressions, looking over their shoulders, as if they were getting chased by demon beasts.
And that was exactly what was happening.
Just as they appeared in Shi Yan’s sight, he beheld a Fire Snake and two Ice Lizards moving in the woods quickly. At the same time, several Silver Armoured Scorpions, which were nearly a foot big, came up from the left, seeming to encircle them.
The five mercenaries were completely terrified as they rushed into the woods.
Shi Yan turned pale as he realised that those mercenaries were done for.
Shi Yan could clearly see a robust Silver Wolf in the direction they were heading to. The wolf was four metres long but they didn’t see it!
The wolf had two silver five-meter-long wings, which looked novel and mysterious, adorned with delicate patterns.
Though it was the first time that Shi Yan had seen it, he had heard its story long ago. That was a Silver Thunder Wolf of Level Seven---- atop demon beast in the Dark Forest!

Then he was sure that it wouldn’t be a warriors-kill-demon beasts scenario, but... the complete opposite one.
The b.l.o.o.d.y hunting started at once!
The moment the five warriors rushed into the woods and saw the awaiting Silver Thunder Wolf, they screamed with despair.
The Silver Thunder Wolf didn’t even give them a chance to struggle. It spread its thunder wings in no time and devastating blasts came out one after another beside the warriors. Three of them cut into shreds in an instant!
The Silver Thunder Wolf stood there in arrogance----it didn’t strike again.
Those chasing demon beasts ran up quickly and encircled the rest two in no time.
The Fire Snake and Ice Lizards worked together to attack the warriors. Soon, one of them was poisoned by the Silver Armour Scorpion, and the other killed by an Ice Lizard.
Horrifying sounds broke the serenity of the deep forest.
Apart from the Silver Thunder Wolf, the other demon beasts crowded around the five dead bodies and started feasting on their bones.
Di Yalan was too terrified to look in that direction.
She was not at all afraid of killing, but those demon beasts were eating human flesh, which would make her vomit badly if she saw...
Hiding in the leaves, Shi Yan was gazing at those demon beasts calmly, while figuring out something in his mind.
As the five warriors were dead, their Profound Qi was gradually seeping out, and as it would eventually melt in the air and disappear.
If he could get to that area before the Profound Qi disappeared, he would benefit by a lot!
However, there were so many demon beasts feasting on the bodies, he could do nothing but hope they would leave soon.
A miserable human cry came from very far away, which was full of fear and despair.
The still Silver Thunder Wolf suddenly howled and dashed out.
Hearing its howl, those demon beasts, who had almost eaten up the five bodies, stopped eating at once and followed the wolf in a hurry. They seemed to hunt other human beings.
Immediately, Shi Yan jumped down the dense tree as soon as they left, and headed to those messed up bodies like a ghost.
Di Yalan was startled as she screamed from the tree in a low voice, “What are you doing?”
“Going and checking what had happened. I will be back soon. Don’t leave the tree.” Shi Yan didn’t even bother to look back and moved to those bodies speedily. As he arrived near to the bodies, he closed his eyes and began to feel them.
Luckily enough, it wasn’t too late for him. The warrior of Human Level had more Profound Qi than others, and there was still twenty percent of it left on his body.
The invisible Profound Qi went into his pores, as being attracted by a magnet, and then flew into his meridians...
Sensing the power of the foreign Profound Qi, Shi Yan smiled with satisfaction.
Before long, all the Profound Qi which had not melted and disappeared into the air yet, went into Shi Yan’s body.
At the sight of the limbs and entrails on the ground, Shi Yan frowned. Nonetheless, enduring the bad smell, he began to examine their carry bags.
There was too much blood on the food, and it might also be the poison from the Silver Armour Scorpion----it’s inedible now. Crystal coins were not of much use in this area, and too many of it would prevent them from moving fast, thus the warriors didn’t carry too many crystal coins.
Searching for a while, Shi Yan was able to pillage only few demon beast material and medicine..
Poor guys!
Shi Yan mumbled as he cleaned his hands with one bag. Then he walked towards where Di Yalan was hiding.
“Hoooooowl!” “Hoooowl!”
Demon beasts were howling in the Dark Forest even at dawn. They seemed to be running around and hunting for warriors and mercenaries in a group.
Hearing the horrifying sound, Shi Yan wasn’t frightened. On the contrary, he was a little happy.
Demon beasts’ actions would influence their chasers. They would be spotted by demon beasts if they were still moving in the forest at night, and the more they moved, the more likely they would be found by the demon beasts. Maybe the people from the Dark World, Mo Family and the Tush Mercenary Union would lose a lot tonight, and the demon beasts would have a full belly tonight.
He was right...
That night, Mo Chaoge and his people were taken care of by the demon beasts.
As they wanted Shi Yan and Mu Yu Die desperately, the troop didn’t sleep at night after Hu Long committed suicide. Instead, they kept searching for Shi Yan and his friends in the Dark Forest. Therefore, they were noticed by demon beasts. Thanks to the five warriors, the troops finally got to know of the reality and hid themselves in ancient trees.
“What were you doing?” Di Yalan frowned, “Were their possessions really worth the risk? If the demon beasts returned or if you were noticed by them, you would have had no way to escape!”
“Look, didn’t I return safely?”
Shi Yan climbed up the tree without explaining what he had gained. Looking rigid, he said, “Why are all the demon beasts hunting for warriors and mercenaries like crazy? Someone must have done something to irritate them! Or they wouldn’t act like this!”
“What should we do?” Di Yalan had no idea, “Are we still going to head forward?”
“Wait for a while. After spending the whole night hunting, those demon beasts should be much more subdued during the day. We can set off at noon.”
“Okay then.”

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