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The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group had left.

Shi Yan was sitting alone in the middle of the room, slightly closing his eyes and being silent like a monk in his meditation.

Shi Yan didn't mind about the person that Yi Tian Mo had mentioned although he had been a little bit astonished.

Many high-cla.s.s warriors from everywhere were gathering on the Sun Island, and some G.o.d Realm warriors were among them. When those warriors appeared on the Sun Island at the same time, the island would obviously no longer be peaceful anymore.

As he had just come to the Sun Island today, he had already killed several people and had become a star after the fight with Man Gu.

Heroes from everywhere on the island had already noticed him and been even more interested in the cultivation base of the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group.

The Yang family had offended many people in the Endless Sea during their glorious time.

As soon as Shi Yan had appeared, he had forcefully made the other forces to pay for what they had done before and intimidated Yu Qin and Gu Shao. In their eyes, this action of his was similar to the previous defiance of the Yang family.

Obviously, some people who were hiding in the dark weren't happy with his way of doing things. Thus, the fact that someone couldn't help but take actions was also understandable.

As what he had seen, the fact that someone couldn't help but bring the whole army here to question his guilt was something that was likely to happen.

He, of course, also believed that no one would be willing to be involved in life and death battles given the current tense situation.

Exactly speaking, they would not risk their lives to fight against the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group.

After all, the Demon Dwellers' intimidation was still there.

Before the Demon Dwellers' menace disappeared, no one would dare to ignore it.

Shi Yan didn't care about the current situation as he had nothing in the Endless Sea. If something happened, he could simply dust off his a.s.s and leave. He didn't care about the Endless Sea's situation, whether ordinary people lived or died, nor the resources on the island.

Leaving the Endless Sea, he still could live a good life like he had had before, let alone the fact that he didn't have much attachment to the Yang family.

Without any attachment, he wasn't scared at all. That was why he dared to fish in troubled waters at this critical point of time.

The war between the Demon Dwellers and the high-cla.s.s warriors of the Endless Sea was just the training for him to gain more valuable experiences that could help him enter the Nirvana Realm or even the Sky Realm.

The special feature of the Mystery Martial Spirit in his body was that it would be improved faster during battles, and the powers that it could absorb would also be bigger.

He felt regretful that he couldn't stir up the Endless Sea sooner.

The more warriors that fell, the more treasures he would be able to obtain. Seeing from this aspect, he was actually one of the major factors that led the world into complete chaos.

Only when he was not scared and had no attachments, would he be able to freely do whatever he wanted without having to be responsible for any consequences.

Many thoughts zoomed over in his mind. A cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He then closed his eyes and started to meditate.

Numerous negative feelings flooded the meridians inside his body. Under the effect of the Mystery Martial Spirit, the aura was running in his meridians with breakneck speed, purifying the dead auras that he had absorbed today and turning them into some kinds of peculiar energies that brought him power.

Shi Yan was quietly sensing them, being immersed in himself to understand the strange transformation in his body.

Although there were still two kinds of chaotic negative auras penetrating, they were in the range that he could bear. His mind maintained to be in the conscious state at all times, without having any signs of losing his mind.

"It seems that the spiritual Qi of other people was not enough for me to use." Shi Yan thought to himself.

The people who had died today were only at the Earth Realm and the Disaster Realm. After their spiritual Qi had been absorbed, the purification speed in Shi Yan's meridians was significantly faster. That was also why the negative auras couldn't have affected him much.

Entering the Peak Earth Realm, whether it was his mental state or his body's extreme endurance level, both had a huge breakthrough.

At this Realm, his body could now endure more of the counterattacks.

While Shi Yan was quietly evaluating and sensing the transformation inside his body, his spirit was very calm as his Sea of Consciousness was restful without surging up.

Not long after that, those familiar peculiar energies suddenly flowed out of his meridians.

Being in shock, he quickly controlled that peculiar power and was conducting it to the beam of profound Qi light in his body.

During this time, he always paid attention to the beam of Profound Qi light on his belly.

In that marvelous world, the Profound Qi had an unusual shape of an ancient tree piercing through the sky while its branches and leaves were full of Profound Qi and energy, becoming more and more luxuriant.

He vaguely speculated that when the Profound Qi gathered more and more, this ancient tree started to have miraculous transformations in every fifteen minutes.

He even recognized that when the ancient Profound Qi tree had the transformation was also the point of time when he would break through to the Nirvana Realm.

