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White Bones Dharma Body of Bo Xun suddenly mused.

Yang Tian Emperor's eyes remained closed tightly. His naked body was radiating peculiar lights. Just after having rested for a short time, he seemed to have restored some parts of his strength. Other people could feel that the strength of his body was surging up.

"Yang Tian Emperor, you are just a thief." Bo Xun suddenly harrumphed and spoke up after being silent for a long while. "If you, Cao Qiu Dao of the Cao family, and the Palace Head Master Yang Yi Tian of the Martial Holy Palace haven't shared the Immortal Blood and the soul remnant of the G.o.d King's body, what qualification that you have to confront me when you have just reached the First Sky of the Spirit Realm?"

Yang Tian Emperor kept silent.

"A hundred years ago, you, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian had just entered the Nirvana Realm, but you had a big luck. The three of you got lost in the turbulent s.p.a.ce and found a G.o.d King's grave inside the rift of s.p.a.ce. You and Cao Qiu Dao swallowed more than half of the G.o.d King's blood, and Yang Yi Tian obtained the remnant of the G.o.d King's soul. That was why you guys could build up the three big forces in the Endless Sea, creating the legend of the three of you.

"Without the G.o.d King's corpse, how could the three of you rebel that fast, be strong enough to fight with me within a hundred years only?

"Frankly speaking, the three of you are all the tomb raiders!"

Yang Tian Emperor knitted his eyebrows but didn't utter a word.

"The G.o.d King's blood had helped you and Cap Qiu Dao be strong enough to defeat the Third Sky of the Spirit Realm warriors although you guys were just at the First Sky of the Spirit Realm. After all, the G.o.d King's blood has made your Profound Qi have some anomalies and brought you a little G.o.d power. Yang Yi Tian, thanks to obtaining the soul remnant of the G.o.d King, he could enter the Second Sky of the Spirit Realm. After a hundred years of studying the soul remnant, he has captured a little of the G.o.d Technique. That is how the Martial Holy Palace has become the number one forces in the Endless Sea."

Bo Xun revealed a faint smile. "Regretfully, although you guys had swallowed the body of the G.o.d King, you didn't attain the inheritance of the G.o.d King. You let the inheritance run away and hide inside the rift of s.p.a.ce, drifting to the unknown place until now. If one of you had obtained the inheritance of the G.o.d King a hundred years ago, the situation of the Endless Sea would have changed differently. If so, the Fourth Demon Area and the Sevenfold Underworld should have soon become your hunting area."

Eventually, Yang Tian Emperor opened his eyes in which there seemed to have thousands of twinkling stars moving. "Although I am in captivity, Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian are still out there in the Endless Sea. If both of them unite, you and Chi Yan cannot get any benefits."

"Hahaha." Bo Xun suddenly burst into laughing like crazy. His laughter echoed here and there. "This is the tragedy of the humankind. If it wasn't because you, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian haven't got along well, always struggled in the Endless Sea for the blood and the soul remnant of the G.o.d King that made the spiritual powers have been dispersed, you guys wouldn't have stopped at this current cultivation Realm.

That year, you, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian were close friends, luckily entered the turbulent s.p.a.ce region together. However, because of the G.o.d King's corpse, you guys turned to be enemies. The humankind's greed is even much bigger than the Demon tribe's. As you guys haven't got along well with each other, you all have got injured after several battles. That's why your cultivation has encountered some difficulties. Otherwise, your current strength should have torn apart the Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation."

Yang Tian Emperor silently released a sigh without saying anything.

"What a pity!" In the empty sockets of Bo Xun, the demon flames were still dancing nonstop. "Although knowing that you have been captured in the Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation, Yang Yi Tian and Cao Qiu Dao still pretend to know nothing about this. Presently, the Army of the Demon Tribes has entered the Kyara Sea, slaughtering millions of people of the Kyara Sea. The Soul Bridge is also going to be completed soon, but, Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian haven't had any actions. Until the Sevenfold Underworld and the Demon Area are connected, with the strength of billions of people, we surely invade the Endless Sea, eradicate Yang Yi Tian and Cao Qiu Dao, not to let them continue expanding."

"Perhaps, they have started taking actions. It is just you don't know about it." Yang Tian Emperor coldly said.

"It's too late now." Bo Xun burst into laughter that could violently shake the sky. "Avi Dark King has convinced the other two Dark Kings of the Sevenfold Underworld to use three millions of the Dark Dwellers of the Sevenfold Underworld as the material to build the Soul Bridge. Not long after this, the Soul Bridge of the Underworld can connect with the Demon Area. That will be the end of the Endless Sea."

Yang Tian Emperor's face changed finally.

Until now, he realized the danger of the current situation; however, he was resentful that he was being imprisoned in the Heavenly Demon Wind G.o.d formation and impossible to escape from it to return to the Endless Sea.

"Yang Tian Emperor, I still have another suggestion. You should consider it carefully." Bo Xun hesitated for a while before speaking, "If you agree to help me, cooperate with me to kill Yang Yi Tian and Cao Qiu Dao, I promise I will give you the G.o.d King's remnant and the blood inside the bodies of Cao Qiu Dao and Yang Yi Tian. Once you collect enough the G.o.d King's blood, you will be able to enter the Realm that ordinary people can't even imagine."

Yang Tian Emperor tightly knitted his eyebrows, didn't reply.

