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Inside the stone hall, cold icy power spread out everywhere. A flow of white dead aura turned out to be composed of devilish faces, wrapping around the stone pillars, which looked like those devils engraved on the stone pillars had just revived.

There were five oil lanterns mounted on the stone wall. The flames were shiny blue and dim, which brought other people a feeling that these flames could have died out at any time.

In front of the wall, at a dark gloomy corner, there was a figure standing lonely.

That person's eyes were glazed; his body was big with the dense miasmatic aura around, which was like a long-time dead corpse.

As soon as he had entered this stone house, Shi Yan couldn't help but frown. His soul consciousness diffused out but impossibly realized any living auras nor streams of souls.

There were no living humans.

That figure over there was actually a corpse with a pale face and stiffened limbs, served as a servant. It probably didn't have a high-level position.

As it saw Shi Yan's group going in, it turned a hook on the wall. A 'creak' sound resounded and the stone wall in front of Shi Yan started to move accordingly to some formation, gradually forming a path running downward.

That corpse was still blankly standing at the corner without any human emotions. It didn't even look at Shi Yan and the other people as if it only had one mission which was to open this path.

Shi Yan's face remained unchanged. He looked at the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group and nodded, then mumbled to himself, "Purposely make a mystery out of simple things."

He slowly stepped down on the stone stairs going deep down inside of the earth. He wanted to see what peculiar things were awaiting him down there.

Although the Corpses G.o.d Sect was mysterious as they had cultivated very inhumane secret techniques which had frightened other people, Shi Yan was not afraid of it too much, anyway, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group had the G.o.d Realm cultivation base.

In terms of souls, the three of them were far better than numerous people although their bodies' st.u.r.diness was not as good as the other G.o.d Realm warriors.

In a battle, the unity of these three could easily defeat any G.o.d Realm warrior. Shi Yan believed that even a G.o.d Realm warrior at the highest level would have run away strenuously when being besieged by them.

Under the powerful soul oppression, it could sometimes have been more dangerous than a physical attack.

With the three of them having his back, not to mention this temporary residence of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, even the headquarters of the Corpses G.o.d Sect would not be able to stop him from entering.

After having gone for about ten zhang, Shi Yan still didn't see any lights.

Luckily, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group was still following him closely; thus, he wasn't scared, just quietly diffused his soul consciousness around to sense even the tiniest transformation, trying to find the living aura.


In the ink-black darkness where one impossibly saw one's own five fingers, a weak green light suddenly appeared. It didn't look different from fen-fires (atmospheric ghost lights seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps, or mashes) hovering around in the air. Besides, there was also a dull flame of an oil lamp which was like a ferocious ghost observing around.

A cool breeze flooded over, wanted to absorb itself into his body.

With a cold smile on his face, Shi Yan activated the heating forces of the Sun Refined Spirits. The scorching aura of those forces moved around in his body, burning that cool breeze up.


A blue flame inflamed ahead of them.

After that blue flame had ignited, ten deep blue flames suddenly emerged. In just a breath, there appeared eighteen cups of oil lamps with flickering flames everywhere. The flames lit up the place, hence, the scene also started to appear.

A line of coffins was placed neatly across the cellar.

A flow of dense dead aura spread out from inside of every coffin. The dead aura was chalky.

A flow of dead aura slowly flew to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's eyes closed slightly, he suddenly shouted, "Show yourself."

The heat of the Thousand Year Earth Flame discharged out of his body. Just in a short time, Shi Yan's body had turned into an igniter, many flames like torches burst out from his body.

Before that dead aura could reach him, it had already smoked fizzingly and been burnt up into ashes. None of the dead aura could have touched him.

Some figures, one by one, descended on the coffins from the roof of the cellar.

The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect Qing Ming was wearing a black tunic and a blue mask with fangs. He stood on a coffin while his green pupils kept scanning Shi Yan. He then said with a weak voice, "Are you one of the Yang's?"

Yin Hai stood on the coffin on the left, quietly evaluated Shi Yan with somber eyes.

"Consider it true." Shi Yan nodded indifferently, closed his eyes sensing around. He suddenly goggled, looking toward the two yin wooden coffins under Yin Hai's feet, then said with a smile, "I come here for the two Sky corpses in those two coffins. It can be said that they and I somehow have fate. When I had arrived at the Sun Island, these two Sky corpses had called for me, which led me here."

"It's you indeed." Yin Hai's face suddenly changed, becoming more somber. He then grinned and said, "Little rascal, at the burial area number 93 that year, I didn't know which way you used to enthrall my Sky corpses, making them slaughter even their own fellows and helping you escape from the burial area. Well, you are now on the Sun Island, you want to make use of these two Sky corpses again, don't you? Hahaha, today, as the owner of these Sky corpses on this island, I want to see how you can break through my oppressive forces."

