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"Even G.o.d Realm warriors cannot cross the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist!" Shi Yan was startled. His eyes were flooded with astonishment, bewilderedly looking at Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qin at the side.

Xia ShenChuan estimated the Vein Spirit Pellet in his hand. His face displayed the caution as if the Vein Spirit Pellet suddenly became heavy.

Lin Ya Qin didn't really care. She stood there, looking casually from east to west and didn't seem to pay attention to the others' conversation.

Ye ZhangFeng revealed an improper smile. However, his eyes seemed to contain some hidden meanings.

"Have you really crossed the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" Xia ShenChuan contemplated for a while before asking again with a more somber face.

Ye ZhangFeng nodded and smiled.

"How could you cross the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" Obviously, Xia ShenChuan didn't believe him right away. Even the G.o.d Realm warriors couldn't have crossed that place, what did he have to be able to do so?!

"Hehe, I can't tell you this." Ye ZhangFeng revealed a broad smile and deliberately said, "About this, our Old Master actually has some tricks. It will be nearly impossible for ordinary people to survive after entering the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. However, we are a little bit more special. Moreover, the Old Master has been living there all year-round, he obviously isn't scared of the anomalies of that place."

"Your Master has been living inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist all year-round?" Xia ShenChuan couldn't help but scream with astonishment.

Lin Ya Ki's face was still incurious. She seemed to feel that Xia ShenChuan was way more surprised than he should have been.

"That's true." Ye ZhangFeng nodded, "Our Old Master has been living there. Both of us have also spent most of our time there."

Shi Yan tightly knitted his eyebrows. He suddenly had a suspicion that this little rascal probably had ulterior motives in coming to see him.

"Why have you come to the Endless Sea?" Xia ShenChuan asked.

"It is boring there, so I have gone out to find some fun." Ye ZhangFeng comfortably replied. As he saw that everyone all showed their suspicions, he awkwardly smiled and added, "Ah, I've come to the Endless Sea to find something as well."

"Find something?" Shi Yan squinted and coldly asked, "Find what?"

"Hehe." Ye ZhangFeng just laughed without replying. He obviously didn't want to answer it.

Shi Yan frigidly harrumphed and didn't know what to ask for now.

"Do you need the Vain Spirit Pellet or not?" Ye ZhangFeng seemed to be impatient. "If you don't need it, then give it back to me. This kind of toy is not cheap. I am still a little bit regretful."

Xia ShenChuan tightly closed his hand at once. His appearance looked like he would never let go of it at any cost. He gritted his teeth and resentfully said, "I need it. Tell me, what is your condition?"

"Condition?" Ye ZhangFeng hesitated for a while with his strange eyes before bursting out laughing and saying, "Presently, let's not discuss the condition. Wait until Xia Jing Hou recovers then I will come and talk to him. It's useless to talk to you now. You can't understand nor possibly make any decisions by yourself. "

Xia ShenChuan was angry; his face didn't look good.

"I am just telling the truth." YeZhangFeng didn't care about it. Instead, he smiled and waved at Shi Yan while speaking, "Alright, I will not disturb you anymore. Wait until the meeting on the island is over, and I will come and find you. I have come here just to give Xia Master the Vein Spirit Pellet, nothing else."

Under the astonished eyes of Shi Yan and Xia ShenChuan, Ye ZhangFeng stretched his arms pulling Lin Ya Qin and walked out without caring if that girl had agreed or not.

After leaving, Lin Ya Qin's eyes were half closed forming a new moon while amiably looking at him, "Little Bai, why did you give the Vein Spirit Pellet to that old man? That old man is only at the Earth Realm, how much value does he have? Many people know how precious the Vein Spirit Pellet is. If the Old Master knows that you have impulsively given it to the others, you are going to have a hard time."

Ye ZhangFeng coldly harrumphed and said, "Do you think I was willing to do it? In fact, the Old Master has told me to give this spirit pellet to the Master of the Xia family. Perhaps, the Old Master has refined this Vein Spirit Pellet specifically for Xia Jing Hou."

Lin Ya Qin was bewildered, suspiciously shook her head and said, "How come? According to you, Xi Jing Hou is only at the First Sky of the Spirit Realm and is often in his state of being insane. How could the Old Master become so preoccupied with him?"

"Xia Jing Hou used to cross the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist and was one of the very few high-cla.s.s warriors who had safely gotten out of it. The Old Master used to meet him inside of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist that year; otherwise, Xia ShenChuan wouldn't have been able to know about the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist that much, which has proved that Xia Jing Hou had told him about this." Ye ZhangFeng seriously said.

"He crossed the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" Lin Ya Qi's eyes brightened, she seemed just to have figured out something and shouted, "Ah, that's right. Xia Jing Hou's insanity is caused by that area inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?!"

"You have finally figured it out." Ye ZhangFeng smiled and said.

"That's why." Lin Ya Qin understood and nodded, "No wonder the Old Master has agreed to give him one Vein Spirit Pellet. If the Vein Spirit Pellet can cure him then it is surely a blessing in disguise, he will most likely be entering the new realm directly."

"It can be said that as he could get out of there alive and has also been in this state of insanity for that long but hasn't died yet, so he is not just a normal man. I think he has soon found something, and if the Vein Spirit Pellet can help his mentality regain its normal functions, he can at least enter the Second Sky of the Spirit Realm and will perhaps perceive some kind of magic. The thing that the Old Master wants are the experiences that this guy has been through."