"Of course, after that, you have to help me with one thing, which is using the G.o.d King's strength to break the walls between the First, the Second and the Third Demon Area.

"Once the three Demon Areas are opened, not only the Endless Sea but even the Grace Mainland will fall into the misery."

Yang Tian Emperor both coldly smiled and shook his head at the same time. "… I don't want to become the eternal sinner nor the stepping-stone for your Demon tribes. You should find someone else."

"Demon tribes?" Bo Xun gritted his teeth and smiled, "The three Antiquities consists of the Grand Antiquity, the High Antiquity, and the Remote Antiquity. During the Remote Antiquity, The Yang family was really the human tribe. But, during the High Antiquity, the Yang family was actually one of the pagan tribes. If it wasn't because the Yang family had only pa.s.sed on the blood, not the typical features of the pagan tribe after several times of hybridization, I am afraid that you, Yang Tian Emperor, would have been much different from the human more than I am."

Yang Tian Emperor's face changed in fear. His lips shivered for a while but didn't explain anything.

"Therefore, don't mention 'pagan tribes' to me. After all, we both are pagan tribes. No need to be too stubborn." Bo Xun frigidly smiled.

"How could you know about this?" Yang Tian Emperor kept silent for a long while then released a long sigh and asked.

"A hundred years ago, in the Endless Sea, there appeared the turbulent s.p.a.ce region. Before that, it had also appeared once in the Fourth Demon Area." Bo Xun's voice became heavy. "And me, I was still a normal hunter of the Dragon Horn Clan by that time. I also unintentionally entered the turbulent s.p.a.ce region and found something in the rift of s.p.a.ce. Otherwise, I wouldn't have attained the Demon King position now."

"The turbulent s.p.a.ce region used to appear in the Demon Area as well?" Yang Tian Emperor was astonished.

"If not, how could I know the story about you, Cao Qiu Dao, and Yang Yi Tian as clearly as the back of my hand?" Bo Xun coldly laughed. "The things that I have gained helps me know what have happened with the three of you, some secrets in the Grand Antiquity, the High Antiquity, the Remote Antiquity, and also know that Yang family was one of the pagan tribe in the High Antiquity."

"You have talked that much just because you want me to unite with the Demon tribes. But, you certainly understand me as well." Yang Tian Emperor cold-heartedly said.

Bo Xun suddenly mused. After a while, he released a sigh, nodded the big skull of the White Bones Dharma Body then said, "I have soon known that you would not agree. However, as you are the opponent that I respect, I think that I should let you know something before you are tortured to death. Besides, people who could return alive after entering the turbulent s.p.a.ce region were just a few. There are several things that I have held on for my whole life, so I want to find someone that I can share with…"

Yang Tian Emperor released a sigh.

"I tell you the last time. I know where the Yang family is hiding in the Fourth Demon Area. After the Soul Bridges are connected, if you still don't think it through, the Yang family will perish. The hereditary possession that you have built up during your entire life will go up in smoke in a blink." As soon as Bo Xun finished talking, the demon flames inside his sockets became gloomier.

It seemed that he had withdrawn the host soul of the White Bones Dharma Body.

At the same time, the Demon G.o.ds on one hundred and eight white-bone pillars started to operate again, ma.s.sively flying out, dashing toward Yang Tian Emperor.

In the Sky Sea.

On the Sky Demon Mountain Range, a fierce beast was tearing apart the body of the sixth-level Stormy Roc. Half of the five-meter-long body of the Stormy Roc had been devoured. Its brain and the Demon Crystal had been swallowed up.

This ferocious beast was enjoying tearing its prey down. The beast's brutal eyes flickered the cold lights that could break people's souls. Its entire body sparked black lights; its aura was very terrifying.

Beside it was a pile of the giant beast bones. The skin and flesh had been eaten up, leaving the white bones only.

Not long after that, the Stormy Roc had also been devoured completely. The beast's bones suddenly crackled, many circles of black lights started to spread out from its body at the same time.

Wherever the black lights diffused, the ancient trees there, which were dozens of meters tall, were crushed down. The beasts who were hiding from afar also realized those energy waves, and thus hurriedly fled away without leaving any traces after just a short time.

The Beast's bones constantly produced explosive sounds. The ten-meter-long body was immersed in the black lights and began to shrink.

Inside the coc.o.o.n of lights, the beast kept changing nonstop. After three days, it had turned to be a monster with a human shape; its entire body was covered with thorns. The beast turned its head toward the moon, howling. Its body was covered with the Demon aura and the Dark aura. The brutal aura rose up overwhelmingly to the entire sky.

"Gui Liao… This is my name…" It mumbled with a low tone. Its voice was as sharp as a knife scratching the gla.s.s, which made others' flesh creep.

"He has asked me to wait for him, wait for him, but I have been waiting for so long, I can't wait anymore…"

After talking and answering to itself for a while, its green eyes seemed to flare up Shi Yan's image.

Raising its head looking toward the sky, it seemed to be arranging its thoughts. No one knew what it was thinking about at this moment.

Very long, very long after that, a pair of fleshly wings suddenly grew up from its backbone. It then flew up straight to the sky, getting out of the Sky Demon Mountain Range just in a blink.

"Grrr grrr grrr"

On the Sky Demon Mountain Range, about ten big ferocious beasts lifted their faces up to the sky howling, looking at its figure.

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