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On the snow mountain peak.

The group of Di Shan and Shi Yan was seriously and attentively listening to Cao Zhi Lan's explanation.

"Every Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect will choose a twins during his time of reign; one of them is appointed to be the next Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect, and the other one is nourished with a secret method. His spirit is then extracted out. By taking that spirit as a conductive object, together with the Holy Spirit Sect's anomalous method, they will create the 'Holy Spirit'. When the new Hierarch takes up the appointment, he will make the 'Holy Spirit' which has been created from his twin sibling the new Holy Spirit G.o.d of the Holy Spirit Sect, which receives the religious worships of all the disciples of the Holy Spirit Sect. Time after time, that Holy Spirit will have gradually gained the consciousness and spirit power, growing together with the Hierarch.

"The worshiping powers of the Holy Spirit Sect's principles will be poured into the Holy Spirit G.o.d, helping it possess a special ability to control and continuously gather the Sky and Earth spiritual aura. Thus, the Holy Spirit Sect's headquarters is the place that has the heaviest Sky and Earth aura in the Endless Sea.

"The Holy Spirit G.o.d and the Hierarch are twins, so their spirits are correlated. Whenever the Hierarch fights with anyone, he is always able to connect with the Holy Spirit G.o.d. Sometimes, at the critical moment, even at a distance of billions of miles, the Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect can still summon the Holy Spirit G.o.d to support him in the battle.

"With the Holy Spirit G.o.d at his side, the Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect can release the power which is three times stronger than usual and freely control the Sky and Earth aura of the adjacent areas to disturb the enemy's Sea of Consciousness. It is very dangerous. That is also the time when the Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect is the most powerful. It can be said that the Holy Spirit G.o.d is the sharpest weapon of the Holy Spirit Sect 's Hierarch.

"Besides, the Holy Spirit G.o.d has one special effect. In the legend, if the Hierarch reaches the Peak Third Sky of the Spirit Realm, he can swallow up the Holy Spirit G.o.d, which allows him to enter the True G.o.d Realm quickly. However, if he does so, the Holy Spirit G.o.d will disappear, its soul and spirit will both perish. Frankly saying, all of the former Holy Spirit G.o.ds had been swallowed up like this. Its biggest value of existence is to help the Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect break through the wall of the True G.o.d Realm.

"Every Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect has one related Holy Spirit G.o.d. The Holy Spirit G.o.d of the current regime is still in the Holy Spirit Sect's headquarters. So, the Holy Spirit G.o.d underneath this Snow Dragon Mountain should be of the former regime."

Cao Zhi Lan's voice was very pleasant to one's ears. She legibly told Shi Yan and the others her knowledge of the Holy Spirit G.o.d. After having heard that information, Shi Yan was shaken with his mouth and eyes wide opened. That was the first time he heard about this peculiar creature of the Holy Spirit Sect. Previously, he had only known that the Holy Spirit Sect was very mystical and that the Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect had cultivated some special secret methods. However, he didn't expect that there were so many secrets inside the Holy Spirit Sect.

"The former Holy Spirit G.o.d? Why had the Hierarch of the previous regime not swallowed it yet?" Yi Tian Mo asked with surprise.

"The previous Hierarch of the Holy Spirit Sect had encountered the cultivation insanity and died before he could reach the Peak Spirit Realm. As soon as the Hierarch was dead, the Holy Spirit G.o.d went missing and never again showed up in the Endless Sea. It has been unexpectedly hiding underneath this place." Cao Zhi Lan exclaimed nonstop. She said while looking at the Sky and Earth aura which was erupting from inside the earth. "The Endless Sea is immense, why it has come to this Snow Dragon Mountain. I don't understand the fact that it seems to have a compelling icy trait which is not the ability that a Holy Spirit G.o.d can possess."

"It has devoured the spirit of the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon. The Dragon Crystal of the Icy Dragon Crystal is now its shelter." Yi Tian Mo said with a low voice.

Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful face changed.