Therefore, he had been continuing condensing the Profound Qi in the past few days, gathering more of the Sky and Earth aura to pour in.

Needless to say, the peculiar power inside the meridians in his entire body was extremely useful. It helped the Profound Qi grow. Thanks to this peculiar energy, his Profound Qi had rocketed several times.

He believed that if he could conduct this energy that was staying hidden in his meridians into the ancient Profound Qi tree, that this ancient Profound Qi tree would have some critical transformations.

The thing that he wanted the most was to pour this peculiar energy into the Star Martial Spirit on his chest.

However, it was useless to pour that peculiar energy into the Star Martial Spirit before knowing the secrets of the Star Martial Spirit.

His mind flickered. He immediately activated the soul consciousness and hid it in the moving mystical flows of power, in an attempt to control and conduct them to the beam of Profound Qi light in his belly.

However, when he started doing that, his mind was suddenly agitated. Something was moving in his Sea of Consciousness.

This kind of vibration made his mind tremble. The muscles on his body were shrinking. He suddenly fell off the chair amid the room while his body kept shaking violently, and made it looked like he was having a seizure. It was extremely strange.

In the Sea of Consciousness, the host soul was spreading out numerous soul fibers that were connecting with the Sea of Consciousness to control its vibrations.

While his mind was empty, a miraculous illusion, which was like as if he was floating in the cloud, suddenly appeared, drifting about along with the howling wind. The chaotic thoughts in his brain seemed to have completely been wiped out. He didn't think of anything as it seemed that he was now entering some kind of marvelous realm. His body was subconsciously shaking.

Following this tremor, the mystical strength that came forth from the meridians in his entire body turned into countless tiny dots of light and was slowly running to his right arm.

His mind was as empty as the Ethereal Realm. He knew the moving direction of this mystical energy flow, but he couldn't have any reactions.

At this moment, his body didn't seem to belong to him anymore.

His consciousness could no longer control his body, and the ability to control his body seemed to have temporarily been captured by different kinds of invisible energies.

All of the mystical energies that were spreading out from his meridians were now quickly flowing towards his right arm.

When he a.s.sumed that the transformation of his body was about to end, a stream of mystical power pierced into the beam of the profound Qi light and was now entering the ancient tree that had been created by the condensation of the Profound Qi.


The mystical strength seemed to burn numerous splendid lights.

Instantly, the luxuriant ancient Profound Qi tree radiated many glittering lights which were like thousands of tiny rivers then spread out of the tree trunk altogether and disappeared into the vessels on his belly.

More than thousands of sparkling Profound Qi fibers ma.s.sively flew out, flooding towards his right arm.

Shi Yan was going through some kind of miraculous transformation that was quietly happening.

The Profound Qi of his entire body then spread out from his belly. The trunk of that ancient tree gradually shrank, slowly became gloomy, and eventually disappeared.

The sparkling Profound Qi from that ancient tree trunk turned into thousands of rays that were flowing along his vessels towards his right arm, blending with the mystical energy inside there, and then pouring into the muscles of his right arm.

The flesh in his muscles vibrated nonstop. The Profound Qi and the mystical power constantly poured in and fused with each other.

That vibration had been spreading all over his body. Six hundred thirty-nine muscles on his body also seemed to be shaking, which gave him the feeling that numerous currents of electricity were running through his body.

His entire right arm suddenly shot out dark purple rays, which were getting more illuminant together with the vibrations of his muscles.

As the Profound Qi of the entire body had been completely drained, the light of the Profound Qi on his belly also became gloomier.

The ancient Profound Qi tree had vanished as if it had returned to the nihility. It would require another condensation of the Profound Qi to appear again.

The Profound Qi and the mystical energy fused with each other and then completely disappeared into his right arm's flesh. This fusion filled his muscles with full of energy that could make the other people trembling in fear.

His entire body was agitated while the amplitude of the vibrations was getting bigger. He gesticulated in the middle of the room as if he was unconsciously possessed by the devil without knowing what it is that he was doing.


An explosion came up in his head. His wriggling body suddenly ceased as if it was being controlled by the Immobilized Body Technique. Although his body was motionless, it still maintained the peculiar pose.

At this moment, his brain didn't have any thoughts left.

Only his right arm was still dazzling and was quietly going through some peculiar transformation.

Dawn was coming.

The figures of two people quarreling emerged outside the manor.

Xia XinYan was sitting in the garden since earlier. As soon as seeing those two vacillated in front of the gate, she couldn't help but stand up with a forced smile.

