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In the southwest corner of the Sun Island, there was a quiet manor which was specially made of pink bricks. This manor originally belonged to a great elder who had encountered the cultivation insanity, and carelessly let his soul and spirit perish. Therefore, this place had become ownerless.

The manor was thirty mu (1 mu is equivalent to 3.600 square meters). There was a small lake with a bonsai (the art of making miniature landscapes, imitating the scenery of the islands, mountains and surrounding environment as found in nature) in the yard as well as ten different kinds of storied houses. The maid who was living there year-round had been cleaning it up so carefully that this place was immune from dust.

In the Three G.o.ds Sect, places that were used to host visitors would be arranged in accordance with their status and cla.s.sified into different levels.

This manor was one of the Three G.o.ds Sect's best accommodations for their guests. Only the leaders of powerful forces were welcomed and stayed here. Ordinary elderly protectors weren't qualified enough to be able to stay here.

As Shi Yan and the other three leaders of Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng arrived at this place, they were engrossed in looking at the wooden pillars with full of decorative carvings on the side, the delicate furnishings, and implements, as well as the abundant and diversified set-up. They kept quietly giving compliments and were astonished by the luxuriousness of the Three G.o.ds Sect.

The servants were all good-looking. The beautiful maids here were around fourteen or fifteen years old, wearing light clothes exposing their arms and bellies with healthily tanned skins. They were approaching Shi Yan and his fellows, holding the silver plates loaded with shining fresh fruits and then respectfully lifted up and offered to them.

As soon as Shi Yan sat down in a s.p.a.cious living room, seven girls, who were still very young in age and very pretty, were all busy running back and forth, bringing them refreshments.

"This place is one of the n.o.blest places to host guests of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Last time, when my uncle and I came to this island, we weren't qualified enough to stay here. That is the time when the Three G.o.ds Sect is receiving many distinguished guests, so I have thought that the treat this time would even have been worse than last time. Unexpectedly, that guy Li Fu has brought us straight to this place. It is unbelievable indeed." Cao Zhi Lan was sitting opposite of Shi Yan, her jade-like hand picked up a succulent grape, c.o.c.ked her head, peeling the fruit. She didn't look at him but mumbled with a low voice.

"Li Fu should definitely have regards for your Cao family." Shi Yan neglectfully bit a sparkling grape in his hand and said, "Haven't you said that the Cao family's power is ranked in the top three of the Endless Sea?"

"I haven't just been self-conceited." Cao Zhi Lan nodded. Her full red lips chewed the grape and swallowed it. She then smiled and raised her head up. Her beautiful eyes contained some meaningful implications. "The head Master of the Cao family comes, it is obvious that he should be received here. However, your status and my status are deficient, so it is impossible to be qualified enough to stay here. Li Fu has seemed to pay attention to me on the way here, but he has fixed his eyes on someone else." The bright and clear eyes of the beautiful woman looked at Shi Yan attentively while revealing a big charming smile. "I am just curious. He has never asked your ident.i.ty but has treated you even more carefully and attentively than when treating a Sky Realm master. He hasn't even dared to look straight into your eyes; instead, he has just stayed behind and sneakily looked at you. Why does he have to be so respectful?"

Shi Yan shrugged, pointed toward Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, Ka Ba and said, "Perhaps he has recognized their real realm levels."

The beautiful woman smiled and shook her head. "When the G.o.d Realm warriors intentionally want to hide their auras, as long as they don't use their G.o.d Realm power, no one can realize it, including the warriors at the same realm. So, how could he have recognized it? Especially, our three men have profound understandings of the Spiritual Upanishads; when they hide their ident.i.ties on purpose, even the warriors at the higher levels couldn't realize their real cultivation base."

Shi Yan was surprised, shook his head with a forced smile but didn't explain more.

Cao Zhi Lan angrily glared at him as he didn't answer her. She suddenly stood up and said, "I am going to the Sacred Light Mountain. Do you want to go with me?"

Shi Yan shook his head.

"The Sun Island is round; hence, the guest houses are all on the edge of the island. However, the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain is the most interesting place of the island. There are the most famous Sacred Light hot spring and storied-houses for exchanging cultivating materials, secret treasures, as well as the adjacent area's specialties..." As Shi Yan didn't seem to be stirred up, Cao Zhi Lan felt discouraged and then told him in detail some interesting things of that place.

Shi Yan still shook his head with a faint smile, swung his arm and urged, "You go first. I might feel interested later and will find you there. You should remember that we have placed the formation technique inside your body. Before the Cao family pays us the ransom, you shouldn't do anything stupid."

"Don't have to warn me always. OK?" Cao Zhi Lan was resentful.

