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The Three G.o.ds Sect was one of the most ancient sects in the Endless Sea.

Over the years, the Three G.o.ds Sect had been divided into the Three G.o.ds of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. They alternately possessed the Sun Martial Spirits, the Moon Martial Spirits, and the Star Martial Spirits. These three kinds of martial spirits were all sacred level martial spirits which had the miraculous abilities to absorb the power of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star.

However, thousands of years ago, when the Three G.o.ds of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star of the Three G.o.ds Sect fought with the Dark Dwellers in the Sevenfold Underworld, they had been beaten up by Avi Dark King and got seriously injured. Since then, the Three G.o.ds of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star had never met each other again.

After that battle, the G.o.d of the Moon and the G.o.d of the Star had disappeared and had never shown up in the Endless Sea ever since. Only the G.o.d of the Sun had returned to the Three G.o.ds Sect to rule over the Three G.o.ds Sect, but three hundred years later, he had pa.s.sed away quietly.

After that, gradually, the ability of the Three G.o.ds Sect had declined from the position of the first or the second strongest forces in the Endless Sea.

Nevertheless, the Three G.o.ds Sect in the Hengluo Sea had been still firmly intimidating the Dong Fang family and the Gu family.

Until now, under the governance of the Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan, the Three G.o.ds Sect's ability had started to recover, returning to the ranks of the most powerful forces in the Endless Sea again. They had become one of the strongest powers that others didn't dare to underrate.

The headquarters of the Three G.o.ds Sect had been separated into three islands, including the Sun Island, the Moon Island, and the Star Island alternately. These three islands formed a triangle and were only dozens of miles away from each other.

The Sun Island, the Moon Island, and the Star Island were the three cultivation places of the Three G.o.ds of the Sun, the Moon, and the Star. They had always been the Divine Land of the Three G.o.ds Sect, only the core disciples of the sect were qualified enough to cultivate devotedly there.

However, as the Moon G.o.d and the Star G.o.d hadn't ever appeared for so long, the position of the Moon Island and the Star Island had gradually been decla.s.sed compared with the Sun Island's. Therefore, the heart of power recently located in the Sun Island. The Moon Island and the Star Island had become the restricted area, and unauthorized people were not allowed to enter.

Until last year, the Moon Island became gradually vital again as the moonlight shone upon the entire island. A few of the followers of the Three G.o.ds Sect who possessed the Moon Martial Spirits were then permitted to go to the Moon Island.

It always had a rumor saying that the predecessor of the Moon branch in the Three G.o.ds Sect had returned to the Moon Island. This predecessor could have wrestled away the glorious t.i.tle of the Moon G.o.d.

Rumors were just rumors anyway. Even the followers of the Three G.o.ds Sect had never seen the return of that legendary predecessor. So, the people of the other forces had no others chances of knowing about it.

Presently, the Flame Unicorn with full of torrential flames arrived and landed on the Moon Island all of a sudden.

The moon was faint, and the wind was strong tonight; thus, the flames of the Flame Unicorn were prominently seen. A man in a glowing-sun-pattern blue blouse was riding the unicorn with a deliberate manner. He, together with the unicorn, slowly landed.

The Bright Moon Lake on the Moon Island.

The ivory-water lake had a dense aura which was like immense mist hovering around. There was a small jade village hall floating in the middle of the lake. The Flame Unicorn descended, the man in the blue blouse bent down with a respectful face and slightly called out, "Moon Ancestor!"

The misty aura seemed to have its life gathering at the jade village hall. The mist was ambiguous, and the moonlight was shining splendidly, brightening the gloomy scene around, making this entire area seem to be immersed in the fresh moonlight.

There appeared a beautiful, elegant, slender figure which was fully covered in the ambiguous moonlight, wearing a long white dress which was not made of silk nor brocade but similar to the white clouds in the sky. Obscure sack mists accentuated that vague figure, making her look like a peri or a G.o.ddess, which brought people a feeling of being amazed and standing in awe of the genuine beauty.

The jade-like moonlight was radiating from her cloud-like dress, resembling small light dots and crystal raindrops falling on the village hall, creating clangorous sounds.

"What do you come here for?" Her pleasant yet frigid voice slowly rose up, it seemed to be a little annoyed as well. "Didn't I tell you that if there is nothing special, don't come to see me."

"There is …," The Sun G.o.d Tang YuanNan of the Three G.o.ds Sect hesitated a little bit before saying, "Masters of different forces in the Endless Sea have been gathering on the Sun Island to discuss a big plan to deal with the Demon Dwellers. The leaders of some forces have also heard about the return of the Moon Ancestor. They would also like to meet you. What do you think about this?"

"I won't meet them," That woman replied unfamiliarly, "I am at the critical point of the Peak Sky Realm, only one step away from the Spirit G.o.d Realm. Before the Demon Dwellers invade, I need to make use of the time to breakthrough this gap. I don't have time to waste with those people."

"Moon Ancestor, when the Flame Unicorn has come back there, it said it had realized that the Star Martial Spirits' aura is on a little rascal of the Yang family. That little rascal will arrive at the Sun Island soon. Do you want ...?" Tang YuanNan hesitated for a while before continuing, "The Star Martial Spirits of Ouyang Zhi.

