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Shi Yan was standing on an all-purple crystal rickshaw, clasping his hands behind his back. The three leaders Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba of the Demonic Sound Clan were sitting on the side, closing their eyes meditating.

Cao Zhi Lan wore a purple silk dress with crystal adornments beaded at the corner of the dress. Her beautiful crystal clear eyes, together with Shi Yan's, looked out afar. Her silk dress fluttered, the crystal adornments at the dress's flap collided with each other creating ear-pleasant pure sounds.

This transporting treasure was called the 'Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage' which was like a large carriage without a roof. It radiated wonderfully splendid purple rays under the sun.

The Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage was made of three hundred refined amethyst crystal blocks which were full of rare auras and added seven kinds of pure quartz by the Cao family.

There were total three Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriages which were all in the hands of the most influential persons of the Cao family. Cao Zhi Lan kept one of them.

Before departing from the Snow Dragon Island, Shi Yan had wanted Yi Tian Mo to bring Cao Zhi Lan along. However, she had just beamed out a faint smile while her storage ring had unexpectedly flared up a purple light. She had then taken out the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage and gently sat on it. After having been started, the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage was flying with an incredible speed that had even gone beyond Shi Yan's imagination.

Looking at the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage, even Yi Tian Mo had admitted that his speed was slower than that a little bit.

Therefore, Shi Yan had immediately changed his plan. After having received Cao Zhi Lan's invitation, he had instantly gotten in the Flying Carriage. He had also brought Ka Ba and Ya Meng with him to the Sun Island of the Three G.o.ds Sect after having considered it for a while.

"Almost there."

In the middle of the splendid purple rays radiating from Cao Zhi Lan's purple dress and the purple Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage, she was like an illusory peri that brought out the glorious yet unreal beauty.

Shi Yan quietly complimented her while glancing at her. He had to admit that this girl was the most outstanding beauty indeed; her manners and appearance were of the first rank and weren't inferior to Xia Xinyan's.

"Am I pretty?" Cao Zhi Lan revealed a big smile. Her beautiful deep eyes seemed to expose the most beautiful scene of the Endless Sea, which made others want to be immersed in the sea and never wake up.

"Beautiful," Shi Yan curled up his lips exposing a broad smile and said, "Among all of those beautiful girls that I have known, your appearance should be the best or the second. It leaves a deep impression just after a quick look, hardly ever able to be forgotten."

"So, marry me." Her bright eyes formed a moon-shape; her smiling face easily mesmerized the other people. "If you marry me, you will have not only a strong ally which is the Cao family but also a beautiful wife that everyone ever desires. You won't suffer any losses no matter what."

"Marriage and children are a big responsibility." Shi Yan's face looked like he severely hated this topic. He shook his head then suddenly smiled, "But, I don't mind if you want to play around with me. On the contrary, I genuinely welcome it. You know that I like to be embraced and missed by beautiful women. If you want, in terms of some aspects, I will satisfy you."

Shi Yan's burning and l.u.s.tful eyes scanned all over her body. Every woman certainly understood the meaning in his eyes.

Cao Zhi Lan was discouraged, stared at Shi Yan embarra.s.sedly and then said with resentment, "If you want to have my body, you have to marry me officially. Otherwise, don't think about it!"

Shi Yan just smiled and shook his head without saying anything further. He put all of his concentration on the three islands which just appeared in his sight.

In the middle of the immense ocean, the three islands were round-shape, moon-shape, and rhombus-shape alternately, all of which formed a triangle. From above, the three islands were like emerald gemstones being engraved on the sea's surface. It was so beautiful that it caught all of the people's eyes.

"The round shape one is the Sun Island, the moon-shape one is the Moon Island, and the rhombus-shape one is the Star Island." Cao Zhi Lan introduced those three islands to Shi Yan as she saw him looking ahead attentively. "The Moon Island and the Star Island are in the restricted state. Even the disciples of the Three G.o.ds Sect cannot freely enter them, not to mention the outsiders. The Moon G.o.d and the Star G.o.d haven't appeared for many of the Three G.o.ds Sect's generations; therefore, there has been no one ruling the Moon Island and the Star Island. However, it has been said that five years ago, the moonlight changed on the Moon Island. Someone seemed to appear there with the Moon Martial Spirits. Rumor is just a rumor. As the Three G.o.ds Sect hides this information very well, n.o.body knew if that information was true or not until now."

"That is true." Shi Yan knitted his eyebrows and said, "That person, I have met ..."

Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful eyes suddenly brightened with astonishment. "How could you have met that person?"

Shi Yan just smiled but didn't explain.

"It's not fair!" Cao Zhi Lan glanced at him angrily and said grudgingly, "I have always answered your questions. But whatever I have asked you, you always hid them from me. What is this about?"

"Don't forget, you are still my slave until now. I have used the Demons Crystal Pearls to exchange for you. I have sometimes answered you, which is already very good. What else is it that you want?" Shi Yan said with an invisible smile.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Cao Zhi Lan clenched her teeth quietly. She was so angry that she wanted to vomit a mouthful blood.

Many figures were moving on the Sun Island. Dark-red clouds floated in the sky above the island. The sun power inside those clouds was extremely violent, consistently releasing the scorching auras.