"I am afraid that when you are accustomed to the familiar environment there, you will forget that binding. Hahaha, I don't have any other intentions. You can go now."

Cao Zhi Lan glanced at him. Her prominent body like a beautiful purple blossomed flower deliberately glided away, dragging the colliding sounds of the crystal adornments on the flap of her dress.

As soon as Cao Zhi Lan had left, Shi Yan's face became somber. He suddenly stood up from the chair.

Without caring about the surprise of the other three people of Yi Tian Mo's group. He sat down straight on the floor, instantly released his soul consciousness to observe something in silence.

The other three people were bewildered a little bit before condensing a proper defensive formation in the room to prevent strangers from penetrating.

Many flows of miraculous soul vibrations spread out from Shi Yan's body. These flows were very peculiar, bringing different kinds of feelings which contained tiny consciousnesses.

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group were all great masters of souls. After having observed for a while, they realized that Shi Yan's flows of soul consciousness seemed to be receiving and also responding to some information. It was peculiar.

Five minutes later.

Shi Yan slowly opened his eyes. He quietly stood up with a confused face. He contemplated for a while before speaking, "Follow me to a place."

"Yes." The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group nodded simultaneously without saying anything further.

"I don't know why it is that when I came here, I have sensed that there are two fellows who kept calling me..." Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows tightly and thought very carefully before saying. "Those two fellows seem just to gain the spirit intelligence recently; their spirits are still very innocent. Their souls seem to lack different kinds of feelings of the high-cla.s.s lives. Although they are simple lives, they keep producing close affections with me. It is hard to understand."

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group glanced at him with a dazed look and seemed not to understand his feelings either.

"It seems that I have known them and met them from somewhere, but I can't remember even though I have tried to think a lot." Shi Yan shook his head with knitted eyebrows and a doleful face. "The feeling is peculiar and abnormal. Maybe we should go there to see; otherwise, we wouldn't get anything if we just relied on our senses."

The three people of Yi Tian Mo's group nodded again.

Following Shi Yan's orders, the three of them retrieved their defensive formation, instructed the butler to look after the manor. Then, the four of them left the manor, going towards the west of the island.

"Shriek shriek! Shriek shriek."

The yin aura was very dense inside the stone chamber. The two wooden coffins were making creepy sounds.

The Sky corpses seemed to use their long sharp nails to scratch on the coffin lids as if they wanted to lift up the lids and get out of the coffins.

Yin Hai was presently not here. He had been summoned by the Hierarch of the Corpses G.o.d Sect together with other great elders to receive the Hierarch's a.s.signments.

The yin aura and dead aura were hovering around inside the chamber. It was the dark, cold cellar, which was ten meters underneath the ground; the light was dim and gloomy.

Currently, there was only one disciple of Yin Hai in this place, who was dozing, leaning against the wooden bed in the distance and was dreamingly wandering in the cloudy sky.

The echoes from the coffins were getting louder and louder. The sounds then got too loud that he was unable to sleep deeply. He finally woke up.

This young man's face changed in fear. He stared at the two coffins for five seconds before his face turned pale and hurriedly ran away to find Yi Hai supposedly.

"Crack crack!"

A long sharp white nail suddenly jutted out of the coffin, and then the coffin lid was broken and thrown away. The male Sky corpse who had been dominated in the burial plot number 93 slowly sat up.

Inside of the two empty sockets flared up many peculiar light dots. With a closer look, those light dots resembled the Life Seals of Shi Yan's Life and Death Seal indeed.

Those tiny sparkling Life Seals were getting clearer. A kind of indescribable forces seemed to be born; a miracle was happening ...

"Crack crack!"

A female Sky corpse in the other coffin also sat up. Deep inside of the empty eyes flared up strange lights as well. Its white, pale skin glowed shiningly. Its body seemed to have gained its vitality again.

Luxuriant brushes and plants were dispersive everywhere in the Sun Island. There were uncluttered big bluestone paved roads on the island.

Many warriors from different Seas gathered into groups of three or five, wandering around. Most of them were heading towards the Sacred Light Mountain, whisperingly talking and laughing.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows. Under the burning sunlight, his body was still frigid.

He had unintentionally absorbed a part of the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame, which was now running all over his body. On the scorching island, his entire body was as chilled as ice, quite similar to several dangerous disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, which gave other people the feeling that he was too unfriendly and gloomy to get acquainted easily.

As for the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group, they had cultivated the yin techniques, together with their different body structures compared to the humankind's as well as their pale faces; their bodies naturally emitted the cold and gloomy aura already.

Therefore, the burning heat was automatically pushed away from their bodies while they were on their way. Even the blazing sunlight seemed impossible to shine on their bodies.

