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Shi Yan and Tang YuanNan were five meters away from each other. Their bodies had peculiar transformations simultaneously. At this time, there quietly appeared a fanciful connection between them that affected both of their Martial Spirits.

It was the first time they had met. Although they had never known each other's appearance before, the Martial Spirits inside their bodies had triggered a resonance.

Shi Yan slightly shivered, holding his chest, clenching his teeth and cursing under his breath.

He didn't know anything regarding the Star Martial Spirits. He basically couldn't control these forces.

Shi Yan's heart was beating frantically, deranging all forces inside his body, making them fight against themselves and causing him a lot of pain.

Tang YuanNan didn't seem to have any abnormal changes. His brightening gesture showed that he was very comfortable. His body was radiating many circles of light, one by one. These circles of light moved and covered Shi Yan entirely as he pleased.

"d.a.m.n it!" Shi Yan cursed with a ferocious face. Countless negative feelings inside his meridians erupted violently like a volcano.

In an instant, his strong body gradually withered while an extremely devilish force burst out from his meridians.

This evil force had a tremendous and mighty momentum, impetuously oppressed the other spiritual forces that were perversely stirring his heart and helped it back to its normal state.

After gasping a few breaths and taking three steps backward, his radiating body like a cold star gradually recovered.

"Oh?" Tang YuanNan slightly uttered, finally turned his head around to look at Shi Yan with an astonished face. His eyes were like the two small suns projecting dazzling lights that could frighten other people.

Under these powerful eyes, Shi Yan felt painful and didn't dare to look straight to them.

Only until the Ice Cold Flame released the icy power that seeped into his body and slowly gathered in his eyes, he started to adapt with the sunlight from Tang YuanNan's eyes. He then calmly looked at Tang YuanNan and said, "Great Hierarch Tang!"

"We are all from the same sect, no need to be so formal." Tang YuanNan revealed a smile. The sunlight on his body had faded away little by little. He no longer had the intention of testing Shi Yan's ability.

Shi Yan relaxed his whole body. The Star Martial Spirits also became restful as if it didn't see the opponent anymore; hence, it lost interest and stopped provoking and rebelling.

"Same sect …?" Shi Yan confusedly smiled, slightly shook his head without daring to say anything more.

The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect Qing Ming frigidly and suspiciously looked at Tang YuanNan and then swept his doubtful eyes over Shi Yan. He revealed a cold smile after a while, "I didn't expect that this little rascal had some relations with the Three G.o.ds Sect. No wonder why Tang ge has come here so fast. It seems that you have come here to protect this child."

"Protect this child?" Tang YuanNan seemed to find it very funny, turned around looking at Qing Ming then burst into laughter, "Even if I didn't get involved, what could have you done to him? Qing Ming ge, don't blame me for not warning you. Shi Yan's forces are much stronger than what you see now. You just think about it yourself."

Qing Ming' eyes brightened up. He started to think about the forces behind Shi Yan.

"I've come here to tell Qing Ming ge that you shouldn't recklessly use the King Corpse." Tang YuanNan's face was very calm as if he was solving an everyday matter. "My island is not able to stand too much of the pressures. I hope Qing Ming ge have some regards for me."

Tang YuanNan turned his head around looking at Shi Yan, revealed a meaningful smile, "Little Rascal, can you behave a little bit? Although you have come to the Sun Island for only two hours, five Earth Realm warriors have already been killed. Three forces denounced you to me, and now, you are fighting with the Hierarch Qing Ming. What do you want to do after all?"

Shi Yan was surprised.

"Before the meeting starts, you shouldn't cause any more troubles." Tang YuanNan reluctantly released a long sigh and said, "Help me save face, OK?"

"Regarding the situation related to the Sevenfold Underworld, have you found out anything?" Shi Yan was startled for a while before asking with his knitting eyebrows.

"Let's wait until the meeting to talk about it. It is too soon to tell now." Tang YuanNan's face was complicated. He slightly nodded and continued, "When the meeting is over, you will go with me to the Moon Island. I have some things to tell you in private."

Shi Yan nodded, implicating that he already understood.

"If there are any problems, tell me. Understand?" Tang YuanNan hesitated a little bit then added while knitting his eyebrows, "Actually, you are the joint owner of this island …"

The faces of Yin Hai and the flock of elders of the Corpses G.o.d Sect instantly changed and displayed fear after having listened to what Tang YuanNan had just said.

Qing Ming's eyes also became very strange.

"Joint owner…" Shi Yan also found it funny. "Alright, I will be more well-behaved and less troublesome. However, you make me feel bad; I won't care about this 'joint owner'. Anyway, a part of my blood is the Yang family's."