"Yin Hai, shut up."

Qing Ming bowed and shouted to prevent Yin Hai from babbling. He then coldly and seriously looked at Shi Yan. He uttered weakly, "At the burial area that year, these two Sky corpses were controlled by you, and didn't obey the great elder Yin Hai's commands. They woke up and acted accordingly to your will. Is this true?"

Shi Yan thought for a while, nodded, and said, "That's true."

There emerged many small flames inside those green eyes. The flames seemed to have some consciousness that allowed them to cooperate with the dead auras here to be able to completely control all the corpses.

"Move!" Qing Ming turned his head, glancing at Yin Hai.

Yin Hai followed that command, leaped up, and landed next to another elder.

Two yin wooden coffins automatically flew up by some unknown forces. The white dead aura covered everywhere. The two coffins then descended in front of Shi Yan.

The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, Qing Ming, stretched out his left hand, pointing at the two yin wooden coffins, then shouted with a specific tone, "Go out!"


The two lids of the coffins shot up, two Sky corpses, one male, one female, whom Shi Yan had seen at the burial area number 93, sat up. Their eyes were emotionless. Their bodies were rigid and cold, which looked like a puppet being manipulated by someone.

Shi Yan slightly squinted.

"Is it true that you have seen these two Sky corpses?" Qing Ming asked feebly.

Shi Yan nodded and replied, "That's true. But, these two Sky corpses seem to be oppressed by some forces. The aura inside their bodies is not working. They should have definitely been sealed. Currently, they are only puppets in your hands, and totally let you control them without having the slightest intentions of resistance."

"This little rascal has exceptional eyes." Qing Ming faintly laughed. His laughter was similar to the cry of a ferocious ghost, which was extremely unpleasant to one's ears.

Together with the laughter that could freeze other people, the green pupils of the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect Qing Minh were getting darker and darker. Many green flames, which were as big as his fingertips, suddenly shot out from his eyes.

The green flame radiated a kind of aura that scared people out of their wits, slowly flying toward the two Sky corpses.

"The Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame!" Right at this time, the Ice Cold Flame instantly sent out a message. "This is one of the Heaven Flames, ranked the ninth. As soon as this corpse flame touches a living creature, the blood cells inside the body will become anomalous. It then becomes a servant corpse, which is controlled by the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame."

Shi Yan was shaken, moving backward three steps while quietly activated all kinds of defensive forces inside his body to guard against the possibility in which the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect would use the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame to attack him.

The green eyes of Qing Ming lit up strangely as if they could see through Shi Yan's precaution.

Many feeble flames, which were controlled by his hands, slowly flew out and disappeared inside the two Sky corpses that were sitting neatly straight up.

As soon as the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame had gotten into the two Sky corpses, the two of them, one male and one female, also slowly recovered a little bit of aura. The oppressive forces inside of their bodies had melted like the snow in summer. Their rigid bodies became more flexible.

"Little rascal, is the flame inside your body one of the Heaven Flames?" Qing Ming didn't look at the two Sky corpses, instead, he paid attention to Shi Yan's body. "Among the scorching flames, the Sun G.o.d of Tang YuanNan belongs to the Sun's heat, so what does your Heaven Flame belong to?"

"I know you have the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame." Shi Yan frowned, quietly communicated with the tree people of Yi Tian Mo's group, informing them the danger of the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame. After that, he spoke up with a low voice, "You are the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, possess the Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame, master of[DN1] several secret Corpse Control Techniques of the Corpses G.o.d Sect. It seems that you have underrated your real cultivation ability."

"That's totally true." Qing Ming wasn't humble at all and revealed a devilish smile. "Although the flame inside your body is indeed a little outstanding, its opposing ability is probably as strong as my Superb Adjoin Corpses Flame. Regretfully, your cultivation base is too low, impossible to truly control it. Therefore, I can easily dominate you. Do you believe it or not?"

"Yes." Shi Yan nodded, then said with a mocking tone, "But you are not able to do it."

"Unable to do it?" The green flame inside Qing Ming's eyes flickered a little bit. The dense yin icy aura emitted from the pores on his body.

At the same time, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group also realized that the icy aura started to approach them.

More than tens of thousands of soul auras from the three of them flowed out like endless tides, besieging the disciples and the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect.

[DN1]Choices of "master of" "having mastered...", "mastering..." but cannot be left alone as "master..."

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