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In front of the window.

Shi Yan's head leaned against the window frame to observe the blue lake down there.

In the immense steam, beautiful figures ambiguously faded in and out.

Many good-looking young warriors with magnificent clothes were also sitting next to the windows like him, talking and laughing, sometimes whistling; they were all very relaxing.

Inside the pavilion, numerous guards of the Three G.o.ds Sect came and went, bringing many free fruits to the tables that had people sitting.

The Sun Island had seldom been opened to welcome the outside world. The warriors, who were present on the Sun Island this time, all followed their great masters of several families or famous sects who were guests of the Three G.o.ds Sect.

Therefore, the bathing places at the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain were opened for free. Even some taverns offered free fruits and food to their guests.

Of course, the Three G.o.ds Sect would not provide the precious and rare food for free. People should have enough money to pay for it.

Shi Yan scanned over the precious food menu of the Three G.o.ds Sect but didn't feel very interested in having them. As he felt that the free fruits were enough, he didn't call the guards to order more food after taking a seat.

An undetected soul message was transmitted into his head. The messenger was Yi Tian Mo.

"Master, there are indeed many people that have come to greet and talk. Among them are the warriors of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland, the Dong Fang family, and the Yin Yang Wonderland, as well as the people that you have taught them a lesson earlier. Do you want to see them?"

Although the soul message of Yi Tian Mo was sent from ten miles far away, it remained very clear and didn't fade away in Shi Yan's head as if Yi Tian Mo was just standing next to him.

After thinking for a while, Shi Yan responded to Yi Tian Mo's soul in his head, "Ignore them. We don't receive anyone."

"Yes." Yi Tian Mo quietly retrieved his soul message first. Shi Yan regained his normal state with his lucid eyes.

"Ah?" Shi Yan exhaled slightly in shock, knitted his eyebrows, looked at the person sitting in front of him then asked with a low voice, "Who are you?"

As he wasn't as good at using the soul as Yi Tian Mo, he had to concentrate all of his spirits to communicate with Yi Tian Mo, and thus, he couldn't notice any changes happening nearby.

After having exchanged messages with Yi Tian Mo, he was immediately beware of a young man sitting right next to him.

This person wore a five-colored tunic. His coat was also colorful with the embroidery of all kinds of exotic flowers and birds.

Although this person's clothes were weird, he was extremely good-looking. His face was elegantly jade-like, and his eyes were like bright stars. His appearance was even more beautiful than that of a beautiful girl.

Under Shi Yan's scrutinized look, this person relaxingly laughed while one of his legs put on one of the tables beside them. He deliberately picked up a cl.u.s.ter of grapes and said with a smile, "I am also traveling to the Endless Sea for sightseeing. My name is Ye ZhangFeng. I used to be a member of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland but have gotten expelled. Now, I don't belong to any forces."

While smiling, he raised his left hand, which was even more delicate than that of a pretty girl, to call a guard who was approaching toward them and said, "Bring four 'Sun Flame' bottles here. This kind of wine is unforgettable."


A heavy bag of Crystal Coins was launched from his palm and exactly fell into the hand of the Three G.o.ds Sect's guard.

"We both drink and watch beautiful girls at the same time. Hahaha, I am very interested in beautiful girls, so we can comfortably discuss with each other."

This person didn't show any signs of formalities whatsoever. He took an apple and aggressively bit it then smilingly pointed towards Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing, lowered his voice and said, "Those two girls over there are real precious food. One of them is the daughter of the Gu family; the other is the Holy Maiden of the Heaven Lake Divine Land. They not only have exceptional appearances but are also the outstanding warriors on the Power Rankings. Especially the Holy Maiden of the Heaven Lake Divine Lan, the face behind that mask will surely make people long for it day and night …"

Ye ZhangFeng's face seemed to be very excited. He flicked his tongue with half-closed eyes and revealed a big grin.

While he was talking, a guard of the Three G.o.ds Sect had already brought four bottles of the 'Sun Flame' and some snacks.

He lazily stood up, grabbed a bottle of the 'Sun Flame', threw his head back guzzling a few gulps of wine then wiped his mouth and complimented, "This wine is amazing."

Shi Yan leaned his back against the chair, slightly squinted, coldly looking at Ye ZhangFeng without saying anything.

