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The Sun Island.

Shi Yan and Xia XinYan went to a three-story stone house. In front of the house, the flowers and plants were luxuriant. The spiritual aura was dense, and some sunflowers were luminescent under the moonlight, which was quite peculiar.

Xia ShenChuan was standing among those sunflowers, clasping his hands behind his back, looking at the moonlight as if he was considering something.

Being the Master of the Xia family, Xia ShenChuan had been highly respected in the Endless Sea. However, on this Sun Island, no one had paid him a visit.

The other forces didn't seem to know that the Head Master of the Xia family had also come to the Sun Island.

It was impossible to know when the people's hearts would be cold or warm.

The Kyara Sea had been screwed, the Evil Wonderland had been treacherous, and the Yang Family had retreated.

It was truly hard for the Xia Family to firmly withstand themselves from all the schemes that were being plotted against them. Without the Yang family supporting their backs, as well as the fact that their Great Master had often pitched himself into insanity, in the other people's eyes, the Xia Family wouldn't have ever been able to rise again and return to the top fifteen of the most powerful forces of the Endless Sea.

Therefore, when the Xia family had closely approached the sea near the Wind Cloud Island, both the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu family, initially, hadn't considered it a big deal. They even wanted to bribe the remnants of the Xia Family's forces in helping them deal with the oncoming invasion of the Demon Dweller's.

The ambitions of the Xia family had soon sunk into the bottom of the gla.s.s. If it wasn't because Shi Yan had intimidated Gu Shao and Yu Qin to make each of them give out five islands which had then become the Xia family's places of refuge, the internal conflicts of the Xia Family would have been more serious, which probably would have led them to their dissension.

Xia ShenChuan knew that although dangers were set everywhere in the Kyara Sea right now, it also hid the opportunity for the Xia Family to take back their power.

He hadn't known how to achieve it before. However, after Shi Yan had returned to the Kyara Sea, making Gu Shao and Yu Qin submit, he seemed to have sensed something and decided to hold on to the Yang family closely, betting on this game.

"Shi Yan, the Xia Family has placed our bets on you. I hope you will not let me down."

Xia ShenChuan mumbled to himself with full of emotions inside his heart. He looked at the bright moon in the sky while being overwhelmed with many complicated thoughts.

It has been five years since Shi Yan first arrived at the Kyara Sea.

Previously, Xia ShenChuan hadn't known anything whatsoever about Shi Yan; so it was only natural that he basically, hadn't laid his eyes on a little rascal like him.

However, until now, he still didn't know what kind of tricks Shi Yan had to have consecutively defeated Gu Shao and Yu Qin.

Even the Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan seemed to respect him as well. That was why he had a.s.signed his man to deliver the invitation to the Xia Family to come here in order to discuss the plans of how to deal with the Demon Dwellers.

Although Xia ShenChuan didn't exactly know what Shi Yan had in his hands, he could guess that Shi Yan should have had a slew of violent powers.

As the Master of the Xia family, he clearly knew the current dispositions of the other leaders in the Endless Sea. Thus he had no doubts about Gu Shao and Yu Qin's position.

Being able to have made Gu Shao and Yu Qin submit and willingly give out five islands, Shi Yan definitely possessed a tremendous power that had deeply frightened them.

Otherwise, Gu Shao and Yu Qin would have never accepted or compromised with the Xia Family.

Five years after the Yang family had fled, the fact that Shi Yan was able to have achieved this level alone had made Xia ShenChuan see him differently and re-evaluate him again.

"Such a little rascal that no one could see through. XinYan being with him might be not a bad thing." Xia ShenChuan spoke to himself.


While he was contemplating, Xia XinYan's gentle voice came up from the yard.

Xia ShenChuan raised his head up, seeing his granddaughter walking in together with Shi Yan.

