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"Do you dare to come down here?"

In the large bathing area, many moving lights were surrounding Cao Zhi Lan. Her mesmerizing face gradually appeared clearer.

The misty steam hovered around her body like a real living creature dancing, following her gentle movements. It gave people a feeling that a long white eel was moderately and slenderly mincing around her.

Standing in the lake, Cao Zhi Lan consistently revealed a big smile on her beautiful face. In front of other people, she didn't seem to be scared nor shy. Her small jade-like finger pointed towards Shi Yan from a distance while her breath was provokingly rambling.

Everyone clamored.

No matter if it was either male or female warriors in this bathing area, or the outstanding youths surrounding, or those who recognized her or not, everyone was startled.

Following the direction that Cao Zhi Lan's jade-like finger was pointing, everyone nervously searched for the target and eventually found Shi Yan by the window.

Under countless attentive looks, Shi Yan's face remained normal as if he didn't know that he had become their target. He continued drinking alone without paying any attentions to Cao Zhi Lan's words. He didn't show any abnormal changes and maintained his indifferent manner.

Lin Ya Qi and Ye ZhangFeng beside him were also bewildered, looking at him with strange faces.

After having heard Cao Zhi Lan's words, more than ten young warriors in the tavern surprisingly looked at him with the eyes full of horror, admirability, envy, discontentment, suspicion, etc. While many thoughts were spinning in their heads, they were quietly speculating Shi Yan's ident.i.ty.

The four young warriors, who had had the intention of disturbance, were in a daze behind Shi Yan like wooden c.o.c.ks, standing like a post without any reactions.

Gu Ling Lung secretly gritted her teeth, felt angry and hateful at the same time while quietly cursing Cao Zhi Lan.

Qu Yan Qing slowly sat down, bowed her head without uttering a word. n.o.body knew what she was thinking.

"Is the daughter of the Cao Family calling you?" Ye ZhangFeng was startled for a while then shuddered and said with a strange face, "Brother, who are you after all? I know this Cao Zhi Lan. This woman is famous for her beauty in the Endless Sea. Numerous people have gone mad because of her. I have never heard that she has ever laid her eyes on anyone. But, you could do it, even make her take the initiative. How did you do it?"

Shi Yan shook his head with a cold face, "She is mentally ill."

Lin Ya Qi chuckled, constantly nodding. "She got a mental disorder indeed. She can shamelessly do something like this in front of so many people. I genuinely admired this woman."

"Aren't you coming down?"

Ye ZhangFeng said, "For countless people in the Endless Sea, that woman is the dreaming precious treasure. She has proactively been asking for you. What are you waiting for?"

Numerous eyes were fixed on Shi Yan, and everyone with different expressions seemed to wait for something to happen.

Cao Zhi Lan gently smiled like a cherry blossom budding which was incredibly beautiful. Her curves were covered by many rays of light; her hair was soft and shiny; her full lips were red and appealing. She raised her voice and continued, "Shi Yan, why are you scared of me? You are afraid that I will devour you?"

In the tavern, a woman with waist-length hair was startled, covering her mouth, unbelievably looking at Shi Yan.


The tray in her hands fell to the ground; green fruits scattered, rolling everywhere.

"LinDa!" The other woman next to her quietly shouted. "Stop being dazed."

LinDa covered her mouth with astonishment. She just stood there, bewilderedly looking at Shi Yan from a distance, didn't seem to hear the voice of the person beside her.

"Lan jie, what are you doing?"

A loud shout suddenly came up from the left of Shi Yan. A two-meter-tall man with an extremely st.u.r.dy body and a ferocious red face was staring at Shi Yan.

He wore a rustic animal leather cloth that was wrapping around his body, exposing a tanned skin with dense scars. The exposure of firm muscles indicated an endlessly mighty strength.

"Man Gu, don't poke your nose into my business." Cao Zhi Lan still kept her mesmerizing smile on her face while her eyes were silently looking toward Shi Yan. She continued provoking Shi Yan, "Shi Yan, you don't have the guts to do it?"

"The daughter of the Cao family is insane."

"She has gone mad indeed."

"After all, is that her? I have heard that she has never had any feelings for any man. How is this possible then?"

"It is certainly her. Otherwise, how come Man Gu of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect have gotten angry like that?"

Near the lake, in the tavern, the clamor was rising; the majority of the warriors were gathering in groups of five or seven and boisterously discussing together.

In just a short time, Shi Yan had unexpectedly become the interest of everyone. All of them were guessing his ident.i.ty, wanted to know the relationship between him and Cao Zhi Lan.

At the trading area from a distance, there was a person with a black veil covering the face. As that person heard the clamor at the bathing area, that one couldn't help but walk over, stood on the road of the trading area, looking towards this place.

After glimpsing quickly, that person suddenly shuddered. The eyes with mixed and confused emotions looked at Shi Yan without blinking.

It seemed that Shi Yan also felt something. He suddenly turned around looking towards that person.

Four eyes met. There were as if a lightning flashing up, and countless feelings had been transmitted through this lightning.