Many warriors traveling on the same way suddenly trembled, feeling freezing inside when they approached more than ten meters close to them. Those warriors instinctively stayed far away from them quickly with fear and hatred appearing on their faces.

They a.s.sumed that the four of them were the high-cla.s.s principles of the Corpses G.o.d Sect.

In the Endless Sea, only the disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect cultivated that secret Yin Icy Technique. Even in the summer, their bodies were all frigid, and they wore thick tunics with the appearance that seemed to tell the others not to get any closer.

The Corpses G.o.d Sect was not the strongest force in the Endless Sea but the most mystical force that frightened many warriors.

If it was not necessary, ordinary warriors never wanted to contact with the disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect. It was the instinctual resistance. Everyone was subconsciously scared of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, afraid that they would have been condensed and refined into a corpse.

Two ambiguous flows of soul approached towards Shi Yan, quietly went into his Sea of Consciousness then floated around inside but weren't welcomed by his host soul.

These two flows of soul targeted only at Shi Yan himself without any wicked intentions nor attacking forces, only the joy, and excitement.

As these hidden two souls were initially ambiguous and targeted at Shi Yan only, the three people of Yi Tian Mo's group could vaguely sense them a little bit just because they were standing next to him. The others would be unable to realize them.

Shi Yan used his host soul to control and sense the two flows which were moving inside his Sea of Consciousness. He wanted to know the opponents' ident.i.ty through these two souls.

However, these two souls were too ambiguous, which meant that the ones who had sent them out didn't know how to use their soul forces nor enhance the soul consciousness. Although Shi Yan had concentrated a lot to sense, he couldn't get any information just yet.

The five Devils in the Sea of Consciousness seemed to be very excited with these two souls. They were like evil monsters that wanted to pull and swallow the two souls but got intimidated and was prevented by his Sea of Consciousness, and thus, they didn't succeed.

"Who are they after all?" Shi Yan felt suspicious with his knitted eyebrows. However, no matter how hard he thought, he still couldn't figure out.

He suddenly ceased his steps.

Shi Yan retrieved the suspicious thoughts in his mind, raised his head up looking ahead. His eyes slightly squinted, the corner of his mouth lightly formed an indifferent curve.

Ahead of him was a group of males and females talking and laughing, walking towards him. They seemed to be in a very good mood.

A flirty woman among them wore a thin red silk dress, the snow-white area beneath the thin silk was dazzling.

That woman wore a charming, smiling face; her face was as pretty as cherry blossoms, her cheeks reddened, and her sparkling eyes were l.u.s.tful as if she was very satisfied after pa.s.sionate lovemaking.

A guy with an eager fat face, bean-sized eyes was next to her. The fat of his body shook while he was talking. There were varieties of precious colorful stone rings on his big fat fingers. Each of them was the storage ring used to store stuff, which was containing the unknown number of marvelous treasures.

A middle-aged scholar in a blue blouse, who had a cold face and a cruel, wicked appearance, clasped his hands behind his back while walking and thinking of something.

Seven females and males with different levels of cultivations base, who wore different kinds of clothes, were walking behind those three people with respectful faces. They were discussing something with each other and quietly observing the three people ahead as if they were afraid that their noises could be too loud and thus they would be scolded by the three people ahead.

The three people leading the group were chatting and laughing, gradually coming close to Shi Yan's group from the opposite direction.

The flirty woman unintentionally glanced at Shi Yan and then immediately turned around and continued talking with the fat guy next to her. However, after a few steps, she seemed to have remembered something, turned around again looking at Shi Yan then lifted her finger with the painted nail, pointing towards Shi Yan from a distance and said with surprise, "You, you are that little rascal?"

Recently, Yin Hai kept sending his people to her place to ask for information. Shi Yan's image also came across her mind sometimes. As suddenly seeing Shi Yan on this Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect, she instantly remembered.

"Protector Sui, long time no see." Shi Yan slightly laughed.

The flirty woman was Sui YueRu of the Yin Yang Wonderland.

When Shi Yan and Xia XinYan had gotten stranded on a desert island, they had got on an iron boat of the Yin Yang Wonderland and had made contact with Sui YueRu for a period. As he had refused to be the subordinate of this woman, he had been harmed by the unity of this b.i.t.c.h and Li Zhuang, almost becoming a corpse of the Corpses G.o.d Sect.

The fat guy next to her was the great elder Chen Duo of the Spirit Treasure Wonderland. The ferocious scholar in the blue blouse was Dong FangHe.

On the Menluo Island, because of the Ice Cold Flame, Shi Yan had suffered a great loss in Chen Duo's and Don FangHe's hands. If he hadn't been lucky, he could have had been killed.

Shi Yan's eyes were half-closed. His face was strange and unpredictable. He revealed a smile.

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