"It is good that you understand." Tang YuanNan nodded and said nothing more. A beam of light flashed up, and he disappeared into the void again.

"How is the relation between you and the Three G.o.d Sect?" Qing Ming took a deep breath. "As what I have known, the Yang family and the Three G.o.ds Sect have always been against each other for hundreds of years. Although the two sides haven't gotten into any big wars for the last ten years, I have never heard that the Yang family and the Three G.o.ds Sect had any sort of connections."

Shi Yan coldly harrumphed and didn't even bother to reply.

From deep inside his heart, he knew that Tang YuanNan wasn't scared of Qing Ming. That was why Tang YuanNan said that he was a joint owner of the Sun Island. In fact, Tang YuanNan just wanted to entice him.

Through the Corpses G.o.d Sect, Tang YuanNan perhaps wanted to spread out the news regarding the relationship between him and the Three G.o.ds Sect, let all of the warriors in the Endless Sea know that besides being a member of the Yang family, Shi Yan was also the Spirit Inheritor of the Three G.o.ds Sect.

He had the Star Martial Spirit, so he would possibly step on the Star Island in the future. Thus, becoming the Spirit Inheritor of the Three G.o.ds Sect was also obvious, especially after the Yang family had hidden in the Demon Area, their power had dramatically declined, and Yang Tian Emperor had not been in a good situation.

Shi Yan also understood that the reason why Tang YuanNan had proactively displayed his good intentions was that the friendly att.i.tude with the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race was also an important factor besides the fact that he possessed the Star Martial Spirits.

The unity of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wing Race wasn't less powerful than that of any other forces. The fact that Tang YuanNan enticed Shi Yan also meant enticing the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race. This guy's plan was really good.

"The Corpses G.o.d Sect doesn't have any hostility with you either." A few moments later, Qing Ming suddenly admitted his mistake. "If you are interested in these two Sky corpses, I can give them to you, considering them my admission of the mistake for the reckless actions at the corpse burial plot number 93. The reason I considered you the corpse refining object that year is because of the trade with the Yin Yang Wonderland. Other than that, we don't have any direct relations with them. What do you think?"

Yin Hai's group was startled with their eyes and mouths wide-opened.

"Two Sky corpses and the resentment between the Corpses G.o.d Sect and you will be cleared. How about it?" Qing Ming said with a low voice.

"Hierarch!" Yin Hai was panicked. These two Sky corpses belonged to him.

"Shut up!" Qing Ming shouted out loud.

Yin Hai mused immediately.

"Two Sky corpses …" Shi Yan frowned, contemplated for a while before saying, "It's ok that way. But, you have to remove all the formation techniques on those Sky corpses as well as wiping out the corpse souls that Yin Hai has been retaining."

"Of course." Qing Ming instantly agreed.

"Cleaning up the things in these two Sky corpses requires some time. Three days, three days later, I will send Yin Hai to bring you these two Sky corpses. How is it?"

"Let's do it that way." Shi Yan dragged a half smile out of the corner of his mouth, clasped his hands conducting the etiquette with Qing Ming.

"Predecessor Qing Ming is very generous indeed. I have learned a lot for today. See you in the meeting." After finishing, Shi Yan turned around and left.

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group also followed him, quickly left without leaving any traces.

"Hierarch." Yin Hai resentfully bowed his head. "Why?"

"You don't need to know." The green eyes of Qing Ming suddenly flared up peculiar dots of light that formed a miraculous formation. Inside this small formation, a feeble green flame was flickering and then gradually transformed into a small dark blue face.

"There is still a Heaven Flame in his body." A strange consciousness appeared in Qing Ming's head, zooming over his Sea of Consciousness.

"There is something exceptional on his body. Otherwise, the other two Heaven Flames would not have submitted. We temporarily shouldn't confront this guy. Let's carefully observe him for a while first."

Qing Ming quietly nodded. The green hue in his eyes was gradually dimmer; his pupils regained their brown color as usual.

"Master," Yi Tian Mo slightly turned around, pointed towards above the head and said with a small voice, "The G.o.d Realm warriors' souls are still watching."

Shi Yan raised his head looking up towards the sky then said with a faint smile, "No need to care about them. They are very arrogant; their subordinates were many. They will not show themselves just because of an Earth Realm warrior like me. I think that they will care about me after the meeting is over. Right now, I am not qualified yet."

"So, are we going back now?" Yi Tian Mo continued asking.

Shi Yan was bewildered, thought for a while and then said, "The three of you go back first. I am going to the Sacred Light Mountain. If I go back now, there would probably be some people coming to find me. That's annoying. And if you guys go with me, it will attract other people's eyes. Hahaha, I also want to relax a little bit."

