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The dense adhesive Sky and Earth aura like faint morning dew hazily covered the foot of the Snow Dragon Mountain.

Streams of spiritual aura, which naked eyes could see, were still erupting from the crack on the Snow Dragon Mountain, hovering around, expanding gradually, and overwhelming the one-hundred-mile area surrounding the Snow Dragon Mountain.

The misty spiritual aura resembled a jade-like white silk ribbon under the sun and radiated faint rays sometimes. Many of the Wings race's and the Demonic Sound Clan's pagans were astonished looking around with joy, but they didn't understand why everything had become this miraculous and marvelous.

The previous chilled to the bone icy aura had quietly disappeared. Although the Snow Dragon Mountain's peak and flank were still freezing like before, there was no longer icy aura flying out from the crack or spreading down to the foot of the mountain.

Therefore, those pagans who had temporarily evacuated from the foot of the mountain due to the freezing ice aura were returning here from other areas on the Snow Dragon Island.

As soon as they arrived, they immediately recognized that this area had gone through an earth-shaking transformation. Not only was the Sky and Earth aura denser but the entire mountain chain also seemed to be full of vitality.

Due to the tremendously dense aura, plants started to grow lushly and verdantly, among which there were even some precious herbal brairds that even rare and unique to Cao Zhi Lan.

Di Shan, Yu Rou, Yi Tian Mo and others hurriedly tried their best to create many kinds of special-effect protective barriers and formation techniques. Many of the complicated barriers and formations required the Sky and Earth aura to be possibly created. With the help of the Holy Spirit G.o.d, this had become much easier.

Not long after that, the entire Snow Dragon Mountain seemed to be entirely covered with varieties of defensive barriers and formations. Big and small formation techniques were as dense as stars in the sky. Shi Yan didn't know how their intimidation was, but he was already startled with the quant.i.ty of those formation techniques.

The appointment in the headquarters of the Three G.o.ds Sect was coming closer. Today, Shi Yan went to find Yi Tian Mo to ask him to be his company, bringing him to the headquarters of the Three G.o.ds Sect.

Among the leaders of the Wings Race and the Demonic Sound Clan, Yi Tian Mo had the fastest speed.

The Snow Dragon Island was in the range of the Three G.o.ds Sect's powers, so it was not too far from the Three G.o.ds Sect. If Yi Tian Mo could bring him, he would then possibly arrive at the Three G.o.ds Sect ahead of the others.

However, when Shi Yan was about to depart, the Snow Dragon Island welcomed a visitor.

Sun Ming, the messenger of the Penglai Divine land.

He had heard from Gu Shao and Yu Qin and known that Pan Zhe was being confined on the Snow Dragon Island. He came to the island with a good intention and wanted to exchange ten islands in the Sky Sea for Pan Zhe's life.

As soon as he had arrived at the Snow Dragon Island, he was then frightened by the dense Sky and Earth aura there.

When he had gone to the foot of the Snow Dragon Mountain, looking at the heavy spiritual aura which was like slow gurgling water and the mist of aura that resembled a white ribbon hovering around, Sun Ming was indescribably terrified.

Sun Ming had never been on the Snow Dragon Island before, but he had often been cultivating devotedly on the Penglai Island of the Penglai Divine Land. From what he saw, even the Penglai Island was not as suitable as this Snow Dragon Island for cultivation since the aura on the Penglai Island was not as dense as the one here.

This discovery brought Sun Ming a big surprise. He transmitted the information about the scene that he had witnessed and the aura that he had felt to the Penglai Island.

The Penglai Island didn't believe him when they had first received the information. However, after Sun Ming had told in detail about the fact here, they became very frightened.

Thus, the Penglai Island sent back the response instructing Sun Ming to have more respectful manners, absolutely not to irritate the head Master of the Snow Dragon Island. Also, they told him to bring Pan Zhe back alive, not to create any conflicts with the head Master of the Snow Dragon Island no matter what.

Moreover, the two ordinary islands on the papers in Sun Ming's hands were also changed to be another two resourceful islands with plenty of special minerals.

When Shi Yan met Sun Ming, Sun Ming bowed his head, bent down very low as if he was Shi Yan's grandchild, greeted Shi Yan with a gesture which was so friendly that it could be called flattery.

With a broad smile that remained on his face, Sun Ming respectfully offered the papers for handing over the islands firstly before proposing to take Pan Zhe away.

Shi Yan was astonished, watching Sun Ming with the attentive look. After he had made sure that Sun Ming didn't have any other intentions, Shi Yan nodded and shouted to call for Pan Zhe who was staying in the first story from afar. "Someone has come to bail you out."

Pan Zhe's face was dazed; the corner of his mouth slightly shivered for a while. He stood up submissively.

"See you later if we have a chance." Cao Zhi Lan dragged a half-smile out of the corner of her mouth. She was wearing a long snow-white velvet dress and a colorful plumy hat, leaning against the window and waving towards Pan Zhe. "Remember to ask that guy to remove the formation technique inside you. Otherwise, if your great Master sees it, he will blame you for being incapable."

Pan Zhe's face became toneless; he felt resentful and helpless. He looked at Shi Yan who was standing motionlessly and heartlessly in the distance but couldn't have any intentions of revenge.

He knew that if he had any intentions of vengeance, Shi Yan would realize it right away. Perhaps, he would even do something harmful that he had to suffer helplessly.

Having being tortured in the abandoned land was a scar that he would never forget for the rest of his life. Being the future leader of the Penglai Divine Land, since having been confronting Shi Yan, he had always suffered the disadvantages, been always intimidated, and never able to raise his head up.

