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The Wind Cloud Island.

"If it continues like this, things will get worse for sure." Xia RuiXing's face was somber. He was standing on a bare mountain, slightly bending down towards the Headman Xia ShenChuan then said, "These uncultivated islands don't have any mineral springs nor herbal mountains. The Sky and Earth aura are diluted which is not suitable for warriors to cultivate. Our cultivation cannot be improved at all if we live here."

Ten subordinate high-cla.s.s warriors of the Xia family were surrounding Xia ShenChuan. Most of them were at the Nirvana Realm. They all showed their consent in silence.

"The Xia family is one of the fifteen big forces of the Endless Sea anyway. As we have recently declined this much, it is tough to stand." One high-cla.s.s warrior said with a low voice. "Master, the Xia family is in the most critical and dangerous situation. Please come up with a solution soon.

"Taking Xia Xinyan's whole life's happiness to exchange for the Xia family's stability is very adequate." Xia RuiXing nodded and said. "Master, being a daughter of the Xia family, she is supposed to sacrifice herself for the family. Thus, Xia Xinyan can't refuse this duty. If I had an eligible daughter like this, I wouldn't have hesitated to offer my daughter!"

Xia RuiXing's words were so sharp as if they could cut through nails and irons.

The Xia family's five Sky Realm elderly warriors with snow-white hair were standing behind Xia RuiXing. All of them contemplated and didn't utter a word.

"Nirvana Realm already." Xia ShenChuan's countenance was not quite good. He coldly swept his eyes over everyone then finally turned his head and slightly bent down to ask the five elders of the Xia family, "Five elders, Xia Xinyan is the hope of the Xia family. With her realm improvement, her cultivation will definitely surpa.s.s all of ours in the future. If she stays with the Xia family, we will have a chance to rebel again. But, if she is given in marriage to a force with bad intentions, her life will probably be wastefully destroyed."

"The Endless Sea's situation could be changed just in a blink of an eye. Now, the Demon Dwellers have ma.s.sively intruded. I am afraid we can't wait that long." Xia RuiXing also bent down respectfully towards a short, fat elder with many wrinkles and said. "Great elder, if the Xia family doesn't display any demeanors, I think we will soon decline. According to the current situation, we have to unite with other forces; otherwise, we will either be killed by the Demon Dwellers or become the sacrificed object of the other forces."

"Xia RuiXing also got the point." The great elder gently nodded.

Xia ShenChuan's face slightly changed.


A blue figure zoomed towards them from a distance then appeared in the middle of these people in a blink.

"If you insist on sacrificing me, I will leave the Xia family." Xia Xinyan's face was cold; her manner was as if she had willingly ruptured the relationship with those people.

"Rubbish!" Xia ShenChuan shouted frigidly and annoyedly, "You have no right to get involved in the main matters of the family. No matter what decision the family makes, you are not allowed to give any judgment."

"Father!" Xia Xinyan was in extreme rage. "This is the major matter of my entire life. I'm not going to allow you to decide for me carelessly."

"Is it because of the little rascal Shi Yan?" Xia RuiXing smiled coldly, "Xia Xinyan, you should understand the situation. I remember that you used to sacrifice everything for this family. Why have you changed since you've met that little rascal? The Yang family is done, the Kyara Sea has lost. Shi Yan in the Chasm Battlefield could hardly avoid death. So, why do you need to be persistent and miserable only because of one dead man?"

Xia Xinyan's eyebrows slammed together; her eyes shot out murderous aura. "Who said he's dead?"

She continued after harrumphing, "Even if you are dead, he will not be!"

"Sa.s.s!" Xia RuiXing's face turned purple with rage. He immediately talked to the five elders, "Elders, as you can see, this girl has betrayed us. Our headman is even nothing in her eyes. If this thing continues to be like this, I am afraid no one can control her. If so, it's better to give her away in marriage."

After hearing those words, the five elders of Xia family contemplated and considered carefully.

"You go get married if you want." Xia Xinyan even didn't want to open her mouth. She glanced at Xia ShenChuan for a while and said, "Father, I'll go now."

"Don't mess around anymore." Xia ShenChuan knitted his eyebrows while saying unhappily, "Things haven't been finalized yet."

"Forgive me, may I have a word?" At this time, all of a sudden, Zhou Yu slightly bent down towards the five elders to conduct the decency before speaking, "Although the Yang Tian Emperor has been confined in the Fourth Demon Area, no one can prove that he has been killed there. Everyone knows how dangerous the Yang Tian Emperor's bloodlines are. If he is not dead even for one day, the Yang family can easily have a way to make a comeback. You all know the Yang Tian Emperor's personality, so should we consider it carefully?"

"Consider?" Xia RuiXing revealed a cold smile, "It's hard for Yang Tian Emperor to get out of the Fourth Demon Area alive. Even if he can escape, he can't trouble the Xia family just because of that Shi Yan. That little rascal is just an abandoned child whom the Yang family had picked up in the middle of nowhere. How many effects can he have?"

"This is also true." Some of the Xia family's elders gently nodded after thinking for a while.

The situation was tense and unsolved. The group of Xia ShenChuan and Zhou Yu was persistent with their own opinions. The other group of Xia RuiXing kept fuzzing about, asking Xia Xinyan to sacrifice herself.