After three years without seeing Shi Yan, Xia ShenChuan realized that Shi Yan was st.u.r.dier as his aura was more mature. The power, which was as tremendous as that of a tiger, emitted from his body while he was walking. He indeed had the sense and vigor of intimidation that had made the other people admire him.

While quietly nodding with a smile, Xia ShenChuan said with a moderate voice, "Little rascal, you are here."

Shi Yan beamed out a broad smile. "I am so glad to see you. When I had returned to the Endless Sea, people said that the Kyara Sea had fallen. I even thought that I couldn't have ever seen you again."

The smile on Xia ShenChuan's face stiffened. He shook his head, released a sigh and said, "If it wasn't because we had fled in time, you couldn't ever have met me again."

"Korf korf."

Around fifty meters away, Ye ZhangFeng dry coughed then giggled while waving at Shi Yan and asked, "Can I go in there?"

Shi Yan was surprised and didn't know whether he should have laughed or cried.

It was unknown as to why Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi kept following him. Although he had told them to stop, they still persistently clung to him.

Shi Yan didn't know what to do with them. He was thinking if he should irritate and force them to back off.

"These two people?" Xia ShenChuan didn't seem to understand anything either. He swept his eyes to those two people and asked Shi Yan. "Are they your friends?"

"Hahaha, we are certainly his friends." Ye ZhangFeng nodded nonstop and quickly answered with a smile even before Shi Yan could have opened his mouth. "Very good friends. I have heard that the Xia family's Master has such a good memory. As I now have a chance to see you, your reputation is well merited indeed."

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows.

Xia XinYan glanced at the two of them and said with a low voice, "Can you just go away? Wait until we finish talking then you can return to fool around."

On the way back, Ye ZhangFeng kept teasing her and Shi Yan. Although she didn't really bother much about it, as Ye ZhangFeng sometimes blethered something gross, she couldn't stand but be irritated with this guy who had a charming fair-skin face and was as beautiful as a woman. She also cursed at him at the same time.

"There's something I really want to tell you," He could see that other people didn't seem to welcome him, but instead, they even wanted to send him away. He hastily raised his hands and said with a serious gesture, "It is very important. I think the Master of the Xia family will absolutely be very excited."

Xia ShenChuan was astonished. "What is it?"

"Ah, I have come here with good intentions in hoping that we can build up a friendly relationship." Ye ZhangFeng revealed a faint smile, moved forward then said with a somber face, "I have heard that the former Master of the Xia family, Xia Jing Hou, had cultivated and reached the First Sky of the Spirit Realm. However, because there was something wrong with the Reincarnation Martial Spirit that has now led him to be in a state of being half-conscious. Is this true?"

Xia ShenChuan tightly knitted his eyebrows, looking at him and said, "The rumor is true."

That year, in the Endless Sea, Xia Jing Hou was also a famous person. If it wasn't because of some troubles happening during the cultivation and the fact that he was often in a state of insanity, the Xia family wouldn't have had declined this much.

Xia ShenChuan silently released a sigh. As hearing Ye ZhangFeng mention about this, Xia ShenChuan's face became awry.

Ye ZhangFeng nodded, looking at Shi Yan and then said with a smile, "I can help the predecessor Xia Jing Hou's mind, recover to its normal state."

Shi Yan's eyes instantly brightened up.

Xia ShenChuan and Xia XinYan were trembling, looking at Ye ZhangFeng with a doubtful face.

Lin Ya Qi was also bewildered for a while before speaking with surprise, "Little Bai, how long have you been here? How come you seem to know things more than the Old Master. He has warned me that I should not let you cause any disturbances. What do you want to do?"

Ye ZhangFeng giggled while shrugging then said, "The Old Master has said that I can do whatever I want as long as I don't violate the rules."

Xia ShenChuan didn't understand what these two people were talking about. His eyes sparked a strange light. He looked straight at Ye ZhangFeng and said with a trembling voice, "Little rascal, don't say it too certainly like that. There are several things that are not as easy as you have imagined."