Yi Tian Mo continued, "The Icy Crystal Bone Dragon is the eighth level beast. In the legend, this Icy Crystal Bone Dragon stayed nearby the Snow Dragon Island and was extremely aggressive. Even some of the Endless Sea's G.o.d Realm warriors couldn't conquer it when they had arrived here. It is unexpected that the Holy Spirit G.o.d not only devoured the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon's spirit but had also occupied the Dragon Crystal. It seems that that Holy Spirit G.o.d has gone through an incredible transformation. It is not sure if this Holy Spirit G.o.d should be considered as a Holy Spirit G.o.d anymore."

Swoosh swoosh swoosh

The Sky and Earth aura violently erupted from inside the Snow Dragon Mountain.

Just after a short while, the Snow Dragon Mountain had already been immersed in a great amount of the Sky and Earth aura. The Sky and Earth aura quickly diffused and turned the Snow Dragon Island to a place that had an abundance of spiritual auras.

If it was not because of the tremendous freezing aura on the mountain, the Snow Dragon Island should already become a very suitable place for warriors to cultivate.

Being covered by the immense white frost, the Snow Dragon Mountain looked like it was drowning in the clouds, and thus the vision was also limited.

Shi Yan was contemplating for a while, didn't know how to handle the Holy Spirit G.o.d underneath the Snow Dragon Mountain. He then subconsciously looked at Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng and asked, "Did that fellow get out of there?"

"No, it didn't," Ka Ba shook his head. "As soon as it had realized our exploring soul, it immediately released its attacking power. However, when we had retreated out of that place, it didn't chase after us. It seems that it doesn't want to leave the earth. It is unknown why it has emitted so much of the Sky and Heaven aura."

"It is probably going to attack …" Cao Zhi Lan's eyebrows slightly knitted as if she had figured out something. "The Holy Spirit G.o.d can control the Sky and Earth aura, condense the Sky and Earth aura into the Spiritual Qi Bullets. The Spiritual Qi Bullets' power is tremendous. The Holy Spirit G.o.d should need time to condense them. Thus, it is probably refining the Spiritual Qi Bullets."

"Could be." Di Shan raised his head up to the sky; his countenance became somber.

Shi Yan also felt chilled inside his heart. He now realized that the aura in the sky was moving abnormally. He raised his head uncontrollably, looking up towards the sky with a changing countenance.

The white frost in the sky was a.s.sembling into many clouds of frost, each of which then turned into a circle of white frost.

The bitterly cold weather turned into the freezing icy powers absorbing into the white frost. Not long after that, chopping board-sized white circles appeared, which were like big s...o...b..a.l.l.s being condensed in the air.

Inside those s...o...b..a.l.l.s, there was not only full of the extremely chaotic Sky and Earth aura but also the freezing icy powers. The vibrating powers were severely turbulent as if they could explode at any time.

A big amount of the Sky and Earth aura erupting from inside the Snow Dragon Mountain converged at those big s...o...b..a.l.l.s.

If looking further, it was easy to see many white full moons in the sky which were splendidly shining. However, they were also full of violent vibrating powers that scared people out of their wits.

"Tell everyone at the foot of the mountain to evacuate." Shi Yan suddenly commanded.

Yi Tian Mo's figure flashed up then gently left leaving no traces just in a blink.

Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful eyes flared up, attentively watching Yi Tian Mo's figure that had just left. She was now more certain that Shi Yan could command the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race. She couldn't help but be shocked.

"Here it comes!" Di Shan shouted while the wings on his back instantly spread out. Streaks of black lightning were weaving with each other to create a net and then shot out up to the sky.

The Spiritual Qi Bullets in mid-air plunged down, bringing along the incomparable impetus.

Boom Boom Boom! Boom Boom Boom!

The entire Snow Dragon Island started to explode. The Spiritual Qi Bullets, which were as big as a chopping board and sparklingly luminous like a bright moon, were shot down from the sky. That made the Snow Dragon Mountain start to roar, growl, and violently shake nonstop as if it could collapse at any time.

