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Yi Tian Mo instantly took actions. His tremendous soul, which was dangerous as a deep abyss or a surging sea, submerged the three people of Chen Duo's group just in a blink.

The seas of consciousness of Chen Duo's group were like the flickering flames of an oil lamp under the wind that could die out at any minute.

Now, Chen Duo, Dong FangHe, Sui YueRui knew Yi Tian Mo's real realm, which frightened them so much that they hardly uttered a word nor had any resistant intentions. They just hoped that the Three G.o.ds Sect would quickly send their high-cla.s.s warriors to maintain justice.

Some white-gray rays that looked like ferocious solid needles shot out from deep inside of Yi Tian Mo's eyes.

He calmly looked at Chen Duo, Dong FangHe, and Sui YueRui who were holding their heads with miserable faces, screaming out constantly. They felt that their souls could be broken shortly, then both their bodies and souls would perish.

"Young Master Yan ..." Li Fu couldn't pretend that he didn't know Shi Yan. He took one step forward, clasped his hands and nattered, "This place is the Three G.o.ds Sect's territory and we have our own rules. Young Master Yan, please don't put us in an awkward situation."

Not far from here, about ten warriors of other forces were observing, didn't dare to come closer. But, they all felt startled and shocked.

They didn't know Shi Yan. However, because Chen Duo, Dong FangHe, and Sui YueRui had arrived at the Sun Island a long time earlier, their activities on the island had been very vibrant, many people knew about them and their ident.i.ties.

Perhaps Sui YueRui's position in the Evil Wonderland was not high, but Chen Duo and Dong FangHe were the important persons of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland and the Dong Fang family. Regardless of either the cultivation base or the realm, these two people were very outstanding, together with their n.o.ble status, not many ordinary people wanted to mess with them.

Shi Yan had messed around with them though, which surprised a lot of people. However, they were more curious about Shi Yan's ident.i.ty.

After Yang Tian Emperor had been confined, all the forces of the Yang family had vanished; the rank of the Yang family had dropped tens of thousands of zhang. Theoretically, there shouldn't be any members of the Yang family to join this gathering, but Shi Yan was here.

Not only did he come here but he also brought a G.o.d Realm warrior with him.

In the Kyara Sea, G.o.d Realm warriors were the peak of all the existences. Only the leaders of powerful forces were able to enter this realm. Facing any types of forces, a G.o.d Realm warrior was always a very important and terrifying person.

Although there had always been a rumor that the Yang family didn't just have one G.o.d Realm warrior, who was Yi Tian Emperor, other people had never witnessed any other G.o.d Realm warriors of the Yang family.

Yi Tian Mo's appearance had astonished a lot of people and also brought suspicions at the same time.

Was he the hidden G.o.d Realm warrior of the Yang family?

With this thought, everyone's looks now gazed at Yi Tian Mo with fear and respect. They discreetly remembered every single bit of Yi Tian Mo's commotions to tell their fellows later.

"Young Master Yan ..."

Li Fu miserably begged but didn't dare to give the warning like what he had done with Chen Duo.

Shi Yan's face remained unchanged. He knitted his eyebrows slightly, his eyes coldly looked at the three people of Chen duo's group who were screaming bitterly under Yi Tian Mo's horrendous soul attack.

The seas of consciousness of these three people were gradually swamped with Yi Tian Mo's soul which was like thousands of sabers slashing their sea of consciousness.

Suffering the visual soul pain was many times more uncomfortable than suffering external injuries. Shi Yan had already experienced this plenty of times.

Those three people were screaming and crying in fear. Sui YueRui was painfully screeching so hard that tears and snots also flowed out. Shi Yan had felt joyful looking at this scene at first, but the joy gradually turned down, he started feeling eventually disrelished.

Shi Yan swung his arm, signaling Yi Tian Mo to stop.

Those three people of Chen Duo's group were trembling violently as their seas of consciousness had gradually calmed down after having been stirred up into restlessness.

Silver patterned circles suddenly diffused out from those three people's heads. Their eyes, which had been blanked and dazed, were now restored to be conscious little by little, and then totally recovered afterwards.

Those three people were now disheveled and dirty; their bodies were covered with dust, their faces were full of tears and snots mixing up. They looked really miserable.

"Hic." One female disciple of the Three G.o.ds Sect suddenly jeered as the scene looked very absurd.

She instantly felt improper, quickly stuck her tongue out, and shut up.

Several warriors of other forces, who were also watching, couldn't help but want to burst into laughing. However, they had to uneasily restrain it, which made them look very strange.

After having regained their consciousness, as the three people of Chen Duo's group saw their blowzy appearance, they were all so angry that they wanted to vomit blood, resentful for not being able to dig a hole and plunge down there.

They didn't dare to raise their heads up, hastily dusted off their faces and then covered their faces leaving without even having the intention of questioning Shi Yan.

"You can't go just yet." Shi Yan shouted out loud again.

The bodies of those tree people trembled, they turned their heads around with hateful faces, and stared at Shi Yan with a daring manner.

Especially Sui YueRui, who had always boasted about her elegant and charming appearance, now looked very crummy like an insane woman in front of many people. She had never ever thought about this humiliation, not even in her most unpleasant dreams.

She felt extremely ashamed. Her grimaced face looked even more furious as her resentful eyes contained and endless murderous aura as if she could uncontrollably risk her life at any minute.