Those who were looking at Shi Yan all realized that Shi Yan's eyes had changed. They subconsciously shifted their eyes toward the direction of his look, but everything they could see was a pair of beautiful, bright, deep eyes.

After suddenly turned his head back again, under many scrutinized looks, Shi Yan dragged a half smile out of the corner of his mouth then said, "It is not that I don't dare to come down. I am grateful with your intention. Regretfully, I have been taken. If you want to become my favorite, you have to try harder. And first, it needs to be accepted by her." Shi Yan pointed towards the person in the black veil.

Under the attentive looks of other people, that woman removed her black veil, exposing an exceptionally bewitching beauty.

She gently and slenderly leaped up, slowly took step by step towards Shi Yan. She was like a peri sent from heaven with beautifully elegant manners.

In the steamy weather, she deliberately walked through the window in front of Shi Yan then descended and stood next to him.

Everyone clamored again.

"Xia XinYan of the Kyara Sea."

"That is her indeed. The Reincarnation Martial Spirit is unimaginably miraculous. Finally, we have witnessed it today."

"Who is that little rascal? Why are the two most beautiful flowers of the Endless Sea following him?"

"Shi Yan. Have you heard about this name?"

"Only devil knows. d.a.m.n it. I don't understand anything. How come Miss Cao, the one I have highly admired, could recklessly act like this just because of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d."

Most of the young warriors showed their sadness and disappointment. They angrily clenched their teeth, staring at Shi Yan, resenting not to be able to devour him.

Many girls, on the contrary, displayed their excitement. Their eyes were flooded with curious beams, interestingly looking at Shi Yan, wanting to know what kind of mystical attraction that Shi Yan had which made him able to draw the admirability of the two beautiful women, Cao Zhi Lan and Xia XinYan.

Instantly, inside the bathing area, as well as the outside, people boisterously discussed what was happening.

"When have you arrived?" Shi Yan gently asked.

Sitting down next to Shi Yan, without looking at Cao Zhi Lan's angry face in the lake, Xia XinYan revealed a smile, "I've just arrived this morning. The Three G.o.ds Sect has invited us. My grandfather is coming here with me as well. Tang YuanNan is very thoughtful."

Shi Yan nodded. He stretched out his hand holding her jade-like hand, but she resentfully pushed it away. She also gave him a black look. "This is wrong. You dare to upset Cao jie! I will beat you to death."

A roar resounded. Man Gu of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect with the ferocious, st.u.r.dy body like the one of a tiger or a panther suddenly dashed towards Shi Yan.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

An ear-splitting sound came up in the air. As soon as Man Gu leaped up into the air, a tremendous power spread out from his body.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows. His eyes turned to be frigid.

"Slosh slosh slosh."

Water shot up from the bathing area below Man Gu. The pellucid water pillars rocketed and then flew straight toward him.

"Get lost!" Man Gu shouted. The sound-wave, which was like tens of thousands of swords, directly struck those splendid water pillars that were ma.s.sively approaching.

The sword lights slashed those water pillars which were like stone cylinders, breaking them into plenty of water drops that splattered everywhere in the air.

Man Gu stomped on a huge water drop and then brutally dashed towards Shi Yan.

Lightning flashed up. A big black club suddenly emerged in Ma Gu's hand.

Thunder resounded. Countless sharp rays of light radiated from the big, pure, spectacular club, dragging along the incomparable their aura. They darted towards Shi Yan's chest altogether just in a blink.

"Watch out!" Ye ZhangFeng quietly shouted but remained at his spot, except for frowning a little.

Lin Ya Qi showed her excitement. Her face was glowing red, but her voice was still very gentle, "That freak has the innate G.o.d strength. It has been said that he's killed a Nirvana Realm warrior just by one strike. We can witness his danger today. Hahaha, he is putting all of the hatred into his actions this time. We are going to see an interesting play."

The energetic seals, which were created by the convergence of lights, emerged in Shi Yan's palms. Layer after layer of these seals heaped up into one which was then impetuously shot out of his palm.

"The Life Seal!"

Seven seals merged into one which was as heavy as a mountain. Its G.o.d lights were immense; its power could crush mountains and the ground into dust.


An earth-shaking sound suddenly reverberated from the bathing area.

In that ear-piercing explosion, the paving blue stones of the lake scattered here and there.

A tavern next to the hot water lake collapsed instantly. Big stone blocks ma.s.sively fell, making many warriors run away while holding their heads and cursing loudly.

Man Gu's body in the air continued shaking. The big club slipped out of his hand, falling and directly striking a tavern which then collapsed shortly.

Shi Yan's hand got numb; his veins almost exploded, and his face was glowing red. He had to take three steps backward to be able to stabilize himself.

"Dangerous!" Shi Yan's heart shuddered. His face suddenly became cold like ice; his eyes shot out unlimited combating will. He leaped up and plunged down toward Man Gu in the lake like a falcon seizing its prey.

"Continue!" Man Gu was standing in the lake. As seeing Shi Yan plunging down, he suddenly laughed terrifyingly; the bones in his body crackled, producing constant explosive sounds.

Man Gu's tremendous aura impetuously came out, following the cracking sounds of the bones.

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