Shi Yan talked to Ye ZhangFeng with astonishment, "Don't speak thoughtlessly if you are not sure."

"You guys don't believe it?" Ye ZhangFeng looked like he was suffering unjustly. He explained, "I only have good intentions. I will be the best Alchemist in the future. The pellets that I refine can even revive the dead, let alone help others regain their consciousness."

His boasts made Xia ShenChuan and Shi Yan be even more suspicious.

Lin Ya Qin pursed her lips contemptibly. "Even the Old Master is scared of the pellets that you've refined. I hope that you don't kill anyone."

"Shi Yan, who are these two people after all?" Xia ShenChuan asked with doubt.

Shi Yan was dazed for a while before explaining, "I have just met them."

Xia ShenChuan's face got stranger.

"Previously, I used to belong to the Spirit Treasure Wonderland. But I have been already expelled, so it is obvious if you don't know me." Ye ZhangFeng slightly laughed. The storage ring on his finger suddenly flared up, and a jade vase then emerged in his hand.

Inside the vase, there was only one pill which was as big as a hazelnut. The pill itself was densely dotted with numerous tiny holes, where many rays of light splendidly radiated.

"I give you this Vein Spirit Pellet. If you let Xia Jing Hou take it, I a.s.sure that he will no longer be half-conscious nor insane." Ye ZhangFeng smilingly said while handing the jade vase to Xia ShenChuan.

Xia ShenChuan received it while his head was still in a daze. He strangely stared at the jade vase, carefully checking the vase with a suspicious face. "Can this pellet really solve my father's problem?"

"Of course." Ye ZhangFeng confidently said.

Lin Ya Qin's eyes beamed out peculiar lights. While she was gazing at Ye ZhangFeng as if she was staring at a monster, she uttered, "Little Bai, has your brain been damaged? Why do you give this Vein Spirit Pellet to the others? Do you know how many medicinal herbs that the Old Master has consumed to refine the Vein Spirit Pellets? How many Demon Crystals have been used for this?"

"Fifty-eight kinds of medicinal herbs, three demon crystals of the eighth-level beasts, twenty demon crystals of the seventh-level beasts." Ye ZhangFeng said loud and clear as if he was counting all the properties that he had in his house. He shrugged and said, "I also know the process to refine the Vein Spirit Pellets. It is just because my cultivation base is still low that I cannot start to make it yet."

After Ye ZhangFeng had finished his words, both Shi Yan and Xia ShenChuan were shaken.

"If you have known about it so well, how come you are still giving it to him?" Lin Ya Qin asked with a confused face.

"Ye ZhangFeng, were you a member of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland?" Shi Yan contemplated for a while before bursting into laughter. He said, "I don't like to be fooled."

"This…" Ye ZhangFeng's smile stiffened; he awkwardly rubbed his hands while shamefully explained, "Frankly speaking, I am the expelled disciple of the Spirit Treasure Sect. The Spirit Treasure Wonderland in the Endless Sea was originally only one of the Spirit Treasure Sect's branches.

"You are not from the Endless Sea?" Xia ShenChuan's face instantly changed.

"That's right." Ye ZhangFeng nodded. I had crossed the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist in coming here."

Xia ShenChuan's and Xia XinYan's faces turned totally pale after hearing it. They stared at Ye ZhangFeng like they were facing a monster.

"The Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist?" Shi Yan was astonished, asking Xia ShenChuan with his knitted eyebrows, "Do you know that place?"

Xia ShenChuan's eyes looked complicated. He nodded and said, "I have heard that the easternmost end of the Endless Sea is the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist. According to the legend, behind the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist is the center of the Grace Mainland. For thousands of years, many high-cla.s.s warriors of the Endless Sea have wanted to cross the Dark Magnetic Noxious Mist, but it seems that no one has been successful yet. Most of them have died inside the mist, including the G.o.d Ream warriors."

Shi Yan was frightened.

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