She looked at them from afar with her knitted eyebrows then asked, "What are you coming here for?"

"Ah ha." Ye ZhangFeng went inside while pointing at the gate guards and speaking, "I told them I know you guys, so they let us in."

Lin Ya Qin followed him unceremoniously.

"Why are you here?" Xia XinYan asked again.

"The meeting won't start until tomorrow. There is the busiest auction fair today, which is organized by the Spirit Treasure Wonderland after having the permission of the Three G.o.ds Sect. It is said that there will be many extraordinary spirit treasures being displayed in the auction fair. I want to ask Shi Yan to accompany us, and also I want to discuss something with him." Ye ZhangFeng giggled and said.

After going around in the manor, Lin Ya Qin said with astonishment, "This place is much better than ours. If I knew you were here, I would have come here last night."

"I will tell Shi Yan about this. We will come and stay here tonight." Ye ZhangFeng said with a smile.

Lin Ya Qin nodded, implicating that it was how it should be.

In a small charming pavilion staying hidden in the forest, the window on the third story suddenly opened.

Cao Zhi Lan opened up her arms; her waist bent backwards like a willow while her beautiful b.r.e.a.s.t.s were thrusting out.

"Oh!" Lin Ya Qin shouted with surprise as if she had just found a new continent. She pointed towards Cao Zhi Lan from a distance and said, "Why is she here?" Ye ZhangFeng was a little bit bewildered before bursting into a strange laughter, constantly nodding and complimenting, "This little rascal Shi Yan is really dangerous. I admire him now."

Xia XinYan's face was not good, as her cold eyes shifted over there and asked, "Do you know her?"

"No, we don't," Ye ZhangFeng shook his head, "We just met her yesterday."

Lin Ya Qin looked toward there then looked at Xia XinYan. As she seemed to understand something, she clapped her hands while talking with a big smile, "I know. You two are competing for a man? That is interesting!"

Xia XinYan was embarra.s.sed, angrily staring at her.

"Where is Shi Yan?" Ye ZhangFeng asked.

"Don' know." As her rage hadn't gone yet, she was still crabby when mentioning about Shi Yan. "Perhaps he will be going out soon."

After hearing that, Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qin didn't pay much attention. They talked to her while waiting.

In the big room.

The three people Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba were looking at Shi Yan who was motionlessly and unconsciously lying down on the ground with somber faces.

"What happened?" Ka Ba's face was confused, "We were constantly vigilant last night. We didn't detect anyone nor any souls breaking in. How come it is like this?"

"Old Yi, did you find something abnormal last night?" Ya Meng asked with a worried face.

"No," Yi Tian Mo shook his head while speaking with a heavy voice, "Only someone who has a higher realm than ours could cross our soul defensive formation; otherwise, there is no way that we couldn't detect anyone. But, there shouldn't be anyone with that level on this island?"

"So, how about this?" Ka Ba asked with fear.

"Perhaps something happened while he was cultivating." Yi Tian Mo had a closer look at Shi Yan, quietly urging his soul consciousness for a while before speaking. "It's alright. The Sea of Consciousness of Master is totally normal. Even the host soul is safe. It is just that the host soul seems to be stuck in some kind of miraculous realm, which brings people an uncatchable feeling of emptiness. That might be some kind of cultivation technique."

Ya Meng couldn't help but walk forward, stretched out his hand placing on Shi Yan's chest, launching the power to check a little bit. He then said with the unchanged face, "The Profound Qi has completely vanished."

"What?" At this moment, Yi Tian Mo's and Ka Ba's faces changed dramatically. They hurriedly walked over to check and realized that his Profound Qi had truly died out mystically.

"How come?" The three of them exchanged glances with complicated faces, didn't know how to handle this matter.

"Is it because he had fought with someone for the whole night yesterday that consumed all of his Profound Qi?" Ya Meng said with uncertainty while helplessly rubbing his head.

"In this s.p.a.cious place, if he had fought with someone, how come we didn't know it?" Yi Tian Mo coldly harrumphed and took a deep breath. His soul continued searching further, slowly going into the host soul inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

However, as soon as his soul entered Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, the five Devils who seemed to have been originally in a deep sleep suddenly leaped up altogether.

The five flows of devilish auras burst out from the five Devils' bodies. In the middle of many horrendous waves of souls that could wrench the other people's hearts, the five Devils stormed towards Yi Tian Mo's soul which had just entered.

Yi Tian Mo's face quickly changed, he hastily retrieved his soul consciousness.

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