Those people of the Xia family on the island clattered nonstop, which was not easy to stop shortly.

Xia Xinyan wanted to leave many times but was stopped by Xia ShenChuan. Because of the love for her father as well as being afraid of her father who probably had encountered a subservient situation, she couldn't help but stay observing in silence.

"Someone is coming." After half an hour of discussing without any positive results, Xia ShenChuan suddenly sensed something. He raised his head looking up to the sky with a suspicious face.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

The sound and figure were piercing the air and dashing forward with a fast speed from a distance. While the Xia family's people were still in an incomprehensive daze, Gu ZhengYang of the Gu family and Yue Feng of the Heaven Lake Divine Land appeared in front of those people together.

The people of the Xia family immediately shut up, staring at Gu ZhengYang and Yue Feng with a strange look.

Last time, these two people had brought Gu Yu and Feng Hai here to seek a marriage alliance but then deterrently left in the end. And now, three days later, here they were. That made the Xia family's people more cautious. They didn't know of their intentions; thus, they were a little worried.

"What brings you two here this time?" Zhou Yu frowned while asking.

Gu Yu and Feng Hai had very bizarre countenances. They walked over to Xia ShenChuan, bent down to conduct their decency. Then, each of them took out a letter from their pockets and respectfully handed them over to Xia ShenChuan.

Xia ShenChuan received the letters with suspicion; his face turned somber.

"What are your intentions?" Xia ShenChuan harrumphed. "Is this the dowry? Haven't I accepted your request yet? Each of your families will give five resourceful islands. If this is the dowry, you are generous, but …"

"Each family will hand over five islands?!" Xia RuiXing's eyes brightened, she couldn't help but slightly shout out with a happy face.

The five elders of the Xia family were quietly jubilant as well, looking towards Xia Xinyan with an implicating look.

Xia Xinyan vaguely felt that something was not right. She was resentful and was prepared to leave at any given time.

"Headman of Xia family, you've misunderstood us." Gu ZhengYang shook his head and forced a miserable smile. "I have followed my father's order to give you these islands without any other intentions."

Yue Feng also nodded, implicating that the Heaven Lake Divine Land was also of the same stance.

"When did your families suddenly become so conscientious?" Xia ShenChuan coldly smiled. "But I can't accept it easily like this. I don't know that if I keep these letters, what is going to happen. You should take them back."

Gu Zheng Yang and Yue Feng exchanged glances with each other; their faces displayed an abundance of shame. They felt humiliated although they wanted to explain.

"What happened after all?" The Headman Xia ShenChuan looked at these two guys and said, "According to what I understand about your two leaders, they won't just causelessly hand over these islands. If I remember well, these ten islands make up all the resources of your two families. If it were me, I would not easily give them to someone else."

"Can we not tell you the reasons?" Yue Feng said with a forced, miserable smile.

"Without the reasons, I will not accept it." Xia ShenChuan shook his head.

"Alright." Yue Feng released a sigh and said reluctantly, "Our Divine Mother and the headman of the Gu family have compensated those islands for the Yang family. In fact, these islands are supposed to be given to Shi Yan, but he is persistent to ask us to hand them over to you. Therefore, we come here to hand over these islands."

All the people of Xia family were dumbstruck.

"What… what did you say?" Xia RuiXing's expression was like he didn't dare to believe it. He said, "Haven't you been mistaken? If I understand it right, you said Shi Yan has threatened the two of you and forced each of you to hand over five islands? He … what did he threaten you with? How could he do that?"

Xia ShenChuan kept chucking his tongue and shaking his head. He obviously didn't believe what he'd just heard.

"Our Divine Mother and the headman of the Gu family had gone to the Snow Dragon Island together to see Shi Yan of the Yang family. After that, they had ordered us to give these islands to the Xia family." Yue Feng bowed his head dolefully, paused a little bit before continuing, "Not only the Heaven Lake Divine Land and the Gu family, but I've heard that Tang YuanNan of the Three G.o.ds Sect has also fulfilled Shi Yan's request, handing over five islands of theirs."

The Xia family's goggled to the extreme.

"Xinyan." Xia ShenChuan's visage was very bizarre, looking at Xia Xinyan in panic. "That little rascal, he has such powerful capacities like this?"

Xia Xinyan was a little amazed; she shook her head and said, "It's been a very long time since I had last met him. I don't know either."

"Xinyin, Uncle Zhou is impressed." Zhou Yu released a sigh. "It seems that no one in the Xia family has keen eyes but you."

The five elders of the Xia family also nodded quietly and complimented her altogether with delight faces.

"That's it." Gu Zheng Yang bent down with an amicable manner. "I hope that you will quickly inform Shi Yan that you've received the islands to avoid the mistakenness. My father has told me not to let him have any misunderstandings. You have to tell him that we haven't threatened you with anything."

Xia RuiXing nodded as if he had lost his soul. It seemed like he was dreaming right now.

"You have to inform Shi Yan to avoid any misunderstandings." Yue Feng had also reminded again before leaving.

Xia Xinyan looked like she had gotten lost in a mist of clouds. What did Shi Yan do to have dominated Gu Shao and Yu Qin who were famous for being stingy?!

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