"Do you want to try a sip?" Ye ZhangFeng spoke up, put a bottle of the 'Sun Flame' in front of Shi Yan and seriously said, "Only the Three G.o.ds Sect has this wine. It has been made by a Sun G.o.d. You will feel that your tummy is in flames after drinking it. It is both subtle and hot, absolutely a good wine for a man."

Shi Yan contemplated and didn't say a word. He took the 'Sun Flame' bottle, held his face up drinking almost half of the bottle in one breath. He then frigidly looked at Ye ZhangFeng and said, "Spit it out. Why are you looking for me?"

Ye ZhangFeng's face stiffened. He rubbed his cheek and said with an embarra.s.sed smile, "You realized it?"

"You have the Purgatory True Flame which ranks number 4 on the Heaven Flames list. Moreover, you have also fused with that Purgatory True Flame. Your understanding of the Heaven Flames is not less than that of the Corpses G.o.d Sect's Hierarch Qing Ming. You also know about his Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame while you are just in the Earth Realm. You have probably met Qing Ming earlier." Shi Yan coldly said. "Heaven Flames can sense and detect each other. As you are sitting in front of me, I can apparently sense the Heaven Flame's aura on your body. I just want to know what you are going to do after all?"

Heaven Flames can absorb and support each other. If one Heaven Flame consumes another one, it will bring that Heaven Flame itself and its owner a marvelous benefit.

A half hour ago, Shi Yan and the Corpses G.o.d Sect had confronted. He also knew that Qing Ming had the greed for his Heaven Flame.

If the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group hadn't been there, or Tang YuanNan hadn't appeared to warn Qing Ming, Qing Ming would have recklessly found all the ways to absorb his Heaven Flame.

If Qing Ming had absorbed the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame, his G.o.d Realm would have entered a new level, and his strength then could frighten everyone.

As Ye ZhangFeng possessed the Purgatory True Flame, Shi Yan had to be very careful with him.

"The Purgatory True Flame originates from the purgatory, which is the origination of the Purgatory Flame that ranks number 4 among the Heaven Flames. The Purgatory True Flame can melt down all mineral metals. Therefore, the Purgatory True Flame can not only prevent the enemies but also refine medicinal pills and secret treasures. The person who possesses the Purgatory True Flame can also become an Alchemist or a Blacksmith. In terms of the achievements in these two fields, ordinary people are completely on the losing ground ..."

The Ice Cold Flame sent out a message from the Blood Vein Ring to help Shi Yan understand a little bit more about the attributes of the Purgatory True Flame.

"Don't misunderstand." Ye ZhangFeng laughed while raising his hand, implicating that he didn't have any wicked intentions. As he didn't see Shi Yan having any abnormal actions, he then regained his previous deliberate manner, laughed and said, "I meet you here unexpectedly. I have come to this tavern to drink and then realized that you have the Heaven Flame's aura; hence, I walked over here."

"That's good." Shi Yan nodded with calm eyes. He sedately ate fruits and drank the good wine of Ye ZhangFeng, relaxingly watching the hot water lake, ignoring the other person.

"In fact…" Ye ZhangFeng wanted to say something but then stopped.

Shi Yan didn't look at him pretending not to hear it and continued watching the lake down there.

"I want to make a trade with you. I don't know what kind of your Heaven Flame is, but I think that you can help me successfully refine some Sacred Level Secret Treasures."

Ye ZhangFeng said with flaming bad ambitions and burning eyes, "Although I have the Purgatory True Flame, my cultivation base is too low, which prevents me from being able to make use all of the Purgatory True Flame's forces. Meanwhile, refining Sacred Level Secret Treasures requires a persistent heating flame for a long time. That is why I couldn't do it."

"Not interested." Shi Yan didn't turn his head and directly refused him.

"You are not taking this chance to deprive him of the Purgatory True Flame that resides in his body?" The Ice Cold Flame sent out a message. "Although this little rascal's cultivation base is the same as yours, killing him is not a difficult task with your true ability. After he is dead, you can absorb the Purgatory True Flame. What do you think?"