"Shi Yan, you will have to pay ten times of this humiliation today." Dong FangHe said with a cruel face.

"Go back and tell your predecessors, three of your forces, each will have to give out five islands to compensate for the Yang family, " Shi Yan didn't care about Dong FangHe's intimidation, he spoke up while standing still, "I want to see your compensations in one month."

As soon as he had finished his words, most of the warriors who were watching nearby clamored.

While the Demon Dwellers were invading on a ma.s.s scale currently, all forces should unite, putting all of their efforts to deal with the Demon Dwellers instead of rebelling.

Shi Yan, however, did the opposite. He clearly wanted to fish in troubled waters and didn't even have the intention to negotiate. What was happening?

Everyone was impaled by fear. They secretly blamed Shi Yan for being lowly and for not being concerned of the current big picture. They were also frightened because of Shi Yan's shamelessness and arrogance at the same time.

"Based on what reasons do you dare to have such a request?" Chen Duo gritted his teeth and asked.

"On only them." Shi Yan casually pointed at Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng.

Ka Ba and Ya Meng quietly revealed a cold smile, arrogantly looking at the other people. The earth-shaking aura was suddenly projected from their bodies.

The warriors surrounding instantly felt that their seas of consciousness were violently shaking. The profound Qi in their bodies was like wild horses escaping from the riddles and not listening to the orders anymore. They felt helpless deep inside.

The warriors with low realms quickly sank to their knees, as their knees were totally flabby. It looked like they were being pressed down by a big mountain.

"G.o.d Realm warriors!"

Needless to say more, everyone immediately knew that Ya Meng and Ka Ba were also the G.o.d Realm warriors just through their tremendous auras.

"Three, three G.o.d Ream warriors!"

Someone among the warriors surrounding mourned. Every one of them felt freezing, subconsciously moved backwards while their faces turned to totally white pale.

Li Fu bent down so low that his head almost touched his chest, his fat body slightly trembled. He no longer had any intentions of begging Shi Yan to stop.

Chen Duo and Dong FangHe were bewildered as if their brain had been knocked out and shaken till dazed.

Su YueRui had actually had the intentions of vengeance earlier; however, she was now holding her ruffled hair, her face was half smiling half crying, her eyes were full of desperation and submission. The intentions of taking revenge had vanished out of her mind afterwards.

"You can go now." Shi Yan's face was disturbed, he waved his hand and urged, "Get lost! Don't let me see you again."

The three people of Chen Duo's group were scared out of their wits, miserably running away like stray dogs, staggering on the way as if their steps couldn't be even steady.

The shock that Shi Yan had brought them had been far beyond their endurance. Moreover, Yi Tian Mo had also messed with their souls, which had led them to this scene of severe misery.

"This thing ..." Li Fu raised up his head afterward even with a humbler manner. "I still have to report what has happened to my predecessor. Young Master Yan, please don't blame me. We, we have our own rules."

"What?" Shi Yan nodded calmly. "I didn't kill them, just threatened them. Does it also violate the rules?"

Li Fu was bewildered, seriously thought for a while. He then felt that this also made sense. The three people of Chen Duo's group didn't get injured seriously, only lost their faces in front of many people. They were still alive and healthy, so the rule wasn't violated indeed.

"We'll take a walk around." While Li Fu was still in a daze, Shi Yan nodded towards the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group and then stepped forward pa.s.sing Li Fu.

As the scene had been over, the surrounding warriors also dispersed out with astonished faces. Everyone disappeared shortly.

Inside of the dark red stone chamber.

A group of warriors of the Corpses G.o.d Sect was wearing black tunics. Their bodies were full of miasmatic aura; their eyes were frigid and cruel looking at the two yin wooden coffins in the chamber.

Yin Hai was one of them.

In the chamber, the two Sky corpses were being confined inside in the yin wooden coffins.

One warrior of the Corpses G.o.d Sect with a fierce face was wearing a devil mask. His body was covered in a big black tunic. His eyes shot out a cruel devilish deep blue light.

"Hierarch, did something really happen with these two Sky corpses?" Yin Hai was standing beside him, bending down with a respectful manner, asking for his opinion.

The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect slightly nodded. The devilish deep blue light was retrieved little by little. "These two Sky corpses seem to have had a little of consciousness. This is really a miracle that could amaze everyone. These two Sky corpses couldn't definitely have had the consciousness in such a short time like this. It is still very long time before they could become the King corpses, they couldn't have had the transformation that quickly ..."

"Their transformation is probably related to the little rascal that year." Yin Hai considered carefully for a while before speaking.

"That little rascal ..." The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect harrumphed coldly. His frigid eyes shifted toward Yin Hai and said, "Could only one weak warrior have been even more miraculous than the secret technique of the Corpses G.o.d Sect which has been transmitted until now? If he is able to make the Sky corpses become the King corpses in a short time, the corpse temper technique that has been studied by the Corpses G.o.d Sect's predecessors then becomes a joke?"

Yin Hai felt fearfully freezing, quickly bowed his head, and blaming himself for being stupid.

"I will temporarily control their consciousness that has just woken up. If they are not affected by the outer forces, these two Sky corpses will no longer have any anomalous changes in a short time." The Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect contemplated for a while before further instructing, "Before the gathering on the Sun Island finishes, you just need to keep an eye on them."

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