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Snowflakes were scattering about, and the wind could chill an unsuspecting person to the bone. Snow blanketed the peaks of the mountains with a white coat. The icicles were pellucid and sparkling. Under the sunlight, they looked like splendid sharp swords.

At the foot of the mountain, houses were covered with a thick layer of ice. On the awnings of the houses, there remained many long icicles.

Inside the four-story house, He Qing Man was wearing a snow fox-feather coat, subconsciously rubbed her palms and then blew out a small flow of warm air. She then mumbled, "Why did the weather suddenly become so cold without any warnings?"

There were only three people left in the house right now, including Pan Zhe, He Qing Man, and Cao Zhi Lan. The other people had either left with Gu Shao and Yu Qin or been kicked out of the house according to Shi Yan's orders.

Pan Zhe in a thick feather coat looked up to the mountain peak that reached the sky. He spoke up while his eyebrows were knitted tightly. "Since last night, the temperature on the island has continually been decreasing for unknown reasons. It's peculiar."

Cao Zhi Lan's face, on the contrary, was very calm. She even revealed a faint smile. "It is surely related to Shi Yan. The temperature cannot just naturally decrease this fast. I don't know what they did to make this island to have become peculiar like this."

"Miss Cao, you a.s.sume that Shi Yan is more outstanding than other men that you have ever met before?" He Qing Man retracted her neck into the snow fox-feather coat. Her eyes were looking at Cao Zhi Lan suspiciously. "You should know that the Yang family and we are still enemies."

Pan Zhe looked at Cao Zhi Lan bewilderedly and incomprehensively. He also tried to listen in to the conversation.

"Of course." Cao Zhi Lan nodded with a smile. She didn't try to hide her applause for Shi Yan. Her eyes radiated a strange light, "When he was at the Disaster Realm, he could already resist one full-power seven-sword strike of Gu-xiao mei (Chinese way to call a little younger sister) and didn't lose his ground. In the Chasm Battlefield, only after two years, he had entered the Earth Realm from the Disaster Realm; and now, he is at the Peak Earth Realm. This fast improvement is tremendous. Besides, his relations with the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race is out of our imagination. Regardless of how you speculate, you can't imagine that the Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race obey his commands."

Those words of Cao Zhi Lan had been hidden deep inside her for a very long time without being disclosed once.

Cao Zhi Lan was better at observing than the others. In the abandoned land, she had soon realized that the att.i.tudes of the pagan leaders Yi Tian Mo, Di Shan, and Yu Rou towards Shi Yan had substantially changed. Before leaving the abandoned land, she had even found out that Di Shan and Yu Rou seemed to follow Shi Yan's orders.

That discovery had frightened her very much. Although she didn't know what had happened among Shi Yan, Di Shan, and Yu Rou, she knew for sure that Shi Yan had these two big pagan tribes in his palm.

The Demonic Sound Clan and the Wings Race had five G.o.d Realm masters, together with a big number of Sky Realm and Nirvana warriors. This force was strong enough to be able to change the entire situation of the Endless Sea.

Given the situation in which the Demon Dwellers were intruding everywhere, this force actually could affect the final fighting results of the entire Endless Sea.

As having seen through this point, Cao Zhi Lan proactively proposed to get married to Shi Yan without being ashamed. She wanted to use her own beauty and her background forces to bind Shi Yan with her tightly, creating a firm foundation for the Cao family's future.

Regretfully, her plan went to the bottom of the sea.

It seemed like Cao Zhi Lan had just remembered something as she quietly smiled and shook her head. Her beautiful eyes were full of excitements. "It is getting more and more interesting indeed. Just wait and see, I will make him kneel down underneath my dress." Cao Zhi Lan thought to herself and curled up her lips with confidence. "That guy is definitely fooling around. It is also weird that the temperature is decreasing this fast."

Ya Meng's face was frigid; he launched a horrendous strike on top of the icicle next to him. The huge and rough crest of the icicle, which looked like an enormous stone pillar supporting the sky, turned into ice rubble tumbling down.

"If it continues like this, all the plants on this island will be frozen to death. Even some of my Nirvana Realm people can't stand it anymore, and they have to wear more clothes. People who are below the Nirvana Realm have temporarily evacuated to another area. If the island keeps getting colder, we eventually have to move to the other place. " Yi Tian Mo's countenance was somber, his eyebrows knitted tightly. His soul consciousness kept searching under the Snow Dragon Mountain but wasn't able to locate anything.

Di Shan's and Yu Rou's faces had also exposed their worries. Their soul cultivation was limited, and thus, they could find nothing.

Shi Yan was standing in among the five leaders. He said with a low voice, "We have to come up with a solution indeed. The gathering at the Three G.o.ds Sect's headquarters is coming closer. If the abnormal situation on this island can't be solved, I won't feel at ease to leave."

"That fellow is extremely cunning, hiding discretely. I can vaguely sense it a little bit but hardly able to lock on it." Yi Tian Mo shook his head and didn't know what else to do.

"It seems that we have to try our secret scriptures." Ka Ba contemplated for a while before speaking.

Ya Meng's and Yi Tian Mo's eyes brightened.

"What secret scripture?" Shi Yan was amazed and surprisingly asked, "Do you have a secret scripture that can be of use for real?"