Sunlight was piercing down from the ether. Countless beams of light were like water pouring into the clouds. They seemed to be absorbed and transformed into strange energies inside those dark-red clouds.

Those scattering clouds formed into a miraculous formation which was hardly able to be discovered.

Before the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage came close to that area yet, three thousand flows of burning sun power were emitted and then transformed into a sunlight net which slowly appeared inside a group of the cloud.

Cao Zhi Lan's face remained unchanged. As soon as her long skinny jade-like fingers gently patted the Flying Carriage's handle, the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage slowly descended on the Sun Island which now appeared clearer and clearer.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

Hundred thousands of the sunlight inside the cloud flashed on and off, weaving into a compact light net which covered the entire Sun Island.

That sunlight net had just flared up and vanished before retracting inside the cloud.

However, the tremendous vibrating power from that group of cloud had shortly agitated the three people of Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng. They now just recovered from the meditating state with astonished faces.

"Such a violent power." Yi Tian Mo's face slightly changed; he said seriously, "The vibrating power covering this island is even ten times stronger than that of the current Sky and Earth aura on the Snow Dragon Mountain. With this powerful defensive force, I am afraid that even the G.o.d Realm masters can hardly break it."

"Five hundred years ago, three Third Sky of the Spirit Realm warriors put forth all of their powers to strike this Great Sun Holy Light Tian Mu for the whole seven consecutive days and nights but still couldn't break it. During thousands of years, the Great Sun Holy Light Tian Mu above the Sun Island has been broken only three times." Cao Zhi Lan said seriously.

"Has been broken three times even it is that strong? What kind of forces that could be powerful like that?" Ka Ba asked with surprise.

"To be exact, it has been broken by three people." Cao Zhi Lan's eyebrows slammed slightly, and she suddenly beamed out a smile. She then shut up without disclosing anything further while her beautiful eyes glanced at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan, who was listening attentively, frowned slightly as she suddenly mused. He then burst into laughter, shaking his head and didn't ask for more.

Ka Ba harrumphed coldly. His eyes sparked a fierce light. He glanced at her resentfully and kept silent as well.

The Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage descended slowly, coming closer to the Sun Island while avoiding the red cloud that was floating around in the sky as if it knew the defensive range of that cloud.

A big figure flew over from the Sun Island below then shortly appeared ten meters away in front of the Flying Carriage.

It was a middle-aged warrior with the Sky Realm cultivation base, who was wearing the Three G.o.ds Sect's tunic.

This man was big and rough with a warm smile on his face. Splendid flames were hovering chaotically on his hands, opening an invisible defensive formation in front of him. From a distance, he pointed to Cao Zhi Lan laughing out loud, "Is it Miss Cao?"

Cao Zhi Lan nodded with a smile from a distance.

"Come in, please." This warrior slightly bent down conducting an inviting gesture with a serious face.

Cao Zhi Lan revealed a smile but said nothing. Following that Sky Realm warrior's instruction, she quietly urged the Amethyst Crystal Flying Carriage to fly towards the Sun Island's airs.p.a.ce to the dark-red castles in the southwest of the island.

"In the morning of the day after tomorrow, the meeting will officially start in the Great Sun Holy Light Hall. You are the first one of the Cao family to come. Does the Cao family send out someone else to come as well?" This warrior guided Cao Zhi Lan to an elegant and quiet manor and decently pried.

"I haven't told my family that I would come here. Perhaps the Cao family will have someone else represent them." Cao Zhi Lan beamed out a faint smile while following that warrior to go straight to that quiet manor.

Shi Yan nodded with Yi Tian Mo, Ya Meng, and Ka Ba then casually entered the manor.

This Sky Realm warrior of the Three G.o.ds Sect hadn't noticed Shi Yan until Shi Yan turned around and entered the manor. His eyes suddenly brightened, his face instantly show some signs of strange.

Waiting until Shi Yan and Cao Zhi Lan had entered the manor, this person held his chest, couldn't help but become extremely excited with a red face as if his heart was about to jump out. "Impossible, how can this ..."

After a very long while, he could stabilize his surging emotions, yet he still showed an unbelievable look. "How can his body have the same Martial Spirits with mine but at a higher level? His Martial Spirits has led to my body's resonance which prevented me from being able to have any resistant intentions.

He stood there while his face kept changing constantly. He finally left after a while.

Half an hour later, he was allowed to enter a chamber which was guarded by the Flame Unicorn. After conducting the ceremony, he said respectfully, "Hierarch, the person that you have told us to notice and receive has just arrived at the Sun Island ..."

The spinning sunlight was swirling around Tang YuanNan's body. The sunlight circles consistently spread out behind his head, radiating ten-thousand-zhang halos, which made him look like a Sun G.o.d indeed.

When being reported, Tang YuanNan's face didn't change except for the brightness on his face that was slowly fading.

"What did you feel?"

"When facing him, my Martial Spirits has produced the resonance and also brought a strange and uncontrollable feeling of kneeling down and conducting the ceremony, which only appears when facing you. But, I am certain that I did have that feeling."

Tang YuanNan suddenly opened his eyes; his pupils resembled the two suns with dazzling light, which were like needles piercing into the others' eyes.

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