"It is so."

"Who are those two people?" After Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qin had left, Xia XinYan knitted her eyebrows while asking Shi Yan with suspicion. "Is it true that you have just met them?"

"I have just met them." Shi replied with a miserable smile. "I didn't expect the situation of what just happened. The ident.i.ty of those two people is mystical. Moreover, they are not from the Endless Sea for sure."

"I have never heard that anyone could live inside the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist before. It is strange indeed."

Xia ShenChuan's eyes flared up a strange light while holding the Vein Spirit Pellet. "This Vein Spirit Pellet looks like it has some possible effects indeed. Perhaps it will be able to cure the strange sickness that is ailing your great grandfather."

Xia XinYan's face was excited. "If great grandfather can recover, the Xia family can be freed from the current situation."

"Of course." Xia ShenChuan replied with a confident face. "If your great grandfather didn't become like this, in the Endless Sea, people like Gu Shao and Yu Qin would have had to pay their respects in front of him. In the five Seas, the people who can defeat your great grandfather is only numbered on one's fingers."

"Why did he become like that?" Xia XinYan asked with a little bit worry. "Every time the Reincarnation Martial Spirit of the Xia family breaks through to the new realm, there is always a high possibility of losing oneself. If so, could it be that I might also encounter it in the future?"

"It isn't similar to your imagination." Xia ShenChuan shook his head. "Although our Reincarnation Martial Spirit has the possibility of being possessed by the Devil (it is translated from a Chinese term 'qigong deviation' which indicates that something has gone wrong in spiritual or martial arts training, or physiological disorder during or after the practice), it is not as serious as you have imagined. No one of the Xia family's ancestors had ever encountered the insanity as your great grandfather has."

"So why has Great Grandfather been like that?"

"Perhaps it has something related to the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist." Xia Shen Chuan's face was heavy, seeming not to be very sure about it either. He told Xia XinYan the story despite Shi Yan's presence. "Fifty years ago, when your Great Grandfather had just entered the Spirit Realm, he suddenly wanted to take a risk to barge into the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. He had stayed there for nine years before returning. Not long after that, he became like this. Before entering the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, your Great Grandfather was totally normal. I think that something had definitely happened inside of the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist that had made him become like this."

Shi Yan's face became horrific.

"Do the other two people know about the story of Great Grandfather?" Xia XinYan lucidly thought about this.

"Probably." Xia ShenChuan was not very certain. "I have decided to give this Vein Spirit Pellet to him because the duration that he can maintain his consciousness is getting shorter. If it continues like this, he won't possibly be perspicacious anymore. We have to try even though there is just one thin ray of hope left."

Xia XinYan slightly released a sigh and didn't say anything further.

"Shi Yan, why did you look for me?" After having talked for a while, Xia ShenChuan suddenly remembered that Shi Yan coming here should be for something. He couldn't help but ask.

"Leave the ten islands taken from the Gu family and the Heaven Lake Divine Land for later. The Xia family's members should go to the Snow Dragon Island. If we can gather our forces, it will be easier for us to support each other." Shi Yan quickly said without wasting any more time. That was what he had wanted to discuss with Xia ShenChuan.

Currently, the Demon Dwellers were storing up and gathering forces in the Kyara Sea. They could have launched their attacks at any possible time.

The Xia family was presently in the middle of the Hengluo Sea and the Black Water Sea, which was a relatively sensitive area. The Demon Dwellers probably wouldn't have paid attention to it. However, if they did take actions, the Xia family's forces would hardly be able to resist them.

"Snow Dragon Island."

After contemplating for a while, Xia ShenChuan firmly nodded eventually. "OK, I will immediately arrange this after my return."

"You can transmit the information now if possible. As soon as possible." Shi Yan said.

After considering, Xia ShenChuan also thought that the idea was right and said, "Alright, I am sending the message now."

Shi Yan slightly revealed a smile, looked at Xia XinYan, winking at her and said, "Shall we take a walk?"

Xia XinYan's face blushed. She stealthily had a quick glance at her grandfather. As she saw Xia ShenChuan seemed not to have any reactions, she then slightly nodded and followed Shi Yan.

On the coast of the Sun Island, the ocean breezes were gently blowing.

Shi Yan and Xia XinYan were sitting together on a huge green stone.

Under the chilly moonlight, the two of them were watching the sea in the gentle breeze, enjoying the peace that belonged only to the two of them, for now.

Shi Yan slightly stretched out his hand, holding Xia XinYan's small hand and giggled.

Xia XinYan's face reddened. She threw him a quick glance, struggled a few times but couldn't get out of his grab. Hence, she stopped struggling and said with a weak voice, "Time flies. It has been three years already."

"That's right. Honestly, in recent years, we haven't had many chances to meet each other. We have always been in a hurry, having quickly parted after just a short time of being together. It has always been a very long time before we could see each other again." Shi Yan released a sigh. "I had many thoughts when I had just arrived at the Endless Sea. My cultivation has had big improvements in recent years, but our relationship doesn't seem to have much progress. Shall we change a little bit?"

Shi Yan's flaming eyes fixed on her appealing body. His fervid eyes concealed many inner meanings.

Xia XinYan's snow-white neck slightly reddened; her eyes were bashful. She blamed him with a low voice, "Why do you always have these kinds of things in your head?"

"Please …" Shi Yan giggled, forcefully embraced her waist and pulled her charming body closer to his.

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