Ka Ba nodded respectfully and said, "The three of us cultivate different spiritual Upanishads. Yi Tian Mo focuses on soul controlling, and Ya Meng focuses on soul attacking, while I specialize in soul diffusing. I used to cultivate a secret scripture named Leading Soul Guiding G.o.ds. Using this scripture can connect my soul with the souls of other people, and thus my sense power will significantly increase. If Ya Meng, Yi Tian Mo and I unite with each other, our soul power can cover the entire Hengluo Sea. If we concentrate carefully, we can discover even the smallest soul fluctuations surrounding us."

"Does this secret scripture have any side effects?" Shi Yan instinctively asked. Ka Ba had the secret scripture but hadn't used it before. It meant that this kind of scripture was not as simple as what he had just said.

"The conjoint soul is very dangerous. If the performer is careless, his soul will be scattered." Ka Ba nodded with a forced smile. "The soul force of each of us isn't much different from each other, but our auras have big differences. Once we conduct this scripture, we absolutely can't be affected by any other forces. Otherwise, the souls of the three of us will possibly become chaotic or be interchanged with each other."

"Exchange souls?" Shi Yan shouted.

"Yes, there might be a situation where my host soul enters Ya Meng's body, and then Ya Meng's host soul will penetrate my body. Once our souls are exchanged, if we can't change them back to the original host body in seven days, we have to accept the tragic reality." Ka Ba seriously said.

"Master, you let our people guard around. If no force penetrates this place, or no soul recklessly comes close, there won't be too many possible dangers." Yi Tian Mo wasn't too worried. "The three of us will carry out the soul connection very quickly. Once our host souls can connect to each other, it's not that hard to find the life underneath. You only need to be more careful while we are performing. There shouldn't be any problems."

"That's how it is?" Shi Yan nodded then looked at Di Shan and Yu Rou and said with a smile, "There won't be any big problems?"

"No, there will not." Di Shan and Yu Rou nodded at the same time.

Ka Ba's face was excited, he said decisively, "Let's begin!"

After saying that, Ka Ba sat down neatly first, Ya Meng and Yi Tian Mo also found a place next to him to sit. The three of them formed a triangle; their palms were placed against the others'. They started to use the secret scripture Leading Soul Guiding G.o.ds of the Demonic Sound Clan.

Each flow of the mysterious soul fluctuations was suddenly emitted from their bodies. These fluctuations were very violent and created visible waves in the middle of the air. These waves rippled like the water surface and slowly spread outwards.

Shi Yan's face was dazed.

His Sea of Consciousness was like it had entered the ocean, becoming a lonely leaf floating on the water. His host soul and the five Devils in the Sea of Consciousness also swung nonstop. Being affected by the soul fluctuations of Yi Tian Mo, Ka Ba, and Ya Meng, he felt that his soul was no longer under his control.

On the contrary, Di Shan and Yu Rou were still unharmed.

Yu Rou noticed Shi Yan's abnormal change. As she seemed to have felt something, she quietly swung her arm and drew a dazzling white halo covering his entire body.

After that halo had covered his body, his Sea of Consciousness and host soul instantly stopped swaying. Everything returned to its normal status.

"With just the remnant of the soul fluctuations, they can still affect my Sea of Consciousness this much. The soul competencies of these three guys are really good." After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan smiled and said. "If things keep following this way, when the soul fluctuations are successively transmitted into the earth, the life that is hiding there will be disclosed."

Di Shan and Yu Rou nodded simultaneously. Their faces were getting more cautious, looking out at every direction. They were afraid that there would be someone coming close at this critical moment.

At the northernmost point of the Kyara Sea, on a denuded and deserted island, the dazzling sunlight was hindered by the devilish auras which were as dense as the black clouds.

Inside a mountain cave on this island, a bunch of mighty Demon Dwellers, who had three-meter-tall bodies, dark blue skin, single horns on their heads, together with peculiar weapons made out of white bones in their hands, were kneeling down on the ground.

On a platform, which was created by piling up b.l.o.o.d.y bones, a hefty three-and-a-half-meter-tall guy with a curved buffalo-like horn on his head was sitting up straight.

He was bare from the waist up. Finger-size green veins ma.s.sively emerged like worms slowly creeping on his body. He looked very ferocious.

Earth-shaking murderous auras like undispersed smoke hovered around him.

This guy's face was filled with numerous interlaced scars which looked like the lines of a human palm.

With a quick glance, this guy looked like a devil crawling from the Nine Serenities h.e.l.l with full of heinous crimes. His dark blue eyes shot out a horrendous brutal aura.

"Patriarch, all the Dragon Horn Clan's people have already a.s.sembled. They are waiting for your commands." Below the bone platform, one guy of the Dragon Horn Clan was loudly reporting; his bloodthirsty face was very excited.

On the bone platform, the patriarch of the Dragon Horn Clan, one of the Demon Masters of the Fourth Demon Area - Ma Qi Jie, was about to say something but suddenly sensed something else.

His dark blue eyes were as if they were advancing through thousands of rivers and mountains, piercing straightforward towards an icy snow island.

"Conjoint Soul!" Ma Qi Jie shouted; his eyes displayed an extreme fear. "The Demonic Sound Clan disappeared a long time ago. They were one of the four big branches of the Dark Dwellers. How come they have appeared at the Kyara Sea all of a sudden?"

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