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Not long after that, a beautiful girl with a pet.i.te body in blue clothes stepped up from the stairs.

Although this girl had a pretty yet dainty body, her full b.r.e.a.s.t.s were extraordinary big, stodgy, and dominantly heaved. They were quite bigger than those of other beautiful girls that Shi Yan had ever met.

Her skin was of a jade-like white hue and as splendid as lights radiating from a gem. As soon as this girl stepped up, all the men in the tavern were startled, watching her without blinking.

She had a pure and perfectly pretty face; her moves were extremely adorable and agile; together with her stodgy firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s, everything had made a blow-minding appeal of this girl.

Even Shi Yan's eyes brightened, staring at that girl, secretly complimenting her.

Ye ZhangFeng turned his back to that girl and winked at Shi Yan, implicating that he shouldn't draw that girl's attention which might bring him some troubles.

Shi Yan chuckled, knitted his eyebrows, took the bottle of wine, held his head back and drank some sips. He then shook his head and said, "Such a regret."

Ye ZhangFeng was bewildered, moved closer and asked, "What regret?"

"Such a delicious fresh cabbage like that is tormented by sc.u.m like you." Shi Yan coldly harrumphed then said with a low voice, "Why is she looking for you?"

"Nothing …" Ye ZhangFeng forced a smile.

That girl stepped into the room, tweaked her back several times. Her almond-shaped eyes on the ferocious face started to scan from the last tables to the other side without letting any warriors escape from her sight.

The warriors from different Seas all revealed a big smile, lifted up their heads and straightened their backs, trying to show that they were extraordinarily eminent.

The girl faintly smiled with disrelish on her face. After glimpsing all the people here and being unable to find the person she wanted, she hastily turned around and left.

"Little Mei-mei (Chinese way to call a younger girl), you come sit here and have some drinks with me." A guy at the Second Sky of the Disaster Realm l.u.s.tfully smiled while looking at that girl and then proactively walked closer to her.

"You want to die …?" Ye ZhangFeng suddenly lowered his head, slightly breathing. He reluctantly shook his head and released a sigh as if he was whining for the others' fate.

Shi Yan was astonished, but then he immediately understood why Ye ZhangFeng had sighed.

That pretty girl with ample bosom gently took actions, pulling that guy, grabbing his waist and throwing him away. This disturbing Disaster Realm warrior flew straight out of the window. While he was still in the air, his head exploded; blood spattered everywhere. He was dead even before falling in the lake.


That girl's snow-white hand was gently placed on the table, a tremendous aura ma.s.sively transmitted to that table.

In an instant, that wooden table broke into four or five pieces, each of which shot out like a dazzling sharp sword, dashing straight to the three Disaster Realm warriors who were l.u.s.tfully smiling on their chairs.

A scream like a stuck pig resounded and then ceased instantly. The girl took out a silk handkerchief and wiped away some drops of wine on her hand. She didn't care about those three bodies beside her and continued to walk forward to search instead.

With her ferocious eyes, she carefully looked at every single person. The whole tavern was deadly silent without any sound.

The previous boisterous noise seemed to disappear. The l.u.s.tful eyes now became frightened.

At this time, the tavern was so quiet that even the sound of a falling needle could also be heard. All eyes were on that girl. Shi Yan was not an exception either.

Four mild flows of b.l.o.o.d.y aura from the lake and the broken table flew towards Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's spirit was very comfortable like being fed when hungry. He had killed five Earth Realm warriors and obtained five flows of aura today. Now, he got another four streams of the four Disaster Realm warriors' aura. He was very satisfied with this achievement and thus was more interest in crowded places.

The more people they have, the easier that conflicts could happen, which benefited his miraculous Martial Spirits more.

That girl goggled her eyes, freely going back and forth in the tavern which was now as quiet as a mouse. Although her eyes displayed impatience, she still maintained a gentle voice, "Ye ZhangFeng, even if you are dead, you have to come out now. Master needs to see you."

Shi Yan saw Ye ZhangFeng continue eating without looking at that girl. However, his face was stiff, which didn't match with his deliberate manner.

"Master has said that if you don't go back in one hour, he will kill your demon beast mount."

That girl was both searching and gently intimidating at the same time, "If you don't go back in two hours, Master will destroy the Perishing Spirit Formation's Mouth that you have created. And if you still don't show up, he would smash the Divine Incense Tripod."

Ye ZhangFeng was still busy with eating while forcing a miserable smile on his face as if someone had controlled his fate. He released a sigh and dolefully said, "Jie, give me the Spiritual Stones."

The girl's eyes were brightened while revealing a smile. Her eyes were half closed forming a new moon shape, which was very adorable. "That's good. Master just wants good things for you. You should honestly tell the truth and then obediently go back. He will not make it hard on you."

After speaking, the girl walked over and stood in front of Shi Yan, hauled out a triangle-shaped silver yin stone and gave it to Ye ZhangFeng. After that, she pushed Ye ZhangFeng to the other seat and then sat down on the chair that he had just left.