The woman showed a little surprise; her face was bewildered for a while before slowly nodding, "When he arrives, and if you recognize the Star Martial Spirits of the Three G.o.ds Sect inside his body, you will bring him to the Moon Island to see me. Besides that, I don't want to see anyone else."


Tang YuanNan nodded. He then consulted her about the essence of some ancient secret techniques of the Three G.o.ds Sect before leaving.

Many swaying figures appeared on the Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect. Different kinds of glorious sun-patterns, which were made of stone, were engraved on the high dark-red castles. Many warriors with different costumes could be seen there; they obviously came from different forces.

The Sunlight on the Sun Island was always scorching for unknown reasons. It seemed that this island was closest to the sun compared to the other islands in the Endless Sea; hence, it was always oppressively hot on this island. This island was like a tropical forest, varieties of verdant plants or trees were everywhere.

Many warriors from different Seas felt very uncomfortable when arriving here. Everyone took off their clothes, untied their belts, took off all of their thick clothes and hats to deal with the burning heat on the island.

Many beautiful girls of the Yin Yang Wonderland even wore thin silk or left their arms, waists, and legs bare, exposing charming curves. Most of these girls cultivated the Yin Yang Complementary Technique. Their mesmerizing watery eyes were extremely appealing, making other male warriors on the island even hotter, burning flames also inflamed inside them.

Although it was blazingly hot on the island, there were still some people wearing thick costumes. Under the scorching sunlight, they remained their somber faces which could freeze other people's hearts.

The disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect were this kind of person.

The disciples of the Corpses G.o.d Sect who controlled the corpses, temporarily resided in the south of the Sun Island, making that area gloomy. Not even coming close to this area yet, other warriors could already feel a flow of icy aura striking straight to their faces, and their bodies thus couldn't help but tremble.

Inside a vivid red chamber, Yin Hai, the great elder of the Corpses G.o.d Sect, with his deep blue eyes, was gently soothing the surface of a miasmatic cold wooden coffin with his skinny arm; his face was very attentive.

Two similar wooden coffins were placed inside the chamber. These two wooden coffins were fully sealed, but still, the faint aura of the dead was flowing out from the insides. Yin Hai's skinny arms quickly attracted this dead aura into his sleeves without leaving out any of it.

"Shriek shriek."

Two separated sounds simultaneously came up from the two wooden coffins. Yin Hai suddenly shook while his face slightly changed.

These two Sky corpses belonged to him, which he had captured at the burial plot number 93. After having been worshiped and refined, these two Sky corpses seemed to have no abnormalities nor emotions and already returned to normal corpses which were able to follow the orders of his Corpse Controlling Technique.

However, he would never forget the resistance of these two Sky corpses against the capture nor the difficulties that he had gone through after having attempted to arrest these two Sky corpses five years earlier.

Five years ago, these two Sky corpses of his strangely ran away from out of their burial site all of a sudden. They followed the other's orders to slaughter all the Corpse G.o.d Sect's disciples at the burial plot number 93. When he arrived that place, these two corpses didn't even excuse him, consistently struggled to escape from his control, releasing their soul powers to resist.

If he hadn't had the anomalous secret technique of the Corpse G.o.d Sect nor placed the special Corpse Controlling Seal into these two Sky corpses' bodies, he wouldn't have been able to control them.

However, after having been controlled and refined, these two Sky corpses returned to be normal without any abnormal emotions.

Five years ago, the incident happened to these two Sky corpses was still a puzzle which hadn't been solved by anyone just yet.

Only Yin Hai himself vaguely felt that perhaps under an unknown circ.u.mstance, these two Sky corpses had quietly gained a little of intelligence and gradually evolved into King corpses.

Regretfully, this evolution had suffered an early death as soon as it had just started.

Everything happened five years ago. However, in the night before, after he had used the usual method to tamper these two Sky corpses, he had sensed the vibrating feelings from them again.

Until now, the vibrating feelings of these two Sky corpses were clearer, and their resistant consciousness kept getting stronger and stronger.

"Shriek shriek."

Another two peculiar sounds came out from the wooden coffins once again.

Yin Hai's face changed dramatically. He held his chest taking a deep breath. He strongly constrained the Sky corpses' resistance and gently mumbled with a somber face, "What is happening after all? It has been only 2355 years, which were not even enough time to transform into the King corpse. Why, why is it like this …"

"Great Elder!"

Right at this moment, a slight call came in from outside before a small, skinny young man shyly stepped in with his body bending low.

Yin Hai knitted his eyebrows. His bony arms forcefully pounded the two yin wooden coffins. Hundreds of flows of dead aura flowing out from inside of the coffins were attracted into his sleeves and then instantly poured back into these two coffins.

The two yin wooden coffins, which had resounded the shrieking sounds, now became quiet.

"Did you figure it out?" Yin Hai retracted his arms and then silently looked at that young man with a dark face.

The young man shook his head, displaying his fear and then said, "My great master has gone to ask the two protectors Li Zhuang and Sui YueRu of the Yin Yang Wonderland. They also said that they didn't know where the little rascal of the burial plot number 93 came from in that year. However, they said that the girl who was with him seems to be the daughter of the Xia family, whose name is Xia Xinyan."

"The Xia family…" Yin Hai mumbled to himself; his face changed constantly. He then spoke up after a long while, "You can leave now. Don't tell anyone about this."

"Yes, I understand." That young man moved backward in fear.

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