"He only has the Earth Realm cultivation base, but he could fuse it with his own body. Do you think that he is that easy to deal with?" Shi Yan beamed out a faint smile. "As what I have known, it seems that only the True G.o.d warriors are qualified enough to fuse the Heaven Flames with their bodies. When I've met Qing Ming, I could feel that his fusion was even less than that of this little rascal. I don't think we should recklessly do anything."

"Make sense. This person is indeed a little peculiar." The Ice Cold Flame agreed with Shi Yan.

"Honestly, I am more interested in Qing Ming's Heaven Flame …"

"Ah, aren't you crazy? Qing Ming is a G.o.d Realm warrior. His Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame is very anomalous. Although his fusion with the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame is not as good as that of this little rascal, his realm is very high, which allows him to make great use of the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame's powers. Have you gone mad?"

"Probably. If I am interested in Qing Ming, so are other people. We will see how the situation goes and find the right time to take action."

"…" (silent)

When the Ice Cold Flame and he were secretly communicating, Ye ZhangFeng worriedly rubbed his face.

After a long while, Ye ZhangFeng suddenly clenched his teeth and hatefully said, "If you can help me, the Sacred Level Secret Treasure will be yours if it can be successfully refined."

Shi Yan's eyes brightened up; he turned his head around looking at Ye ZhangFeng as if he was a stupid person. "Are you insane?"

"Going to be," Ye ZhangFeng laughed strangely. "You also know the value of a Sacred Level Secret Treasure. In the Endless Sea, each Sacred Level Secret Treasure is the thing to guard the sect. I am willing to give it to you because I want you to help me."

"So, what will you get after that?" Shi Yan was startled, unable to understand.

"My cultivating technique is a little bit specific. Breaking through the realm is carried out through the secret treasure refinement. If I am successful in refining a Sacred Level Secret Treasure, I can break through directly to the Nirvana Realm from the Earth Realm, even possibly enter the Spirit Realm." Ye ZhangFeng thought a little bit before speaking with his heating eyes.

Shi Yan's body was agitated. He said with a low voice, "It seems you also get many good things."

"If I don't have anything in return, why I have to give you that much?" Ye ZhangFeng forced a smile and continued, "If I want to refine a secret treasure, I have to find a person with the Heaven Flame and ask for his help. This thing… although I know that the Corpses G.o.d Sect's Hierarch Qing Ming has the Heaven Flame, I don't dare to cooperate with him. As you have known, the Heaven Flames can devour each other, my cultivation base is much less than his, and I have also lost the support from the Spirit Treasure Wonderland. Hence, I don't dare to …"

Shi Yan kept silent, knitted his eyebrows, carefully considering the pros and cons. He couldn't help but have a feeling that a cake had just fallen from the heaven. After using his Heaven Flame to help that guy, he could obtain a Sacred Level Secret Treasure. Wasn't it similar to find a fortune out of expectation?!

"Little rascal, are you sure about that?" After contemplating for a while, Shi Yan suddenly remembered this matter then asked. "Don't tell me that you are not sure and just want to take me as an experimental test subject. And then, everything comes to nothing at the end. I warn you; I am very busy, I don't have too much time to make a joke with you."

"No worries, I have tried it many times before." Ye ZhangFeng arrogantly laughed and confidently said, "If you agree to help me, I a.s.sure that you will have a Sacred Level Secret Treasure. Believe me."

"Alright. I trust you this time." Shi Yan dragged a half smile out of the corner of his mouth then said, "I agree."

"That's good. Let talk about details." Ye ZhangFeng took one step forward and lowered his voice, "I have prepared enough materials, just lack one typical material which is the particular Profound Level Secret Treasure, it is …"

"Clacking clacking."

Right at this time, many hasty footsteps reverberated from the stairs. A gentle-to-bone voice came up, "Ye ZhangFeng, come out."

Ye ZhangFeng was dumbstruck with an embarra.s.sed face, quickly turned his back toward the door, pretending like he was attentively watching the hot water lake.

His outstandingly handsome face was suddenly distorted; his bones changed; his facial skin was pulled together…

Just in three breaths, his face had changed from the appearance of a white-face young man to a dry yellow face with gloomy eyes; even the angel-like attraction had also disappeared.

"Wandering in this world, one always needs some self-protection tricks. Hehe."

Ye ZhanFeng relaxed his body, swinging his legs and continued drinking wine without being worried at all.

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