"Will it be dangerous?" Ka Ba worriedly asked. "Or Yi Tian Mo will go with you, the two of us will go back first."

"No need." Shi Yan shook his head. "You guys go back altogether. Some warriors on this island are still watching you. In their eyes, I am just a messenger. You have overrated their respect towards me. I know you can always use your souls to transmit messages to me. Thus, if something happens, I can also send a message to you. Although this island is not small, it is not big for you either. It won't take too long for you to fly to me with all of your strength."

"Alright. We'll go first then." Yi Tian Mo nodded, bent down to conduct his etiquette before quickly disappearing.

Shi Yan went straight to the Sacred Light Mountain. He sometimes met some people on the way. A bunch of young warriors with tidy clothes ahead were gathering into groups of three or five, discussing and smiling continually. They didn't seem to be so worried about the Demons Dwellers' invasion; on the contrary, it appeared that they were enjoying the fun and the pleasant atmosphere here.

Shi Yan had already killed five Earth Realm warriors just right after having come here. However, very few people had seen it.

Therefore, most of the warriors from different forces everywhere didn't recognize him while he was on his way. They kept laughing and talking with each other, didn't lay their eyes on him.

The Sacred Light Mountain was the only mountain on the island. It was tens of thousands of zhang tall, like a sky supporting pillar piercing up through the sky.

The Great Sun Holy Palace of the Sun Island was up on the peak of the Sacred Light Mountain, staying hidden inside the hovering misty clouds, being overwhelmed with the blazing summer sunlight day by day.

It was said that this Great Sun Holy Palace had been made of numerous rare mineral stones that could absorb the sunlight and had countless miraculous effects.

There were many hot springs at the Sacred Light Mountain. It was said that those hot springs had varieties of mystical effectiveness which helped women's skin whitening, shiny, and smooth or helped men be energetic. Soaking in this calm, warm water would make people feel refreshed and revitalized again.

At the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain, besides the hot springs, there were also some trading fairs established for exchanging materials, many taverns supplying wine and girls, or typical cultivating rooms exclusively reserved for the warriors.

That was why the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain could attract many outstanding youths from everywhere.

Many young warriors had followed their great masters here for many different purposes. They gathered in groups, being excited and attached, hoping that they could be lucky enough to find their dream treasures.

At a sky-blue bathing place, the warm steam hovered about and covered the hot spring. The bathing area was divided into different separating areas by jasper walls. In the middle of the hot spring area, there was a small ellipse-shape lake with the size that was as big as a football field.

Quite a significant number of warriors were bathing and resting in the lake.

A young girl in a thin blouse sunk her slender body into the water of the spring.

Because of the rising steam which almost covered the entire water surface, her figure became ambiguous; even her face couldn't be seen clearly, let alone her prominent body that was hidden under the hot water of the hot spring.

Many pavilions were surrounding the bathing place. Some warriors were leaning against the handrails inside those pavilions, attentively looking at the hot spring. Although they couldn't see anything clearly, a bunch of them all wore an excited and eager face.

Shi Yan walked over to the bathing place and took a quick glance at it. It was indeed impossible to see girls' appearances under this dense, steaming water, let alone to see through the water to watch their mesmerizing bodies.

As he emotionlessly walked into one of the pavilions, he heard the sound of a buoyant discussion of some warriors as well as the scent of wine. He immediately realized that this was the only tavern of this bathing place, which specialized in supplying delicious dishes.

While beaming out a faint smile, Shi Yan felt that his body had loosened a bit and was now relaxed. He stared at that tavern for a while before walking inside.

"Miss Gu, try this. This is the Crescent Moon Crab Meat which can only be found in the Moon Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect. The meat is soft with natural flavor. It is very delicious."

"Miss Qu, try a little bit of this Flowing Clouds Flying Streams. It has been said that this wine has been made of the Sacred Spring inside the Sacred Light Mountain. This sacred wine can mesmerize everyone."

"…" (Much more noises of talking)

Five or six young, good-looking men in tidy and beautiful clothes were smilingly blandishing the two women sitting at the table next to the window.

The women over there were Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing. Although Gu Ling Lung still wore the strange mask, with the exceptional aura spreading out from her body, as well as her appearance which everyone here had all known of, many men had gone mad with her beauty.

As soon as Shi Yan had stepped in and even before he could find a seat for himself, he heard those voices coming up and couldn't help but feel ridiculous.

He slightly shook his head without saying anything. He found a table near a window and then deliberately looked towards the hot spring where the steam was rising hazily, trying to find a charming figure that was able to attract him.

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