The bottle of wine fell on the ground. The girl eyed Shi Yan curiously and said, "This b.a.s.t.a.r.d Ye ZhangFeng is a troublemaker. You shouldn't get involved with him. No matter what he suggests, you better not to agree. Otherwise, the one who suffers loss is you."

Shi Yan's face became peculiar.

"Korf korf korf …" Ye ZhangFeng constantly coughed; his face turned red. He cruelly goggled at her and scolded, "Lin Ya Qi, can you not cause me any more troubles?"

"I am only speaking the truth." The girl lifted her face up and contemptuously said.

"Shi Yan!" A light shout suddenly arose from the table ahead. Gu Ling Lung stood up, biting her lips and clenching her teeth. Her face was full of resentment, and her eyes were flooded with hatred. It looked like she was about to risk her life.

Qu Yan Qing was stunned as she hadn't expected that she would see Shi Yan here. However, the hesitance appeared in her eyes, just like she was quietly considering something.

She didn't stand up like Gu Ling Lung. It seemed she was afraid of something.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows, looking at that direction. He then poured a cup of wine for himself, raised it towards Gu Ling Lung and said with a smile, "Very glad to meet you here."

"I am not happy at all!" Gu Ling Lung's face was overwhelmed with anger. "You, a dirty unscrupulous b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you also come to the Sun Island. Aren't you afraid that people here will devour you?"

Shi Yan shrugged and said, "Isn't it that I am still fine now?"

Gu Ling Lung gnashed her teeth and was about to say something, but then four Earth Realm warriors sitting beside her suddenly stood up, rushing towards Shi Yan with unfriendly manners.

Those four were all at the First or Second Sky of Earth Realm with arrogant gestures and notable appearances. As they saw Gu Ling Lung being angry, they wanted to show off their abilities a little bit to win her heart.

The guy leading wore a hat and white martial attire. Before taking actions, he gently asked Lin Ya Qi, "Does this man have any relations to you?"

Lin Ya Qi shook her head, "I don't know him."

Ye ZhangFeng faintly smiled, lazily leaned backward, didn't seem to help Shi Yan out willingly. He waved his hand and said, "If you want to fight, get a little bit further away from me. If you don't touch me, I will not get angry."

"Ling Lung," Qu Yan Qing stood up eventually, staring at Gu Ling Lung then said with a low voice, "Do you intend to let them die?"

"Flies that buzz around annoys me. They deserve to die." Gu Ling Lung coldly replied.

Reluctantly, Qu Yan Qing seriously said, "Han Feng, you shouldn't make a mess here. You guys are not his opponents. Moreover, our hatred is not your business."

The guy leading's face looked a little strange after hearing this. He turned his head around glancing at Qu Yan Qing and said, "Miss Qu, you have underestimated us too much."

"I don't underestimate you." Qu Yan Qing continued. "You guys are not his opponents. Even if you guys attack altogether, death is the only way that awaits you guys."

The warriors in the tavern were all astonished after hearing this. Even Lin Ya Qi was dazzled, knitted her eyebrows, pulled Ye ZhangFeng's blouse and asked, "Little Bai, is this friend of yours dangerous?"

Ye ZhangFeng shook his head and said while chuckling, "I don't know."

Shi Yan was drinking wine alone, didn't care about the four warriors who were provoking him. He only indifferently looked at Lin Ya Qi and Ye ZhangFeng in front of him and then shifted his eyes toward the lake through the window.

After hearing Qu Yan Qing's advice, the faces of those four warriors, who wanted to win a beauty's heart, got darkened. They stood behind Shi Yan's back hesitantly, considering if they should hazardously take actions.

Shi Yan was still acting normal, concentrating on the hot water lake, looking toward a mermaid inside the lake.

At the southwest corner of the densely steamy lake, a charming figure was swimming like a mermaid. This woman was regularly coming up and down out of the water.

That beautiful figure was ambiguously flashing on and off inside the steam. Other people certainly couldn't see it clearly, so they would feel so unpleasantly curious that made them want to come closer to have a better look to see how beautiful that figure was.

In the turquoise water, that woman sometimes looked toward Shi Yan and smiled as if she was proudly displaying her appealing body.

Beside her, there were about ten warriors from different forces in the Endless Sea. They were all pa.s.sionately watching her with enjoyable eyes but didn't dare to come closer.

In the tavern, some warriors were also looking towards her with astonished eyes which glued on the girl's mesmerizing body that could drive others crazy.

Many of them whistled and resented not being able to jump into the water, coming closer to admire her beauty.

"Do you dare come here and play with me in the water?" Under the scrutinized looks of numerous warriors, that woman raised her snow-white arm, pointing towards Shi Yan while provokingly smiling. "Shi Yan, if you have the gut to come down here, I will agree to let you bathe next to me."

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