The number of the Spiritual Qi Bullets could be up to dozens. Each of the bullets contained an impetuous vibrating power.

When one Spiritual Qi Bullet was shot down, a manor at the foot of the mountain fell instantly. Many pagans of the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race screamed out and scattered everywhere.

Because the temperature of the Snow Dragon Island kept decreasing, many pagans with low cultivation base of the two tribes had soon withdrawn in advance. Therefore, the rest of them who were at the foot of the mountain right now had a high cultivation base and were not afraid of the icy aura of the Snow Dragon Mountain. When the Spiritual Qi Bullets shot down ma.s.sively, their run-away speed was extremely fast. Most of them didn't get injured and quickly flee from the attacking range of the Spiritual Qi Bullets.

He Qing Man and Pan Zhe were also among those who were running away. The two of them, the young high-cla.s.s warriors of the Evil Wonderland and the Penglai Divine land also realized the situation. As soon as they saw the situation went wrong, they immediately escaped with the fastest speed and tried to avoid the Spiritual Qi Bullets' attacks.

The target of the Spiritual Qi Bullets was still Shi Yan and Di Shan's area.

As Di Shan and Yu Rou saw dozens of the Spiritual Qi Bullets plunging down, they finally put all their efforts to withstand the Spiritual Qi Bullets' attacks.

Shi Yan and Cao Zhi Lan were standing next to them, so they both were protected and didn't get shot by the Spiritual Qi Bullets. However, from the lightning striking down from the sky and the explosive sounds constantly reverberating from the mountain, Shi Yan knew that those Spiritual Qi Bullets that had been created by the Holy Spirit G.o.d had tremendously mighty powers.

"Although this Holy Spirit G.o.d was refined from the human spirits, it doesn't have a body and thus cannot be considered as the humankind. Especially that it seemingly has devoured the spirit of the Icy Crystal Bone Dragon. It is unknown what kind of specific living creature this Holy Spirit G.o.d has become, or whether it has the intelligence or not. It is tough to have a solution for this." Cao Zhi Lan stood shoulder on shoulder with Shi Yan. Even though she was facing the splendid lightning striking down from the sky and the Spiritual Qi Bullets which would possibly demolish the entire mountain, she didn't show any fear. Instead, she still beamed out a smile from the corner of her mouth as usual. She told Shi Yan about the things related to the Holy Spirit G.o.d with a gentle voice.

The Ice Cold Flame inside the Blood Vein Ring suddenly emitted a bone-chilling icy power. This icy power flushed around Shi Yan, making his body instantly discharge the icy aura.

Shi Yan's body felt cool right away. As soon as he wanted to send a message to the Ice Cold Flame, he immediately realized that there was another icy aura which was quietly ejected from inside the earth, intruding his body through his feet. This aura started to fight with the Ice Cold Flame inside his body.

At the same time, a marvelous flow of a vibrating spirit also spread out from his body.

Thousands of soul senses seemed to appear and scatter everywhere inside his body. However, they couldn't converge right now and were still finding a way to do so.

"That fellow wants your body!" The Ice Cold Flame quickly sent out a message. "It needs a body. It intends to rely on a body to be revived. As your body used to tempered by my forces, it can receive its icy aura. It has the same thought with mine from that previous year."

Shi Yan's face suddenly changed.

"Crack crack."

The snow surface under Shi Yan's feet exploded and split open all of a sudden. It was easy to see a corridor opened up, running straight down inside the earth. It was like a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth that wanted to swallow up Shi Yan.

Cao Zhi Lan, who was standing next to him, wanted to leap up to save him. However, she then realized that after that corridor had swallowed Shi Yan, it closed right away. Until she could land in that place, the corridor had been gone.

"Why does it want you?" Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful eyes were full of astonishment. Her Spirit G.o.d Martial Spirit could vaguely sense the Holy Spirit G.o.d's consciousness underneath. "Does your body have something that attracts it? How many more of secrets that you are still hiding? Shi Yan, wait and see. I will dig each of them out."

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