The wound that Shi Yan caused had already been deeply engraved on his soul, which was not able to heal in a short time.

Pan Zhe's face was depressed. He bowed his head dolefully with full of helplessness while slowly walking downstairs.

"Sigh, a good guy like that has been destroyed in Shi Yan's hands." Cao Zhi Lan was pitiful for him, shook her head, released a sigh and said, "Shi Yan has knocked down the arrogance deep inside his spirit, leaving a scar in his sea of mind. Perhaps, he would never be able to overcome this for the rest of his life. On the way of martial arts cultivation, the spirit which lacks confidence is the taboo. I am afraid that Pan Zhe is done."

He Qing Man's face was in shock; her eyes squinted, forming a moon-shape. She was bewilderedly looking at Pan Zhe leaving then suddenly said, "How about Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing?"

"Not the same." Cao Zhi Lan smiled beautifully, exposing her white teeth with shiny red lips. She said, "That little rascal has despised those two girls. He has already touched all the places on their bodies which shouldn't have been violated. He has also messed with their minds and made them resent males for their entire lives. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d deserves thousands of slashes."

He Qing Man was amazed, hesitated for a while before speaking with a strange face, "It seems that he has never disgraced you. I feel like you are jealous and discontented. Are you blaming him for not having done anything to you? How come I have that feeling …"

Cao Zhi Lan's cheeks reddened; her beautiful eyes displayed embarra.s.sment. She glanced at He Qing Man angrily and said, "I have heard that you and Xia Xinyan are good sisters. Have you ever thought that you two would scramble for a man, would it be shameless for one time doing so? What do you think?"

He Qing Man's charming body trembled slightly with her embarra.s.sed eyes. As she realized that Cao Zhi Lan's words were very sharp, she instantly shut up.

"Are you letting me go that easily?" Downstairs, although Pan Zhe was full of hatred, he still pretended to be calm, looked at Shi Yan and coldly asked.

Shi Yan patted his forehead as if he just remembered something then said, "I'm very sorry, I almost forgot."


A small sound like a broken bubble suddenly came out from Pan Zhe's brain.

Right after that, Pan Zhe immediately felt that his spirit was very comfortable as if the strong bind that had tied up his host soul had just been lifted. He felt refreshed, and his eyes also brightened up a little bit.

"Your Penglai Divine Land indeed has good intentions. That's good, very good." Shi Yan's face was very joyful. He then contemplated for a while before asking Sun Ming, "How is the entrance which links to the Chasm Battlefield? You have sent people to enter the Chasm Battlefield, so how is the current situation there? Does the Sky Demon Mountain Range nearby have anything unusual? Have you ever met Yang Mu's fellows in your Sea?"

Sun Ming respectfully replied with a serious face, "The Chasm Battlefield is still the same. There haven't been any transformations nor anyone coming out. We have never met the Yang family's members in the Sky Sea either. Many beasts have been troubling the Sky Demon Mountain Range nearby; there are also some mighty and dangerous beasts among them. That is the beasts' territory, and we haven't dared to enter it, and thus we are not certain of the situation there.

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows then nodded after a long while, swung his hand and said, "You guys can go."

Sun Ming looked at Pan Zhe.

Pan Zhe took a deep breath, stared at Shi Yan for a while before speaking, "See you later!"

After talking, Pan Zhe nodded with Sun Ming. The two of them went towards the harbor of the Snow Dragon Island together and then disappeared shortly.

"He Qing Man, how about you? Will you stay here or return to the Evil Wonderland?" Shi Yan held his head looking towards the house not far away after being silent for a while. He raised his voice shouting.

He Qing Man's face was gloomy. Her charming face was full of bitterness.

"The Evil Wonderland has become the Demon Dwellers' territory. What is it good for if I come back there? I just don't know how the Fire Cloud Island is. Sigh, I hope that my relatives had escaped from the Kyara Sea."

"Are you going to stay on the Snow Dragon Island temporarily?"


Shi Yan nodded, contemplated for a while and then said, "Alright. I have to go to the Three G.o.ds Sect. You can comfortably stay here."

"Wait!" Cao Zhi Lan slightly shouted. Her appealing body, as slinky as a water-snake by the window, suddenly leaped up and landed in front of Shi Yan. She revealed a charming smile and said, "Bring me along with you."

"You?" Shi Yan was astonished then shook his head while speaking, "The Cao family hasn't offered a reasonable price, you cannot go. All forces that want to deal with me have to learn from the Penglai Divine Land if they want to ransom their people. I like the att.i.tudes of the people from the Penglai Divine Land. Wait until the Cao family sends out their people here to offer the price that satisfies me, I will then consider to let you go or not."

"The reason that the Cao family's people haven't come here yet was that I have prevented them." Cao Zhi Lan beamed out a smile. "I want to continue staying here to interact with you more, carefully discuss the ability to cooperate with you. That's why I have sent them a message saying that they don't need to worry for me. Besides, I am ent.i.tled to decide for myself. My family will not have any ideas about my decision. Therefore, it isn't necessary to send people here."

Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows.

He knew that Cao Zhi Lan had a special transmitting treasure. He didn't have any intentions of confining Cao Zhi Lan. The fact that Cao Zhi Lan had contacted the Cao family was not beyond his expectations.

The only thing that was strange was the Cao family's att.i.tude.

The Cao family really believed her that much?

"Are you authorized to represent the Cao family?" Shi Yan thought for a while before speaking.

Cao Zhi Lan nodded to confirm.

"Ok, that's good. You can go with me to the Three G.o.ds Sect's headquarters."

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